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 "Flippin EW VS CuddleBlaze, huh? Well awright.."

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PostSubject: "Flippin EW VS CuddleBlaze, huh? Well awright.."   Fri Jun 09, 2017 9:52 am

Scene One: “Teach the kid something useful, kid..”

Wulf's video blog opens up in Wichita Falls at Angie's hotel room on the afternoon of Thursday. Angelica is watching previous XHW tapings on the TV while she noisily munches on her black bean burrito, and Wulf has yet to touch his as he seems to be talking to MK on a video call. The camera peeps over Wulf's shoulder showing MK pointing to Wulf as he speaks..

[Michael Kelly]: “Wulf, I'm only going to say this once. Teach the kid something useful,

[Wulf Erikson]: “I was just about to teach her how to prepare home-made pyrotechnics in the hotel kitchen..”

Angelica pauses the XHW footage she is watching and turns, cocking an eyebrow and grinning. The blank, blinking expression on Michael's face as he opens a bottle and takes a swig of spring water is priceless. Wulf considered editing in crickets, but he decided against it. He knew MK was already displeased..

[Michael Kelly]: “You better not mess around, Erikson. I didn't pour all this effort into BMR to goof! You two share a huge main event with Pierce and Blaze on Saturday! Get focused, and get Angie focused!”    

[Wulf Erikson]: “Yeah, yeah. You know it. But hey, you'll never believe it. She's been watching wrestling most of the day!”

[Michael Kelly]: “Oh really? GOOD. Well done, Angie!”

Angie grins and waves at Michael before she unpauses the footage..

[Angelica Vaughn]: “Thank you Uncle Michael!”

MK laughs as he waves back..

[Michael Kelly]: “Hahaha. She's alright! Well, I think I might let you guys go. Tiami and I have a plane to catch and I shall see you two sometime tomorrow”.

[Wulf Erikson]: “Okay Michael, can't wait to see ya. Say hi to sis for me! Ciao!”

MK nods as he waves, and Wulf puts his tablet down on the table before picking up his burrito and taking a bite..

Angie claps her hands as familiar music comes through the TV speakers..

[Angelica Vaughn]: “Oh! Wulfie! Look!”

[Wulf Erikson]: "What’s going on, Connecticut?!"

Wulf grins at the massive POP he gets and he pulls the mic away from his face, mouthing ‘wow’ as he looks around..

[Wulf Erikson]: “Haha. Awesome..I get beat up..”

[Angelica Vaughn]: “Shhh!”

[Wulf Erikson]: "I want those who think attacking somebody from behind is a perfectly natural thing to do, to make some noise!"

[Angelica Vaugn]: “BOOOOO!”

The audience pipes down, save for a few smarks who make noise just to be giant pains in the ass..

[Wulf Erikson]: "And now for those of you who believe that it takes one hell of a lazy, sneaky individual to attack somebody from behind, and that I should call Bryan Blaze out here, I want YOU to make some noise!"

The Arena ERUPTS..

As “Haunted” hits, the crowd groans. Blaze enters dressed in an Armani suit. He is all smiles, even laughing a little. Wulf seems irate in the ring. Blaze stops short, holding up a finger and telling Wulf to wait. He grabs a microphone..

[Blaze]: "Hey Wulf. How's it going? Haha. I know I know. I really did a number on you last week".

[Blaze]: "I mean, look at you. You may be a great competitor. You may have the ability to steal the show. However all that is thrown out the window because of your silly antics. Because you, Wulf Erikson, are a joke".

Angelica pauses the footage and looks sternly at Wulf who shoots back the 'what did I do?' look..

[Angelica Vaughn]: “I know he is an ass, but not everything he says here is incorrect!”

[Wulf Erikson]: “I know, Angie. I'm workin' on it..”

Angie shakes her head, unpausing the footage..

Scene Two: “All work and no play..”

The footage fades out, and it switches to Angelica and Wulf in the ring at a training school. It is empty apart from them, and they are going through transitions from the lock up to the hammerlock, into the arm-wrench, and also into the top wrist-lock..

[Wulf Erikson]: “Smooth! Now reverse!”

Angie grins confidently as she takes the wrist and transitions into an arm-wrench..

[Wulf Erikson]: “Argh! Good! Now again!”

Wulf cries out as Angie swings his arm around, and he grips at his shoulder..

[Angelica Vaughn]: “Ya want some more, Wulfie?”

Angie growls as she wrenches his arm again, and he flips on to his back! Angie keeps hold of the arm..

[Angelica Vaugn]: “That was cool!”

She concentrates as she swings around and puts a boot in his ribs as she wraps her legs around his arm..

[Wulf Erikson]: “Hey! Now that was cool! You can let go now woman..”

She giggles..

[Angelica Vaughn]: “Haha! Nope! I gotta practice it, Wulf!”

She giggles again and she yelps as he rolls back and taunts her as she is forced to relinquish the hold and he is free, but she quickly sweeps his ankles out from under him, sending Wulf backward onto the base of his spine. Wulf grins as he shakes his head and sits up..

[Wulf Erikson]: “Hah. Okay, smartass..you're so ready..”

Angie nods excitedly as they both stand, picking their spots before locking up..Wulf takes the lead, taking Angelica in a hammerlock. Wulf feels the momentum, and he is pleased as she wriggles free and reaches around, taking the back of his neck and dropping to a knee, delivering a single arm snapmare before making a cover. Wulf kicks out quickly as he laughs and they stand and lock up again. This time, Angelica takes him with the arm wrench. Wulf grips at his shoulder before he reverses it and he sends her to the ropes with an irish whip before he lays down flat..

