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PostSubject: Revelation   Fri Jun 09, 2017 11:59 pm

June 5th, 2017
Seattle, Washington
1:04 AM Local Time

Sapphire has seen better days.

As she walks--well, shambles might be a better word--up to the front door of her apartment building, she has a fresh cut over one eye and some bruising on each of her arms. Still, despite the clear signs of exhaustion, she seems content with her lot in life. Perhaps even pleased.

When she ascends the stairs that lead to the landing of the third floor, that expression of contentment goes right out the window as she sees Kimberly standing in front of her apartment.

For about five seconds, Kimberly has the strength to look at Sapphire with indignation on her face as she sees the signs of Sapphire fighting more than prescribed by XHW--she knows damn well she didn’t get those cuts from her dominant win over Trixie and Lilin--but before she can scold her tenant, Sapphire is the one wearing a look of horror.

Kim looks like she’s been in a fight as well. She has no cuts, but a black eye on her right side and she’s favoring her stomach, arms draped over it in a way that almost looks natural, but when you look for more than a second, you see how awkwardly angled they are as she tries to subtly hug her arms to herself.


“No, shut up. Yes, I am, but the deal was you didn’t get any of that money and you’re not. Also, shut up. What the fuck happened.”

Kim abandons the pretense of looking casual and wraps her arms around herself, as though she’s trying to curl up into a cocoon. She looks furtively to the left, then right, down the hallway.

“Can we...not do it out here?”

June 5th, 2017
Seattle, Washington
1:19 AM Local Time

In the fifteen minutes immediately following Sapphire finding Kim on her doorstep, she brought her inside and started making her some coffee. When it was ready, she brought a mug, piping hot and unsweetened, over to where Kim was slumped into her armchair.

Then she sat it down on the side table nxt to the arm chair when she saw Kim had curled up into the fetal position and was openly sobbing. The streetfighter raised a hand, as though trying to figure out how to console her, but having no experience, she decided it would probably be best to let things run their course rather than make it worse.

“What happened?” Sapphire finally asked when Kim had cried herself dry.

“...if I say I fell down the stairs, would you believe me?”

Sapphire furrows her brow at Kim so hard in an attempt at a soul-piercing glare that she’s worried her forehead will open up again. Kim laughs, then coughs as she tries to regain control of her nasal cavity.

“Fair enough.”

Kim takes a deep breath as Sapphire responds simply, by continuing to glare a hole through her.

“The gym’s not doing so well.”

Sapphire blinks, the intensity of her gaze only slightly diminishing. “Even with all that extra crap Tommy was supposed to be doing?”

“You mean that I was supposed to be doing off the back of your success. And yes. You have boosted our membership and retention since joining XHW, but not enough to save the gym. Especially...”

Kim trails off, hugging herself tighter, so Sapphire leans in a bit, glare back to full power.

“Especially what.”

Kim takes another deep breath.

“I was going through the financial records.”

Sapphire blinks. “Pretty sure that’s your job.”

“And I found out that Tommy’s been pulling money from the gym’s coffers to pay off some of his...contacts.”

Sapphire blinks again, but afterwards her brow falls as her eyes narrow. “And he caught you in the act didn’t he.”

Kim nods, eyes tearing up again. She opens her mouth to continue, but Sapphire puts her hand up to Kim’s lips to silence her. It would look almost tender if her fingers weren’t so large on the petite manager’s face.

“He is a dead man.”

“I...” Kim leans back to get her mouth off of Sapphire’s hand. “I think he’s about to skip town. He’s basically liquidizing his assets, both legitimate and criminal.”

Sapphire narrows her eyes. “He has seen smaller crowds than he used to.”

“As it turns out, the business model of ‘scoop up the dispossessed’ only works as long as the dispossessed think you’ve got something to offer them they can’t get elsewhere.”

Sapphire raises an eyebrow. She’s still angry, but now she just looks confused. “What happened?”

“I don’t know. Could be a rival gang, could be people seeing you get out and knowing they can do it, so his grip on them weakened. All I know is whatever has held him here--”

“His desire for money and power?”

“--is gone now.”

Sapphire sits and ponders this for a moment before shaking her head. “I don’t know why he wanted to leave Seattle before, but he’s got a damn good reason to now.”

“We should be careful about this,” Kim says, unwinding herself a bit as she reaches for her coffee.


After taking her sip, Kim puts it down and replies “Because if we get too assertive about things, he might just close the gym early, and a lot of people will be out of a job. We have to keep him in town long enough for him to drain his resources and either sell the gym or resign.”

A dark expression passes across Sapphire’s eyes. “What’re the protocols in place if the owner of Waist Management becomes...incapacitated?”

