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 “The Beginning” Address to the Fans

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Jacob Steele

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PostSubject: “The Beginning” Address to the Fans   Thu Apr 13, 2017 11:05 am

Location: Amway Center (Orlando, Florida)
Date: 4/13/17
Time: 10:00 AM
Event: “The Beginning” Address to the Fans


( http://i.imgur.com/mlM8AyZ.png flashes on the screen. )

( The cameras turn on to reveal an arena filled with fans. Every seat is filled to maximum capacity as shown by the camera circling around the arena. The camera pans to where the announcer table is, showing off where the XHW Announcers will be seated during the shows. It then pans to the stage. Suddenly, the lights dim… )

Voice: Another mission, the powers have called me away…

( The crowd begins to cheer. )

Voice: Another time, to carry the colors again…

My motivation, an oath I've sworn to defend…

To win the honor, of coming back home again…

( That last word echoes throughout the arena for a few seconds. )

( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWxBrI0g1kE bursts through the PA system. That same second, the lights come on and pyro starts going off on the stage in the colors of green and white. The crowd rises to their feet while the song continues to play. )

Disturbed: You will discover a war you're unable to win.

I'll have you know that I've become indestructible…

( When the word ‘indestructible’ is said through the PA system, a group of men and a woman walk out onto the stage together. The men suited up and the woman wearing a very nice dress, they all begin to walk down to the ring. One after another, they walk up the steel steps and into the ring. The group forms a line in the middle of the ring, all smiles down the line. They look out at the crowd and begin clapping. One man steps forward with a microphone in hand, hair pulled back, suit pressed, huge smile on his face. )

Man: What a great feeling, all of you cheering, all of us in this ring… What a great day to be the Chairman of this great company… My name is Jacob Steele and I can’t imagine any other place I would want to be right now than right here with this fine group of people and you fine people in the audience.

( The crowd begins cheering even more and a, “Thank you!” chant begins on one side of the arena, then circling around throughout the entire arena. )

Jacob Steele: No, thank you! Without you all, none of us would be here currently. We’d probably still be at home, twiddling our thumbs, trying to find some source of entertainment. Thanks to you all, we no longer have to look. We’re here.

( Jacob raises his arms and quiets the crowd a bit. )

Jacob Steele: You know, it seems like just the other day, I was sitting down at a coffee shop thinking about what my next step was in this world and how I was going to make the best of it. Wrestling has always been a part of my life and I knew I wanted to continue that, just without participating in the aspect of putting my body on the line every week. I’m getting up there in age now, it’s hard for me to keep up.

( Faint laughters are heard throughout the crowd, even those of the people in the ring. )

Jacob Steele: This has been a tough project that I have been working on since last September and I’m happy to say that we’re finally kicking things off.

( Once again, the crowd bursts into a roar of cheers. )

Jacob Steele: Now, now.. This is all exciting and I’m getting all anxious right here, but let’s get to business. After all this time, finding the best place to get us started, scouting some of the best talents there are, hiring the best staff a business could have, and promoting the hell out of this, we introduce to you… XTREME HONOR WRESTLING!!!

( Jacob and everyone else in the ring begin to clap as the fans all rise to their feet chanting, “XHW!” http://i.imgur.com/mlM8AyZ.png shows up on the titantron. )

Crowd: XHW! XHW! XHW! XHW!

( The crowd starts to simmer down and sit back in their seats. )

Jacob Steele: As most of you already know, XHW has one weekly show; Fallout.

( Jacob points at the titantron above the stage where, http://i.imgur.com/PBpq3dU.png appears on the screen. )

Jacob Steele: First off, we’d like to thank Disturbed for letting us use “Indestructible” as the Official Theme Song of Xtreme Honor Wrestling and Fallout! Great song, great guys, great way to get the blood boiling every week. Next, these fine people in the ring with me aren’t just here to look good and clap along with everything. Let me introduce to you, your XHW STAFF! Here are your Fallout Commentators… Vincent Price as your Lead Commentator and Chris Walker as your Color Commentator!

