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 What not and what what

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PostSubject: What not and what what   Fri Jun 09, 2017 11:47 am

(OOC: Apologies to opponents for this. At least it is something. United Power is doing some work that will cause less power failures around here. However, next 4 days will be without power. Apologies also to my partner)
[June 6, 2017]
::Adrien Pierce::
Of course, and you can count me in. It’s a pleasure doing business with you. I will see you then. Best of luck to you.
As the scene opens up Adrien is sitting behind what had once been his father’s desk. Now, owner of Pierce Industries Incorporated, he looks across his desk at a troubled Mr. E.
::Adrien Pierce::
Oh, cheer up, old timer. This is how things work. I am not only the Xtreme Honor Wrestling Legacy Champion, but I beat the Xtreme Honor Wrestling World Champion. I am a champion of champions and the owner of one of top fortune 500 companies. If I want to continue my dominance in the ring, I must make sacrifices when those sacrifices prove profitable.
Mr. E gets up from his chair and heads for the door. Opening the door he stops and turns to face Adrien.
::Mr. E::
I don’t know, Adrien. I never thought I’d see the day. But, it seems you have your mind made up. I’ll be in the car.
Mr. E walks out the door and shuts it behind him. Adrien lets out a heavy sigh just as his phone rings again.
::Adrien Pierce::
I’m suddenly the most popular guy in town.
He answers his phone.
::Adrien Pierce::
Hello, Adrien Pierce speaking.
He listens for a moment and nods his head.
::Adrien Pierce::
That’s right. I make the announcement in front of the entire world watching Fallout. Can I count on you?
He listens again and big smile comes over his face.
::Adrien Pierce::
That’s what I like to hear. I look forward to it.
He listens some more.
::Adrien Pierce::
I’m not making any announcements public until June tenth during the Fallout show. You have my word.
He stands up and leans on the desk.
::Adrien Pierce::
I like the sound of that, but hey…I have a few things I need to get squared away before the big night. You have a great evening and I’ll see you at Fallout.
 The scene fades as Adrien hangs up the phone with a smirk on his face.
[June 7th, 2017]
Adrien Pierce is sitting at a red light waiting to turn left. He spots a woman jogging with her dog.
::Adrien Pierce::
What I wouldn’t give to have that remote Adam Sandler has in Click.
He stares until someone behind him honks.
::Mr. E::
The light is green.
::Adrien Pierce::
Listen to you. You can’t even see over the dashboard.
::Mr. E::
No, but I can hear people honking for you to go.
Mr. E would normally have a smile on his face, but he just sits there sulking.
::Adrien Pierce::
Geez to lemon squeeze, old man. Cheer up! Things like this happen all the time.
::Mr. E::
But not like this.
Adrien turns as he waves his hand to the person behind him.
::Adrien Pierce::
Well, it doesn’t matter how it happens. The important part is it will happen.
Mr. E reaches for the radio, but Adrien slaps his hand away.
::Adrien Pierce::
How many times do I gotta tell you? We’re not listening to talk radio.
Mr. E looks at Adrien and sticks his tongue out. Adrien laughs.
::Adrien Pierce::
Age is just a number has been proven true, ladies and gentlemen.
::Mr. E::
For your information, I have a CD in there.
Adrien looks at Mr. E and breaks for the red light coming up. He comes to a stop.
::Adrien Pierce::
Okay, I gotta know.
He reaches for the stereo and presses the CD button to find out what CD Mr. E was going to play. Suddenly ‘Milkshake’ by Kelis begins to play over the speakers.  Adrien looks over at Mr. E who is mouthing the words and nodding his head.
::Adrien Pierce::
What kind of pills are you taking?
::Mr. E::
I take blood sugar medications and I usually have a multi-vitamin.
::Adrien Pierce::
You need to take something for your taste in music, because your taste is severely broken.
Adrien turns to look out his window for a moment and mouths the words to the song a bit.
::Mr. E::
I saw that.
Mr. E leans forward and turns off the stereo.
::Adrien Pierce::
I thought you wanted it on! What’s with you, old man? Mood swings or what?
Mr. E doesn’t answer but stares at Adrien until Adrien looks over at him. The light turns green and Adrien takes off a bit slower, but at least no honks for him not going.
::Adrien Pierce::
What is it?
::Mr. E::
You feeling good about yourself after beating the champ?
Adrien takes a second to think about his answer. He looks over at Mr. E and then focuses once more on the road in front of him.
::Adrien Pierce::
It doesn’t hurt to feel good after a win, Mr. E. But, there’s a few other things on my mind right now.
::Mr. E::
Adrien smiles. He looks at Mr. E, then pays attention to the traffic. He looks in his rearview for a brief moment before answering.
::Adrien Pierce::
Well, my next match for starters. What people don’t realize is…when it comes to tag team style matches, there’s a little glitch in my record in Xtreme Honor Wrestling. 

