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 4/22/17 Fallout Results

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Jacob Steele

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PostSubject: 4/22/17 Fallout Results   Sun Apr 23, 2017 2:42 am

“The Beginning”

( A video package begins to play. The video shows Jacob Steele sitting in his office at the Amway Center in Orlando Florida, alone. On his desk, he has documents with a Spike TV Logo on them and begins to sign them. As he’s signing and looking over the document, he begins to speak. )

Jacob Steele: It has been a long time since I’ve been able to express my happiness. For so long, I’ve been down and wondering what I’m going to do next. Always wondering if I’m going to be able to make it. Right here, right now, I have found that happiness. I have found my calling. This document grants XHW and Fallout a spot on Spike Television every Saturday at 7 PM EST. This has always been a dream of mine and we’re finally here. September 2016 was the beginning. Here we are near the end of April in 2017 and my dream is coming true. Not just my dream, but the dreams of all the XHW Superstars that have joined or will join in the near and far future. Each and every person that walks through the door and wants to sign with us, have a dream of being the greatest there is. Each person that walks through the door and signs a contract with us knows it’s going to be a challenge and is ready for it. This document is the beginning for everyone. It’s not just a new wrestling promotion to us. This is home. This is what we all love and will do for the rest of our lives. Everyone has their career choices, or even just jobs they change from every year or so. Wrestling is what we know. Most of these Superstars have been training their whole lives for this. Others just recently drew interest and have spent entire days training to get ready. This is what it all comes down to. This is the time everyone has been waiting for.

( Jacob stops talking and looks over at another paper that’s on his desk. He picks it up and reads off of it. )

Jacob Steele: Kaden Kessler. Wulf Erikson. Ashley Williams. Buffy Roxxon. Angelica Vaughn. Sapphire. Kotaro Gin. Cosmo Cooper. Dillion Kruger. These names should mean more to you than just being names. These names are the foundation of XHW. These names took a risk in joining a brand new promotion and since joining, I’ve had the honor in getting to know each individual. I can’t express how honored I am to have these fine ladies and gentlemen join our roster and kick things off for us. These nine men and women are going to be putting their bodies on the line for the entire world, for themselves. They all have their goals and expectations in mind and are ready to reach them. Tonight is the beginning. Tonight, we fight. Tonight, we cement ourselves in this business and show why we’re here to stay.

( Jacob looks up at the camera and smiles. )

Jacob Steele: Let the show begin. Welcome to Xtreme Honor Wrestling.

( The camera begins to fade out while Jacob continues to smile at the camera. )

( Another video package begins to play, this time of the XHW Superstars. The video cycles through each Superstar. )

Wulf Erikson: It’s time to take flight.

Dillion Kruger: I will run through all of my competition.

Cosmo Cooper: These losers have nothing on me.

Ashley Williams: I will prove myself to be one of the best.

Kaden Kessler: No one stands a chance against me.

Buffy Roxxon: You’re going to love me, I promise.

Kotaro Gin: The Emperor is here to claim his kingdom.

Sapphire: I haven’t worked this hard to look like this for nothing.

Angelica Vaughn: This is my beginning. You will know my name soon.

All together: Welcome to Xtreme Honor Wrestling.

( The video package ends. )

( The cameras fade in to the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida with “Indestructible” by Disturbed playing in the background. Green pyro begins to go off on the stage and the Fallout Logo flashes on the screen before showing the crowd on it. The camera circles around the arena, showing the fans in attendance. Out of the 20,000 seats available, 6,384 fans fill up the seats, all scattered throughout the arena. These fans in attendance are electric and on their feet. The camera then cuts to the announcers table where Vincent Price and Chris Walker are standing by. )

Vincent Price: This is Xtreme Honor Wrestling only on Spike TV! You’ve heard from the Owner, Jacob Steele, you saw who the Superstars are who will be competing here in XHW and Fallout. You have been welcomed! THERE’S NO PLACE WE’D RATHER BE! I am Vincent Price alongside my partner Chris Walker!

Chris Walker: That’s right, Vince! We’re here in Orlando, Florida, the Sunshine State to bring you the debut of Fallout! We have the roster, we have you all, we are here to make a statement!

Vincent Price: It’s been a long time coming, but we made it and the feeling of the crowd just goes to show everyone is ready!

Chris Walker: Not to contradict what I just said or sound negative, but doesn’t the crowd seem a little empty to you?

Vincent Price: What’s it matter? Did you expect every seat to be filled?

Chris Walker: Well, yeah. I did.

Vincent Price: Give some respect to these people, Chris!

Chris Walker: Don’t get me wrong, that’s not disrespect to those that are here, just figured with 20,000 seats there would be more people.

Vincent Price: Hold that thought. I’m getting something from the back, so let’s switch cameras and see what’s going on!

( The cameras cut to the back to a conference room where Jacob Steele is seated with 4 others. )

Jacob Steele: I don’t know how many times I have to ask this, but why does the board have to get involved with this? I have it taken care of.

Board Member #1: Look, we’re just concerned in how quickly you rushed into this. You have over ten thousand seats empty out there and you have it taken care of?

Board Member #3: We want this to work out. We’re all in this together. It’s just…. with all those empty seats out there and this big arena, we’re not exactly gaining the profit we need to be.

Board Member #2: You dropped a lot of money into this business, we get there and we’re here to support you. Just making sure you understand that we need to take a step back before we lose even more money.

( Jacob looks at all the board members, then looks down at the desk. )

Jacob Steele: I put so much money into promoting this business. I did everything. I’m not sure what went wrong.

Board Member #4: You did nothing wrong, Jacob. It’s a new business. You start small, you get bigger. That’s the beauty of it.

Jacob Steele: You’re wanting us to go from being at the Amway Center in Orlando, to going to smaller arenas?

Board Member #1: We have the money to travel and visit many other arenas in the US. There’s no problem in that. We don’t need to stay in one location.

Board Member #2: Personally, I think if we use smaller arenas, we generate more income, pay less for the facility, and when XHW grows in roster size and in fan base, we can take a step up to the bigger arenas.

( Jacob takes a deep breath and stays silent for a few seconds. )

Board Member #4: Do you agree with this?

Jacob Steele: Yes, yes I do. Do you have a schedule in mind?

Board Member #1: We have planned up to Hell From Above and then the rest is up to you.

Board Member #3: Next week, we’ll go to Edwards Hall in Miami, Florida, the following week will be at the Oman Arena in Jackson, Tennessee, the week before Hell From Above will be at the Bill Harris Arena in Birmingham, Alabama, and then for Hell From Above… the Asheville Civic Center in Asheville, North Carolina.

Jacob Steele: And then after Hell From Above I go back to choosing where we go, correct?

Board Member #2: Just remember this talk in regards to where you choose.

Jacob Steele: Okay. Thank you, have a good day.

( Jacob shakes the Board Members hands and then exits the room. The Board Members continue to sit there as the camera fades out. )

( The camera then fades in to backstage where XHW Interviewer, Max King, is sitting down with XHW Superstart, Kotaro Gin. )

Max King: Thank you all for joining us here tonight. Next to me, I have Kotaro Gin.

Kotaro Gin: That’s Emperor Kotaro Gin to you.

Max King: To be fair, this is the United States. Here, you are not an Emperor.

Kotaro Gin: Once acquiring the Title of Emperor, you are Emperor everywhere.

Max King: Not exac--

Kotaro Gin: Let me stop you right there. For many generations, the Gin name has been around. We’ve ruled the lands, conquered wrestling, and here I am today, in the US, conquering this land. I see XHW as a kingdom that needs an Emperor and I will rightfully claim that spot as mine. I will do anything to conquer the United States. Tonight is the beginning. Tonight is the first step. Everyone in the arena, everyone at home will witness the greatness of the Gin Dynasty and their Emperor. It’s been a long road to get here, I’m not going to lie about that. Saying that this road has been easy would be making a liar out of myself, I’m not that type of person. What I can say truthfully, is that every obstacle that has been put in my path, I’ve conquered sooner or later. No obstacle gets put in front of me without being conquered. What makes the United States any different? What makes this side of the world harder to conquer? I look at the talent in the back, and yes, I recognize talent when I see it, but they aren’t as talented as I am. I am an EMPEROR! I am YOUR EMPEROR! Tonight, I begin to claim my kingdom. Man or woman, doesn’t matter who stands in the way, you will feel the Emperor’s Wrath. Soon, you will all bow down to me, your Emperor.

