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 Chronicles of Mr. E (part 2)

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PostSubject: Chronicles of Mr. E (part 2)   Mon Jun 05, 2017 12:36 am

[Jan. 1, 2017] 

Adrien Pierce is looking at his watch just as he gets a knock on his Premiere Suite hotel room door at the Park Hyatt in New York City.

::Adrien Pierce:: 
It’s about time… 

Adrien heads to the door. He looks through the peep hole and sees the top of light pecan colored fedora hat. He shakes his head and opens the door. Mr. E stands there, bright eyed and a smile on his face. Adrien looks the man over noticing that the suit the man is wearing is probably the same one he’d seen the man wear the last time they had met. 

::Mr. E:: 
Dear boy! How are you? I trust you had a good Christmas with the family and a wonderful New Years Eve? 

::Adrien Pierce:: 
I don’t spend Christmas with my family, nor would I care to. And as for New Years Eve…Perfect of course. 

Mr. E’s smile slowly fades away as he starts to enter Adrien’s hotel suite. Adrien holds out his hand to stop him, but the old man just pushes it aside as he whistles in amazement at the size of Adrien’s suite. 

::Mr. E:: 
My, my, my…quite a place you are shacking up in here, Adrien. 

::Adrien Pierce:: 
Glad you like it. 

Adrien looks at his watch again.

::Adrien Pierce:: 
You were supposed to be here twenty minutes ago, Mr. E. I hope our reservations aren’t going to be cancelled. 

Mr. E turns around and gives Adrien a confused look.

::Mr. E:: 

Adrien’s brow furrows.

::Adrien Pierce:: 
You were supposed to make reservations for our little…pow wow, lecture talk. 

::Mr. E:: 
Oh, but we weren’t going anywhere fancy. No reservation was needed. 

Adrien lets out that frustrated sigh like he’s already about had it with the old man after only meeting him twice.

::Adrien Pierce:: 
You know who my father is, Mr. E. That means you know what type of man I am. I am— 

Mr. E chimes in cutting Adrien off.

::Mr. E:: 
Spoiled, arrogant, egotistical… 

::Adrien Pierce:: 
Excuse me? 

Mr. E begins to head for the door without reaction to Adrien’s response. Adrien watches as the man walks out the door and starts heading down the hall toward the elevator.

::Mr. E:: 
We best be off, Adrien. We’ll be late. 

::Adrien Pierce:: 
I thought we didn’t need to be anywhere at a certain time. No need for reservations remember? 

Mr. E shouts back to Adrien.

::Mr. E:: 
Yes, yes. But my belly tells me it’s near time for dinner and I am famished. Let’s be off. 

Adrien grabs his wallet of the little table near the door and makes sure he has his card key so he can get back into the room before shutting the door and hurrying after Mr. E. 

[Twenty-five minutes later] 

Adrien Pierce and Mr. E arrive at a building with a neon sign of a pizza above the entrance.

::Adrien Pierce:: 
We walked ten blocks just so you could get a slice of pizza? 

Mr. E says nothing and heads straight to the door. He looks back at Adrien with a grin on his face.

::Mr. E:: 
Mind opening the door for an old man, my boy? 

Adrien sighs and walks up to the door. He opens it for Mr. E and waits for the slow walker to enter the building. Adrien follows behind him only to see a big area with only one table set up in the center. Cameras are set up with lighting as well, and Serenity Wilson sitting at the table facing the entrance. She has a look on her face that shows she’s reluctant about being here. 

::Adrien Pierce:: 

What’s this about, old man? 

Mr. E doesn’t turn to look at Adrien as he responds.

::Mr. E:: 

It’s an interview with Serenity Wilson. Interviews are the best way to get your word across. And by golly we hit the jack pot if I do say so myself. 

Adrien looks at Serenity Wilson, shakes his head at Mr. E, and heads for the table as well.

::Serenity Wilson:: 
Mr. E, I presume? 

::Mr. E:: 
Yes, that it me. Serenity Wilson how are you doing? 

::Serenity Wilson:: 
Fine, thank you. Adrien Pierce, I appreciate the time. 

Adrien looks at her and hesitates for a moment before answering.

::Adrien Pierce:: 
It’ll be your pleasure I’m sure. 

Mr. E stops at the table, turns to Adrien and with a smile on his face.

::Mr. E:: 
Why don’t you pull the chair out for her, Adrien. Show some manners. 

Adrien looks at Serenity and then looks at the old man.

::Adrien Pierce:: 
This isn’t a date. She can do that herself. 

