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 Better On My Own (Fallout June 10th)

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PostSubject: Better On My Own (Fallout June 10th)    Fri Jun 09, 2017 12:03 pm

(The scene opens up in an abandoned parking lot where we see the former building to the Karnage Championship Wrestling was. We see several abandoned Hollywood style trailers scattered across the parking lot. As we pan around we see Matt Angel sitting on top of one of those Hollywood trailers, the camera zooms in and we see Matt Angel wearing some black skinny jeans, a red and black checkered shirt and a black snapback with the word "LA"  on the front.)

"So here we are the home of the former Karnage Championship Wrestling the very first wrestling promotion that took a chance on me. The very first place where I become a two-time KCW Maximum Karnage champion and that was the proudest moment of my career thus far. However that was then and this is now and right now my Trios tag team journey is over and I can finally stand tall on my own. And I cannot wait to get back to business."

(Matt dangling his long legs from sitting on top of the trailers)

"Now you see don't get me wrong I enjoyed my time in a trios team to a certain point but I am a man who like the spotlight. I like to grab the eyes of the fans and give them the awe that they need. I couldn't do that while sitting in the backseat of the team. And that is what it felt like."

(Matt stops swinging  his legs for a second)

"It felt that I was the little brother to Will Neilson and Ezekiel Fenix who was a lunatic and a beast. I was the little brother of the team in which I didn't like. I didn't like it one bit and now I can rip that idea into little pieces and look forward."

(Matt pauses)

"I can look forward to facing my tag partner Will Nielson and showing them why I am better on my own. Now Will Nelson don't get me wrong buddy, I didn't not like you or hate you. I'm just not the sort of guy who is pushed to the back. I'm the sort of guy that will dive off anything and not be feared. I'm the sort of guy who will use my heart and passion to win the match and not my Braun like you."

(Matt pauses)

"Since that "Special Opportunity" match people have said how both of us impressed the world. How both of us went that extra mile to find a win. However we only have to look after ourselves in this match Will and believe me I can do that. I can fight to the nail and I need this win."

(Matt still sitting at the top of the trailers)

"I need this win to push myself into a contendership match. Now I know I have to fight and scratch to earn a spot and that's exactly what I plan on doing. You Will Neilson will be the first person I beat and help me further my dream of being a champion."

(Matt takes a breath)

"I know Will that you might have dreams too but trust in me that my dreams will overshadow you. I will leap ahead into the contenders spot. And I will beat you."

(Matt pauses)

"So Will Nielson I hope you're ready to get back to singles competition because I am. I'm ready to showcase everything I
have inside the ring, what are you prepared to do?"

Scene ends
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Better On My Own (Fallout June 10th)
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