( Kotaro gets up and walks out of the scene. Max King is left sitting there with a puzzled look on his face. The camera fades to a commercial break. )

( Commercial Break )

( A promo for Angelica Vaughn begins to play. Clips of Angelica training and a voiceover from her are shown. )

Angelica Vaughn Voiceover: What have I gotten myself into? Am I ready for this? I think I’ve made a mistake…

( Clips show her in the ring running away from her trainer, getting a move off every so often. )

Angelica Voiceover: There’s women here that look like men. The men here could snap me in half with a snap of a finger.

( Her trainer shakes her head in disbelief at her and leaves, leaving Angelica in the ring by herself. )

Angelica Voiceover: I can’t give up. This is for Lucilla. I can’t disappoint her. All of this hard work will payoff. I’ll show them.

( Though she looks upset, she looks into the camera as the voiceover continues. )

Angelica Voiceover: My name is Angelica Vaughn. This will not be easy...

( The words “Angelica Vaughn, debuting next!” show up on the screen as it begins to fade to black. )

Female Voiceover: All my life, I’ve put my body to the test. Training and working out didn’t consume my life, it became my life…

( Sapphire appears on the screen in a gym lifting weights. Her voiceover continues as clips show her lifting heavy weights. )

Sapphire Voiceover: I haven’t had the easiest life. High school was a rough time for me.

( She goes to the bench press, lays down, and begins pressing heavy weights with ease. )

Sapphire Voiceover: Slowly getting my life back together, this is the turning point in my life.

( Sapphire racks the weights and moves on to front lateral pulls. )

Sapphire Voiceover: No one is safe. I will break anyone who stands in my way.

( Again, she racks the weights. This time she grabs a towel and dries off the sweat. Sapphire then flexes for the camera. )

Sapphire Voiceover: My name is Sapphire. You’re going to wish I wasn’t here.

( She continues to flex. The words “Sapphire, debuting next!” show up on the screen. The camera fades out. )

( The camera fades back in, this time to the Amway Center where XHW Announcer, A.J. Richards, is standing in the ring with a mic in hand. )


A.J. Richards: Ladies and gentlemen… This match is scheduled for one fall and is the first match in the debut of Xtreme Honor Wrestling! Per Fallout GM Tyler Chambers, the Gold Bound Series begins tonight and applies to ALL matches! The rules are simple; PURE rules are in effect. A submission victory results in ten points. Pinfall equals seven points. Win by countout and win five points. Win by Disqualification and win three points. LOSE by Disqualification and LOSE ten points. Introducing first…

( “DOOM” by Black Gene for the Next Scene blasts through the speakers and plays throughout the arena. Kotaro Gin walks out onto the stage. Dressed in a black, red, and yellow trench coat and black, red, and yellow tights, Kotaro makes his way down to the ring, a mixed reaction of boos and cheers echo through the arena. )

A.J. Richards: Weighing in at two hundred and thirty-five pounds… From Osaka, Japan… He is “The Emperor”... KOTAARRROOOO GINNNNNNN!!!!!!

Vincent Price: HERE WE GO! OUR FIRST MATCH IN OUR DEBUT! What a better way to start things out than with the grace of the Emperor!

Chris Walker: What are you talking about?! He’s not our Emperor! This is the United States!

Vincent Price: We’ll see about that, this man looks like he’s ready for action and like he said earlier, he’s ready to take his kingdom! Let’s see if he stays true to his word tonight!

( Kotaro takes his coat off and hands it to an official. He tells the official to be careful with his coat, then turns his attention back to the stage. )

( “DOOM” fades out. )

A.J. Richards: And his opponent…

( “2010” by Apocalyptica ft. Dave Lombardo begins to play. Sapphire steps out onto the stage wearing a small, tight white tanktop and black gym shorts. She makes her way down to the ring with the crowd cheering her on. )

A.J. Richards: Weighing in at two hundred and thirty-two pounds… From Seattle, Washington… SAPPHIIREEEEE!!!!

Vincent Price: This woman is huge… Been training all her life and now she’s getting the chance of a lifetime here in XHW to make a name for herself.

Chris Walker: Tonight, she has the opportunity to do just that. Not only that, but with the Gold Bound Series starting with this match, she could end up in talks to contend for the XHW World Championship!

Vincent Price: Let’s not be too hasty. We still haven’t seen her in the ring before.

Chris Walker: Fair enough.

( Sapphire pulls on the ropes to stretch a bit. She looks at Kotaro who seems unphased, then both focus their attention to the stage. )

( “2010” fades out. )

A.J. Richards: And finally…

( “Sinister Purpose” by Creedence Clearwater Revival blasts through the speakers. Angelica Vaughn emerges onto the stage. What looks like blood flows down her arms and down her neck. She makes her way down to the ring very slowly, almost skeptical to enter. )

A.J. Richards: Weighing in at one hundred and thirty-five pounds… From Vancouver, Canada… ANGELLICCAAA VAUGGGHNNNN!!!!

Vincent Price: I don’t even know what to say. Look at the size difference between the two in the ring and then this lady. She looks terrified…

Chris Walker: Cut her some slack! This is the first time ever she’s competing and just picked up wrestling not too long ago. At some point, all the wrestlers in the world were where she is.

Vincent Price: At least most of them had confidence… Angelica isn’t showing any signs of confidence.

Chris Walker: We’ll see how she does. She’s got her work cut out for her and I’m ready to see how this goes!

( “Sinister Purpose” fades out. Angelica, Sapphire, and Kotaro stand in separate corners and look ready to begin, all focused on one another. )



Vincent Price: WE ARE UNDER WAY! All three continue to stare at each other, but slowly inch closer. Sapphire charges right to Angelica with a clothesline! Angelica drops down before impact and rolls out of the ring! This is just what I was expecting, Angelica to run from her competition! I really hope this isn’t how the entire match is going to go! PURE rules do apply, but countouts are exempt! Sapphire turns around AND A DROPKICK FROM KOTARO! Sapphire gets sent into the ropes and on the rebound… ARM DRAG BY KOTARO!

Chris Walker: Kotaro has control over this match from the start as he grabs a hold of Sapphire and whips her into the corner. He follows through and connects a forearm to Sapphire’s jaw! He grabs a hold of her and lifts her to the top rope. She starts fighting back with strikes to Kotaro’s face. AND SHE KICKS HIM AWAY! He turns back around to face Sapphire. She stands on the top rope… DIVING CLOTHESLINE!! IT CONNECTS!

Vincent Price: Angelica is still at ringside just cowering at the thought of entering the ring again. This is very disappointing, but the night is still young! Sapphire looks down at Kotaro and grabs him by his hair. Pulling him up to a vertical base, she throws him into the ropes. He rebounds, coming back to her! Sapphire goes for another clothesline, but Kotaro ducks and continues running. Now rebounding against the opposite side, Sapphire turns around… SAPPHIRE JUST CHARGED AT KOTARO WITH HER ENTIRE BODY AND SENT HIM FLYING ACROSS THE RING! LOOK AT THE POWER OF SAPPHIRE! MY GOD!