::Mr. E::
Ah. Yeah. You never did work well with others. You like being the star. Being in the spotlight.

::Adrien Pierce::
It suits me. It's where I belong. And this match with Angelica Vaughn and Wulf Erikson really doesn't make things better for the spotlight.

::Mr. E::
How you figure?

Adrien pulls into a parking lot. He doesn't reply until he parks in a spot.

::Adrien Pierce::
I just beat the XHW World Champion. Angelica Vaughn may want to prove herself after seeing her mentor lose. That's all fine and dandy, but this whole 'Bathroom on the Right' crew and friends just seems like they're trying too hard for always coming in second place to who matters.

::Mr. E::
It's Bad Moon Rising.

Adrien rolls his eyes.

::Adrien Pierce::
Bad Moon Rising, Bathroom on the Right, same difference.

Adrien turns the engine off.

::Adrien Pierce::
They're all the same, old man. And sooner or later, I'll just line them all up at the same time and knock them down to where they all belong. At the bottom of the food chain.

The scene fades once again.

[June 9, 2017]

Adrien is front and center sitting in a director's chair looking at the camera.

::Adrien Pierce::
Angel San and Wulfboy Mathers, what does it take? Perhaps you'll one day figure out that hanging around the boss has it's ups and downs. And quite frankly, I am intrigued to give you a little taste of the downs.

Adrien gives a smirk.

::Adrien Pierce::
You two winning this match will mean nothing to be honest. I don't have the best record when it comes to having partners. Don't get me wrong, but I don't fit in with others. I like to do things on my own. I've proven that very fact. And that makes Angelica Vaughn's title shot against me...a predictable outcome.

Adrien shrugs and looks away from the camera for a moment as if something caught his eye behind it. He looks back at the camera once again.

::Adrien Pierce::
But, I will say this. I'm going to Broken Creed to defend my XHW Legacy Championship as the champion of champions in this company. I've beaten the so called best. And if Michael Kelly comes up with the XHW World Championship when the lights go out...I'll still be the guy that knocks the best down to where they belong.

He smiles.

::Adrien Pierce::
Beneath me. That's really where you all belong. I'm better than everyone else. I'm better than the numbers game. And the difference is, when I fight for myself, I come out on top.

He reaches behind him and grabs the XHW Legacy Championship from off the back of the director's chair.

::Adrien Pierce::
And I have this to prove that fact.

He looks at the title and holds it in his lap.

::Adrien Pierce::
Even if you two beat me and the unspoken so called tag partner of mine...it won't matter. It won't matter because Angelica Vaughn knows all too well that when she does face me at Broken Creed...I don't have a creed to break. I don't live by one. I'm the guy that loves being the wild card. I'm the guy that you can't predict. So watch the videos boys and girls. Watch those matches. Try to figure out what I'm capable of.

He gives a sinister snicker and winks at the camera.

::Adrien Pierce::
Even preparing for the unknown doesn't prepare you for Adrien Pierce. Get that through your head and recognize, acknowledge, and admit...I am perfection. I am Adrien Pierce. I am the One and Only Cuddle Pie. I am 'The Prodigy'...

He loses the look of fun and games on his face.

::Adrien Pierce::
And that's all that matters.

The scene ends with a quick black out.

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What not and what what
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