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 Troubled Past

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PostSubject: Troubled Past   Wed Apr 19, 2017 12:25 am

April 17th, 2017
Seattle, Washington
2:37 PM Local Time

“Thanks for the place, Kim. This means a lot to me.”

The scene opens on a fairly bland apartment. It has off-white walls, punctuated above a meager TV stand and in a short hallway between living room and bedroom by two pieces of artwork that obviously came from a big box store, as one of them is a generic image of a farm or vineyard and the other is of a purple bottle of wine with no identifying marks or words on the label. There is no dedicated dining room, and the dining table that sits in the open kitchen is a basic round fake wood affair.

We swing around and finally see two women, one much taller and broader than the other. She is dressed like she just came from the gym, and her body looks like she’s always at the gym.  A snug tanktop with a generous neckline sits snug to a torso almost twice the size of the other woman’s, muscular arms exposed by the top visibly flexing, muscles visibly shifting as she shakes the hand of the smaller woman with both of hers, the smaller hand positively swallowed by the pair gripping it.

“Don’t mention it, Ginny,” the woman named Kim replies.

In stark contrast to the powerful physique on display, Kim seems to be a slender woman who’d rather keep her figure to herself, and her hair is cut short and a pleasant but dark shade of brown as opposed to the almost violently bright blond of her companion. She is dressed in a top where her shoulders are exposed, revealing their relatively puny size compared to Ginny, but the rest of her upper body is well-covered, and she’s wearing a pair of well-fitting but not particularly tight slacks. Most of her appearance seems tailor-made to make her seem unremarkable, but her keen eyes, a light shade of hazel, shine through the veil of anonymity.

Eventually she gets her hand free of Ginny’s and crosses her arms over her chest. “I know how it feels to need a leg up, and I’ve met some people who have just as rocky pasts as you. Some even more so.”

The woman that is seemingly known as both Ginny and Sapphire raises an eyebrow. “Oh?”

Kim nods. “Yes. I can’t comment on it, but you’re not the worst I’ve ever met, by far.”

Sapphire keeps her eyebrow raised. She looks into Kim’s hazel eyes for a moment, as though searching them for lies. When she’s done, she nods and says “I’ll take your word for it.”

“Good.” Kim smiles slightly as she reaches a hand into her pocket and pulls out two keyrings with matching keys on them. “Now then, this is your home now. You know the terms, but remember that you’ve got three months to start saving. I’m not stupid enough to think you’re going to quit cold turkey, but I don’t want any money from extracurricular activities.”

Sapphire smirks. “No need to worry about that. Got a job already.”

Kim raises her eyebrow this time. “Oh?”

“It’s a new fed, and a hardcore one at that, so the pay won’t be great, but at least it’s a job, right?”

Kim nods. “Yes indeed. What’s the fed called?”

“Extreme Honor Wrestling. But Extreme starts with an x.”

Kim nods. “I’ve seen a few of those, as well.”

“Well this one didn’t even bat an eye. I don’t know if they’ve heard of me or not, they’re not based in Seattle so probably not. Plus it looks like they’re a fed based mostly on extreme matches, so it’d be right up my alley anyway.”

“Yeah, but you have to keep yourself in check, you know that, right? You can go wild during matches, but you can’t just punch out people when you’re not on the clock. Professional wrestling may be an industry that forgives that sort of thing, but you’re on a bit of thin ice.”

Sapphire scowls. “Yeah, I know. But this is gonna’ be my way back into society. Even if I end up looking like I’ve been in a war every week, I feel pretty confident that I’m going to make the other guys look even worse.” For dramatic effect, Sapphire flexes her biceps at Kim, the muscle responding with appropriate effect. “I worked hard on these bad boys, and they aren’t just for show.”

“Well I wish you the best of luck. Even if this XHW doesn’t work out for you, you’ll be able to get your foot in at other places.”

“I hope it works out. I mean, they’re apparently going to have a show every week. That’s a lot of paychecks, Kim.” Sapphire smirks, lowering her arm. “Those fuckers are gonna’ wish they’d never set me down this path when I succeed anyway.”

Kim nods, then waves and leaves Sapphire alone in her new apartment.

March 27th, 2010
Seattle, Washington
3:45 PM Local Time

It was after school. Prom was in a few days, and for the seniors in most high schools around the country, they already knew what their grades for their time in the school system was going to be, and they knew what, if any help they were going to be receiving as they made their way on to college and/or the rest of their lives.

Virginia Stone, a high school basketball player with a promising future, had a full ride scholarship to go to the University of Washington. She was going to play for one of the best basketball teams in the nation. Her path forward after high school was clear; if she kept up with her schoolwork, kept her nose to the grindstone, and kept out of trouble, she was going to be a big star, figuratively and literally.

But fate had different ideas.

