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 Erikson V Williams V Kruger Promo #1

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PostSubject: Erikson V Williams V Kruger Promo #1   Fri Apr 21, 2017 12:35 am

SCENE ONE: With a silver bullet

As the viewer presses the 'play' button on Wulf Erikson's video log entry for this week, they are greeted with a black screen to begin with. However, they can definitely hear the sounds of somebody jumping off a structure into a pool with a 'SPLASH', before dripping can be heard as the person gets out of the pool..

There is a quick lapse in audio apart from the sound of a wet person climbing, and then we hear somebody running and letting out a battle cry before there is another loud 'SPLASH!'

'Fuck yeah, Orlando..rooftop pools are AWESOME..'

The visual finally fades in slowly on the rooftop pool of the Grand Bohemian where Wulf is staying while he takes part in the debut show of the upstart Xtreme Honor Wrestling promotion. A boardshorts-clad Wulf Erikson is repeatedly climbing to the very top point of a swanky nearby gazebo, running down the side and executing dangerous, yet impressive multi-rotational aerial moves into the pool..

[Bohemian cleaner (Mack) - yelling]: "HEY! HEY YOU STUPID KID! Get down from there NOW!"

[Wulf Erikson - yelling back]: "OKAY!"

The somewhat Joe-Dirtish cleaner visibly grimaces and shakes his head in anger as he watches Wulf run down the side of the gazebo and launch into a 'phoenix splash', and he grows even more angry as Wulf's landing creates an actual 'SPLASH!' which soaks him from head to toe..

[Wulf Erikson]: "Woah, sorry Mister.."

[Mack]: "WOAH! WULF ERIKSON! We see you on TV all the time! But all that aside, I highly doubt that you're sorry. I have to remind you that diving and..whatever the hell it is you're doing, are strictly prohibited in this pool. As much as I was kind of enjoying your display, and as much as I don't really personally give a damn at this point, I can't stand idly by and watch a young idiot possibly break his neck. Company policy. Please desist".

[Wulf Erikson]: "Oh yeah, I get that. I just kind of saw the opportunity to practice a few moves and took it..I'm making my debut for the new XHW promotion tomorrow night".

The cleaner visibly brightens up!

[Mack]: "No fooling! There's pro wrestling back in Orlando? Why didn't anybody say anything? Who is the owner? Can you reveal any roster members? Are there any tickets available?"

Wulf nods, wandering over to his towel and quickly drying off..

[Wulf Erikson]: "The owner is Jacob Steele. I think he is going to do an awesome job by the way everything looks around here!"

[Mack]: "That name rings a very loud bell. I'm even more interested now".

[Wulf Erikson]: "As for roster members, it is somewhat tight knit because Jacob is trying to put together a roster of the very best at what we do, he is not so focused on size. However you'll find the likes of Cosmo Cooper, the upstart Ashley Williams, Dillion Kruger is making his return, hell even Drew Stevenson makes his presence known from time to time! Plus many more..well, also myself, Wulf Erikson..but nobody likes this guy.."

Wulf unzips the pocket of his carry bag and waving a bundle of tickets around. The cleaner walks over and he takes out his wallet..

[Mack]: "No sir, I like this Wulf Erikson guy just fine! Sorry that I didn't recognize you at first without that bandana! It's a pleasure to meet you, Wulf!"

Wulf gladly shakes Mack's hand..

[Mack]: "I would like four tickets, please. As close to ringside as we can get! My family loves this wrestling stuff!"

Wulf nods and he peels off four..

[Wulf Erikson]: "You know, err..'Mack'..it's your lucky day! We have a buy three get one free deal this week. There's still ringsiders available, so that comes to uhh..sixty all up".

Mack gladly forks over the cash and Wulf the tickets which he puts in a little envelope for Mack..

[Wulf Erikson]: "AWESOME. Thank you, Mack. I know that you're going to love this show. Steele has poured a lot of blood, sweat and tears into this already".

[Mack]: "So who do you wrestle tomorrow night, Mr. Erikson?"

