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 Introduction Vlog

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PostSubject: Introduction Vlog   Fri Apr 28, 2017 8:43 pm



"Wow! Ok"

Trixie says watching the ending of Fallout episode one: The Beginning as Sapphire stood in the ring delivering her message.

"If that’s supposed to intimidate me, well, I’m not."

Trixie says with a confident smile turning off the television there and hears the loud clacking of two punching pads that echo from the room across. Trixie instead of checking out the noise, she loads up her phone camera to snap herself a selfie of her in her ring gear. Hair done in ponytails. Pink top leaving her slender stomach exposed with matching shorts on.

"So this match looks like this. Sapphire winner, Kotaro loser and Trixie is the new debut? No."

Trixie shakes her head.

"Sapphire was the winner last week, Kotaro will still be a loser but Trixie is here to make those seven points Sapphire won last week very old news. I’m here to be the running trend, I miss the first show but I’m always helping the new companies grow. Fallout is brand new, it’s got a few people I know here but these two opponents are Totally new to me, thankfully the Trixie Brand fans ALWAYS send me the details in this little forum thingy. Let’s have a look."

Trixie grabs hold of her ipad and with her thumb, she begins to navigate to the site and browse over Sapphire and Kotaro, looking over what got submitted to her.

"Well I’m definitely the smallest and lightest, but definitely the prettiest, I don’t know what man finds that look Sapphire has appealing. She’s more cut than most guys are. Scroll away…"

Trixie does with a quick flick of her thumb.

"But this is a triple threat, and I’ve had plenty of experience in my career over at ECWF in fatal four way matches. That’s one more body to keep track off and I haven’t lost one yet. The Fatal Fourway Fatale you could call me, but I do like the Triple Threat Trickster better."

"Because that is what these matches are. They let you be tricky, you’re your opponent, they see the weirdest of alliances but I know weird things freak Sapphire out, according to my fans who said she’s not about matches with weird rules. I’ve been taught triple threat matches are glorified hardcore matches. No Disqualification and count out are totally the norm. I’m a pretty girl but that doesn’t mean I’m no stranger to a weapon."

Trixie showcases a small pink can of pepperspray with a T painted on it that she tosses and catches.

"That will come in handy. You can be ripped as that green guy from the superhero movies but pepper spray hurts like a bitch and I’m certainly not going to be losing my match because I was friendly. I’m totally going to be a bit of a bitch to the emperor and to Muscles and leave them both with stinging red eyes because I can. UHW has never seen anyone do it, April 29th, I assure you, it can happen.
And if you’re watching this and haven’t joined the Trixie Brand fan club, do so. #TeamTrixie join the winning team, because XHW is officially a weekly tour date. Sapphire and Kotaro are my first opponents and you’re not going to want to miss the Prime Girl show these two what I do in ECWF, what I do in So-Cal, in EWC Prime and so on. I bring an utmost weird and wonderful thinking to my matches that make them memorable. I will make this one memorable, all with a little pepper, the spice of life. Toodles.

With that Trixie closes the camera after she stops recording and uploads it for the world to see and for her nerd for hire to upload it onto the Trixie Brand website for her fans to see.
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Introduction Vlog
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