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 The Boy Who Cried: Wulf

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PostSubject: The Boy Who Cried: Wulf    Tue Apr 25, 2017 10:36 pm

Nothing is as it seems.

Edwards Hall in Miami was quiet. The ring had already been set up for XHW “Fallout” and there was a ladder in the ring, the medal of honor was already on top, shining in a single gold light that shone down upon it. Either Cosmo Cooper or Wulf Erikson would walk away with the medal of honor, deciding on social media that they didn’t want to share it…Instead of being tag champions—one would be the medal of honor recipient and the other would be left without anything to fall back on, forced to put destiny in their own hands with the Gold Bound series.

Through the unfinished stage comes Cosmo Cooper. The usual wide smile on his face. The long t-shirt he had on with a pair of teal shorts read Anastasia Hayden on the front with some other designs as he looked around as if the crowd was already there, a pair of slip on shoes on his feet as he walked down the unfinished staged and towards the ring.

“Everybody in this business wants to take that…That next step. Everyone wants to climb that ladder and reach out for success, but not everyone is cut out for it.”

Cosmo walked towards the ring and took his shoes off as he usually did before his matches, leaving them at ringside he pulled himself up to the apron and then stepped through the ropes and looked up at the ladder, the shining medal at the top.

“I made my first step in XHW, I stepped on that first wrung.”

He put his foot on the bottom of the ladder and then gave a wide smirk as he stepped off and grabbed the ladder, picking it up he chucked it out of the ring and it fell with a clatter as he gave it a crotch chop on it’s way out.

“What do you take me for? Some generic, lackluster wrestler like Wulf Erikson? We aren’t doing that shit. We aren’t climbing ladders as we cut promos. Shit worked in the 90s, nobody wants to see that now. I don’t need imagery or a ladder. I don’t need to pay some dude to stand up there in the crowd and try and kick me out, and then pretend he’s a big fan so he lets me stick around. Nope. I’m here, just as I will be at Fallout, ready for a FIGHT, Wulf.”

“You have the medal and wear it proudly, because you need that type of recognition. You need someone constantly patting you on the back and telling you it’s okay. That’s why we see you in every new company that pops up. Oh! Wulf is booked here! Oh, Wulf is booked there. For a while you were claiming to be unbeaten when you had already half-assed it in a handful of other companies and you still claimed you were unbeaten because you were giving it your all in one place. I should do XHW a favor and send your ass packing like I sent Buffy packing.”

“Last week, you saw what jokes did for Buffy. I shut her up, I shut diaper baby Kessler up as well. You’re nothing more than a comedian, the only thing he has in his arsenal is a few jokes he saw on Reddit. This isn’t a stand-up stage, and even if it were…You’d get booed off of it with fart jokes and shit you see on Family Guy. I don’t try and make people laugh, I don’t try and make people think I’m cool by posting memes. I suplex people out of their skin. So keep laughing, keep thinking it’s all a game…It’ll be even sweeter when I do the same thing to you.”

“I’m sure you saw a new company opening, a typical loser like yourself decided you’d hop in to try and win some easy gold to pad your resume, because you desperately need it. The wrestling world doesn’t need your type. The wrestling world needs people like me! People like me who are hungry and want it. People like me who are in this for their first championship and not looking for something brag on about on social media. People like me who has more than two brain cells. People like me who aren’t too stupid to insult. Because I know saying all of this to you is like talking to a brick wall. Trust me, I’ve done my homework…I’ve seen you in action on the mic and in the ring and it’s all been lackluster then, and it’ll all be lackluster now.”

“I’m the type of guy to hedge my bets, Wulf. I don’t like having egg on my face if you could imagine, so usually I like to give it a chance that maybe I’ll lose, maybe I’ll look like an idiot. This is a ladder match, anything can happen. I could get stuck in the ropes and you could climb it. This match leaves it up to freak accidents, but from the moment I looked at you Wulf…I knew I was better, just like when I looked at Buffy and Kessler. I knew I was better, and at the end of the night…You’re going to know the same thing…That I am better.”

“People like you? You need your own little safe space for people like me. Trust me, I keep an eye on WWH, much like Kaden Kessler they can’t handle when someone says something rude to them. They cry and protect their accounts or block people on the internet. Me? I’m all man, Wulf. Anyone who has a problem with me? I’m not pressing that block button or mute button because I’m scared. I’m dealing with it in the wrestling ring. People like you love to run your mouth, you looovee to post your little memes and you love to pretend this is just such a fun little game for you and your crew.”