Chris Walker: I think XHW has a lot to worry about with a woman that looks and competes like this. Angelica seems to realize she can’t sit out there all match as she slowly slides into the ring. Sapphire immediately notices and runs right over. She goes to kick Angelica, but she slides back out of the ring again. I’m still not losing hope in her, I think she’ll find the courage to start participating soon. Kotaro is back to his feet and Sapphire has no idea. He runs up behind her and connects with a neckbreaker! Sapphire holds her neck in pain after getting her neck driven right into the mat. Following the neckbreaker, Kotaro drives his elbow right into the chest of Sapphire, then goes for the first pin of the match!

Ref: ONEEE!!!


Vincent Price: Sapphire kicks out at two! Kotaro picks her up, knees her in the gut, then connects a swinging neckbreaker! What a combination he just put together! Kotaro looks out at ringside where Angelica is still playing coward. AND HE’S SLIDING OUT OF THE RING! ANGELICA STARTS RUNNING AWAY, BUT KOTARO FOLLOWS! She stops next to the ring post and Kotaro continues to charge at her… SHE MOVES OUT OF THE WAY AND KOTARO GOES STRAIGHT INTO THE RING POST! Angelica looks upset, like she didn’t want to hurt anyone. Sapphire is up in the ring, Angelica lifts Kotaro up… SAPPHIRE CHARGES AND LAUNCHES HERSELF OVER THE ROPES AND RIGHT ONTO BOTH ANGELICA AND KOTARO! All 3 competitors are now outside the ring and laid out! Sapphire is the one getting to her feet the quickest as she grabs a hold of Angelica. She goes to throw her in the ring, but instead pulls her back and connects with a backbreaker! I’m surprised she’s not broken in half just by that!

Chris Walker: Kotaro is starting to get back to his feet now, but Sapphire notices and grabs him by the hair to pull him up. He throws a couple punches at her stomach, but she doesn’t seem to phased by them. OH! THE UPPERCUT FROM KOTARO! Sapphire gets knocked back and Angelica who’s back to her feet CONNECTS A DROPKICK TO THE BACK OF SAPPHIRE! ANGELICA’S FIRST SUCCESSFUL WRESTLING MOVE! IT’S ABOUT TIME! Kotaro and Angelica are on the two on their feet now. Angelica runs into the ring and Kotaro follows. Angelica is already rebounding off the ropes and charging at Kotaro… SHE JUMPS INTO THE AIR AND GOES FOR A CLOTHESLINE BUT NO!!! EMPEROR’S WRATH!! THE HIGH IMPACT DROPKICK CONNECTS ON ANGELICA AND KOTARO GOES FOR THE COVER!

Ref: ONEEE!!!



Ref: ONEE!!!


Vincent Price: It’s just not enough as Kotaro kicks out! Angelica rolls out of the ring again and lays at ringside in pain. Sapphire pulls Kotaro up to a vertical base again. She whips him into the corner and follows right behind him with a running shoulder thrust! She doesn’t let up as she delivers more shoulder thrusts! ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR! FOUR SHOULDER THRUSTS! Kotaro falls to a seated position in the corner. Sapphire backs up and then charges at him again! This time with a dropkick right to the face! She pulls him to the middle of the ring and lifts him up to his feet. OVERHEAD BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX! WHAT POWER AND DOMINANCE BY SAPPHIRE! Sapphire looks out at Angelica who’s still just playing the hiding game.

Chris Walker: She had a couple moments to build off of, but remember, this is still just her first match ever in her career and she’s just picked this up. I’m sure whatever happens tonight won’t be the last we see from her. Once again, Sapphire pulls Kotaro up to his feet and whips him into the ropes. KOTARO COMES BACK WITH THE RUNNING LARIAT! LIGHTNING STRAIT! NO SAPPHIRE DUCKS! KOTARO CONTINUES RUNNING AND REBOUNDS OFF THE ROPES AGAIN… PUGILIST SOUND!! THE POP UP EUROPEAN UPPERCUT! IT CONNECTS! SAPPHIRE GOES FOR THE COVER AND ANGELICA ISN’T MOVING A MUSCLE!

Ref: ONEEE!!!!!




( “2010” by Apocalyptica ft. Dave Lombardo blasts through the speakers and echos throughout the arena as Sapphire stands above Kotaro Gin with her hand raised in victory. )

A.J. Richards: Here is your winner… SAPPHIIIREEEEEE!!!!!!

Vincent Price: Sapphire absolutely dominated this match. Kotaro had a couple spots to remember, but this was all Sapphire. I believe this match could’ve gone differently if Angelica had participated a lot more.

Chris Walker: I couldn’t agree more. I said it once or twice, but I’m not counting out Angelica out of any competition yet. She’s fresh to the business, I can’t wait to see how she progresses in this business.

Vincent Price: What is this? Sapphire is asking for a microphone? What could she have to say right now?

( An XHW Official hands Sapphire the mic. The ring is cleared out as she stands right in the middle. “2010” fades out. )

Sapphire: What you all just witnessed was just the beginning. Not only did I just dominate one of your male wrestlers and prove that women are fully capable of competing with the men, I made a statement to the entire roster. I didn’t come here just to show off my body or make friends. I came here to get a fresh start, to get away from the past that haunts me everyday. All throughout my younger years, I was bullied for being bigger than the typical woman size. I’ve always been bigger, mostly in height, but also in physique. Tonight, I’m sending a message to the XHW roster. Tonight, I’m sending a message to anyone who joins from this point forward. I’m not going anywhere and you should all be worried.

( Sapphire drops the mic as “2010” begins to play again. She exits the ring and heads up the ramp. )

Vincent Price: There you have it. Sapphire is here to stay and made a statement, sending a message to the current and future roster.

Chris Walker: I’m looking forward to see how things shake up here after our first ever match comes to an end. Sapphire wins, gains seven points due to pinfall and she now is one step closer to being able to contend for the Legacy or World Championship!

( The camera suddenly cuts backstage where Angelica is walking to her locker room. She passes a few rooms and then goes to turn a corner, when Ashley Williams comes around it. )

Ashley Williams: Just the girl I wanted to see.

Angelica Vaughn: Uh.. yes?

Ashley: I saw your match and had a couple things to say.

Angelica: Look, I know I’m a coward. I know I ran away from--

Ashley: Let me talk. I want to help you. We’ve all been where you have. I know how it is to be a woman in a business where everyone is bigger than you. Honestly, I believe you’re bigger than me right now. It’s not always about your physical size, but the size of your heart. If you got the heart to fight, the skill to perform, the will to win, you will see improvement. You’re going to lose, you’re going to hurt, that’s just how the fight is. Personally, I’m not going let to anyone scare me. I’m going to show up, do everything I can to prove I can be the best, and do just that. Why train so hard and spend so much time to prepare when you’re just going to run away from the fight?

Angelica: Maybe you’re right…

Ashley: You have the look of someone who’s going to be great. I’m sure you have the skill set to do so. So do it. Don’t be afraid. Show up, perform, make a name for yourself.

Angelica: Okay, I will.

Ashley: Maybe after tonight we can get together and train with you one-on-one. No pay is necessary, just me and you in the ring to help you get better. We can start with the basics, strikes and stances. Then we can move on to more advanced things.

Angelica: I would like that, unless Sapphire breaks me in half tonight.

Ashley: Use the ring to your advantage. Stay on your toes. Stay focused. Win or lose, it's on you. We'll catch back up after Fallout. Go out there and make a statement.

( Ashley places her hand on Angelica’s shoulder and then walks away. Angelica has a concerned look on her face, but continues to make her way to her locker room. )

( The scene fades to a Commercial Break. )

( Commercial Break )

( The cameras turn back on and show the Amway Center with the 6,000+ fans in attendance on their feet and cheering. We spin around and zoom in on the announcers table where Chris and Vincent stand by. )

Vincent Price: What a show we’re having already. We saw the power and dominance of Sapphire as she made her way to the first pinfall in XHW, the cowardness of Angelica approached by Ashley Williams, the board confronting Owner Jacob Steele about the lack of attendance and moving to smaller arenas, and we’re just getting started!