[Wulf Erikson]: "It's a strange setup for tomorrow night, but I like it! I also like the fact that I have a chance to win some gold! See, there are two sets of three-way encounters to determine the first ever XHW tag team champions, and I am featuring in one of them. I'm taking on another 'indy darling' in the form of Ashley Williams as well as a guy named Dillion Kruger. He has spent some time away, and he is looking to reinvent himself. It's going to be an awesome match!”

[Mack]: "I'm sure it will be, and my family will be there to cheer you on! Mr. Erikson..can I get a really small favor for a really small guy I know? An autograph for my son?"

Wulf smiles and nods, unzipping the pocket of his bag again. He takes out a sharpie..

[Wulf Erikson]: "Alrighty! Got anything for me to sign? And what's his name?"

[Mack]: "Uhh..no. No I don't, I'm sorry. But his name is Tobias. He's seven!"

Wulf grins and reaches into his bag, pulling out a spare neon green bandana, and also taking the top off the pen with his teeth. Wulf leans on Mack's back as he writes..

[Wulf Erikson]: "Yo, Tobias. Reach for the skies, kiddo. Your pal, Unintelligible Cool-looking scribble".

Mack laughs and the two shake hands again as Wulf hands him the bandana, puts the cap back on the pen and puts everything away..

[Mack]: “Wow one of your bandanas! Thank you, Mr. Erikson! You didn't have to..here, let me pay..”

Wulf cuts the man off..

[Wulf Erikson]: “Of course I did, Mack. And no, it's on the house today. I believe in XHW and I believe in my fans, so I am happy to do this. Now, I don't mean to be rude, Mack..but it's probably about time that I hit the gym to begin my real preparations!”

[Mack]: “Of course, Mr. Erikson. You know where to find it..”

[Wulf Erikson]: “Yo, Mack..you can call me Wulfie..”

Wulf flashes Mack a thumbs up, receiving a smile and a thumbs up in return as the first scene slowly fades out..

SCENE TWO: “Completely at random works for me”.

Wulf's second video log entry for the week opens up with Wulf leaving the sauna of the Bohemian hotel gym, with just a towel draped around him. He is looking exhausted but pleased with himself as he walks across the storage room and leans against his locker with a sigh, before beginning to speak..

[Wulf Erikson]: “For those of you at Xtreme Honor Wrestling who don't know me, the name is Wulf Erikson, and you better believe that you're in for a treat..”

The locker room scene switches to some footage from Wulf's personal video library..'Invincible' by No Use For A Name plays in the background while snippets of Wulf executing high-risk hurricanranas, standing 450 splashes, springboard Asai moonsaults onto a pack of waiting opponents on the outside as well as many and varied instances of him clutching a chair while hitting his picturesque shooting star press, his famous Silver Bullet Special..

[Wulf Erikson]: “For those of you who DO know me...blow me...”

Wulf chuckles, just as a clip of Wulf jumping from one rooftop to another displays on the screen followed by several instances of some wild weapon-heavy brawls that he has been involved in, clips of the night he won the Hellsfire Extreme title and finally a few instances of his deadly Wit's End finish..

[Wulf Erikson]: “I kid, I kid. In all seriousness, I can't wait for Fallout. Here we have it, a two out of three falls three way dance that will determine who will become one half of the inaugral XHW tag team champions, to be paired with the winner of a subsequent triple threat elimination to crown the other half. Just like The Wulf, this arrangement is interesting..”

A few more quick snippets show of Wulf making various entrances, the fans going crazy for his impromptu parkour displays..

[Wulf Erikson]: “There are many things about this arrangement that have never been attempted or even done before..”

Some quick timelapse footage of the Amway being set up for XHW Fallout shows, with the shadow of Wulf executing his innovated Carousel de Cruauté in slow motion over the top..

[Wulf Erikson]: “Xtreme Honor Wrestling has successfully awakened the gold-hungry demons in its roster with its innovative Gold Bound series, that's for sure. However, due to the nature of these matches, it's a real gamble as to who will emerge as the inaugral XHW tag champs. You can rest assured, one name that will adorn those name plates will be Wulf Erikson. I'm no stranger to gold, and I'm definitely no stranger to tag team competition!

