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 So it begins...

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Angelica Vaughn


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PostSubject: So it begins...   Fri Apr 21, 2017 6:41 pm

April 20th

Against the backdrop of a dirty brick wall, a young woman stands. Her blonde hair is braided and partially pinned up. Pink lipstick stick out against her pale skin like a sore thumb; but the most striking thing about her, even more so than her large brown eyes, is the blood that covers her from throat to bust. It sticks to her skin as if it had penetrated the very pores of her body. With no audible sound except for the soft clinging of meathooks that are hanging from the ceiling, the young girl intently stares into the lens.

“They say there is no greater sorrow than to recall happiness in times of misery. Well… I was happy once. I recall a time when I didn’t have a worry in the world, when everybody told me that the world was my oyster; and I believed it.”

Angelica, for that is her name, slightly cocks her head to the side. The look in her eyes is sorrowful indeed, as she recalls those happier days. But it quickly disappears.

“But you can never know true happiness without hitting rock bottom. And I hit it. Very recently. When you look up to someone, when you idolize a person so much that they become an obsession, when their word becomes law and their will becomes your religion, all you can hope for is that  they notice you. That they recognize you and know your name; and maybe even approve of you…
But when that person rejects you, and casts you out like a leper, it pierces your soul and renders you dead inside. When she rejected me, I died a little.”

Angelica takes a few steps back, and fingers the chains that hold the meathooks. They rattle, and Angela takes one of them, and holds it to her throat.

“The blood on my body is a direct result of the wounds that she inflicted on me. But I will not give up so easily. She WILL recognize me. She WILL know my name. She WILL adore me, as I adore her!  And I will do it by slaughtering each and every one in XHW!”
She throws the hook to the side, and spreads her arms wide. The camera zooms in closely on her pink lips.
“I will become your goddess! I will become the greatest women’s wrestler of all time, and I will use sacrifice your blood to appease…”


The lights in the studio flickered on, and the brick wall in the backdrop disappeared, as it turned into a greenscreen. Angelica looked surprised, as she saw the promo’s director interrupt her with a megaphone. Cross, she put her hands on her side, and called him out on it.

“Hey ! What are you doing? I’m cutting my promo here!”

The director got up from his chair, and frowned. He seemed none too impressed.

“Look, girl, I don’t know what you’re trying to pull of here, but it isn’t working. You started out pretty okay, but what’s all this ‘slaughtering’ and ‘sacrificing’ crap about?” He came closer, and circled around her on set. “I mean, look at you, you look like a slight breeze could knock you over. Do you really, honestly expect people to buy into what you’re trying to sell us here? Because I wouldn’t. I’d have switched channels a long time ago. Is that what your new employer wants from his employees?”

Angelica was stunned. Who did this guy think he was? She had worked long and hard on this, applying the makeup alone had taken her hours! “Hey, screw you! You were paid to film me, not chastise me! You ruined my take!”

The director laughed. His shoulder-length black hair was flung to the side as he threw his head back. “Ruined your take? If anything, I saved you from embarrassing yourself further. You obviously have a lot to learn, girl. I’ve worked with wrestlers before, but I gotta say I am actually considering switching careers at this point. Holy hell, I didn’t go through film school to record a teenage girl pretending like she’s a demonic deity of some kind. YouTube’s full of desperate kids like you.”

Angelica suddenly felt depressed. Maybe he was right? She suddenly felt like she was in way over her head, and wanted nothing more than to go home… If that was even possible. She looked down at her bust, and saw the fake blood she had splattered all over herself. She felt stupid. A joke. A poor imitation of the real thing. A phony, fake, worthless piece of trash. She looked away from the director, and sat down on the crowd, cradling her legs. The fake blood got smeared all over her white dress, but she cared little about that. The director crouched down next to her.

