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 Lonesome Highway

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PostSubject: Lonesome Highway    Fri Apr 21, 2017 11:42 pm

Traveling alone was…Different. Normally things were a lot more lively in the car with Trevor Miller being the wheel man and his faithful partner (tag, not life partner) was always by his side while they made towns. XHW had changed that. XHW is the first company that gave Cosmo a look as a singles wrestler. Even when he had went into the AWE, he had done so as a tag wrestler and then started to shine as a singles wrestler.

Rest stops were usually a no-no for Trevor and Cosmo. They had a rule that most wrestlers that were on the road had. You only stopped to use the bathroom when you needed gas, and you only ate when you had to get gas. Things were…A little bit different. The rental sat parked quite a ways back where Cosmo had pulled into the rest area, about 50 yards away were a collection of stone picnic tables.

Alone, Cosmo sat. The flat bill Power Rangers hat he wore was turned backwards with his long locks pushed back to either side of his head. The blue t-shirt hung off of him a little baggy and the blue jean shorts he wore was nearly in tatters. A pair of black sandals adorned his feet as he opened up the PB&J sandwich he had made before for the road and a bag of BBQ Fritos that were rolled up because he had broken into them on the road.

“The lavish life of a professional wrestler…” Cosmo cooed to himself as he popped a chip into his mouth, but kept a sideways smile on his face. It was hard to bring Cosmo down. Even when things were at their worst…They were always better than the bottom. Plus, besides traveling. Cosmo was used to being alone. Since his grandmother had been put in a nursing home, Cosmo for the most part didn’t have anyone in the area to ‘hang’ with, so his days were spent with his animals.

There was Pig, named after an owl from Harry Potter. Pig was a hedgehog that Cosmo had adopted that was given up when the parents found out some kid had snuck one in the house. Then, there was Pete and Pete, two Sugar Gliders that were given up for adoption. Cosmo couldn’t really tell them apart so he just named them both Pete, plus he had loved that television show as a kid. Gatsby was his goat, of course named after the Great Gatsby. The goat had come from his grandmothers farm just off of the coast.

Cosmo had always loved animals.

“Cosmo…You should really consider getting a roommate,” Ana Hayden had told him. Ana and Cosmo had met right before Cosmo debuted for AWE. Now they were very good friends. Sometimes Ana treated Cosmo as her own, and this was the case. This time he had Facetimed her and was showing her his new sugar gliders. “I think eventually your house is just going to become a zoo and you’re not going to have room to have anything else.”

Shrugging, Cosmo gave her a grin.

It wouldn’t be SO bad just to have a house full of animals running around, and dealing with animals would be a lot better than dealing with a roommate. What if his roommate turned out to be like Buffy? There was no animal that acted like her, only bugs.

They would float around your ceiling and around your lights making all kinds of noise, and as soon as you thought you were rid of one…BOOM, here came another making the same exact noise, or maybe it was the same one. Regardless, it was the same annoying buzz…Over and over again…It was something Cosmo wouldn’t be able to deal with, and hopefully after Fallout, it was something he would have to deal with when it came to the actual wrestler.

On the flip side, if you had a pet like Kaden Kessler, well…It would have a big bark but no real bite. Nothing about Kessler had impressed Cosmo, because even if he didn’t want to admit it, at least Buffy brought something to the table. She was some sort of little bottle rocket just waiting to explode. There was a chance she could be the surprise when it was all said and done. Cosmo didn’t want to give he the satisfaction though.

Kessler? After you yelled at him once he would probably curl up into a ball and make his way into a corner and cower. Why? Because he didn’t like confrontation, sure, it seemed he was trying to avoid it, but damn…Show some fight…Instead, all he did was complain and moan about other things, and pretend he doesn’t care about anything…Really, what a sad existence that was…Maybe he would feel a little more sorry for Kaden than he did.

In reality, as he sat there halfway through his PB&J sandwich as he reflected…He just missed his friends. He missed laughing with Ana and Trevor backstage, he missed being around people. XHW had opened up a new door. A door where in the backstage locker room, he didn’t have friends and now he was the target. It was his first real venture into the wrestling world…and it he wasn’t about to let himself or anyone else down.

“Maybe Ana is right, maybe I do need a roommate to get all of this shit off my chest…Oh well…Gatsby is a pretty good listener…”


“It’s all I’ve been thinking about…”

“For the longest time, the spotlight has always been shining down on me. I was always the one winning awards. I was always the one who was talked about in the newspapers. I was the one covered by the media. I was the one who was sought after by colleges and getting those scholarships tossed in my direction, making it rain like I was on a stage…So…It’s weird to think that after this week…Someone could be standing beside me.”