Chris Walker: That’s right, Vince! This is just the beginning. Up next, Fallout GM Tyler Chambers will be out here with a HUGE announcement. We have no idea what it is, just that it’s HUGE!

Vincent Price: I’m curious what it could be and Announcer A.J. Richards is getting into the ring!

( “Indestructible” by Disturbed blasts through the speakers and Tyler Chambers steps out onto the stage with a briefcase in his hand. Dressed in a full suit, Tyler makes his way down to the ring.

A.J. Richards: Ladies and gentlemen… Fallout General Manager… TYLEERRRR CHAMMBERRRSSS!!!

( He climbs into the ring and A.J. Richards hands him the mic. The crowd continues cheering until he signals them to quiet down. )

Tyler Chambers: Thank you, quiet down now, please. There’s a lot on my mind right now and it needs to be discussed immediately. You see, in my hand, I have a briefcase. A briefcase of many opportunities to come here in Xtreme Honor Wrestling. There has been a lot of talk about why we’re called Xtreme Honor Wrestling. Why put Xtreme and Honor together? Why not just keep it simple? Well, it is simple. While most federations these days contest under normal pure rules and select few contest under the default of extreme rules, we wanted to be different. In order to be different, we had to think further than outside of the box. You have to have the mindset of a true warrior to not only be able to fight under pure rules, but do also bring out the destructive side of each and every one of you that enter this ring. We are doing just that and tonight was just the beginning. This Gold Bound Series that’s taking place is more than just being about who’s going to contend for the Legacy and World Championships. Absolutely more. Every match that’s competed, every man or woman who steps into this ring has to prove themselves to be worthy enough to be in the ring. This week, we made the choice to have everything competed under pure rules to start out the Series. From this point forward, until Hell From Above, whatever the stipulation, you will be able to earn or lose points in any match type! All stipulations that take place, there will be a guideline of points to win or lose attached to it. We’re going to live up to our name and we’re going to do it the right way.

( The crowd gets ecstatic. )

Crowd: XHW! XHW! XHW! XHW!

Tyler Chambers: That’s not all, though…

Crowd: WHAT?!

Tyler Chambers: There’s more to us than just being Xtreme… and that is Honor. We fight for honor. We fight because it’s something we enjoy and something you all enjoy. As a noun, honor stands for high respect, or a privilege. As a verb, honor stands for regard with great respect, or fulfilling an obligation or keeping an agreement. Honor is what we stand for and man do I have something in store for you all. In this briefcase, I hold the pinnacle of honor. I hold in this briefcase, what everyone will be fighting for. Ladies and gentlemen… I introduce to you… XHW’S MEDAL OF HONOR!!!

( Tyler opens the briefcase and http://i.imgur.com/lpcIrIP.png lays flat inside. )


Tyler Chambers: Only XHW’s finest will have the chance at this Medal of Honor for years to come. They will cement themselves as one of the top competitors and will have their name in history forever. This Medal of Honor doesn’t just hold the title of honor. No, no, no. There’s more to it. So long as you hold the Medal of Honor, you may choose to fight the Champion of your choosing; Legacy or World Champions. When you make your choosing, you will relinquish the Medal of Honor which will then vacate it, but you will be fighting for whatever Championship you desire. Sounds great, right? Sometimes, the Medal of Honor may even be put on the line before the wearer of the Medal has the chance to turn it in for a Championship match.


Tyler Chambers: Well, I hate to ruin the mood and bring you all down, but there comes bad news with this. May not even turn out being that bad, as it’s just getting put to the side for the time being. With our small, yet very talented roster and now FOUR types of Championships, we will be putting the Tag Team Championships to the side until our roster size grows enough for us to bring them back. This was a tough choice, not just for me, but also for the Owner, Jacob Steele. What of the two matches that are about to happen tonight? What will they get in return for the Tag Team Championships being put to the side? The winner of both matches will be co-holders of the XHW MEDAL OF HONOR!!

( The crowd gives a standing ovation and releases a roar of cheers. )

Tyler Chambers: That’s right. The winners of the next two matches will become co-holders of this illustrious and honorable Medal. What does that mean for the Gold Bound Series and the co-holders of the Medal? The Gold Bound Series will continue as such. If one or both of the co-holders become Champions due to the Series, one or both will end up relinquishing it. If both have to relinquish, then the Medal of Honor is vacated and up for grabs. If not, whoever is the wearer of the Medal of Honor will become immediate #1 Contenders for whichever Title they desire. I think this will give everyone more to fight for and a lot more can happen with this. I’m excited to see how the upcoming weeks play out as we head to Hell From Above. Thank you, enjoy the rest of the show.

( “Indestructible” by Disturbed begins to play again, this time Tyler Chambers exiting the ring and up the stage. The camera cuts to the announcers table. )

Vincent Price: WOW! THIS IS GREAT! Our two Triple Threats that were going to decide who our Tag Team Champions were just turned into two Triple Threats who will decide our co-holders of the NEW XHW MEDAL OF HONOR!

Chris Walker: I hope none of the six Superstars upcoming were REALLY wanting to be Tag Team Champions over having the chance to fight for the Legacy or World Championships!

Vincent Price: I'm sure the stakes are higher now and they're all in the back getting ready to make history either way!

Chris Walker: We'll be right back with the first Triple Threat match to decide who the first of the two co-holders of the XHW Medal of Honor after this commercial break! DON'T CHANGE THE CHANNEL!

( The camera fades out to a commercial break. )

( Commercial Break )

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( The scene fades back in to the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida where “Scars” by Boy Epic is playing. A.J. Richards is standing by with Kaden Kessler. )

A.J. Richards: The following match is an Elimination Triple Threat Match! The winner of this match will become the first of the two co-holders of the XHW Medal of Honor that will be crowned tonight! Introducing first…

Kaden Kessler: I’ll take it from here.

( The camera focuses on Kaden Kessler. “Scars” begins to fade out and the fans are on their feet cheering. )

Kaden Kessler: You can shut the hell up now. That’d be wonderful.

( The fans begin to boo. )


( The boos get even louder. )

Kaden: In just a few minutes, I’ll be facing two people who stand in my way from getting one step closer to the Championship of my desire. My name is Kaden Kessler and the XHW Medal of Honor belongs to me. It is calling my name. You might be wondering, why me? Why does it belong to Kaden Kessler? Let me keep it simple so you understand; I AM THE BEST THIS BUSINESS HAS TO OFFER! I’ve had many opportunities like this before and I have always prevailed. I am a multi time World Champion and held many other Titles along the way before stepping foot into XHW. With this experience at my advantage, I don’t need to know the history of my opponents. I don’t need to know if you have daddy issues or are spoiled, or some jock who thinks he’s the best athlete in the world. None of that is important to me. What’s important to me is the fact that I’m in this ring now and by the time the bell rings, I will be the one standing tall with the Medal of Honor around my neck. That’s just how it’s going---

( Suddenly, “Lifted” by CL begins to play and Cosmo Cooper steps out onto the stage with a mic in hand and dressed in his ring gear. “Lifted” fades out and Cosmo puts the mic up to his mouth. )

Cosmo Cooper: Would YOU shut the hell up?!


Kaden Kessler: Who do you think you--

Cosmo Cooper: I thought I told you to shut the hell up? It’s my turn to talk now. I’m tired of hearing your annoying ass voice, So why don’t you put that mic down and let’s get this match started. I don’t know about you, but I have a Medal of Honor to win.

( Kaden begins to chuckle. )

Kaden Kessler: You think YOU are going to beat ME? Let me tell you something, you are highly mistaken. This is my match, this is my time, this is my Medal of Honor. I will win and I will continue to win until I am your WORLD CHAMPION!

Cosmo Cooper: You’re forgetting one thing… You have to win in order to do that…

( The crowd begins to laugh and Kaden’s facial expressions go from a smirk to a disgusted look. )

Cosmo Cooper: I’m going to come down to that ring and we’re going to get this started.

