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 Tales From Monmouth County I: Tag Team Gold

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Ashley Williams


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PostSubject: Tales From Monmouth County I: Tag Team Gold   Fri Apr 21, 2017 6:18 pm

Tales from Monmouth County I: Tag Team Gold


Catching the red-eye over from New Jersey to Orlando had been an adventure to say the least, with a passenger sat next to Ashley who had easily one of the most loud, obnoxious snores ever and the food had been lukewarm at best. However, it was not that that was making her feel a little nauseous, it was more the fact that after already signing with three different companies, she had taken it upon herself to sign for a fourth, the Xtreme Honor Wrestling. This was quite possibly the busiest she had been in her life, along with having a fledgling clothing company starting from the ground up as well.

Three days later, sitting in her hotel room, Ashley finally felt that exhilaration. The ink had been dry for two days but she remembered the positive feeling she felt when speaking with Jacob Steele and hearing of the creative plans he had for not only the promotion, but for Ashley as well, it appeared that for the twenty nine year old rookie, the future was bright.

Location: Ashley’s Locker Room
Cameras: OFF

Sitting in her locker room drinking water and watching some old re-runs of Frasier, Ashley got a knock at the door. Walking over, she opened it up to find one of the staff members of XHW who just quietly handed her a formal looking letter before leaving with a smile. Ashley repaid this in kind with a grin.

Stepping back over to her couch, she opened the letter and read:

Miss Williams.

It has been decided that your debut match will be against Wulf Eriksen and Dillion Kruger in a best of three falls match and if you win, you will become one half of the XHW Tag Team Champions.

Bring your best.

With a smile, Ashley put the letter down and thumbed the TV remote off, now it was game time.

Location: Ashley’s House/Gym
Cameras: OFF

Ashley held onto the metal bar that separates the corner post from the turnbuckle and looked between her legs back at the ring apron and right at that moment, the height between her feet and the ring mat looked like about a hundred feet high, rather than the few feet it was. They say that performing a wrestling move is a little bit like riding a bike, you never forget how to do it. Right now, however, Ashley had forgotten pretty much everything, she was that nervous.

With the XHW Tag Team Championships firmly in her mind, she stood up, marking the crucifix symbol across her chest, then leapt.

As she flipped her body over, she suddenly felt all the power go out of her legs and could not move them further into the flip. Crashing down with a loud thud, she felt that snap in her neck and with no one else in her home at that time of the morning, she realized with horror that she could potentially lay there forever, waiting and, dying…..

“Just Call Me Angel, of The Morning Angel”

The alarm clock woke Ashley with a jump, naked and covered in sweat. Before doing anything she checked her neck, it was sore but hardly broken, but that dream had been vivid and that filled her with a new fear, what if during today’s practice she did it again?

Getting up, she went straight to the shower and washed the worry of that dream away from her mind. It was going to be a busy day and most of it was going to be in that dreaded home gym of hers. She’d gotten well and truly thrown in at the deep end by having two very worthy opponents in Wulf Erikson and Dillion Kruger and now she was going to have to put in some major training sessions just to make sure she was even fit enough to take on these two men.

Looking mournfully over at her PS4 setup she walked into the kitchen and prepared a fresh breakfast before turning the radio on and eating, her fingers gently drumming the countertop as she spooned cereal into her mouth. Then it was time for her morning jog.

Around an hour later, Ashley arrived back at her house, coated in sweat again and proceeded to make her way to the double garage that her father had converted into a home gym, complete with wrestling ring. Taping up her wrists and putting on her MMA style gloves she started leathering her heavy bag with punches and kicks, causing her hands in particular to ache as she continued to hit harder and harder. If there was one thing that could be said about Ashley it was that she never did anything by halves.

As the mood began to change and the loud music began to pump, Ashley began to imagine both of her opponent’s faces, in turn, on the bag, causing her to hit it faster. She scared herself briefly when her foot slipped off of the bag and landed with a thud on the floor as she grimaced. Thankfully all seemed OK as she sat down, massaging it before going back for a few more punches on her opponent’s imaginary faces.

Then, as it neared noon, she realized that whether she wanted to or not, she was going to have to get in that ring and she was going to have to attempt the Cr-Ash Landing Moonsault, it was the only move that she was really rusty with after all and she knew that she was going to have to break it out at least once to even stand a chance of winning this match and walking out as one half of the XHW Tag Team Champions.

Stepping up the turnbuckles, she took one look behind her to the ring mat and more importantly, the training dummy laid down behind her. It didn’t seem nearly the same height as it did in the dream and this time around, she took hold of the metal bar with ease, standing up at full height and just waiting there for a moment to take it all in, she was a wrestler again.

Crossing her chest again and looking up, she leapt off backward, craning her back up as he legs followed suit, fully completing the Moonsault before landing squarely on the training dummies’ chest. She smiled, maybe the Future was now after all. Removing her gloves and handwraps, Ashley took a massive gulp of her drink before making her way back to her house and more importantly, the shower. Then it was PS4 time.

Location: XHW Backstage Area
Cameras: ON

Two days before the inaugural Fallout, Ashley was standing backstage with Max King. With microphone in hand, he began questioning her.

