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 Chronicles of Mr. E (part 3)

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PostSubject: Chronicles of Mr. E (part 3)   Mon Jun 05, 2017 12:43 am

[April 14, 2017]

What the hell are you doing now?

The scene opens up to Mr. E scratching his back against the wall like a bear. It just so happens to be flipping the lights on and off in the hotel room, annoying Adrien.

Would you cut that out?

Adrien gets out of his bed and walks over to Mr. E. He grabs the man's shoulders and pulls him away from the wall.

::Mr. E::
But my back itches. Mind helping me out? I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine.

Adrien turns to look at Mr. E.

I need slerrrrrrppppp.

Adrien flips the lights off and heads back to bed.

[April 15, 2017]

It's early morning in New York. Adrien is ready for his morning jog and it looks like Mr. E is ready to jog with him.

You can't be serious.

Mr. E gives him the best growl he can.

Really? Then you better be able to keep up, old man.

The cameras switch on to record and Adrien heads out lobby door of the hotel room and out onto the street with Mr. E close behind on a tricycle yelling.

::Mr. E::
Go faster! Faster! Go faster! You're holding up traffic! You want to beat the John? You want to be the Blade? You gotta go faster if you wanna beat the John Blade!

Adrien starts throwing punches as if he were Rocky getting ready for a boxing match...

...After the jogging session, Adrien stops jogging at the lobby door and as he turns you see Mr. E walking with his cane and white running shorts and tank top. He's got those old man socks on that come up almost to his knees. He doesn't appear to have broken a sweat. Adrien wipes the sweat off his own brow and opens the door for Mr. E.

Happy, now? 

Adrien looks to the as the old man enters the lobby of the hotel. Adrien allows the door to close.

John...Blade...that's what Zack the Jack in the Box Goldman puts me against this time? Figures...send a doink he says. Make him face the dink he does. And the reply of the Honor Wrestling universe says that it doesn't matter who the doink is, or the what the dink does. The news report will say that Mr. John Blade...will not walk away from this match on his own power. 

Adrien gives a smirk.

That's right Zack. Remember that investigation you have going on about a nameless first participant in the six pact challenge coming up injured before they could face me? Well since you want to investigate me for that, how about I send you a message using Johnny Boy? I figure I'll start simple. After all, we did sign that waver that bars us from holding you responsible for in-ring injuries. So, John. Nice knowing you for the little time you seemed to actually matter. Because after Wednesday Night, John, you'll learn exactly what matters in Honor Wrestling. Adrien Pierce...nothing else matters.

[left]Adrien turns to reach for the door handle. He opens the door and stops to look over his shoulder once more.

And then came...the Movement...

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Chronicles of Mr. E (part 3)
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