“Hey, don’t feel too bad. You’ve got Saturday to look forward to, right?” And with those words, he dropped a leaflet in front of Angelica, and laughed heartily. “Right, crew, let’s pack it up, I’ve got better shit to do than this.” He rose to his feet, and clapped his hands, urging his crew to step on it. Angelica picked up the leaflet from the ground.

It was some promo material for XHW’s first show, in the lively flashy green colors that the company seemed intent on making their own.  Angela quickly scanned the leaflet, and noticed the usual stuff, like the Amway Center as venue, the date and time of the show, and the two tag team matches for the championships on the front. But when she flipped the paper, she gasped; her jaw dropped several inches. There was her own image all right, nestled in between two other Superstars, presumably her opponents. While the Japanese looking fellow on the left seemed thoroughly unpleasant, the massive, hulking figure on the right struck instant terror into her heart. She looked at least 6’4”, and towered out above the rest.
This was going to be her opponent? This gigantic she-beast who looked like she could tear off Angelica’s arms and beat her to death with them? She clutched her chest, as her heart was racing like it had never felt before. She saw stars in front of her eyes, and it was a good thing she was already sitting down, or she would probably have keeled over. She folded the paper in two, and stared in front of her. What on Earth was she doing?

“…I’ve made a huge mistake…”


Angelica didn’t even remember how she got back to the Super 8 Orlando International Drive Hotel she was staying at. With her promo make-up still applied, she assumed it was by taxi, but her mind was having trouble keeping up with the present; she was functioning on auto-pilot, as a panic attack nearly overtook her.

“What was I thinking?” she whispered to herself. She grabbed a bag, and started grabbing her clothes out of the solitary cabinet in the tiny room. “I have no idea what I’m doing… Great idea, Angie trying to be a wrestler. Stupid, stupid! That She-Hulk is going to break your spine and rip off your head with one arm tied behind her back!” She wanted to go back home, back to her mom and dad, the comforts of her own room in her family’s house in Vancouver. But then she remembered. She could never go back…

With a frustrated grunt, she threw her bag to the side, and slumped down against the wall. A single tear rolled down her cheek and spoiled her make-up. She didn’t dare look in the mirror. What a mess she must’ve been.
She had burned too many bridges to go back to where she came from. Her big mouth, and her almost overnight desire to become a wrestler had gotten her to where she was now… alone, in a cheap motel, with zero wrestling or combat experience, and a clock that was ticking away until Saturday, when she would undoubtedly suffer the beating of a lifetime.

“Okay, Angie,” she told herself. "What would Lucilla do? What would she tell you right now?” Lucilla would tell her to stop being a whiney bitch, and take responsibility for her actions. To make no apologies, and to be prepared to deal with any and all consequences of whatever shit she pulled.
She took a deep breath. Thinking of Lucilla calmed her down a bit. Lucilla was the entire reason she was doing this, and she wasn’t about to disappoint her by quitting so soon. She had made her own bed, and now she was gonna lie in it.

Or rather, in the case of Sapphire, she had dug her own grave… She had no idea how in Earth she would ever get a win over her and the Gin guy, but if a beating was what it would take for her get her head on straight, then a beating was what she accepted. The road ahead was long and bumpy, she had always known that.

She got up from the ground, and walked over to her shower. She needed to clean herself up. Shower, ice cream, Netflix, in that order. But Angela now realized that she wasn’t going to make it on her own. She needed a mentor; a temporary one, if nothing else. Someone who she could leech off of, someone whose coat tails she could ride; someone who could learn her the ropes, and the ins and outs of the business. She had dived in head first, and already it looked like she had hit a brick wall. She required either a big push to break through it, or a clever way around it. A shame she had no friends… yet.

As the shower’s warm water washed off the fake blood and colored the bath tub read, Angelica knew she was at a turning point in her life. It was make or break time. But boy, did she feel broken.


OOC: The end. COmments and or feedback/criticism always welcome. I am still trying to find out a lot of things about Angelica myself, so it'd be nice to hear someone opinion.
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So it begins...
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