It was common practice for the basketball players of the school, both the guys and the girls, to practice in the gym after school let out. Because she was so tall and so much stronger than the other girls, she was usually relegated to practicing with the guys, which was awkward for her depending on which guys she was sparring with. She was friends with a couple, but some of them had a history of picking on her that went all the way back to elementary school.

Some boys just don’t like it when a girl grows up bigger than them.

Today she was practicing with these guys. There was a Thomas and a George and a William, and she was keen to show them up at every opportunity. If they were going to give her shit for being so large--and for having muscles after she started really working out, trying to look like a professional basketball player looks--then she was going to use that to her advantage. For example, William was relegated to being her teammate for the two-on-two they were going to do, and she made a point to pass the ball with all her might. He usually caught it alright, but he always winced, shaking his hands out at the first opportunity.

Things were going alright at first. They weren’t really being all that friendly, but they were playing clean. The chatter wasn’t even all that bad, because the guys were focusing on the fact that they all got various levels of scholarships to go play for other basketball teams around the country. Curiously, even though it was the closest one, none of them applied to the University of Washington, but Virginia just took that as a blessing.

“Man, this shit’s almost over,” George said as he passed to Thomas. William tried to intercept, but was too slow. “High school sucks.”

“Best time of our lives? Pah,” was Thomas’s reply, clearly mocking something one of their teachers had said to them that day.

“Well, bigger and better things await,” William said, trying to force a turnover, but Thomas dodged and weaved. He looked like he was going to go for a close shot, but Virginia was defending the goal, and he knew he’d never drive past her, so he popped up a high lob. It bounced off the hoop and into the leaping hands of Virginia, who took it back out past the 3-point line.

“Not for all of us,” George said, side-eyeing Virginia. “I think some of us are in for a rude awakening.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Virginia asked. She knew nothing pleasant was going to come out of his mouth, especially since he was on defense, but she answered anyway out of habit. After all, even if they got too raucous, when she stood up to her full height, they usually backed down.

“You’re suddenly going to be around girls as big as you, or bigger. You still gonna’ be able to hang now that you’re not a giant in a fish pond?”

Virginia smirked at him, then drove right past George, who was a bit over six feet in his own right, and got an easy lay up.

This went on for about fifteen minutes, and the game was fairly even. William was the worst of the three, but paired with Virginia, he managed to hold his own, though his face got redder and redder as she continued to outperform him. At the end of the game, which Virginia won with a three-point shot, George and Thomas swear and start heading to the locker room, but William stays put. His fists are clenched as he glares at Virginia.

“What the fuck’s wrong with you, dude?” George asks, turning back around. “You won.”

“No I didn’t, the fucking she-beast won.”

Virginia was fully prepared to shrug this off and walk away. She’d been called variations of ugly and mannish more times than she could count.

“I didn’t know U-Dub’s recruiter was into that shit.”

This was new. Virginia stopped, then turned slowly around to face William, her face rapidly redding to match his. “Excuse me?”

“Is that why you got the scholarship, you freak? Because he got you to suck his--”

The gym was not densely occupied, but it wasn’t empty either, and everyone in the gym heard Virginia’s fist crack William’s jaw. He fell to the ground like a sack of potatoes, and when she stepped forward to bore down on him, both his friends threw themselves between her and the culprit. She was trying to scream at William, his friends were screaming abuse at her, and a few of the other high schoolers were screaming for a teacher or somebody to come help.

That was Virginia Stone’s last day of school.

April 17th, 2017
Seattle, Washington
3:13 PM Local Time

Sapphire shakes her head vigorously, as though trying to shake something off her head. Her face is slightly flushed and she realizes her jaw was set as she clenched her teeth in anger.

After a moment, she realizes why and she laughs to herself. It is a bitter laugh, but not a false one.

She remembers what she was doing before falling down that rabbit hole: unpacking her meager belongings. Most of what the apartment was decked out in had come with the place. All Sapphire brought to it was a few changes of clothes, two pairs of brass knuckles, one considerably more worn than the other, her current prepaid cell phone, and her wallet which contained, among other things, her driver’s license from high school which expired a couple of years ago. She pulls this out and looks at it wistfully, a slight smile on her lips.

“First item on the agenda...food. Second item...I can finally get one of these bad boys again.”

She pockets her wallet and heads for the bedroom. After hanging her clothes up, she steps out her new front door and into the rest of her life.
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Angelica Vaughn


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PostSubject: Re: Troubled Past   Wed Apr 19, 2017 6:50 am

I like it! As far as introductions go, this was a very good way to give us a first glimpse at who Sapphire is, and what she is about. The format you chose worked really well in allowing us to see a glimpse of who she is today, who she used to be, and where she's trying to go from here. Sapphire seems like an intriguing character, and I'm looking forward to finding out more about her. Angelica is, at this point, hoping she won't be obliterated by the 'she-beast' Smile
Good job!
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Troubled Past
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