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PostSubject: Totes Bangz   Fri Jun 02, 2017 8:56 pm

Bangz Salon
Montclair, New Jersey

“Long time no see, Ange!! We totes have to meet up. Heard you’re in New Jersey, which I’ll be passing through soon, wanna meet up? xoxo Hanna”

A simple enough text message, but one that had nearly sent Angelica in a state of frenzy when she got it. Hanna was her best friend in high school, and she hadn’t seen her for months. The last time they’d met was at Angie’s home, when their parents had met for dinner. Hannah had always been a stereotypical ‘good Catholic girl’. Devout, kind, and always helping out during community projects. Angie’s and Hanna’s parents were best friends, so it only made sense that they’d become friend too, if only by necessity.
Since getting kicked out of her house and starting her journey on the road to wrestling superstardom, Angelica hadn’t heard as much as a peep from her old friend. She’d assumed it was because the local community now shunned her, and that Hanna was being forced to stay out of touch. Angelica was cast out by her own parents, after all… To be honest, Angelica hadn’t thought about Hanna for a long time. She’d met so many new people, from Ashley Williams and James Calhoun to Michael Kelly and Wulf Erikson, from Kaz Bonham and Jacob Steele to Sapphire and Douglas Armatage; all of them larger than life figures. All of them elite athletes at the top of their game. All of them so overwhelmingly charismatic and physically superior that it became very easy to forget about an otherwise unremarkable, chubby, stocky, curly-haired bespectacled Vancouver girl.

Still, Angelica had jumped at the chance to reconnect. Hanna was one of the few remaining links to her old life, and although she didn’t miss it, she felt she owed it to Hanna to agree to meet up. She had always been a great friend.

As Angelica stepped out of the taxi at the entrance of the Bangz Salon, she immediately recognized her old friend, despite her changed appearance. Hanna lost the glasses (lenses, probably?), had lost a few pounds as well, and lost the boring plain clothes she usually wore. Obviously, now that she was in college, she had been able to assert her own identity a bit more. Like Angelica, she had always lived in the shadows of her parents. Not that Hanna had suddenly turned into a super model. Her nose was still the big and crooked thing it used to be, her ears were slightly too big for her head, and without the glasses, her eyes seemed almost tiny and beady in comparison. But still, even though her lips were thin and colorless, they smiled brightly as she saw Angelica, who formed a stark contrast. Tall, long-legged, blonde and attractive, Angelica was everything that Hanna wasn’t. And Hanna knew it. Angelica didn’t, obviously, and didn’t really care either.
As Angelica skipped towards her friend, they both spread their arms wide and went in for a close hug, before releasing and sizing each other up excitedly.

Angelica: Squee! It’s so good to see you, Hanna! I love your new look!

Hanna: Oh shut up, Ange! You’re still as pretty as ever, damn you. Making me look like a little cave troll!

Angelica: Oh hush, girl, you look amazeballs.

Hanna: Emphasis on balls!

Both girls giggled, and as their laughter died down, Hanna took on a more serious tone.

Hanna: Seriously, Ange. It’s so good to see you. I was completely worried when I found out you got kicked out of your house, especially since you completely vanished off the face of the Earth! Imagine my surprise when I googled your name and found out you were part of a wrestling company! I mean, I always knew you were crazy, but wrestling? I knew you were into it when you told me you were sneaking off to watch that wrestling show in Vancouver, but I never dared to imagine you’d take it on yourself!

Angelica: I know, right? I can hardly believe it myself sometimes. But lookie here!

Angelica grabbed the ribbon of the Medal of Honor she was carrying around on her neck and pulled it out from under her tank top. She dangled it in front of Hanna, whose mouth fell open.

Hanna: Ohmygosh! That is so cool. You won that?

Angelica: Yups! And I’m going to use it soon, I might even get my hands on a title belt. But that’s only if I keep winning matches.

Hanna: Wow. I don’t know how you do it, Ange. You never struck me as the wrestler type, or even the violent type. Sure does look like you have a knack for it, though.

Angelica shrugged and tucked the medal back into her top.