( Cosmo begins to walk down to the ring when “Mope” by The Bloodhound Gang hits the speakers. The crowd begins to cheer and both Cosmo and Kaden turn their attention to the stage where Buffy Roxxon emerges. Also dressed in her ring attire and a mic in hand, she puts the mic up to her mouth while “Mope” fades out. )

Buffy Roxxon: I think you’re both forgetting about something; me.

( Cosmo and Kaden both let out a quick laugh. )

Buffy Roxxon: You can laugh all you want. You can smirk all you want. You can underestimate me all you want. When I get into the ring with you two; the Giant Douche and the Turd Sandwich… I’ll prove just why I belong here. I belong here just like anyone else and I won’t let the fact that I’m a woman stand in the way of that. Enough talking. Let’s get this started…

( Cosmo turns towards the ring and goes to climb in. )




Ref: ONE!!!

Vincent Price: Buffy breaks up the pin with a leg drop right onto Kaden’s neck! She starts throwing a fury of fists onto Kaden. AND NOW ONTO COSMO! BUFFY IS WITHOUT A DOUBT IN CONTROL RIGHT NOW! She’s going for the top rope… Both Kaden and Cosmo are getting to their feet… SHOOTING STAR PRESS ONTO BOTH MEN! SHE’S GOT IT! THE CROWD IS ON THEIR FEET FOR BUFFY RIGHT NOW! SHE IS ON FIRE!

Chris Walker: She pulls Cosmo up and whips him into the ropes, he rebounds, AND HE JUST SHOVES BUFFY HALFWAY ACROSS THE RING! Kaden now on his feet grabs Cosmo from behind and connects an inverted DDT! Buffy is now back to her feet. She goes for the top rope and no one notices her… DIVING MOONSAULT ONTO KADEN! WAIT NO HE MOVES OUT OF THE WAY! BUFFY LANDS ON HER FEET! BUT KADEN DRIVES HIS ELBOW RIGHT INTO THE BACK OF HER NECK! That’s gotta hurt, especially with the size difference going on here!

Vincent Price: Kaden pulls Cosmo up by the hair and pushes him against the ropes. He throws a couple punches and then gets him in a suplex position… OH MY GOD HE JUST SUPLEXED HIM OUT OF THE RING! NO COUNTOUTS CAN HAPPEN HERE BUT MY GOD COSMO WENT CRASHING DOWN TO THE FLOOR! Buffy is slowly getting to her feet and Kaden focuses his attention on her. He pulls her up by the hair and whips her into the ropes. HE FOLLOWS RIGHT BEHIND HER AND CLOTHESLINES HER OUT OF THE RING! BOTH COSMO AND BUFFY ARE NOW AT RINGSIDE!!

Chris Walker: Kaden looks like he’s up to something now.. He runs against the ropes AND HE’S GOING! OVER! THE! TOP! ROPE! HE JUMPS OFF OF THE TOP ROPE AND WOAH!!! SPRINGBOARD DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE ONTO BOTH BUFFY AND COSMO! EVERYONE IS NOW OUTSIDE THE RING! Kaden taunts to the crowd as the crowd let’s out a roar of boos. He tells them to piss off and gets back to focusing on his opponents. He reaches down to pick up Buffy, but Buffy punches him in the gut! And again! NOW SHE SHOVES HIM AWAY! He’s coming back for her… OH MY GOD SHE JUST KICKED HIM IN THE FACE! HE FALLS OVER! Buffy begins to pull herself up by the barricade. Cosmo begins to get to his feet now. Buffy notices… DRIVE BY KICK TO COSMO! Buffy picks him up and rolls him into the ring and goes for the cover!

Ref: ONEEE!!


Vincent Price: Cosmo kicks out! Buffy gets to a vertical base, runs against the ropes, and connects an elbow drop straight to Cosmo’s chest! She rises again and another elbow drop! Kaden is back to his feet on the outside, but seems to just be watching in. Buffy runs for the ropes again… KADEN GRABS HER BY THE LEGS AND PULLS HER OUTSIDE! AND A VICIOUS CLOTHESLINE ABSOLUTELY FLATLINING BUFFY! Kaden slides back into the ring and picks up Cosmo. He gets him in a powerbomb position now. He lifts him up… POWERBOMB LUNGBLOWER! THE POWERBOMB ONTO BOTH KNEES! KADEN GOES FOR THE COVER!

Ref: ONEEE!!!


Chris Walker: COSMO KICKS OUT! Kaden looks upset and starts pummeling Cosmo’s face. Kaden throws another punch, but Cosmo catches it! OH AND HE ROLLS OVER AND DROPS KADEN DOWN LOCKING IN AN ARMBAR! Kaden looks like he’s in a lot of pain already and is trying to find a way to get out of this hold! Kaden is inching towards the rope to get a rope break. Cosmo pulls him back away from the ropes! We might have our first submission in XHW! KADEN ROLLS OVER, BUT COSMO KEEPS THE HOLD! HE LIFTS HIM UP… POWERBOMB! WAIT NO KADEN FOLLOWS THROUGH WITH THE ARM DRAG! Cosmo gets back to his feet immediately and both men stare each other down.

Vincent Price: We still have to see who’s going to be eliminated first as both men lock up in the middle of the ring! Cosmo gets Kaden in a headlock, but Kaden pushes him off and sends him running against the ropes! Kaden runs up behind him… COSMO SPRINGBOARDS… BACKWARDS UPPERCUT! WHAT A MOVE FROM COSMO! Cosmo back on his feet, he picks up Kaden and gets him in suplex position! A NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX! NICE! HERE COMES BUFFY BACK INTO THE RING! SPINNING ROUNDHOUSE KICK TO THE BACK OF COSMO’S HEAD! SHE GOES FOR THE COVER!

Ref: ONEEE!!



Chris Walker: ALMOST! COSMO KICKS OUT! Buffy raises Cosmo to a vertical base. SHE’S LOOKING TO END THIS! IDIOT CONTROL NOW! THE STANDING MOONSAULT SLAM! IT CONNECTS! HERE COMES KADEN FROM BEHIND! HE LIFTS HER UP… SHE’S FIGHTING THIS… NUMEROUS KNEES TO KADEN’S HEAD, SHE JUMPS OVER TO THE FRONT OF KADEN AND DROPS HIM WITH A FACEBUSTER!! Everyone is now out in the ring as Buffy needs a minute to gather herself. She mounts on top of Kaden now and starts throwing punches. Kaden lifts his knees up then pushes her back. What an interesting way to get someone off of you. Definitely utilizing every part of your body and Kaden is starting to get back to his feet. Buffy is near the edge of the ring now. I think he notices that as he charges right to her and HE DROPKICKS HER RIGHT TO THE OUTSIDE OF THE RING! COSMO AND KADEN REMAIN IN THE RING. COSMO IS UP AND MEASURING KADEN RIGHT NOW!! RUNNING HEADBUTT! Cosmo lifts Kaden back up. He’s going for the Belly-To-Belly Suplex! AND HE GETS IT!

Vincent Price: Cosmo is now measuring Kaden, waiting for him to get back to his feet. Buffy is starting to show life. Kaden is back on his feet. Cosmo kicks him in the gut. HE LIFTS HIM INTO THE TOMBSTONE POSITION. COSMO IS GOING FOR THE FINISH! CRATER MAKER!!!! THE JUMPING SPINNING TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER!! HE GOES FOR THE COVER AND BUFFY IS ON THE TOP ROPE!!

Ref: ONEE!!!



Ref: ONEE!!!!






Ref: ONEE!!!!!




Ref: ONEEE!!!




( “Lifted” by CL blasts through the speakers as Cosmo stands tall and gets his hand raised in victory. )


Vincent Price: I can’t believe how that happened. I was so sure that Kaden and Cosmo would be the last two and Kaden would be victorious. I don’t know how I feel about this.

Chris Walker: You’re going to get over it! All three competitors put on one hell of a match. This isn’t the end for any of them. There’s still the ENTIRE Series ahead of us.