( Cheers fill the arena while Jacob continues to introduce the rest of the staff. )

Jacob Steele: Your Ring Announcer… A.J. Richards!

Your backstage Interviewers… Christi Byrd and Max King!

And last but not least, your Fallout General Manager… TYLER CHAMBERS!!!

( Tyler Chambers steps up next to Jacob while everyone continues clapping. )

Jacob Steele: I’m gonna hand the mic off to Tyler now. I’ve said my piece, he’s going to handle the booking side of things now. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your evenings and thank you for everything. I’m honored that you’re all here.

( With a smirk on his face, Jacob Steele and the rest of the XHW Staff exit the ring and head backstage. Tyler Chambers stands in the ring, seemingly eager to begin speaking. )

Tyler Chambers: I’d like to go ahead and say that this is a great honor, being able to be out here with you all, seeing how excited you are. It just brings me great satisfaction knowing that you, the fans, make such a huge impact on us. Give yourself a round of applause.

( Claps are heard all around the arena with the sound of cheers also. )

Tyler Chambers: There’s a couple things I would like to go over before we start announcing anything. I’m sure you all have seen the illustrious XHW Championships already, right?

Crowd: YES! YES! YES! YES!

Tyler Chambers: Well, for those who haven’t so far, let me introduce to you, your XHW Championships! The XHW Tag Team Championships!

( http://i.imgur.com/FdBae1q.png appears on the titantron. )

Tyler Chambers: The XHW Legacy Championship!

( http://i.imgur.com/CG5t1cw.png appears on the titantron. )

Tyler Chambers: And finally, the XHW World Heavyweight Championship!

( http://i.imgur.com/7l7egoK.png appears on the titantron. )

Tyler Chambers: All these Titles are up for grabs as we near our debut show. A lot of speculation has came up about how we’re going to crown our first Champions. Well, I’m here to announce just how that’s going to happen. At first we wanted to go ahead and crown a couple Champs right out the gate, but after careful consideration, we’re going to make it a little better and more interesting than that.

Crowd: WHAT?!

Tyler Chambers: Real quick, let’s talk about the roster and the upcoming events. As of this moment, we have three Warriors on our roster. Dillion Kruger, Wulf Erikson, and Cosmo Cooper. We’re still in the middle of scouting and recruiting, but those are currently who have signed the dotted line. Our first Free-Per-View is Hell From Above. On May 21st, 2017, Xtreme Honor Wrestling will bring to you it’s debut Free-Per View in what is going to be a historic night. The Spectrum Center in Charlotte, North Carolina will be home to Hell From Above. Hell From Above is just as it sounds.. It really is Hell From Above. Every match at this FPV is contested in a Hell From Above match, unless otherwise announced. It is basically a Hell In A Cell match, just with a twist. On top of the Cell, there are two ladders laid out. Above the Cell, 20 more feet in the air is where a Title or a contract will be hanging. The man or woman who succeeds in unlatching it will be announced the winner and will either be a Champion or will have a Contract of some sort. Just be careful not to fall off… Now that that’s taken care of… Let me explain to you why I changed routes for a second there… We’re not crowning a Champion on our debut. We’re not crowning a Champion on our second show. I’m going to go down the line of Titles and explain what is going to happen. Are you ready?

Crowd: YES!!!!

( The crowd gets ecstatic and after a few seconds of soaking in the cheers and reaction from the crowd, Tyler signals them to calm down. )

Tyler Chambers. We’re gonna start with the XHW World Heavyweight Championship and the XHW Legacy Championship, for a specific reason… The whole roster will be involved!

Crowd: WHAT?!