Some brief footage shows of Wulf Erikson and Equinox, his current partner in #FlippinAin'tEasy, making it look as though #Flippin is easy..

[Wulf Erikson]: “And I'm sure as hell no stranger to matches where the odds are stacked against me..in fact, I'm known to thrive in that environment”.

As Wulf's voice-over speaks, the scene switches to snippets of a bloody Wulf Erikson standing up on the scaffold, holding his Hellfire championship high above his head, looking down at his much larger opponents entangled in a barbed wire 'spider web' below..

'In a perfect world, there would be no underdogs because nobody would underestimate anybody..'

Some more random 'flippy' moments are thrown into the video package for entertainment, before coming back to Wulf now fully dressed..

[Wulf Erikson]: “I'm tired of being underestimated, folks. Well and truly tired of it. When you put so much work into what you do, it kinda hurts, right? And you know what? Proving people wrong all the damn time actually does get old fast. This is why I am not about to underestimate either Ashley Williams OR Dillion Kruger”.

The lights from the main reception area of the gym beam in as Wulf opens the door and encourages the camera to follow..

As Wulf walks through the gym, he gets many greetings, high fives and fist-bumps as he makes his way toward the lobby..

[Wulf Erikson]: “Hey man! Good to see ya! You coming to the Amway center tomorrow night? Alright! See y'all there!”

Wulf grins and shakes his head as he grabs a bottle of spring water on his way out and then there is a groan from the camera man as Wulf decides to take the stairs, rather than the elevator..

[Wulf Erikson]: “Because I'm so invested in this industry, I am forever watching what's going on at promotions I don't work for. I like to pinpoint wrestlers I would like to take on sometime in the future if the planets should align. I like to also check out what the other wrestling promotions are doing with talent I work with and check out possible companies I wouldn't mind working for. Through this, I am fully aware of what Miss Williams is capable of. Not somebody you want to take lightly. On the other hand, I found it more useful to watch her previous stuff so I can study the way she moves, get a feel for her style, come up with a strategy for getting out of her favorite moves, and if I'm good enough on the night, possible ways I can use her own momentum against her. The Wulf looks forward to working with Ashley Williams, she is quite the skilled in-ring talent. But the question remains, can The Upstart contain The Wulf?”

Wulf gives the camera a knowing grin as a quick clip of Wulf's high impact leg lariat flashes by, followed by the inverted manhattan drop and hurricanrana combo..

[Wulf Erikson]: “She definitely has a good shot. But much like with The bringer of rain, Dillion Kruger, it remains to be seen with the silver bullet! You know, I respect this guy's outlook on life. He's the no-nonsense type who is looking to make good on his past, in which he chooses not to discuss. A man starting with a clean slate. This means that having reinvented himself, he is looking to prove himself again and the fact that he's in the ring with Ashley Williams and Wulf Erikson right off the cuff could prove detrimental to his cause, but much like all three of us..”

Quick snippets of all three competitors walking out onto the stage looking determined during entrances show..and the scene comes back to the camera guy grunting to walk up the stairs while Wulf is walking up the handrail..

[Wulf Erikson]: “He's not about to dwell on the uphill battle he's about to fight.  We have all made our intentions very clear, and we are all incredibly stubborn and determined superstars with the motivation and the thirst for success, and this is what is going to make this best of three falls encounter all the more interesting!”

Wulf mid-air cartwheels down to the landing of his floor with a THUD..

[Wulf Erikson]: “And when The Wulf emerges as one half of the XHW tag champs, you will know full well that he conquered two other quality talents and that it was a tooth and nail struggle every..damn..step..of the way. I would wish Dillion Kruger and Ashley Williams luck, but they don't need it. You see, luck is for losers..”

The scene slowly fades out on Wulf throwing his head back and doing his trademark howl as he opens the door to his room and wanders inside, locking the camera guy out..

[Camera guy]: “Damn it, Erikson!! Let me in, stupid ki..”

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Erikson V Williams V Kruger Promo #1
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