Kim’s eyes widen a little bit as she looks at Sapphire. “Ginny, no. I know he’s done terrible things--”

Sapphire gesticultes wildly, trying to encircle Kim’s body with invisible yellow circles like she’s analyzing a football play.

“--but killing him is not going to do anything but get you in more trouble.”

That sinister look persists in Sapphire’s gaze. “Only if I get caught.”

“Ginny, you have a real job now, and you have a really good opportunity to break out into the big time if you do well in that tournament Redemption Wrestling is putting on. Don’t throw it away because of me.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t be doing it for you.”

September 4th, 2013
Seattle, Washington
10:27 PM Local Time

After more than three years of being one of Buckner’s toughest fighters and best draws, Virginia Stone found herself in a position of trust and privilege in Tommy’s inner circle. This entitles her to a lot of perks and benefits.

At a cost.

“You three know what it is you have to do, right?”

Tommy was sitting at his desk and looking up at the three people he'd gathered before him. Virginia was one of them, and by now she looked pretty much the way she's going to look until her body starts breaking down on her. She is fully filled out and ripped to shreds, a fact she is eager to share, what with her open denim vest draped over a sports bra and jeans that hug her powerful legs as though she couldn't find a larger pair to fit properly.

Her two companions are both men, as large and brawny as she is. She knew going into this that she wasn't going to this meeting for praise or compassion. Things are about to get dirty.

Real dirty.

"We have to visit this guy, this Wallace character, and put him to sleep."

The man that answered has black hair when he doesn't have it shaved completely off. He's due a haircut, as his whole head is covered with dark pinpricks of stubble. He is more clothed than Virginia, but not by much, wearing a denim jacket and jeans too tight. He has brown eyes that seem a little too large for a wrinkled, weather-beaten face, and he has a wrinkled, weather-beaten face that seems too old for the fact that Virginia knows he is only twenty-three, only a couple of years older than she is.

The third man has blond hair as well, but even longer than Virginia's. Ginny's hair is just long enough to brush her shoulders, but this guy's hair tickles the small of his back whenever he doesn't have it up in a high ponytail. He wears jeans as well, but he's got on a polo shirt, looking the most respectable about of all of them.

"And when I say sleep...?" Tommy asks, hand circling the air in front of him as he trails off, leading his subordinates to finish his thought.

"The kind he won't wake up from," answers the blond man.

September 5th, 2013
Redmond, Washington
2:13 AM Local Time

In the dead of night, Virginia and her two companions pull up to a designated spot, a park a couple of blocks from their target. The blond man was driving, and he kills the lights.

"So what's the plan?" Virginia asks.

"Simple enough," says the dark-haired man. "We go over, tell him we're interested in his services, and when he's invited us in, we take him out."

"And he's surrounded by so many nasty people every day, no one will know who to look at first. It'd be months before anybody talks to us."

"But preferably never," the dark man replies to the blond.

"Are you two going to yammer on all night, or are we going to do it?" Virginia asks, expression hard to read in the dim light.

"Of course. Let us begin," says the blond.

September 5th, 2013
Seattle, Washington
3:24 AM Local Time

Virginia and her two ‘friends’ are standing in front of Tommy Buckner again. Their clothes are ripped, Virginia and the bald man are both bleeding from more than one place, and the blond man looks like he’s been shot.

“You three look like hell!”

“There were...complications,” Virginia replies, pained and breathless. The men nod.

“But Wallace is asleep?”

More nods. “Yes, with several of his men.”

“Good. Here.”

Tommy pops a briefcase up on the desk, pops it open, and flips it around to show to his three hitmen. There are two dividers sitting between three equal stacks of money, and it’s more than you made in the last year for each.

“I don’t always pay this well, but Wallace was a thorn in my side. Business will boom now. Don’t spend it all in one place.”

June 5th, 2017
Seattle, Washington
1:37 AM Local Time

“If you want me to leave, I will,” Sapphire says when her flashback is over. “But I can’t let him escape and just surface somewhere else and run the same scheme all over again. Not with what he turns people into.”

Kim just stares into her rapidly cooling coffee as she tries to process what she’s just been told. After a moment, she chuckles.

“I knew that.”


“What you described is before I was his secretary, but I knew he did that sort of thing. The groups that would visit him, the sums of money he appropriates, where he is in life...I just couldn’t bring myself to confront him about it.”

Sapphire grins, fist clenching at her side. “Well you won’t have to worry about it much longer.”

“I’m serious. If you kill him, you don’t fix anything.”

“Alright fine, I’ll try not to. But I know him and who he’ll keep near him. I’m in for a long night.”

“Well...at least try not to wind up in prison?”
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