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 Chronicles of Mr. E (part 1)

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PostSubject: Chronicles of Mr. E (part 1)   Mon Jun 05, 2017 12:20 am

(OOC: A lot of this is from RPs and CDs from the past prior to XHW)

[December 24, 2016]

Adrien Pierce stands in an elevator of One World Trade Center as he rides it to the 24th floor where his father’s office is. An elderly man is riding with him looking at the elevator doors. The old man turns to him Adrien with a look of benevolence. He looks back to the doors and as a few moments pass by the man finally speaks. 
How is your day?

Pierce doesn’t look at him as he answers. 

::Adrien Pierce::
Pretty ordinary.

Every day is ordinary…

The man chuckles wholeheartedly. He looks to Adrien with a smile on his face.
Until it isn’t…

Adrien’s brow furrows. The old man looks up to see what floor they’re on and he doesn’t have to look at Adrien to see the confusion on the younger man’s face. 

…but then something changes.

Adrien doesn’t say a word. He just continues riding the elevator in silence. He looks to see what floor the old man is getting off on, but the only button pushed is the 24th floor. He looks at the doors and sees the old man’s smile in the reflection. He rolls his eyes and as the elevator comes to a stop on the 24th floor, Adrien steps forward. When the doors open, Adrien rushes out and heads towards his father’s office. His father’s secretary, Nicole, greets him. 

Hello, Adrien.

::Adrien Pierce::
Nicole. How’s my dad treating you these days?

Fine. He’s been very--

Adrien looks at her with a smirk on his face. 

::Adrien Pierce::

Nicole says nothing and turns her eyes a bit embarrassed that Adrien assumes as much as she would mess around with his father. 

Your father is out to lunch.

Adrien looks at his watch. He looks over at his father’s gorgeous blonde bombshell of a secretary. He takes a moment to really look her over, causing her to blush. 

::Adrien Pierce::
How long will he be, Nicole?

She looks down at her desk, trying not to make eye contact with her boss’ son. Adrien walks over to her, not noticing the old man from the elevator is watching Adrien and Nicole’s exchange of words. Nicole acts as though she’s trying to find her boss’ schedule. 

He should be back any minute actually. He’s been gone for an hour.

The old man clears his throat and Adrien turns around. Nicole is startled, but sees the old man with a smile on his face from ear to ear. 

Well if it ain’t Mr. E.

Nicole’s sudden southern accent makes Adrien look at her in shock. She doesn’t notice. 

::Mr. E::
My dear, life is treating you well I see. 

Nicole rushes up and gives the old man a hug. Adrien watches the exchange of words and can’t believe that a woman like Nicole would like the strange man he met on the elevator. Nicole doesn’t let go of Mr. E as she responds. 

It is.

Nicole finally releases the old man who looks at Adrien with a smile on his face. Nicole turns around and smiles at Adrien.

Mr. E this is Adrien Pierce.

::Mr. E::
Yes, yes. We have met.

Nicole looks at him, still smiling big and very happy. Adrien makes eye contact for a moment to give the man a respectful nod. The old man walks toward Adrien as quickly as possible and extends his hand for Adrien’s. Respectfully, Adrien takes the man’s hand and shakes it. 

::Mr. E:: 
You sure have grown up, boy. 

Adrien is taken aback with the comment.

::Adrien Pierce::
Since the elevator?

The old man chuckles and just then Adrien’s father comes off the elevator with a determined look on his face as soon as he sees his son. The old man turns around and sees Adrien’s father. 

::Mr. E::
Franklin Pierce, my dear boy! I came as soon as you called.

Franklin Pierce gives his best smile. He extends his hand to shake Mr. E’s, but the stern look in his eyes never leaves. 

::Franklin Pierce::
Hello, Mr. E. Thank you for coming.

Franklin Pierce’s eyes return to Adrien. Without looking at Nicole… 

::Franklin Pierce::
Nicole, would you mind cancelling my appointments this afternoon?