Max King
”And we’re here live with “The Upstart” Ashley Williams, now, we have heard of some of your history and it does appear that you are going to be a marquee signing for the XHW, but, can we get your opinions on signing your contract with the XHW and your first impressions of the company and its’ ideas?”

Ashley Williams
”Well, what can I say, Max? When I got news from my agent that there was this brand new company opening up in Orlando, I thought to myself “I have to be there” This is a young and hungry company and it makes a fresh change from all of the “old out of date, stuck in their own pasts” Companies that you see far too often, the sort of places only interested in pushing all of their old talent over fresh young talent like me. It’s almost like those companies are happy to become nostalgic parodies of themselves and that is sad. Which was why it was a very welcome surprise to find that Jacob Steele was interested in signing me, so of course I basically ripped his hand off when he offered me the contract. I have to say, hand on heart that I am not regretting a moment of it at all, there is some major league talent here and I’m looking forward to showing them that this young lady means business. After all, you can only claim to be the best if you have beaten the best and the best is right here in the XHW.”

She smiled as she took a water bottle out of her bag and drank from it.

Max King
”Now, Miss Williams, the inaugural episode of Fallout is looming on the horizon and we know that you have an important but potentially very tough match up ahead of you against Wulf Erikson and Dillion Kruger. We know that the match will be tough becase it is a best of three falls match but the reward is one hell of a carrot dangling in front of your face in the form of one half of the XHW Tag Team Championships, what are your thoughts about this?“

Ashley Williams
”Look, Max, if you were to tell me three weeks ago that I was going to be one of the contenders for the Tag Team Championships in my first match, I would have told you to goyou’re your head checked before hitting you over your aforementioned head! However, what’s done is done and I could not be more happier to be in this triple threat match against two great opponents, I just hope they realise that I mean nothing personal when I do what I have to do, namely kicking their heads in and covering one of them for the one, two, three. Not only once, but twice.”

Max King
”You spoke about two great opponents in this match, do you care to elaborate on them?“

Ashley Williams
”Yes and I want to start off with Dillion Kruger. I’m gonna be honest now, I’d not heard of him before signing with this place however, I heard what he had to say and he seems to be, at least a little, on the same wavelength as me. The guy knows how important it is to hit that gym and work stupid hours doing the weights and getting into the ring and practicing moves and it’s a mantra I live by. See, I’m not going to lie, I love hearing those fans cheer or boo me whenever I go out into an arena, whether it be a two hundred seater Bingo hall or a twenty thousand seater arena, that buzz just makes everything worth it to see that I am eliciting a reaction from someone. Do they pay my cheques? Yes of course they do, it’s a common fact in life. However, those fans don’t keep my body healthy and nor are those fans there to help me rehab from the multitude of injuries that I have suffered over these eight years in this business. The gym and my tough regimen are there for that.”

She paused for a second, taking another sip of her drink.

Ashley Williams
”Now, let’s get down to the matter at hand though. Dillion, one of the things that really stuck with me during your thoughts was that of your claim that “We aren’t ready for what’s coming”. Seriously? Do you think I stepped into a ring just yesterday? I may be called the “Upstart” but if you look around the internet, particularly during the years 2009 to 2016 I was known by another nickname, “The Future of Female Wrestling”! Trust me Dillion, I am not just some little girl that decided that it’d be nice to be punched in the face on a nearly weekly basis. I am one of the toughest females to ever lace up a pair of boots and trust me, I know exactly what is coming and I BEG you to bring it to me, I may be the supposed softer sex but you are gonna need to hit me HARD to keep me down because as long as there is breath in these lungs I will continue to keep coming at you until you put me down for good. If anything, it’s you that doesn’t know what you’re in for. With that being said, I wish you the greatest success in the future but you won’t be doing it at my expense.”

Max King
”And Wulf Erikson?“

Ashley Williams
”OK. This guy I have heard of, although only in the last couple of months but I know he’s good and I know he can back it up in the ring. I appreciate his kind comments toward me and I fully intend to show off my skills in the ring but here’s where the truth comes out. I’m guilty of this as well so please do not think of me as a hypocrite but all three of us have all blown smoke up each others’ ass to a degree and the truth is, when it comes down to game time, when we all look at each other standing across that ring in some weird Mexican Standoff, my skills aren’t going to matter to you Wulf, all you’re going to think about is that shiny gold title. The truth is that all three of us want to knock each others’ heads off to claim that gold and trust me when I say, even if I have to bleed like a stuck pig, I am going to kick your heads in and when all is said and done, when they interview me, I’m gonna have forgotten about both of you guys and your impressive talents because all I’ll be caring about is that big shiny gold belt.”

Ashley Williams
”Wulf, I really do appreciate the kind comments and I am going to give you the fight of your life but the fact remains, I am “The Upstart” I am “The Future of Female Wrestling” and you best damn believe when I tell you that I am the measuring stick for female wrestlers. My last promise I’m going to make is that I am coming into the Amway Center with a horde of Ash-Fans and you best believe that I am walking out of the same arena as one half of the XHW Tag Team Champions!.”

((OOC: Wulf and Dillion, absolutely love your writing and wish both of you the best of luck in this match.))


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Tales From Monmouth County I: Tag Team Gold
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