Angelica: I’ve had lots of help. Made some cool new friends, as you might’ve noticed, and they’re training me really well.

Hanna: Oh yeah, I saw like, ALL of your matches. Those people you’re teaming with are crazy, but in a really cool kind of way.

Angelica: I know, right? Anyway, let’s go inside, don’t wanna be late for our appointment!

Angelica and Hanna stepped inside. They’d booked a complete ‘Head to Toe’ experience, starting with a Cranial Scalp Massage, followed by a Swedish Massage, a Foot Reflexology Treatment, and a pedicure. Perfect for a girl’s day out. And now that Angie had started to win matches, she was no longer strapped for cash, like she used to be. After they changed into nothing but a towel, Angelica ordered a bottle of champagne to complete the Spa experience. She knew Michael Kelly probably wouldn’t approve of her afternoon drinking, but she was hoping he’d never find out.
As their first massage got underway, soft relaxing spa music filled the room, calming the hearts and minds of both girls. Bamboo flutes, soft Chinese violins, and mystical chants,… Combined with the head massage it almost sent Angie into another realm. She felt relaxed, away from the madness of the wrestling world, almost forgetting all of her troubles. Hanna was obviously enjoying it too, as she softly moaned. Angelica wanted to continue chatting, but no matter how hard she tried, the best she could muster was a whisper.

Angelica: Oh wow, I can’t remember the last time I felt this good. I’ve learned how to live with constant pain. It’s like all of my aches are being drained from my body.

Hanna replied in an equally soft voice.

Hanna: I can only imagine. The things I’ve seen you do…

Angelica: Pain is part of the learning process. I don’t fear it anymore, but…

Angelica felt her own voice drift away. It wasn’t until the first of the massages was complete that she seemed to snap out of an almost trancelike state. With a break before the next massage arrived, the girls got up from the massage beds and seated themselves on the nearest couch, towels wrapped around their bodies. Hanna took the bottle of champagne that Angie had ordered and poured them both a glass.

Hanna: Off to a great start!

They clinked glasses, and as Hanna sipped, she threw Angelica a cheeky glance, accompanied with a devilish grin.

Hanna: So I had a look at some of your team members. And I gotta say, that Michael Kelly though, he’s totes hot!

Angelica nearly choked on her champagne. She had not seen this remark coming. Hanna had never actually talked about boys before. A statement like this, about Michael Kelly no less, caught her a bit off guard. She coughed, and cleared her throat. With teary eyes, she looked up.

Angelica: What? You think so?

Her friend leaned back and winked.

Hanna: Yeah, don’t you?

Angelica: Erm, ew, and no. I mean, I guess he’s not bad looking or anything. And I do love him. A lot. Just not in that way. I think more of him as a brother. A much older brother. Like, not really a father, but more like… an uncle? It’s weird to explain. In any case, he’s my mentor. I can’t possibly think of him as anything else.

Hanna: Well, I’d do him.

Angelica gasped. She put her finger in the champagne and swung her finger at her friend, splashing her face with fizzy droplets.

Angelica: Hannah! You shouldn’t say such things.

Hanna: What? Why not?  

Angelica: Because it’s creeping me out. You’ve changed, you know. You’re a lot different from the girl I used to know.

It was true. Hanna was much more open, and much more likely to say what was on her mind, that was obvious. Angelica was actually happy for her. It made her much less… boring.

Hanna: You’ve changed too. And for the better, I think. You’re a lot more self-confident. And a lot stronger too. I bet all the boys are fawning over you!

Angelica giggled. She couldn’t have been further from the truth.

Angelica: This may surprise you, but they’re not, actually. I’m either in the friendzone, or the little sister zone. Don’t forget, I’m only eighteen years old, and a rookie. Most see me as either an unproven joke, or someone who ‘might one day actually be something’. But nobody wants to date me. Not that I mind, because I don’t have time for that stuff anyway.I actually prefer it this way. Much easier.

Hanna: Oh, you should’ve gone to college with me, Angie! I mean, I get laid all the time these days, and as we all know I’m a total uggo.

