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 Truth of the matter

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PostSubject: Truth of the matter    Fri Jun 09, 2017 4:57 pm


The pleasure filled sigh escapes the lips of Bryan Blaze as he places his can of Sleeman Clear 2.0 on the kitchen counter. He was proud of himself following the latest episode of XHW Fallout. The second straight week he would end his night standing over his sudden rival, Wulf Erikson. So far, Blaze had asserted his dominance over the younger high flyer. They have similar movesets, but their attitudes are polar opposites. Blaze has made his opinions known, without a doubt, telling Wulf straight to his face, that he believes Wulf is a ‘joke’. He has alienated a great deal of the XHW locker room and audience in just the span of a couple of weeks. He has assaulted and destroyed Wulf Erikson in back to back weeks, following Wulf’s return to XHW programming. Many believe there will sure to be consequences for these actions, Blaze doesn't seem to believe it. For now, he is living the life. Currently at home, having a drink. Despite his team losing last Fallout, he was in a tremendous mood.

“I told you, didn't I? When I first made my presence felt, when I first burst onto the XHW scene and embarrassed Wulf Erikson...I said that it was nothing. A warm up. That there was so much more to come.”

He grins devilishly as he takes another mouthful of beer. He closes his eyes for a moment as he swallows the beverage, placing it back on the countertop.

“And low and behold, Wulf Erikson tried me. He came out and in front of the world declared that I am a coward. That's a pretty heavy; pretty lofty accusation. Honestly Wulf, what did you expect? Did you expect me to just let it slide? Did you think I was going to just ignore your defamation; your slander?”

He chuckles to himself. He begins walking, ending up on the patio of his home. He looks out at the beautiful, picturesque Bras D’Or Lakes. He inhales the fresh air.

“If you thought that would merely be the end of it, you are a bigger fool than I could fathom. Then, was the Trios match. My team showed their true colours. They are nothing but a pair of losers. I carried their sorry asses and nobody can say otherwise. Kaz lost that match.

Not. Me.”

His demeanour seems to plunge. Seemingly on a whim, his eyebrows narrow and his tone darkens. He doesn't take kindly to failure.

“I, as I so often am, was the star of the show. I stole the show with my amazing athletic ability and incredible ring awareness.

So, then, Kaz submits. Bad Moon Rising is victorious.”

The scowl is very clear. The tone suggests the truth, that sentence was like poison to his lips. A tough pill for him to swallow.

“Again, did you think that was it? Do you think you proved something to me, in that match? Let me snuff that right out. You didn't. You couldn't possibly.

Many say I have a...volatile temper. That perhaps I didn't handle the loss well and I snapped. That my assault on you could be solely attributed to being a ‘sore loser’.”

Blaze slowly shakes his head.

“That, quite honestly, couldn't be further from the truth. At the end of the day, the match did not matter to me. Sure, there were lofty stakes at play, but in the end, I showed that I was right about you, Wulf Erikson.

That you are a loser.

That you are a joke.

That the fans merely cheer you because you senselessly pander to the lowest common denominator and have nothing else to truly offer.

You are a caricature of a pro wrestler. You don't stand for anything but your paycheque. I want to revolutionize, but you are completely fine with towing the line. You are content with the status quo, while I want to annihilate it.

That is why I chose to attack you again. The fans booed, as they so often do. Too ignorant to realize I did it for their well being. That I am saving it from the fraud that you are. The fraud that so many “fan favourites” eventually, inevitably become.

You and your group then decided which of you would challenge for the Championship. How cozy.”

He snarls. It could be jealously. Hell, it probably was. He would never admit to it.

“You spat on the very Honor of the XHW World Championship. It was disgusting. It was despicable. It was pathetic.

It was...status quo with you, wasn't it? You knew Kelly was the star of the trio. You knew you couldn't match well with Ashley Williams and you were more than happy to step aside.