Tyler Chambers: That’s right, Warriors, Empresses, all who are signed to XHW can contend for any Title in this wonderful business. In case you haven’t gotten the clue yet, women and men are able to compete against each other. Alright, cool we got that covered. For the World Championship and the Legacy Championship, the Gold Bound Series is going to take place. During this time, every match that takes place has a chance to win or lose so many points. Like I said, the entire roster is involved, so EVERY match will be gaining or losing points. This is going to take place for four weeks, up to the last week before Hell From Above. Let me break down how the points are distributed. For every victory via submission, you gain 10 points. For every victory via pinfall, you gain 7 points. For every victory via countout, you gain 5 points. Every victory via disqualification, you gain 3 points. The match ends in a draw, you both gain 2 points. The only way to lose points is if you lose via disqualification and if that happens, you lose 10 points. You got that? Good. You’re probably wondering how both the World Championship and Legacy Championship are involved and here’s how; to contend for either Championship, you must reach a certain interval of points by the end of the final Fallout show before Hell From Above. If you happen to be in the interval of the Legacy Championship and then move up to the World Championship, you only contend for the World Championship, not both. The interval to contend for the Legacy Championship will be between 20 and 24 points. The interval to contend for the World Championship will be 25 points and up. This is not going to be an easy task and every competitor who steps foot into the ring will be fighting for the same thing. However many Warriors or Empresses fit into those intervals will fight to be crowned the very first Legacy or World Champion at Hell From Above!

( Roars of cheers form throughout the audience. Tyler paces around the ring, nodding his head in approval of the reaction. )

Tyler Chambers: I did forget one thing. Xtreme Honor Wrestling is just what you would think it would be; Xtreme. Every match that takes place throughout our time is contested under Xtreme Rules unless otherwise stated. No countouts, no disqualifications, weapons and interferences allowed, crowd fighting, stage fighting, all of that is allowed through Xtreme Rules. With how the Gold Bound Series is going to take place, we’re going to place a hold on Xtreme Rules and compete through Pure Rules until after the Series is over. Hell From Above will be the first show where Xtreme Rules apply all throughout. Pure rules include countouts, disqualifications, rope breaks, you know, all the things that ruin a good, bloody match. That’s alright though, it’ll make things interesting for us and it’ll make Xtreme that much sweeter when it’s time. Moving along now…

The XHW Tag Team Champions will be crowned differently. Currently, we do not have any Tag Teams signed up, but we’re expecting that to change. Tag Team Turmoil… doesn’t that sound nice? Tag Team Turmoil is an elimination tag team match where when one full team gets eliminated, another team will join. Basically, it’s a tag team gauntlet match, just elimination and the team that’s left standing is crowned the Tag Team Champions. The question is, what happens if we don't get any Tag Teams signed up? Here's your answer!

Crowd: WHAT?!

Tyler Chambers: Starting at the debut and going all the way up to Hell From Above, each week there will be an Elimination Scramble match. A certain number of participants will be in the match. The final two men or women or both that are left standing in the ring will become a Tag Team! This will continue until we have a few teams to work with and then at Hell From Above they will all compete in the Tag Team Turmoil Match to crown our first ever XHW Tag Team Champions!

( The crowd erupts into a roar of cheers and excitement. )

Crowd: XHW! XHW! XHW!

Tyler Chambers: World Championship, Legacy Championship, Tag Team Championship, all vacant, all looking for it’s first holder, all in due time. Thank you, Orlando for your time today and showing your support to this up and rising federation. We’ll announce our full upcoming schedule when we release the card for the debut Fallout show. We’ll keep everyone updated on any news and other announcements in regards to that and anything else that comes up. Again, thank you all for coming out and support us. Let’s make this the place to be. Until next time.

( “Indestructible” by Disturbed blasts through the PA system as Tyler waves to the crowd and exits the ring. All fans in attendance are on their feet, giving a standing ovation. Roars of cheers begin. When Tyler reaches the top of the stage, he turns and waves once again and the cameras begin to fade out. )

( http://i.imgur.com/mlM8AyZ.png flashes on the screen again. )

( The camera fades to black. )
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“The Beginning” Address to the Fans
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