“You see, could be is the way I’m phrasing this and not like someone like Buffy who is already counting the money that they don’t have. The last thing anyone should want to do is look like a bumbling idiot, but here we are with Buffy. I get it, it’s what we wrestlers are supposed to do right? We’re supposed to say we’re supposed to win every match, but I’m out here trying to break that trend.”

“Do I have faith in myself? Of fucking course I do. I’m Cosmo Cooper. I’m the greatest athlete to step foot in a wrestling ring. I wrestle barefoot because wrestling with boots on is way too easy. But I know that in a match like this…Anything can happen…More importantly when you have eyes in two places, it’s really easy to slip up and someone sneak up behind you. If it were just me and you, Buffy? I’d be a little more convinced that I would take you out like a bag of garbage the night before trash day and slam the lid…But we’ve gotta’ worry about little nancy boy, Kaden Kessler.”

“When you crow about already walking out with a title that you don’t even have that, it sure does put egg on your face when you don’t do it. That’s why I’ll let you run your mouth, Buff. I’ll let you keep on making a fool of yourself, and I’ll keep on letting you live off of a wrestling name that literally sounds like you put it in a generator and then took whatever shitty name it put out. Nobody is going to go to a show with the name BUFFY ROXXON on the card when they see it. You’re just a knock off.”

“Haha, like. Look around Buffy. The more I look at the landscape of this company. The more I see you as my one true threat. Not because you put on some scary front or because I think you’re really psychotic under that act you put on, but because I see how bad you want this. You don’t see Kaden Kessler out here trying to hype our match. Wulf Erikson, Kruger, WILLIAMS…They aren’t in the same class as us. So why are we in this match facing one another? Hey, I’m not one to cry conspiracy here…But what gives?”

“I don’t particularly enjoy your whiny attitude. You complain, and your only talking point against me is because I post a GIF on the internet? If it’s going to make you THAT upset, then guess what? I’m going to keep doing it. If you let little shit like that bother you? How are you going to handle getting dressed down in a few weeks when everyone finds out your weakness? What happens when we don’t have to go to Twitter for material? I just don’t think you are up to par. I can just smile and laugh and pat you on the head like you’re some type of dumb little dog who keeps yapping at the passing car. The problem is? You’re about to catch the car, and it’s about to leave you as a grease stain in the middle of the ring.”

“When it’s all said and done though, believe it or not I’d still rather have you as a partner than any of these other losers. At least you have stared me and Kaden in the face and hurled insults our way. Has anyone even heard from Kessler? It’s like I said before…He won’t show up to his full potential and he will be full of excuses when he gets his ass handed to him and then when someone calls him out on it, he’ll break his finger hitting that block button so quick.”

“You see, Kessler is a guy I beat myself up over if I lose to. Kessler is a dude who, as I said before…He’s a beta male…I’m an Alpha. Listen, first matches are hard, but I don’t shy away from the challenge. I don’t have any tape to study from Buffy, just what I’ve seen on the internet. All I know from Kessler is he’s a self-proclaimed legend, he’s a self-proclaimed badass and he gives himself nicknames just to look a wee bit cooler. Kessler, spoiler alert. Changing your name on Twitter or your header isn’t going to make you any more of a badass. Just go home, tuck your tail between your legs and leave the business…If you don’t? Stepping into this match? I’m not going to give you the choice.”

“For a long time, I’ve been doing this with back up. I’ve had people on either side of me. I’ve had someone I can depend on. Now? For the first time I’m doing it all by myself. I know, as good as I am, there’s going to be growing pains along the way, there’s going to be setbacks. But I’ll be damned if one happens in this match. I’m coming to set the tone. I’m coming to set the XHW world on fire…And first I’ll capture one half of the those tag belts…Then I’ll snatch the edges of whatever title is introduced next.”

“I was born better. I was bred for competition. My families name breeds success. Kaden is one K nickname away from being the KKK and I keep wanting to call Buffy, Buffy Buffoon. It’s a joke…And I am not laughing. It isn’t going to be Kaden or Buffy’s name anyone remembers after this Saturday. It’ll be Cosmo Cooper’s…Mark my words. I don’t have to give myself nicknames. I don’t have to pretend to be the baddest person in the entire planet like Buffy…I’ll prove myself in the ring…And you better both hope and pray that I don’t show up, because that’s the only way either of you two outshine me.”
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Lonesome Highway
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