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 Ashley RP2

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Ashley Williams


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PostSubject: Ashley RP2   Fri Apr 28, 2017 8:29 pm


Ashley stood in the XHW Backstage area wearing a strappy top that exposed her stomach and a pair of gym shorts. Noticeably there was also some wrapping around her midriff, just the results of the beating she’d taken the week before.

There was no lie, she had enjoyed herself being back in the ring again, even if it was against two men that vastly outweighed her and could lift her up with ease, she had gotten to show off her speed and her technical ability, even if her finisher had been unlocked by Wulf Erikson. However the fact remained that she had still lost the match, it had been her fault as well. She had gotten sloppy with her execution of her second Unprettier and that had been the telling point in the match and that was what was going to be written at the end of the day, Ashley had a X in the loss column of her XHW stats and that just didn’t sit right with her. This week was a different matter though as now she had the chance to get revenge on Dillion Kruger for piledriving her to oblivion, then there was just the matter of dealing with Kaden Kessler.

SCENE ONE: Limping ain’t easy (And neither is chronic back pain)

With two men holding her at each side, her arms sprawled out over each of their broad shoulders, Ashley was brought into the backstage area after one hell of a hellacious match. Tapping them and mouthing “I’m OK” Ash insisted that they let her go and that was when the world went a little fuzzy again. Feeling all the color drain out of her face, she lurched forward and completely lost most of her pre-match meal.

Nearly heaving himself, one of the stocky men took hold of Ashley again, leading her on toward the medical room, making sure to avoid the pile of vomit as his friend joined them, doing their damndest to keep the young lady vertical and free from puke as possible.

Looking around, she felt fine but the taste of vomit was fresh in her mouth and she had to exercise every ounce of control to not heave forward again and get rid of even more of her lunch from earlier. She could feel herself moving forward but could not entirely feel her actual feet moving themselves, it felt more like floating. She knew she’d been through Hell and she knew that she had put in a damn good showing against two of XHW’s best but she also knew that the pain shooting through every inch of her body was news that she wasn’t quite ready and needed a little more training.

Wrestling was a hard business and it wasn’t like she was completely ignorant to the amount of training you had to put in just to survive in the sport. She wasn’t a slacker, she trained just as hard as any of the other guys in the locker room, if not harder sometimes but the fact remained, her last professional match had been back in 2016, early 2016 to be more precise and since then she had just sat at home playing video games and considering herself retired.

When she had gotten the call from Jacob Steele’s secretary, she smiled a little, knowing that just at that time was the best time to make her return to the squared circle, however, she didn’t expect herself to be so out of practice and that was exactly why she was being lead to a medical room by two burly men

Being placed on the medical table, she went through all of the tests, from having her blood pressure tested by that annoying nurse with the even more annoying pump thingy that she really hated, all the way to even checking her eyes to make sure she could see straight. Surely this match hadn’t taken that much out of her? Somewhere deep inside she knew that it had though, if anything, she was now feeling the bad side of her twenties and it was only going to get worse from here on out.

Being turned onto her front, the nurse began to massage the small of her back and that was when she felt the first real pangs of pain and she knew that maybe something was wrong. Maybe she’d taken one too many bad bumps and was now beginning to feel it? Whatever happened, she was going out for whatever match had been planned for her the following week.

SCENE TWO: Kaden and Dillion?
DATE: 25TH  APRIL 2017

The back pain was still very much there but the compression bandages had been doing a good job to try to keep it all under control, as were the painkillers and the inflammatories that were coursing through Ashley’s body.

As Niles was just about to sign divorce papers, Ashley got a knock at the door and paused her Frasier box set. Walking over, she answered the door and was handed a note, this time telling her that she had a match, once again against two men, this time being Dillion Kruger and Kaden Kessler.  Throwing the letter down on her settee, she pressed pause again and continued watching, holding her stomach as she did so.

SCENE THREE: The Future? You Damn Right!
LOCATION: XHW Backstage Area
DATE: 27TH  APRIL 2017

Adjusting the strappy top and checking on the bandages around her midriff, Ashley took the microphone. Raising it to her ruby tinged lips, she began to speak.

Ashley Williams
”Well, what do you say about that? I lasted in a ring with two very impressive wrestlers in Dillion Kruger and Wulf Erikson. Not only that but I pinned Wulf Erikson with my Erase/Rewind. Sadly, he worked out how to unlock that damn move the second time and here I stand in front of you, a loser.

Except that all that has done is just lit a fire under The Future, The Upstart. You see, I did not come to this company to not win gold. As far as I’m concerned, if you didn’t come here to win gold, then why did you bother becoming a professional wrestler in the first place?”

She stopped for a second, holding her midriff as she took a sip of her water.

Ashley Williams
Ashley Williams

Dillion Kruger…You’ve seen what I can do and you’ve felt what I can do and by the same rights, I’ve seen everything you do and so I’m gonna say it right now, I respect you! I may have talked trash about you before but once you put a person through the shit that we put each other through, there is no question as to the respect that I owe you and it’s gonna be fun to face you in that ring again however this time you ain’t dropping me on my head twice. This time I’m far more prepared and I know I’m going to counter out of it just this once.

Now, onto Kaden Kessler. I’ve never faced this guy in my life and I know he’s good but, much like me, he is coming off a loss so we’re both in that position where we both have nothing to lose but that is exactly the environment where I thrive”

The difference between yourself and I, Kaden is the fact that I’m still young and I’m looking for every and any opportunity to prove myself and you’re just going through the motions. All I’m gonna say is if you want the old boy to be taken behind the barn and shot, I’m willing to do it.


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Ashley RP2
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