Mr. E taps his cane on the floor in disgust. He shakes his head and looks at Serenity with a frown on his face.

::Mr. E:: 
Seems the young men these days have no sense. 

::Serenity Wilson:: 
I guess. Why don’t we sit down and take care of this interview. Maybe share a bite after. 

Mr. E shakes his head.

::Mr. E:: 
I’m afraid I need to eat sooner than that. I’ve just had my pills before I snatched the dear boy up at his hotel. If I don’t eat soon I’m afraid I could have a problem with my sugar levels. 

::Serenity Wilson:: 
Oh, okay. That’s fine by me. I have no problem with that. 

Adrien doesn’t waste time as he grabs a seat to sit across from Serenity Wilson. Mr. E shakes his head as Serenity pulls out her own chair once again before allowing Mr. E to attempt to do so himself. Mr. E walks around the table as you hear his cane tap the floor with each step. He takes his hat and suit jacket off. He hangs his jack on the back of the chair and sets his hat on the back of it. He takes a bit to sit down and lets out a grunt as his rear hits the seat. 

::Mr. E:: 

Nice place to have a bite to eat, don’t you think? 

::Serenity Wilson:: 
It’s decent, yes. 

Adrien sits in his chair with his arms crossed. He looks at his watch.

::Adrien Pierce:: 
What do you say we get this over with? I am an important man and this isn’t the perfect time for an interview. 

::Serenity Wilson:: 
That’s fine by me, Mr. Pierce. 

She nods at the camera man and they give her the thumbs up as soon as they’re ready to start. She looks at Adrien.

::Serenity Wilson:: 
Adrien Pierce, you’re about begin a journey in a six pact challenge towards getting a shot at the Honor Wrestling Prestige Championship belt, currently held by Jett Wilder. What made you want to do the six pact challenge? 

Adrien looks back at her and gives a smirk before he answers.

::Adrien Pierce:: 
First, I don’t like the name of it. Six Pact Challenge sounds a bit…flawed. 

::Mr. E:: 
By that he means he doesn’t like it.  

Adrien looks at the man.

::Adrien Pierce:: 
Sit there and wait for your food. I’m being interviewed, not you.
He waits a moment before going back to answering the question. Adrien looks back at Serenity.

::Adrien Pierce:: 
As I was saying, the name is a bit flawed. It should be called the Perfect Pact Challenge. That’s because by the time it’s over, I’ll be getting my Honor Wrestling Prestige Championship title match and if the little mama’s boy, Jett Wilder, still has it Honor Wrestling will no longer have to worry about whether his mother should be the one wearing it. In no time, Honor Wrestling will have the perfect champion holding their Prestige Championship. I’ll be defending and there will finally be someone in the history of the professional wrestling industry worthy of being a champion. 

Serenity looks annoyed with the response and continues on to the next question as quickly as possible.

::Serenity Wilson:: 
What will happen if you do lose and someone else gets to face Jett Wilder for the Prestige Title? 

Adrien chuckles and shakes his head. He looks at his watch again before he leans on the table with his elbows.

::Adrien Pierce:: 
Serenity Wilson? What are you smoking? What will happen if I lose? What if someone else gets to face Jett Wilder for the title? 

He chuckles again before continuing. You can see Serenity Wilson is ignoring Adrien’s arrogance.

::Adrien Pierce:: 
I’ll play this game if you like. Let’s say that someone does beat me. It won’t be Kendra Ash, I’ll tell you that much. I’m too good for her to even be in the same ring with me. She doesn’t have what it takes and I keep looking around at various companies and aside from being thrown over the top rope to lose a battle royal, I don’t see a single person in this business that is good enough to defeat perfection. Being thrown over the top rope and your feet hitting the floor can happen to anybody. But face to face in a real match, there is no one out there in the business that can get the job done. But if that were to happen, it’d mean that the referee’s count was fast when someone makes a cover, or says I tapped out when I wasn’t. That’s the only way that it’ll happen. 

::Serenity Wilson:: 

She looks down at her next question on a note card. She looks up at Adrien again as she asks the next question.

::Serenity Wilson:: 

Who are some of the names you would want to face in the Six pack Challenge? 

Adrien rolls his eyes.

::Mr. E:: 
He should face that young man Chris Andrews. 

Adrien glares at Mr. E as a personal pizza is served to the old man.

::Mr. E:: 

Oh, good. I’m starving. Thank you so much. 

A waitress smiles down at Mr. E.

You’re welcome. 

Mr. E grabs a fork and knife and begins to cut away at the tiny pieces of pizza before Adrien says something to him.