“Fun? Fun is being a superior athlete to everyone you step into the ring with. Hell, just look at my body and then look at yours, Wulf. You’re disgusting. You may weigh 185 but you don’t take care of your body like I do. I am sure you’re going after shows and shoving burgers into your throat much like Griffin Hawkins slams his…Well…You know…Down your throat on the regular. I’m out taking care of myself. I’m a champion inside the ring and outside the ring, and Wulf. You can bet that I am the greatest athlete you’ve ever stepped into the ring with, because I’m not going to be the one trying to climb this ladder as quickly as possible so I can grab that title. I’m trying to toss you around like a rag doll and prove a point.”

“Sure, week one was pretty successful for both of us, Wulf. But here is where the separation comes. Let’s face it, you got put in a match with a bunch of slappys. Period. I got put in a match with Kessler and Buffy who both wanted to down me, but they just weren’t good enough. You were spoon fed two victories on your end, you were given it. I had to earn mine. Buffy got a fluke win over Kessler and then disappeared. You’re a clear 7 points ahead because you were handed that, much like if you weren’t in the wrestling business you’d be given government hand-outs because we both know you’re unemployable with that look you’ve got going on.”

“So I know it’ll e something you brag about to whatever delusional fan you pay to act like they’re coming to see you wrestle. I know you’ll hold it above my head that you’re clear ahead of me by seven points. So far this hasn’t been about skill. If it were? I’d be up seven points on you right now, but because you were playing with the B team and I was given the A team. I’m playing from behind. That’s fine. I’ll get it back, but let’s not pretend you EARNED it. I’ll keep jumping off the deep end while you’re playing in the kiddy pool with water-wings and bragging about it.”

“I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not the biggest star in the world, Wulf. My name is known on the underground, the armories, the school gyms because that’s what I’ve been doing the pay the bills. I was looking forward to people who have already been on the big time to draw a big house for the opening of XHW…But it failed. Your name was on the card, you were supposed to be someone who everyone sees on television every week, you were supposed to be the crowning jewel of the signing class for XHW…Yet…Your name on the card left 10,000 empty seats in the Amway Center, and you’re the one who was carrying around hundreds of tickets around trying to give them away.”

“Embarrassing. I know what you’re thinking. But Cosmo, you’re also on the call…Why aren’t the fans coming for you? Look, I know I have a very small fanbase right now. I’m out here trying to get some eyes on me. I was in AWE, it was a very small company. Besides that, I’ve only worked in California. No excuse for Wulf. He’s on television every week in other companies, he’s a champion. Shouldn’t be able to draw more? IF you asked him…I’m sure, but it just isn’t the case. Instead, someone like me who has barely any exposure at all is going to be asked to tote the load…Hey…I think I’m more than capable of doing that.”

“I didn’t ask for this match because I didn’t want to share with you, Wulf. I share just fine. I didn’t want to share it with YOU. There’s a difference. I don’t want to be caught dead with something as prestigious as that medal of honor with the likes of you. I knew that you would be STUPID enough to take that challenge. I knew your ego would get in the way and cloud your judgement. I knew you would bite, and I knew without a shadow of a doubt I would be able to beat your ass and be the sole holder of the medal of honor.”


Cosmo pointed up to the medal above him, the ladder was now crashed in a heap outside of the ring as he nodded to the crumpled ladder as well.

“There’s always a but. I didn’t know it was going to be a ladder match. I get it, you’re a high flyer. You’re like, an extreme champion or whatever in other companies. It’ll just make it even sweeter when I beat you at your own game. Buffy thought she caught beat me at mine, and now she’s going to be home sitting on her fat ass eating popcorn and watching me climb this ladder, grab that medal of honor for myself, and if you do stay on top of me in that Gold Bound Series…I’ll just come after you with the medal when it’s all said and done.”

“Last week was your ‘Make a Wish’, Wulf. You got what you needed. A jump start in the Gold Bound Series, and that medal. This week you lose that medal, and I close in on that stupid lead you have over me. It’s going to be Separation Saturday…And Cosmo Cooper makes one giant leap to sit at the throne atop XHW…”

“It’s nothing personal Wulf…Well…It is, but don’t feel bad. Because at the end?”

A smirk.

“I’m just better.”


Ana Hayden had become one of Cosmo Coopers best friends in the wrestling business. In the brief time Ana and Cosmo were in the AWE together, Cosmo had actually broke in thanks partly to Ana wanting some numbers to take over the company. At the time, AWE was full of pretenders. Full of happy-go-wrestlers who were just happy to be there. Times changed quickly when Generation Now entered, and they left bodies behind them.