Vincent Price: Buffy is still laid out from Cosmo’s finisher, but was able to pick up a few points by pinning Kaden earlier in the match. A lot is at stake in this Series and I can only imagine how it’s going to play out.

Chris Walker: Cosmo is walking away victorious tonight as a co-holder for the newly announced XHW Medal of Honor. He may now choose the Championship of his choosing he will be going for. With all Titles still vacated, thoughts of how he will go about this arise!

Vincent Price: We still have the final match to go and that’s up next!

( The camera cuts backstage to Wulf exiting his locker room. He sees Angelica and calls out for her. )

Wulf Erikson: Hey, ANGELICA!!!!

( Angelica turns around and forms a smile on her face as they make their way to each other. )

Angelica Vaughn: Wulf! How are you?

Wulf Erikson: Good, good! You doing alright? Got a little worried after seeing your match.

( Angelica sort of gets a depressed look. )

Angelica: I thought that after what Ashley told me, I would have a better chance, but I ran away every time. I really don’t know if I’m cut out for this…

Wulf: Look, everything Ashley told you is right. So what you had a rough first match. That was your first time ever stepping into the ring in an official match. You get scared, it happens. Now move on from that and focus on what’s next.

Angelica: Ashley did say she wanted to work with me, so maybe something will come out of that.

Wulf: Just keep your head up, you’re still new. You have time to grow. It’s on you to do so. I gotta finish getting ready for my match. I’ll catch up with you later!

( Wulf gives her a high-five and then walks away. Once again Angelica is left there alone, this time looking a little more happy. The camera fades to black. )

( Commercial Break )

( A video package begins to play. Dillion Kruger is in a wrestling ring sparring with someone. He throws a couple punches, dishes out a couple kicks, and a voiceover from him begins to speak. )

Dillion Kruger Voiceover: Pain and bloodshed. Two words I think about when I step into a wrestling ring. Nothing else matters to me. The glory, the fame, none of that. When I step into a ring, I think of domination. I want to hurt people. Here, I’m going to do just that. I’m going to win, I’m going to dominae, I will inflict pain, and I will cause bloodshed. It’s just a matter of time before that happens. My name is Dillion Kruger, and I am the Bringer of Rain.

( Text shows on the screen saying, “Dillion Kruger, debuting next” as the scene fades out. )

( The cameras cut back on and zoom in on the announcer table. )

Vincent Price: It is me, Vincent Price ...back from the dead. Now that we have crowned one of the two XHW Medal of Honor holders, we look to see who will be the other holder!

Chris Walker: Yeah, but this isn't like any other Best Two out of Three Falls matches as this one will be a triple threat.

Vincent Price: Yes, the midnight hour is close at hand as “The Future of Women's Wrestling” Ashley Williams, “The Silver Bullet” Wulf Erikson, and “The Bringer of Rain” Dillion Kruger collide in what is sure to be a highly contested match.

Chris Walker: But only one of them will be able to claim the XHW Medal of Honor. My money's on this man coming out now.

( The camera cuts to the ring where A.J. Richards is standing by with a mic in hand. )

A.J Richards: The following is a Triple Threat Best Two out of Three Falls Match to decide the second co-holder of the XHW Medal of Honor! Introducing first ...

( “Crash” by Fit For Rivals starts to play as Dillion Kruger makes his way from behind the curtain. He doesn't get that positive of a reaction with a few cheers, sprinkled in between boos. He climbs into the ring and begins to stretch in his corner. )

A.J Richards: Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia and weighing in at two hundred five pounds ...he is “The Bringer of Rain”... DILLION KRUGERRRRRR!!!!!

Chris Walker: That is the guy. My man who is going to win. Have you seen him in action? He is absolutely lethal in that ring.

Vincent Price: Yes, he is even notorious for his use of the piledriver to take his opponents out. Most institutions have outlawed that move and his use of it is an outward spit in the face of those institutions.

Chris Walker: But we don't have such rules and he will be allowed to use that move as liberally as he wants.

Vincent Price: Yes, if I were his other opponents, I would be very cautious when confronting him.

A.J Richards: And his opponent...

( “Miracle” by Shinedown hits and Ashley Williams comes out to a pop, with some boos sprinkled in there ...but probably mostly from SJW's who don't believe that men should wrestle women. She springs down the ring and slides in, not taking her eyes off of Dillion Kruger the whole time. )

A.J Richards: From Monmouth County, New Jersey ...”The Future of Female Wrestling”... ASHLEEEYYY WILLIAMMMSSS!!!

Vincent Price: Our first ever female signee has quite the opportunity tonight against some stiff competition.

Chris Walker: I don't know...

Vincent Price: Don't know about what?

Chris Walker: This whole female wrestler thing. I don't think it is going to catch on.

Vincent Price: EVERY MATCH up until this point had a female in it. I think it caught on.

Chris Walker: I don't know ...don't you think there are more productive things they can do ...like make me a sandwich?

Vincent Price: No. Now stop that … and take that “Make America Great Again” hat off!

Chris Walker: Sorry. Red just matches my eyes.

Vincent Price: Besides, not only is Ashley our first signee, but she is the most veteran out of all the women. If anyone of them deserves this title opportunity, it is her.

A.J Richards: And their opponent...

( The audience gets louder as the house lights go dim and the stage flickers with neon green strobe lights. The opening bars of 'Surprise, you're dead!' by Revocation hit the PA and the fans ERUPT as Wulf Erikson rips through the curtains throwing his head back, howling like a wolf at the audience who howl along with him, and then they pop loudly as he runs from one side of the stage to the other, screaming at them to encourage them to get louder.. Wulf Erikson leaps up onto the barricade wall and the fans reach out to touch him as he stealthily makes his way toward the ringside area, the fans in awe as he does a mid-air cartwheel from one barricade wall to the other and finally, he backflips down to the ringside mats where he 'skins the cat' to launch himself into the ring and he hits another backflip onto his feet and lets out another howl, while the audience ERUPT and they join in with the howl as Wulf paces around in circles, watching the entrance ramp as his theme fades out. )

A.J Richards: From Roswell, New Mexico and weighing in at one hundred and eighty-five pounds… “The Silver Bullet”... WULLFFFF ERIKKSSSONNN!!!!

Vincent Price: The reception for the legendary depth defying Wulf Erikson is loud here tonight in Orlando, Florida.

Chris Walker: I don't get it. What in the hell is the big deal with him?

Vincent Price: Could it be that he is a man who puts his body on the line, day in and day out just for their entertainment? Could it be that maybe in a world obsessed with being mat based and internet smarks who hate anything hardcore, he doesn't care and takes everything he does to the extreme? Maybe it is because he is just kind of a nice dude outside the ring.

Chris Walker: He isn't that nice. Didn't he once refuse to sign an autograph of a fan because he couldn't afford his yacht anymore.

Vincent Price: That was you.

Chris Walker: You're right. Damn, I miss the Seaward.

Vincent Price: I thought you said you were happy when your wife left.

Chris Walker: Not the C-Word, the Seaw... You know what? Never mind. Let's just call the match.

Vincent Price: Good call because this one was about to begin.


Chris Walker: The bell rings as Wulf and Dillion charge at each other, nailing lefts and rights. However, this barrage is ended by and roundhouse kick to the back of Dillion's head by Ashley Williams. She follows up with once to Wulf Erikson as well. Picking her spots, she backs up and hits a baseball slide that sends Dillion into the corner turnbuckle. Erikson charges at her, but is hit with a drop toe hold into Dillion. With both men reeling in the corner, Ashley runs to the ropes and hits a springboard splash onto Kruger. Dillion rolls out of the way as Ashley springboards off the ropes with a splash onto Erikson. As she gets to her feet, the fans in attendance cheer for her agility. She plays to them with a bow for just a moment, but quickly gets back to work as her opponents start to stir.

