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 Dream Crusher (Promo #2 vs Matt Angel)

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Will Neilson


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PostSubject: Dream Crusher (Promo #2 vs Matt Angel)   Fri Jun 09, 2017 1:53 pm

The camera opens up to the view of a wrestling ring, seemingly inside of a gym as weights, exercise bikes and treadmills are seen in the distance. A few people are scattered around the gym doing the various activities, but in the wrestling ring sits one man on the top turnbuckle. He is wearing a dark green tank top, black shorts along with designer trainers. He sits up and shakes his head around a bit before jumping down from the turnbuckle, clearly tired and sweating.

"Being in here is always great, a place that I myself have been to many times in the past... and I'm back here again."

Will runs and slides out of the ring, he jogs around slightly and wipes his forehead. Neilson then walks over to a slightly taller man who has just got off the treadmill, he wears a plain black t-shirt, similar shorts to Will and plain black boots, along with short brown hair. The two shake hands.

"Sam, how's it been my guy?"

"Not too bad Will, how about yourself?"

"Life is pretty awesome right now, you've probably seen me in that ring non stop today and yesterday. I can't help it though, wrestling just seems to be the one thing I've always stuck with in the good and bad times. Apart from video games, it's my escape from everything. To know you've won is a pretty good feeling. You get me man?"

"Aha, wrestling is like an addiction to you isn't it? Can't get enough of it."

"Yeah... I've got a match in a few days time for a promotion I work at, Xtreme Honour Wrestling. I'm facing someone who has teamed up with me twice before, Mr. Matt Angel. I've seen what he's said about me, about being the 'little brother' to both me and Zeke last week. He's got a point for sure, I mean you expect the big brother to do much more than the little brother and that's exactly what has happened two weeks in a row. The first week, you can say I solely won the match for us, Kingdom Clash, Overthrow Hold, and I got Ewan Boyd tapping out like a bitch."

"Not bad for your first match over there."

"Mhm. Then the following week didn't exactly go according to plan, we faced Bad Moon Rising, a team that has the XHW World Champion, and three others who I can't remember to save my life. I got speared by my own teammate, but hey at least I wasn't the one on the end of that submission hold which spelled the end for that other team, and the victory for Bad Moon Rising. This week, it's time for me to bounce back, as I said before I face my own teammate in Matt Angel. I respect him, the dude always puts the effort into what he does, and he's been a good teammate in our short run together, it's time to see what he's like one on one. Most importantly, it's a chance to break out of that sort of 'trios' shell putting both me and him down these past 2 weeks. All guns loaded."

"What else has he said about you?"

"Not much to be honest, apart from saying that I'm going to be the first one he beats to put him in contendership for championships. He's got it all mixed up, I am going to be the one who will win and therefore put myself in contention for either the Legacy or World Championship. Talking about dreams, diving off of anything... he can do what he wants, that's him not me, but whatever he does... it will not be enough to stop me. Think of me as a steam train, and Matt Angel is only a small roadblock in the way, he'll put up a fight for sure... but eventually that train is going to break through and get faster, and faster, and faster, until eventually I can't be stopped. I feel like the top is calling for me, and I gotta keep racking up wins if I want to get there. He's got heat and passion for sure, but I have got a hell lot more. If you need this win then you gotta beat me to get it, it is as simple as that."

"Interesting... I guess I'll be seeing you around, I might even tune in to watch you if I get the time. Go back to the ring and train your ass off man, I'm rooting for you."

"See ya."

Will and Sam share a fist bump and then Will heads off back to the ring, he rolls in and looks up towards the lights.

"Time to crush some dreams."

Neilson turns around and smiles at the camera as it fades to black.
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Dream Crusher (Promo #2 vs Matt Angel)
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