Angelica didn’t know what bothered her more. Hanna confessing that she was a bit of a slut, or that she considered herself to be ugly. Angelica opted to ignore the first, and reassure her friend that the second statement was false.

Angelica: Ohh, don’t say that, you’re not!

Hanna: It’s okay, Ange. I know what I look like. And you should do the same! At college, the boys would be queueing up to even get a whiff of you. Getting a date would be like an all you can eat buffet. You’d be massively popular.

Angelica: …I would?

Hanna: Hell yes! Especially now that you’ve got all your crazy wrestling skills!

Angelica wondered if what Hanna said was true. Angelica did feel a little bit left out at times… Even her best friends, Ash, Michael and even Wulf, considered her to be the ‘kid’ of the group. A girl who was probably just tagging along and riding their coattails. It made Angelica question if she truly belonged in the wrestling business. She was, after all, just reaping the rewards of other people’s hard work, and every ounce of success she’d had was thanks to Ashley Williams’ training. Without her, she’d be nothing. Still a pathetic, scared little Vancouver girl.
Elsewhere though, she could be the main event. A big fish in a small pond. Now she was just drifting in the ocean, a smelt swimming with sharks, lucky not to get eaten.

Angelica: It doesn’t matter anyway. Remember when the school’s star linebacker asked me out on a date like two years ago? When I asked my dad if I could go, he grounded me and made me watch The Last Temptation of Christ on repeat for three days straight. I still get slight panic attacks when I see Willem Dafoe’s face… Not worth it, I’m telling you.

Hanna: Yeah, your father… Bit of a dick, if you don’t mind me saying. Throwing you out of the house like that. Because of the wrestling thing, I assume? Not cool.  

Angelica: I guess you’re right. But I turned out okay.

Hanna: But you’re missing the best time of your life! College, Ange! It’s so amazing. Non-stop parties, I’m telling you.

There she went again. ‘Best time of your life’. Angelica’s doubts rose to the surface again. Was she missing out? Was this whole wrestling thing a case of ‘too much, too soon?’ Had she been wrong to sacrifice a normal life for this? She wasn’t quite so sure anymore. Judging by what a wonderful time Hanna was having, it seemed like Angelica was putting herself through all this pain, mental and physical torture, and being involved in all this drama and all these shenanigans for absolutely nothing… Because despite having improved, she was still not a single step closer to reaching her end goal.

If she hadn’t chosen for this wrestling life, she might have a boyfriend now, rather than single. She might be popular, rather than just a supporting act in Bad Moon Rising. She might be on top of the world, rather than having to fight for relevance.
Did she have regrets? For the first time in quite a while, Angelica wasn’t quite sure she could answer that with a resounding ‘no’.
What was she even doing? It was like Hanna said, she wasn’t the wrestling type. She’d gotten lucky a few times. She’d drawn and lost to Kaz, got her ass kicked by Sapphire multiple times,… That was about it. And now, she was afraid that she’d just be dragging down Wulf and MK in their upcoming match. They were facing six other competitors. Many of them complete unknowns to Angelica. Kaz, Troy and Blaze were a decent team, but Angie wasn’t sure if she could hang with them in a one on one situation. Add in monstrosities like Ezekiel Fenix and it was a potential recipe for disaster.

Hanna: Are you okay, Ange? You seem a bit… down. Was it something I said?

Angelica: Oh no, just thinking about Saturday. About how I’m going to try to win.

Angelica downed her glass of champagne and refilled it. Hanna followed her example. Angelica didn’t want to think too much about Saturday. She was here for a girl’s day out, and nothing more. She was here to reconnect with her friend, not wallow in self-pity and doubt. She raised her newly filled glass.

Angelica: Here’s to old friends, and new experiences. Our lives may have taken different turns, Hanna, but we have the same roots, and therefore can never truly grow apart. We’re different branches on the same tree. We’ll grow our own leaves, watch them fall and wither, or watch them blossom into something beautiful. But whatever happens, we’ll have each other’s back!

Hanna: Amen to that, sister.

Both girls clinked glasses and smiled. Life wasn’t perfect. But it was something.

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