Vincent Price: Ashley Williams proving why she is indeed the future of Women's Wrestling. Heck, she might just prove she is the future of wrestling in general. Kruger charges at her, but she leapfrogs over him ...but the moment she hits the ground is welcomed with a step up Enziguri from Wulf Erikson. Unfortunately, The Silver Bullet spins around into a rolling elbow strike from Dillion. He grabs him and performs a Belly to Back Suplex in the middle of the ring. The divisive fellow holds his arms out, wanting the fans the cheer him, but they refuse to do so. Ashley springboards off the again, but Dillion catches her and lays her out with a vicious backbreaker. Now, he is openly taunting the fans for not getting behind him earlier. He yells at them, not noticing Wulf Erikson begin to stir.

Chris Walker: Dillion Kruger tries a little showing off of his own, but the fans aren't having any of it from him. The fans begin to cheer for Erikson's comeback as Dillion turns around into a headscissors takedown that sends him to the center of the ring. Dillion pulls himself back up, but is rocked back down with a hip toss. Ashley comes charging at him, but she also gets a hip toss for her troubles. Both run at him at the same time and attempt a double clothesline, but he rolls underneath them, slingshots off the ropes with a modified crossbody that sends them both to the mat. With both of his opponents taken down, it is Erikson's turn to play to crowd a bit. He does a backflip, which the fans scream for. He quickly turns his attention back to his two opponents.

Vincent Price: And as much of a reaction that the other two got, Erikson gets the biggest tonight for his show of agility.

Chris Walker: Again, I don't get the love for this guy.

Vincent Price: If you can't see it now, I don't think you ever will. Now that all three have gotten their grandstanding in, they are all up and circle around each other. Each waits for one of the other two to make a move, finally Erikson rushes at Kruger, but he is intercepted by Williams with a dropkick in the corner. His back lands on it hard. The referee rushes to his side to make sue he is okay. In that time, Kruger gouges Ashley's eyes, momentarily stunning her. He then boots her in the ribs. As the referee rushes to their side, understanding that Wulf was good to go. Kruger grabs her and puts her in double underhook position. He performs a beautiful DOUBLE UNDERHOOK PILEDRIVER THAT LAYS HER OUT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING. SCREW PG WRESTLING!! Williams is absolutely motionless and Wulf is still nursing his back. He immediately covers her as the referee begins the count.

Ref: ONEE!!!






Chris Walker: Screw PG Wrestling indeed. That might have FUCKED AW Wrestling for the rest of this match.

Vincent Price: That means that he just needs to score one more to win the whole thing. What an upset in the early going. How will Wulf Erikson respond? There is a shit eating grin on his face as he knows that he just needs to get one more pinfall to become the other holder of the Medal of Honor. Wulf looks shocked that he and worried that one of the opponents has scored a pinfall that early. Ashley is motionless for a few seconds before rolling out of the ring. Dillion grabs Wulf and whips him in the turnbuckle. He hits his back hard against the turnbuckle again. He hits him with multiple forearm shots until Wulf is in a seated position. Dillion backs up and nails a running knee in the corner. He scoffs at his before pulling him back and nailing him with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Wulf holds his back in pain.

Chris Walker: I think Kruger has found a spot to pick on to keep The Silver Bullet down. Dillion notices this and gets an idea in his head. He heads to one of the middle turnbuckle and starts to pull off the padding. The referee starts to argue with him, but he does it anyways. He turns back to Wulf Erikson but gets nailed with a leg lariat by the Silver Bullet. The crowd pops for Erikson's come back. Dillion attempts to get back to his feet, but is welcomed with a spinning heel kick that stuns him. Wulf grabs him from behind and hits him with one German Suplex ...but he keeps the move locked in and performs a second. The crowd roars when he performs a third. Wulf keeps it in place with a bridging pin.

Ref: ONEE!!!


Vincent Price: SHOULDER UP! Close, but no cigar there. I think Wulf knows the importance of evening up the score with Dillion here. Not just for the Medal of Honor, but for the Gold Bound series in general. Dillion is trying to get back in this one, but Wulf is going not going to let it happen. Dillion attacks, the crowd roars when he counters a clothesline attempt with a pele kick. Not wasting any time, Wulf drags him near the turnbuckle and then climbs it. He launches off if with a split legged moonsault that gets another huge pop from his loyal fanbase. Once again, Wulf goes in for the cover.

Ref: ONEE!!!


Chris Walker: Kruger gets his leg on the bottom rope. Again, he was so close, but Dillion somehow found a way to keep his lead on the others. Wulf sits up, frustrated. He goes back to work on Kruger, but Kruger drop toe holds him into the ropes. He grabs Wulf by the back of the hair and faces washes him along the ropes. He pulls Erikson back up  and hits him with a rolling release suplex. Kruger is not done with as he pulls him up side-ways, backs up, and then rams his back into the exposed turnbuckle. The ref yells at him as he does this, but he does it a second, and then third time. Finally, knowing that he is seconds away from winning this match, he puts him in Underhook position just like with Ashley. For a second time in this match, he GOES FOR THE SCREW PG WRESTLING!!! Seemingly knocking out Wulf Erikson and winning the match. He goes for the pinfall victory.

Ref: ONEEE!!!



Vincent Price: NO! BROKEN UP BY ASHLEY WILLIAMS! Dillion just took someone else out with the Screw PG move ...but Ashley was back into make sure he did not seal in the final victory. On one hand, I'm happy that this great match continues, but on the other, I am upset that my choice to win got cheated by a woman. Dillion is majorly pissed as Ashley recovered in just enough to save the match from ending. Wulf rolls out of the ring as Dillion now prepares to face off against Ash. She charges at him and lands a beautiful capoeira kick, followed by another, then another, finally the fourth kick sends the man in the literal lead to the ropes. With him tangled up, she nails him with a spinning backfist. She then sends him to the other set up ropes. When he bounces back, she hits him with her trademark “IT CAME FROM MONMOUTH COUNTY” Shiranui. The fans applaud that amazing looking move.

Chris Walker: Ashley Williams proving that she is not one to be outdone here this match. She isn't as large as the other opponents, but she might be the quickest.

Vincent Price: Again, I wouldn't go that far. I will say she is pretty to look at.

Chris Walker: You know if she heard you that she would kick your ass.

Vincent Price: Thank goodness that she can't hear me.

Chris Walker: With Dillion down and out, she performs another crowd pleasing move, a standing moonsault. Ashley heads to the top turnbuckle and wastes no time launching herself off of it with the Crash Landing Moonsault. She hits it and wasting no time, she hooks the leg.

Ref: ONEEE!!!


Vincent Price: KICKOUT! A beautiful set of moonsaults there by miss Williams. Frustrated, Ash is getting energized as Dillion gets to his feet. Once he is up, she hits him with a snap suplex ...THAT SHE LANDS TO THE AMAZEMENT OF THE CROWD! The Future of Female Wrestling sizes him up, knowing full well that it is now or never. She performs a side kick on him once he is back up and readies him for her patented take on the Unprettier named ERASE/REWIND. She goes for the move ...BUT SOMEHOW HE SPINS OUT OF IT AND REVERSES IT INTO SCREW PG WRESTLING POSITION! HE is about to hit the move once more ...but Wulf Erikson nails him with a thrust kick to the back of the head that breaks the devastating move.

Chris Walker: Wulf Erikson just prevented Ashley Williams from getting hit with that deadly move for a second time. He knew that move that this one would be over. And now it looks like they are conspiring against a guy who already bested both of them. Typical two faced behavior. Ashley gets back up and looks at Erikson. They both then look down at Dillion, understanding that he leads by one pinfall right now. They nod at each other and both turn to Kruger. Dillion charges at him but Wulf hits him with a snapmare followed by a stiff kick to his spine. Ashley follows up with a rolling cutter to Mr. Kruger. Wulf doesn't give Kruger a chance to recover as he pulls him up and performs a wonderful arm trap neckbreaker.

