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 Official Rules & Regulations

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Jacob Steele

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PostSubject: Official Rules & Regulations   Sun Sep 11, 2016 6:16 pm

Activity & Inactivity

  • If you are inactive (Not being on the website for two weeks at a minimum), without letting the owner know, you will be released.
  • If you do not RP for matches you are scheduled for, but you are on the site someway or another without any reasoning, you will no longer be booked until further notice.
  • Just show up, RP, communicate and have fun!

Sign Up

  • Your pic base can be anyone that has high resolution pictures for Graphics. Wrestlers & MMA fighters are usually best, but pic bases will be approved upon signing up.
  • Make sure your name on the website is the same as your ring name. It'll save writers from getting confused and looking past your promos.
  • Please make sure that the pic base you are wanting to sign up with is not taken. If you sign up with a taken pic base, your sign up will not be accepted and you will need to change it. An unavailable pic base list is up to view HERE!
  • Don't copy another members info and make minor changes to it. It will be noticed and your sign up will not be accepted. Please be original.
  • If you have a custom move you must put what the move is in parenthesis's.
  • Please be sure to have at most 3 Finishers, 5 Signatures, and 10 Common Moves. Don't just put "Randy Orton's Finishers". Fill out your info all the way or it won't be accepted.
  • Once you sign up, you CANNOT change your pic base until after an FPV. After FPV's are when we do roster cleans, which means inactive people or people that want to change pic bases will be in effect. If you are wanting to change, reserve your pic base HERE!
  • Upon sign up, it is recommended to post a debut promo within 3 days of posting your sign up.

Chat Rules

  • Spamming or flooding will result in an automatic kick. If you do not stop, you will be banned. If it continues after that, you will be released.
  • Linking E-Feds that we are not affiliated with will result in an automatic ban, from both the chat and the website.
  • Racism will not be tolerated.
  • Otherwise, have fun and don't be stupid.

Roleplay/Promo Rules

  • If you can't promo, let Jacob Steele know how long you will be out. If you don't, you will lose whatever match you're involved with unless your opponent(s) did the same thing. You will never win a championship if you do not promo.
  • 2 RP/2k Word Limit for regular matches
    2 RP/2.5k Word Limit for Tag Matches
    2 RP/3k Word Limit for Title Matches
    3 RP/2k Word Limit for regular FPV Matches
    3 RP/2.5k Word Limit for FPV Special Matches
    3 RP/3k Word Limit for FPV Title Matches
    3 RP/3.5k Word Limit for FPV Main Event Title Matches
  • Roleplay/Promo deadlines will ALWAYS be 11:59 PM EST the day before the show.
  • No challenging people to titles matches or taking their titles.
  • No random backstage beatdowns.
  • No racism. Period.
  • Promo's must be more than a few sentences. If the promo is not then you will not receive credit for the promo.
  • No mentioning other stream sites or E-Feds besides XHW, because no one here cares. Anything you accomplished elsewhere doesn't matter here.
  • Remember, its about quality, not quantity.
  • You can't destroy anything in the authority figures office or anything to that effect.
  • The authority figures are the General Manager(s) and Chairman, unless otherwise stated.
  • Make sure if you're going to use someone in a promo they know about it.
  • It's alright if you try to start a fued within a promo, but don't try to make a storyline out if it. If you have a storyline idea, talk to Jacob Steele about it.

Other Rules & Regulations

  • Rosters are updated after every FPV and as people sign up. This includes: releasing inactive members, updating pic bases/roster pics, and updating rankings if we decide to have them.
  • Being a staff member DOES NOT improve your chances of being a champion or being higher up on the roster. Staff members have to earn their way up just like regular members, no matter how much they contribute to the site.
  • If you are a staff member, and you are either not doing your job or not doing it correctly, you will be removed from the staff. Being removed from the staff has no effect on your career here.
  • No posting porn anywhere on the site. That includes the forums, the chat, and on the promo page. It will not be tolerated.
  • Besides all of the rules that have been listed, just enjoy your time here in XHW! We gladly appreciate your interest in us and we wish you the best with your careers here!
  • We don't care who you are in other feds, you're a brand new person when you come here. You get what you deserve. You work for what you want. There's no favoritism here.
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Official Rules & Regulations
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