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 Hypnotized by serpent's eyes

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Angelica Vaughn


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PostSubject: Hypnotized by serpent's eyes   Fri Jun 09, 2017 8:44 pm

Wednesday, May 7th
Vancouver, Canada
The Serpent’s Bite

Angelica stood outside the nightclub. With her phone trembling in her hand, she looked at the display screen.

”I think it’s about time you and I had a chat. Come see me- L.”

She looked up, right at the logo of the club that hung above its two-door entrance. A snake, looking to devour its prey, its mouth wide open and its fangs ready to strike. Angelica felt as if the snake was coming for her; as if she was a tiny mouse that existed for one purpose only: feeding the animals on the higher end of the food chain.
Lucilla had personally invited her to come to her club. And while it wasn’t open for business as of now, with the neon lighting shut off and the doors firmly shut, Angelica knew that she was being expected. It felt more like a summoning than an invitation, like a kid being called to the principal’s office. It was intimidating, nerve-wrecking,… but then again, strangely exciting!

Angelica put away her phone and walked up to the doors. She curled her fingers into a fist and knocked on the door. It took less than two seconds for them to swing open. The swiftness of the response made Angelica jump back at least a yard in surprise. Not in the least because the figure standing in the opening of the door was a massive, hulking mountain of a man that seemed so disproportionately large and muscled he could’ve come straight out of a cartoon or comic book. Nevertheless, Angelica recognized him. He was one of Lucilla’s most loyal servants. Her Gatekeeper.

Angelica: Erm… hi?

Angelica’s heart was racing. She had trouble finding the right words to express why she was here, but it seemed like The Gatekeeper knew. He stepped to the side, allowing just enough space for Angelica to enter the club. He stretched out his left arm, signalling that she was welcome to step inside. She hesitantly obliged.

As Angelica did so, her mind threw up visions of the first time she was here. The club had been filled to the rafters at that time, with  psychedelic entrancing music bashing its way into your brains, and people dancing and drinking the night away, their bodies grinding against each other, looking to forget the sorrows of their daily lives.
It was a stark contrast to how it looked now: an abandoned dance floor, an unoccupied bar, and empty seats all over the place. And yet, a certain kind of aura hung around the place. It was difficult to explain, but the place felt haunted… there was a certain kind of electricity in the air, one that penetrated your nostrils and dug its way deep into your lungs as you breathed.

Without uttering a word, the Gatekeeper led her to a side corridor, one that led to a private room. The neon lights overhead were flickering, bright red colors breaking up the pitch-black darkness. Angelica followed, not sure if she felt like an angel being led to the pearly gates or a lamb being led to the slaughter.

The moment she entered, she saw her. Her beautiful brown locks flowing from her head, her venom-green eyes so vivid it seemed as if they were staring through space and time. A tight black dress clung to her body like a second skin, showing off the many qualities her voluptuous, perfectly toned body possessed. She looked like a deity. One that would either behead you for blasphemy, or raise you up to seventh heaven. As Angelica made her presence known, she looked up. There was no smile on her face, no sign of excitement or joy,… she was merely sizing her up, like a boot deciding to either step on an ant, or to take care and avoid squashing the lowly insect on the ground.

Lucilla: What do you want from me?

Angelica was taken aback by this question. She didn’t know how to respond to it. Whilst it was well documented that she revered Lucilla (indeed, both friends and foes alike had questioned this), she was surprised that she didn’t have a clear cut answer readily available. Angelica told herself that it was because she was taken by surprise, but deep down inside she felt that maybe… she just really didn’t know?
Meanwhile, Lucilla started edging closer, her hips swaying with every step. Angelica found herself subconsciously retreating as Lucilla approached her, being backed into a corner until eventually her back hit a solid wall. Lucilla kept coming though, not stopping before their noses almost touched.

Lucilla: I asked you a question… What do you want from me? You keep showing up wherever I go. You interfere in my matches, you keep exclaiming how much you love me. So, one more time. What. Do. You. Want from me?

Lucilla suddenly put her forearm against Angelica’s throat, smashing the back of her head against the wall. Snarling, she butted heads with Angie, and through bared teeth she hissed her next question.

Lucilla: Do you just want me to fuck you? Is that it?

Lucilla’s claws grabbed hold of Angelica’s nether region. Angie grunted. She wasn’t used to being touched there…

Lucilla: Because I’ll fuck you! Gladly. If that’s what you want. Just say the word. But I get the feeling you want something more.

With Lucilla’s forearm still digging into her trachea, it was hard for Angelica to respond. Her oxygen flow was hampered, and she felt a slight panic coming up.

Angelica: Please… Can’t breathe!

Lucilla didn’t relinquish the hold though. Instead, she leaned in closer and whispered into Angelica’s ear.

Lucilla: I know why you’re here. Did you think you were the only to be entranced by me? The only one to desure my power? It’s not something that comes easy, girl.

Lucilla took a step back, and Angelica gasped as air finally could flow freely in her lungs again. She slumped down and grasped her throat, and looked up at Lucilla, who smirked.

Lucilla: You show promise, young one. But I have seen you… Your progress has been astounding, considering where you were only a few months ago. But it’s still not enough. Why do you surround yourself with such mediocre pickings? Ashley Williams? Wulf Erikson? Michael Kelly? The latter had the audacity to defy me last time I saw him. One day, he will pay for that. But as for you…

Lucilla cupped Angelica’s chin and directed her head so that their eyes met directly.