Vincent Price: You can't blame these two for working as a team right now. Alone, he was finding ways to best their offense. Together, they might be able to take him down long enough for one of them to get the pinfall. While he was performing that move, Ashley has made her way to the top turnbuckle. Wulf steps away from Dillion long enough for Ashley to launch off it with her finishing move called the Ash-Cension. The more lands flush, and she immediately hooks the leg.

Ref: ONEE!!!!

Chris Walker: Wulf pulls her off of Dillion. Ashley begins yelling at him, but that quickly escalates into throwing punches. Wulf whips her into the ropes, but she bounces back with a hurricanrana that sends him to the other end of the ring. She charges at him as does he. He counters a spinning heel kick with his trademark pele kick. Ever the highflyer, Wulf goes to the top turnbuckle to finished the dazed Ashley Williams. It looks as if he is going to perform a shooting star press. He jumps off it with great accuracy ...but Ashley moves out of the way at the last moment and Wulf Erikson collides in the middle of the ring to the distaste of the fans in the arena. He flops on the mat, but Ash pulls him back to his feet and nails the ERASE/REWIND finisher. Williams makes the cover.

Ref: ONEEE!!!




A.J Richards: Scoring her first pinfall… ASHLEEYYY WILLIAMMSSS!!

Vincent Price: She did it! Ashley is now all tied up with Dillion. Ashley doesn't have any time to celebrate because Dillion Kruger is back to his feet and rocks her with a shin breaker that stuns her momentarily. That is long enough for him to hit her with one of his trademark moves, the headlock driver. Ashley struggles to get back up, so Dillion helps her by pulling her up by the hair and sending her back to the mat with a deadlift saito suplex in the middle of the ring. Dillion now just throwing an onslaught of moves at her.

Chris Walker: Knowing that he is just one pinfall away, he pulls her back up and yet again has her in SCREW PG WRESTLING POSITION ...BUT SHE REVERSES IT INTO ERASE/REWIND POSITION! He ducks out of that mat, sends her to the ropes, she bounces off and attempts a HEAD FUCK MK1 ..but he blocks her first two kicks, kicks her in the gut and gets her in the Death by Moron Tombstone position. However, hanging upside, she nails with her knees, forcing him to lose his grip ...AND SHE REVERSES THE MOVE INTO THE VERY LITTLE ASH-SCAPE TEXAS CLOVERLEAF! He is far away from the ropes and seems stuck in the finisher. Williams is going to win and Dilllon is going to lose.

Vincent Price: YES! She is going to make him tap. This one is over. Ashley Williams will be the other half to the Medal of Honor! No! LOOK! HE IS RESISTING IT! THIS MAN IS AMAZING! Instead of crawling to the ropes, the bigger man attempts to reverse the move. She tries to fight it, but after a few seconds, he forces her arms apart. She now seems trapped in his clutches, as he stands back up, puts her in double underhook position. Ashley tries to fight, but he there is no give this time. HE BRINGS HER DOWN, NAILING ANOTHER SCREW PG WRESTLING ONTO THE MAT!

Chris Walker: Oh no ...She got hit with that move for a second time. I don't know if Ashley can come back. Dillion might have just signed his ticket for the Medal of Honor with that move.  However, before he can score the pinfall, Wulf Erikson is back up, GRABS HIM AND HITS A LIGHTING SPIRAL HE CALLS WIT'S END ON KRUGER OUT OF NOWHERE! The fans cheer the triumphant return of their hero as he quickly goes to cover the villain in this match.

Ref: ONE!!!!




A.J. Richards: Scoring his first pinfall… WULFFF ERIKSSSONNN!!!

Vincent Price: Out of nowhere, the fan's hero, Wulf Erikson hit that beautiful move to tie it up. One to one to one.

Chris Walker: He STOLE that win from Dillion.

Vincent Price: If you meant that he wrestled the match within the rules, then yes, he certainly STOLE it. With it all tied up now, Wulf is the only man standing in the ring as both his competitors are down. He suddenly gets a very clever idea and a wild look on his face. He drags Dillion near one of the turnbuckles, but then he grabs a lifeless Ashley Williams and drapes her next to him. Wulf then heads outside the ring and grabs a steel chair. He climbs back in it and goes to the top turnbuckle ...HOWEVER the referee gets in his way attempts to stop him from using said steel chair. Instead of performing the move, he finds himself arguing with the referee.

Chris Walker: Wulf Erikson looking to get a bit extreme here, but the official will be having none of it ...much to the distaste to the fans in attendance. Suddenly, Ashley Williams springs back to life and springboards off the ropes and kicks Wulf in the head, making him stagger on the turnbuckle, but he somehow manages to hold himself there. However, he does drop the steel chair into the middle of the ring. Ashley then joins him on the top turnbuckle and starts nailing him with lefts and rights. She then attempts to lift him off the turnbuckles with a superplex, but he manages to hold himself there. Wulf starts pounding her with lefts and rights as well, trying desperately to knock her off of the turnbuckle.

Vincent Price: This WON'T end well and I'm excited to see them both crash and burn. This is why wrestling was made. Before anyone of them could make the other budge, Dillion Kruger is back up, and puts Ashley in a suplex position of her own. She holds onto Wulf even tighter as Kruger tightens his grip. He brings her down with a superplex, but she keeps her grip on Wulf as he does this and EVERYBODY COLLIDES IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING. Even Dillion didn't get off unscathed as he collided with the steel chair in the ring. All three competitors are now out in a big way. One more pinfall and this one is over.



Ref: ONEE!!!




( “Surprise, You’re Dead” by Revocation blasts through the speakers. Wulf stands up and gets his hand raised in victory. )

A.J. Richards: Here is your winner… The other half of the XHW Medal of Honor holder… WULFFFF ERIKSSSONNN!!!

Vincent Price: WHAT A MATCH! Ashley almost pulled the victory on the two men, but Wulf was able to counter Ashley’s counter and put an end to it. Props to all competitors, Wulf came out on top, Ashley put on a hell of a show, and Dillion showed that he’s going to be quite the force to stop here in XHW!

Chris Walker: What looked like an early victory from the start for Dillion, turned into a 3 way tie where the final pinfall or submission would end it and that’s just what happened. Congratulations to Wulf on the victory and becoming the co-holder for the Medal of Honor, but do not count Dillion and Ashley out of this Series!

Vincent Price: Well that’s going to be all for the debut of XHW! We hope you enjoyed it and we’ll see you next week for the second episode!

( “Indestructible” by Disturbed hits the PA system as Jacob Steele emerges onto the stage. With a mic in hand, Jacob begins clapping and nodding in approval. Every fan in the building rises to their feet and begins clapping with Jacob. )

Jacob Steele: All I can say is; thank you. You all have been amazing here tonight and we can’t express how much we appreciate you. You’ve made tonight special, not just for me, but for all of the talent in the back. We hope to see you in Miami next week and then on the road with us as we make our way to Hell From Above! Tonight, we made history. Tonight, we found out who the two co-holders of the XHW Medal of Honor were. Tonight, we cemented ourselves in this industry as an up and coming federation. From this point forward, we make our rise to the top. It starts with you all. You are what’s going to make this road special for us. Congratulations to all the competitors tonight who picked up victories. Congratulations to those who didn’t. You all put on one hell of a show and you all should feel victories. We still have the rest of the Gold Bound Series to finish, so keep your heads up. We’ll see you all next week. Have a great night and again - thank you.

( “Indestructible” begins to play again as Jacob, still clapping, turns around and heads backstage. The camera quickly cuts to the announcer table. )

Vincent Price: There you have it! Thank you all! Thank you Spike TV! We’ll see you all next week!

Chris Walker: Chris Walker and Vincent Price signing out! Until next week!

( The camera pans out to see the arena and the fans on their feet. The scene fades to black. )

( XHW Logo Flashes)
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4/22/17 Fallout Results
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