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 Will Neilson says some words inside of his locker room. (Promo vs Matt Angel)

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Will Neilson


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PostSubject: Will Neilson says some words inside of his locker room. (Promo vs Matt Angel)   Fri Jun 09, 2017 11:16 am

We open up to a view of the backstage area after the latest episode of Fallout, the camera pans over to a locker room, the locker room of Will Neilson. The cameraman knocks on the door twice before Neilson himself opens it and lets him inside. Will is visibly sweating and he sits down on a bench inside the locker room, wiping some of the sweat from his forehead.

"That Spear... not... nice at all. Zeke does pack a punch and... I now know that first... hand. Phew... we didn't win, but we gave it our all, congrats to Bad Moon Rising for winning the match in the end."

Will reaches over for a bottle of water, opens it up and pours some of it over his head and it dampens his hair. Neilson doesn't seem to mind, a smile still on his face and he puts the water to one side.

"So next week we got the Fallout before Broken Creed, and I will be facing the guy who has teamed with me these past 2 weeks in Matt Angel. I know what he can do, after all I have fought alongside him in both victory and defeat, and I don't expect him to hold back. He seems like the guy who will bust out a new trick in the book every match, you know... maybe a 450 Splash with an extra 10 degree spin, exciting stuff right? When you look at Matt, all I see is a guy that is very good in the air, but on the ground... not so much. So in order to beat him, you gotta stop him from soaring through the air and keep him on his toes throughout, and that's exactly what I'm going to do. I go into the match with a strategy and I leave the match with my hand held high, but this time... only my hand. You see, taking part in trios matches have limited me showing my full potential, you could say this isn't even my perfect form. I excel in all matches but a one on one contest is where you see the best of Will Neilson, and Matt you are going to see exactly that."

Will gets up from the chair and grabs a towel from on top of a nearby locker, throwing it around his neck, opening the door and walking out. The camera follows suit as Neilson walks down the corridor.

"I looked a bit more into Matt, and it says he's some sort of extreme junkie. Firstly, I haven't got a clue what that is, but whatever floats your boat eh?"

Neilson reaches into his pocket, and pulls out a black iPhone 5S, turning it on via the home button, he heads over to Safari. Will types something unbeknownst to the camera, before tapping the screen and holding the phone closer to his face.

"So it's pretty much someone who does 'extreme' sports. That's nice to know, not that it's going to help during this match, but whatever."

He slides the phone back into his pocket.

"What I'm trying to get at here Matt... is that you aren't going to be beating me. I can already hear it, 'Oooh he's being cocky', it's one thing to be cocky and it's another thing to know how good you are in the ring and when I engage in one on one action for this first time, you will all see the skills that will take me to the top, to people like Adrien Pierce and Ashley Williams. I can assure you that it won't be long before you see gold round my waist, and I will take on anybody in order to reach that peak. The highest privilege in this company. Next week on Fallout, you are going to see another chapter in the rise of Will Neilson here in XHW, a journey that will last for as long as it takes for me to reach the mountaintop. That is... the XHW Championship. The perfect belt, for a perfect wrestler."

Neilson walks a bit faster down the corridor and past the camera.

"Oh yeah, Zeke I haven't forgot about that spear you gave me god damn it! That shit hurt!"

The camera fades to black.
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Will Neilson says some words inside of his locker room. (Promo vs Matt Angel)
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