Lucilla: Why do you allow them to dictate your actions? Your loyalty to them is remarkable, yet misguided.

Angelica: But… they’re my friends!

Lucilla: Friends? You’re their tool, girl. I’ve seen it a thousand times before. People see a precious, rare talent and they latch on to it. They see pure, raw untapped potential and they sink their teeth into it, tethering themselves to it, so that one day they can claim ownership. That is what will happen to you, young one. Once you achieve your potential, they will bask in your glory, and claim supremacy over you because they ‘made’ you. In their eyes, you merely exist to elevate them.

Angelica’s eyes grew large. Was it true what Lucilla was saying?  She shuddered at the thought. She couldn’t believe it.

Lucilla: You may think that by allying yourself with them, you are making yourself stronger. Nothing is farther from the truth. They are holding you back, Angelica.

Angelica: But… I’ve learned so much from them! Ashley has taught me so many moves. Emkay has taught me what it means to be a wrestler. And Wülf has told me how important it is that I stay true to myself!

Lucilla’s reaction wasn’t what Angelica had expected. A sharp backhand connected with her cheek, and Angelica’s head snapped back in response.

Angelica: Ow!

Lucilla: Snap out of it, girl! They’re leeches, nothing more. They’ve placed their suckers on your arteries, bleeding you dry. Once you no longer benefit them, they will discard you.
Look at me, I grew up without friends. It forced me to fend for myself. It made me overcome every adversity on my own, and I grew stronger because of it. As long as you are part of this group, you will merely be a pawn, to be used an d sacrificed at their will. But you will never play a role of importance.

Angelica: But… I’m facing the Legacy Champion this week! And next week, so I can claim his title. And I owe it all to my stablemates.

Lucilla: You don’t owe them shit. Ashley Williams is using you to further her own goals. Michael Kelly is using you to make himself look interesting. Wulf is using you to keep on pretending he’s a cool dude. You’re an ant in their hill, Angelica. But you will never be queen!

Angelica: NO!

Without even realizing it, Angelica lashed out. Her hand was grabbed in mid-air by Lucilla though, who grinned as she saw Angelica’s passionate rebuttal.

Angelica: I refuse to believe that! Without Ashley, I would be face-down in a ditch somewhere. I owe that woman EVERYTHING! She has been my mentor, coach AND best friend throughout all of this. When my parents cast me out and I was all alone in this world, she extended her hand, took me in, and taught me all I know!
MK has taught me what it means to be a consummate pro. Sure, he’s stern, but he pushes me to the limit because he cares about me and wants me to be the very best I can be. He makes me want to be a better person.
And Wülf? He is a funny guy, who makes me feel at ease, makes me feel like I’m a good person deep inside. He accepts me for who I am, and would never dream of hurting me.
I love all my stablemates, regardless of what you think! And what have you done for me? Jack shit, that’s what! No matter how many times I have exclaimed my adoration for you, usually at my own detriment, people look at me like I’m a piece of trash. But Ash, MK and Wulf… They make me feel special!

Lucilla: Wow. What a naïve little cunt you are. Maybe I did overestimate you.

This made Angelica mad. No one, not even Lucilla, could make her doubt Bad Moon Rising or herself.

Angelica: You know what? You’re WRONG! And I’ll show you. I’ll show the entire WORLD! I’m gonna start on Saturday when Wulf and I take down Pierce and Blaze, and I’m going to do it again when I destroy Adrien Pierce for that Legacy Championship. I’m going to be the single greatest wrestler on this planet!

Lucilla chuckled, Angelica’s outburst not in the least intimidating OR impressive.

Lucilla: A bold claim, youngling. But the only way you will ever achieve that is if you strike out on your own.

Angelica: No! That’s not true! They’re my friends, and I will NEVER betray them! They mean the world to me. They give me the self-confidence to do things I never thought possible. They make me believe that, even with my relative inexperience, I can be a champion if I work hard enough. And they’ve never asked for anything in return!

Lucilla: And that brings me back to my original question. If that is so… What. The fuck. Do you want. From me?

Angelica was nailed to the ground once more. She couldn’t explain it.

Lucilla: You came to me because you need me, Angelica. Deep down, you know that I am the only one who can unlock the true potential locked away inside of you. Right now, you are ignoring the true ‘you’. But I? I can make you crave the creature inside of you.

Angelica shook her head. She didn’t want to hear this. This was a mistake. She never should have come here. She started to run. As she burst through the door, she heard Lucilla’s last screams echoing through her head.

Lucilla: Crave the creature inside of you, Angelica! Don’t run away from it! Embrace it Become one with it!

With tears welling up, Angelica ran, and ran. She barely even noticed when she burst through the club’s doors and ran out onto the streets of Vancouver. She was shaking, her entire body pumped full of adrenaline. She felt like her entire life was a lie. The woman she had sacrificed everything for had just spat in her face.

Angelica: I don’t need Lucilla! I have Bad Moon Rising! I have Ash, Wulf, Uncle Michael. I don’t need Lucilla!

And the more she ran and ran, the more she kept saying it.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t sure if she’d ever actually believe it.

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Hypnotized by serpent's eyes
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