It's sickening. When my time comes, rest assured to everyone in XHW, I will grab that opportunity and seize it. Unlike you, Wulf Erikson, I understand the severity of the situation. I under the importance of it all. You are too blinded by fans adoration to see what is staring you in the face.”

He sighs, obviously disgusted.

That brings us to this week. I team with the man that defeated the World Champion last week. I team with Adrien Pierce. Unlike so many in XHW, this man has my respect. He proved he exemplifies the spirit of this sport. Something Bad Moon Rising couldn't fathom.

They are too caught up in their own world. Too busy flipping around like morons or pandering to the crowd. In reality that's all they really care about. Adoration. Cheers. Love.”

Once again, he snarls. He spits at the very idea. The very notion that the fans love actually means something. It's a far cry from when he broke into the business. That may be what bothered him most about Wulf Erikson. If the comparisons were made, it would be an easy tell. He was so much like Blaze at the beginning. Blaze now though? Much different story. He was older and jaded. He wanted nothing more than accolades and respect. But he couldn't care less about how he was perceived by the people.

At least, that's what he would tell you.

“And that is why XHW needs me. That is why the wrestling world needs me. And it's why the fans, no matter how much they boo and hiss at every word I speak and every move I make...regardless of all that...that's why they need me too.

It's because I am the difference. I am the revolutionary. The innovative. The only man who truly wants to make an inkling of difference. The only one who looks at the status quo and is repulsed.

“We need to talk.”

Blaze turns to the source of his interruption, Jessica Crane. Crane, dressed in a short white dress with a golden trim. Her facial expression isn't one that Blaze is thrilled to see.

She isn't pleased.

“About what, exactly?”

He asks her, nonchalantly. Her expression was unwavering. She had a scowl.


He was caught off guard, to say the least. Normally, Jessica wasn't so blunt and straightforward, at least in her conversations with him. It was different.

“How so?”

It was a reasonable reply, but Jessica rolled her eyes anyway. To her, he should have known exactly what he did to irk her.

“You know what it is, Bryan. The way you have been behaving this last few weeks. Really, ever since you stepped foot in XHW.”

Now it was Bryan’s turn to roll his eyes. He sighed as well, shaking his head.

“Really? You're coming at me with this? The same thing I've been talking about at great length to anyone who would listen?”

Jessica raises her hand up.

“I'm going to have to stop you right there, Bryan.

The short answer is yes. But…

I don't want to hear the same lame, played out excuses you peddle to everyone else. I want to talk about the truth, Bryan.”

Blaze looks more serious now. Although he doesn't submit to anything.

“I don't know what you're talking about.”

“Oh, come on, Bryan. We both know exactly what I'm talking about. You don't think Wulf Erikson is really all the things you say that he is. Same goes for the rest of Bad Moon Rising. The plain and simple truth is that you are afraid. You have been ever since you returned early last year. I'm tired of pretending that it's not there. I'm done ignoring the elephant in the room.”

Blaze looks stunned by Jessica’s remarks. However he doesn't immediately say anything. In fact, he turns his face away from Jessica.

“It's okay, Bryan. This isn't necessarily a bad thing. I'm not trying to bring you down, or anything like that.”

Blaze swings his head back, so he can once again face Jessica. He looks irate.

“No Jessica, that's bullshit.”

Jessica tries to say something else, but Blaze cuts her off.

“No, you're done talking.

Do you know what I endure on a weekly- no. What I endure on a daily basis? Do you?

I'll answer that for you. No. You don't. Neither do any other of these fools.

Every company I go to, it's the same story.

I come in, with high expectations placed upon myself. I'm a former World Champion, and all that jazz. And if for some reason, if I instantly don't set the world on fire, than I am cast away to the shadows. I am forgotten. Ignored.

So this time? I'm not waiting around. I'm not allowing enough time to pass to BE forgotten. I'm no longer placing all my hopes and dreams in the hands of some moronic suit in the front office. That's what all this is about.


Jessica nods along with Bryan’s monologue. She's pleased. She smiles.

“I expect no less.”

The scene fades.
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Truth of the matter
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