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 Fallout # One

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Dillion Kruger


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PostSubject: Fallout # One   Wed Apr 19, 2017 2:20 pm

It’s Saturday morning. The east coast weather is rather pleasant. It’s a good day to go to the lake, maybe even go for a walk in the park. But, Dillion isn't your average person. Day's like this don't matter. Only thing does and that is training. It's been nearly a week since he signed with Xtreme Honor Wrestling. The time for sitting back and relaxing is over. It's time to train. Laying low was OK, But that’s not important now. What is important for Dillion is that he’s here in the now. He’s ready to capture his first ever title in XHW. He’s ready to go through a hell and back with two lions, two self-proclaimed messiahs in their own rights.

This business is full of so many different types of personalities. So many variables exist in everyone’s lives. We all find ways to fit in. Some of us take the easy path – we just hang out during the days we’re off, go to the gym sometimes, and otherwise go chasing skirts and chugging spirits. In-fact. some might even want to go on about how people only care for in-ring performance. YES, we heard it all. However, it don't matter. I am not here to do any of those or brag about the past. I am here to train, win and hurt people.

I bet right here and now, my two opponent's will claim they care. They have their own motives for this match-up. They care what happen's outside the ring.. I call bullshit here. People don't care about what we do outside of the ring. They care about who wins and loses. They care about who punishes their opponents. They want PAIN, they want BLOODSHED. Hell we all want that. So why talk about something no one will ever remember?

When I first got back into wrestling again, I was not coming back just for praise and glory. I came back because I enjoyed the sport. I did not come back for a paycheck; I wanted to make an appearance for the first time in a long time. I prepared myself quite a bit, because I wanted to do well. But then, I realized how quickly I was catching on again. And I decided, why not stick around a little longer? The next thing you know, I’m a show at a an unknown vendor in a three way match… challenging for a Tag Team Championship Belt.

When you hear Tag Team, you think of two men or women or any combination going to war in-side the ring. When you think about it, you know whom the two members are. Here, right now. I am honestly say.. I have no clue what will happen. At Fallout.. when I win, I have to wait and see whom my partner will be. It might be someone I don't like. Might be someone I don't have an connection with. How does that work? But before that, I have too defeat two talented stars. This might be a night to remember because at the end, they aren't ready for what's coming. I promise you this.

You see, Fallout Number 1.. We're all starting on the first level of many levels too come. Some will bring their past and some will bring their ego's. It’s strange how your ego can motivate you, even when you don’t expect it. And it’s even weirder when you realize that the original plan you had, isn’t your plan anymore. I forgot that this industry demands that you constantly change, that you adapt to a situation, and you might not like yourself very much doing what you didn’t think you would. Hell, even worse – is feeling like you betrayed yourself because of someone else’s actions. But when it comes down to it, you must check your ego at the door if you want to become the first ever TAG TEAM CHAMPION!

This might.. be the biggest night for me.. And I emphasize the might, because, I might just choke. It's been a long time.. since I last wrestled. I haven't even had a taste of GOLD. Cue the doubters, and those who want to tell me that I can’t get a win.. Because, I will prove everyone wrong. I will prove promoters who said no, I will prove XHW is not only my home.. but it's my new stomping ground!

Dillion enters a big warehouse. On the header of the building has a name but it's faded.. The cameras begin following but is quickly stopped by a hugh bodyguard. He turns the camera down and pushes the man backwards as the scenes end.

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Fallout # One
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