::Adrien Pierce:: 
Again, this is my interview. Eat and keep your mouth closed while you chew. 

::Mr. E:: 
Unlike you I have table manners. Now get your elbows off the table. I’m about to eat. 

Adrien lets out an irritable sigh. He looks at Serenity again.

::Adrien Pierce:: 
I don’t care who I face. But you want names. Eric Weaver is a guy I said I’d see over here at Honor Wrestling when I tossed him over the ropes during a Battle Royal. Why not Eric Weaver? Why not Chris Andrews? Why not bring the Ginger Bread Man, Miss Piggy, or whoever else thinks they got a shot at beating me? It doesn’t matter who I face. The only thing that matters is I’m perfect and I will be the Honor Wrestling Prestige Champion when everything is said and done. 

Serenity Wilson doesn’t hesitate to ask the next question.

::Serenity Wilson:: 
With Kendra as the first person to face, how well do you think you will fare against her? 

::Adrien Pierce:: 
She’s got a little talent in her, I’ll give her that. She’s in great shape, unless my eyes deceive me. I don’t think you’re getting the hint, though. I’m ‘The Body’ Adrien Pierce. I am the only person in this entire world that is worthy of being a champion. Jett Wilder is just keeping it warm. He’s a place holder. Kendra Ash is just a tiny little crack in the road that I can see coming from a mile away. I know she’s not big enough to even be a problem for me. Instead of avoiding her, I know I don’t have to worry about a thing. So when that time comes, I will be showing the entire world that Kendra Ash doesn’t belong in the ring with Adrien Pierce because I am way above her level in every way imaginable. 

::Serenity Wilson:: 
Right, okay. I think I’m going to make this next question our last question, Mr. Pierce. 

Adrien looks at his watch again and looks around to see if someone is going to come take his order as Serenity asks the last question.

::Serenity Wilson:: 
Do you really think being cocky, and acting like you are perfect will get you wins? What are you going to do when you do lose? 

Adrien looks at her as he clenches his jaw.

::Adrien Pierce:: 
Cocky? Is that what you think I am? Good. I am cocky, because I know I am better than everyone. I am perfect. Not because others say I am, not because I believe I am, but because I know I am. There’s no one that can beat me one on one. No one out there stands a chance to make me tap out or pin me. There’s no one out there that has what it takes and you have got to admit that there is no one out there that is even worthy to lace up their boots to step in the ring with me. I’m better than everyone and I know it. Soon enough, everyone will see it and they will have to look upon perfection with admiration. There is no other option. I won’t lose because I know I can win against anyone, anytime, anywhere, and you can place a stamp on perfection on that. 

::Serenity Wilson:: 
Well, again thanks for your time. 

Mr. E is done eating his personal pizza and looks at his watch.

::Mr. E:: 
Oh my. Would you look at the time. I’ve got to get home and get to bed. It’s nearly my bed time. 

::Serenity Wilson:: 
I’d be happy to give you a ride home. 

Adrien looks at the two of them wondering what the hell is going on as he hasn’t even ordered his food yet.

::Adrien Pierce:: 
You brought me all the way here for dinner and I end up getting this interview? Now, you’re both just going to leave me here to eat by myself? 

::Mr. E:: 
I’m sorry, dear boy. I’ve got to get to bed. 

Adrien shakes his head as Mr. E and Serenity get up from the table. Mr. E puts his jacket on and his hat. He smiles at Adrien.

::Mr. E:: 
We really ought to do this again, Adrien. I had a wonderful time. 

Mr. E looks to Serenity.

::Mr. E:: 
Shall we be going then, my dear? 

::Serenity Wilson:: 

Mr. E taps Adrien on the shoulder and he walks towards the front door with Serenity as the camera crew gets their gear together to leave as well. Adrien sits at the table alone listening to Mr. E’s cane and his jibber jabber with Serenity as they leave. 

::Adrien Pierce:: 

And where’s that damn waitress? I came to eat and I’m going to have dinner if I have to stay here all night. 

I’ll get to you when I get to you, hold your horses! 

::Adrien Pierce:: 

There goes your tip…nah, you’re not getting a tip. This is crazy. I’m outta here. 

Adrien gets up from the table and heads for the door. He walks out of the building only to catch Mr. E and Serenity riding off in a town car.

::Adrien Pierce:: 
I guess I’ll just walk back to my hotel and get some room service. 

Adrien starts walking the ten blocks back to his hotel…

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Chronicles of Mr. E (part 2)
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