[Angelica Vaughn]: “Oh no oh no what do I do here? I know!”

Wulf grunts as Angie double stomps his back before she hits the ropes, but he gets his own back as he gets up to his knees and sails her over onto her back with an odd seated, twisting Japanese arm drag before he rolls over her shoulder and locks in a Fujiwara arm bar..

[Angelica Vaughn]: “OW! Wulfie!!”

Wulf immediately backs off and she chuckles and he grunts as they get to her feet and Angelica nails him in the chest with a vicious knife-edge before jumping up for a sharp forearm and then sending him to the ropes..

[Angelica Vaughn]: “Backdrop..wait!”

As she ducks down, she is surprised as Wulf hits a running sunset flip, and she clicks her feet together on the sides of his head as hard as she can before they get up to their feet..

[Wulf Erikson]: “Wow. Damn, Angie. You HAVE been paying attention! I'm glad I'm filming this. MK would be watching this live right now. And so could 'Cuddlepie' and Bryan Blaze, for that matter! Bastards..they know that we've got them now, look at us. We're Bad Moon Rising”.

[Angelica Vaughn]: “I have a better name for our particular team, Wulfie! Let's call ourselves 'Flippin' EW!' okay?”

Wulf laughs out loud..

[Wulf Erikson]: “You GOT it. We're Flippin' EW!”

[Angelica Vaughn]: “Speaking of our match, can we go back? We have been here for nearly three hours now. I'm beat. I want to take like a ten hour shower and then I want to finish studying our opponents”

Wulf laughs..

[Wulf Erikson]: “Sure. Let's get out of here..”

The scene fades out on Angie laughing as she slides under the bottom and Wulf leaps over the top, landing safely on her back and clinging. Angelica shakes her head as she ends up piggy backing him..

Scene Three: “CuddleBlaze??”

[Angelica Vaughn]: “I remember this!!”

[Wulf Erikson]: “I FELT it..”

[Vincent]: "Bryan kicks out! Wulf goes to pick him up, HE KICKS HIM IN THE BALLS! DAMMIT BRYAN!"



[Angelica Vaughn]: “AWESOME!”


[Angelica Vaughn]: “WOOOOW! Even though I was there to see it, that was totes bangz, Wulfie!”

There is a chorus of BOOO throughout the arena as the music stops abruptly, Blaze back to his feet and making a beeline for Wulf who once again has his back turned, and Wulf is brought to his knees with a clubbing blow to the back of the head..

[Angelica Vaughn]: “This..wasn't totes bangz..”

[Wulf Erikson]: “Blaze has proven that the only time he can get his mitts on The Wulf is when my back is turned! Also, his mind games don't trouble me as much as my so-called antics trouble him! I have proven that when I am actually looking, Blaze gets whupped! I know he doesn't like it, but it's just another thing he has to deal with! He brought this on himself..”

[Chris]: "The guy ain't done yet!"

[Wulf Erikson]: “Of course that prick ain't done yet..”

Angelica chuckles..

The crowd continues to BOOO, and Blaze grins viciously and boots Wulf as hard as he can in the face, causing him to collapse face down..

[Vincent]: "Blaze now, dragging Wulf to his feet..oh I think that we're done for tonight, Walker. BLAZE OF GLORY! Blaze makes another statement in this rivalry!"

[Wulf Erikson]: “Sure he made another statement. He's telling me that he's an incredible performer in his own right and that he doesn't NEED to do it, but he's DOING it. His ego and his anger turned Blaze into a man divided. The poor sap has no idea what he wants. So I'm his easy target..”

Angie nods sadly..

[Wulf Erikson]: “NOT ANYMORE! Not anymore.. “

[Angelica Vaughn]: “Awww. [i]You know I've got your back, Wulfie. We all do..he won't get at you anymore where we have anything to do about it!”

[Wulf Erikson]: “I know that! This is why I feel so confident going into this match! We have already handed Pierce and Blaze big fat L's in tag competition..”

[Angelica Vaughn]: “L's? What's an L?”

[Wulf Erikson]: Losses, Angie. We have beaten them before and we'll do it again. We can hand them another big fat L again on saturday! Provided our backs aren't turned..”

[Angelica Vaughn]: “Oh! Not anymore, Wulfie. Our backs aren't going to be turned this time and BMR is already a force! Unlike many other groups, we are forever improving”.

[Wulf Erikson]: “That's right! CuddleBlaze knows it..”

[Angelica Vaughn]: “CuddleBlaze..it almost makes them sound cute..even though they're both EW..”

[Wulf Erikson]: Regardless of their profound levels of EW, they don't have it together enough to take it home! I am done with this Bryan Blaze bullshit, Angie. It's time for retaliation. If it's Wulf on his case he wants, he's got my attention. He has a death-wish, but he's got my attention! BMR is going to put the W in Wichita and you can take it to the bank - Angelica will successfully cash in, you're looking at your new Legacy champion!”

Angelica clasps her hands together above her head..

[Wulf Erikson]: To hell with the way you think, Bryan..it's the reason why you make no freakin' progress anymore! I couldn't give a damn that you don't like me. Motherfucker, you don't even like yourself..”

Angelica scoffs and Wulf stares coldly at the camera..

[Wulf Erikson]: “So be it. Out of touch is out of touch. Just don't be surprised when 'CuddleBlaze' limps home with that L I'm talkin' about..peace out folks, we've got work to do..”

As the blog closes out, a snippet from Wulf's video call with MK appears in the corner of the screen of MK smiling and waving as Angie smiles and waves and Wulf also joins in, though it is a lot more sarcastic than his stablemates..

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"Flippin EW VS CuddleBlaze, huh? Well awright.."
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