Of course, during the layover in Las Vegas, Cosmo was happy he would get to see Ana and hang out with her before her final match in #FSociety Wrestling which was shutting it’s doors.

Thankfully, XHW had let he and Wulf both have medals to prove they had won the medal of honor, which guaranteed that title shot in XHW. So OF COURSE, Cosmo was wearing his everywhere he went. On the plane, and now in the restaurant where he sat and waited on Ana. Playing on his phone, the medal of honor around his neck. It never occurred to him how odd it looked.

It seemed even odder with his voice of dress. The floppy button up t-shirt with a pair of khaki shorts with a flat bill hat turned backwards keeping his hair from falling into his eyes, he sure didn’t look like the type that would be wearing a medal of honor of any sort. Normally that meant you were military. Prim, proper and a stoic look about you. Cosmo was complete the opposite as he smiled and waved to the people who looked at him.

People were being very friendly for seemingly no reason.

Professional wrestling was pretty well a universal language, that is if you were into it. If you didn’t know what pro wrestling was or didn’t follow it. There would be no way you knew Cosmo Cooper unless you were from his neighborhood or followed wrestling in the state, or sports as a whole because of his success when he was younger. That’s why he found it so odd people were walking by and waving at him, or smiling. Were people in Vegas always this friendly?

Cosmo knew, for a fact that XHW hadn’t performed like it should have, but he had no idea this many people had tuned in to see Cosmo Cooper win his match against Buffy and Kaden Kessler. The TV ratings must have been a little better than the reported attendance at the show. Cosmo was night enough though, he would wave back and smile at whoever waved at him, or he would give him the nod. Eventually, someone came up and saluted him.

“Thank you for your service, sir.” The man said and then walked away, Cosmo took his flat bill off and scratched his head as he watched the man walk away.

“What in the hell is going on?” Cooper wandered aloud as he stood up and went walking through the small strip mall where he was meeting Ana for lunch. Everywhere he walked, people were stopping him and shaking his hand. Bewildered, Cosmo tried to look down at his phone to keep from being awkward.

Posting up on a wall, Cooper began scrolling through Twitter. Rolling his eyes at another stupid Wulf meme, someone had posted some nudes, Buffy was bitching about some conspiracy theory about why she lost when someone came up to him and touched him on the shoulder. It was a man and a woman.

“Excuse me, sir. We just wanted to say thank you for your service,” said the woman as she extended her hand towards him and then her husband was soon to follow.

“Yes, with the way the world has been on edge in the last few months and on the verge of war. It’s not very often you get to see a veteran, especially a Medal of Honor recipient and then get to shake their hand.”

Cosmo’s mouth fell open as he looked down to the medal and then up to the couple. Stammering for a minute he looked at it and nodded but then slowly shook his head back and forth with a small chuckle.

“Uh, guys I hate to break it to you but…I’m a professional wrestler. This isn’t anything to do with the army. Actually it means I can essentially get a title match at any time…And..” Before Cosmo could finish the couple gave him a disgusted look and walked away as Cosmo rubbed the back of his head. “Uh…Tune into FallOut! Haha!”

Watching them walk away, Cosmo took the medal from his neck and with his head down he stuffed it into his pocket with a frown. As he walked down towards the restaurant where he had agreed to meet Ana, nobody else looked at Cosmo. Nobody was smiling, it was as if once again he didn’t exist in their realm. All eyes weren’t on him like they were in a wrestling ring.

It was a lesson. Everything wasn’t as it seemed. Sure, Wulf may have had one half of the medal. He may have had all the television exposure in the world, he may be a champion in other companies but he was on the same level as Cosmo in XHW. Just because he had more points in the Gold Bound Series, didn’t mean he was better…And just because he was a self proclaimed “flippy wrestler”, didn’t mean that this was a match made in heaven for him.

When Cosmo looked up, he was met face to face with Ana Hayden. Having recently won the last ever #FSociety High Roller championship, she looked a little worse for wear, but was happy to see Cosmo all the same.

It was good to see a friend after weeks of traveling alone.

Trevor and Cosmo were still at odds, the road weekly was a little different that traveling once a week to AWE shows…So all he could do was FaceTime his grandmother and his pets when his friend would go over and check on them for him. Towns began to run together, but it was all okay when Ana came walking in with a big smile on her face. It was a friend. It was comfort.

Now all he needed was a win over Wulf to feel complete.


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The Boy Who Cried: Wulf
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