Nicole nods without a word with a worried look on her face. Mr. Edwards doesn’t lose his smile and Franklin Pierce lets go of Mr. E’s hand. He holds his hand out gesturing to his office. 

::Franklin Pierce::
Mr. E. Adrien. Why don’t we go into my office?

They both nod and Adrien looks back at Nicole who trying not to look up from her desk. 

::Franklin Pierce::
My office, Adrien.

Adrien whips his head to look at his father. He can see that his old man isn’t happy. He sighs and reluctantly makes his way to his father’s office. Mr. E sits down in one of the chairs in front of Franklin Pierce’s desk as Adrien walks in. His father walks in, shutting the door behind him. Adrien sits down next to Mr. E. His father walks to a window and looks out. He doesn’t say anything for a few moments, but then turns to look at Adrien. 

::Franklin Pierce::
Two weeks ago I had thought that I would be in business with General Motors, Adrien. I received a call this morning from Mrs. Barra’s office to inform me that she was no longer interested in my proposal.

Adrien gives his father an apathetic look. 

::Adrien Pierce::
Sorry to hear that, dad.

Franklin Pierce shakes his head and walks toward his desk to sit down. 

::Adrien Pierce::
Oh, come on! Who cares about GM? You could do better.

Franklin Pierce leans back in his chair staring at his son without a response. 

::Adrien Pierce::
Pierce Industries doesn’t need Mary Barra.

Mr. E clears his throat. 

::Mr. E::
The boy is right, Franklin. Your father built this company and you have made it what it is today. You’ve been molding your boy since he was child to take over when you retire and I must say, he would do quite well. But even I can see it isn’t what he wants.

::Franklin Pierce::
No, he wants to pursue this…wrestling career.

::Adrien Pierce::
Nothing wrong with what I want.

::Mr. E::
Not at all.

::Franklin Pierce::
No, but in the meantime you were supposed to meet with those business owners to show them that if you were to take over Pierce Industries that they’d be able to rely on you. Instead all you talked about was how great and perfect you are.

::Adrien Pierce::
You’re the one that taught me to believe I was great, perfect, extravagant, magnificent…the list goes on and on dad.

Mr. E looks at Franklin Pierce with his eyebrows raised. Adrien’s father catches the look and averts his eyes. 

::Franklin Pierce::
You are a Pierce, Adrien.

Adrien nods never taking his eyes off his father. 

::Franklin Pierce::
So if you’re going to continue with this wrestling career, you need to be sure that the Pierce name isn’t going to be soiled.

::Adrien Pierce::
What’s that supposed to mean?

Adrien’s father looks at him for a moment. 

::Franklin Pierce::
Are you still feeling under the weather?

::Adrien Pierce::
A little bit, but I’ll be fine by the time I step in the ring with Kendra Ash.

His father studies him for a few moments before responding. 

::Franklin Pierce::
You better hope so because it’s one thing to lose by just being thrown over the top rope. It’s another thing to lose when the only one you have to think about is Kendra Ash.

Adrien holds his hand out and stands up. 

::Adrien Pierce::
Look, dad. I have it covered. Okay? I don’t need any more damn lecturing from you.

::Franklin Pierce::
Adrien, sit down. I’m not lecturing you. In fact, that’s why I called Mr. E. Any further advice about your new career choice is going to come from him.

Adrien looks down at the old man who smiles back up at him. 

::Adrien Pierce::
You’ve got to be kidding me.

::Franklin Pierce::
I am as serious as how good you think you are.

Adrien heads for the door to leave his father’s office. 

::Adrien Pierce::
I can’t believe this.

Mr. E gets up from his chair and hurries to follow Adrien. Adrien’s father calls out to him. 

::Franklin Pierce::
So I assume that you will not be joining your mother and I for Christmas again this year?

Adrien grabs the door knob and turns to look at his father. 

::Adrien Pierce::
Have I ever spent Christmas with you two since I graduated high school?

::Franklin Pierce::

His father lets out a heavy sigh as Adrien turns and walks out the door with Mr. E following close behind.

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Chronicles of Mr. E (part 1)
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