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 Hooked on a Feeling

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PostSubject: Hooked on a Feeling    Fri Apr 28, 2017 11:42 pm

Jackson, Mississippi was home of GCW. The other company that Cosmo Cooper called home. While he stopped every week, while he had matches there, XHW was his home. It didn’t mean that he couldn’t enjoy the wins he was picking up week in and week out. This week was different, instead of getting on the road to Miami to make another town, Cosmo found himself crotched by the entrance as he looked through the curtain to the main event, his good friend Leela Watts was in the main event challenging even a man he couldn’t beat in Zack Burton.

If anyone were watching Cosmo from a distance, they would see him groan and grunt with every move that Leela took. Living and dying by the match, showed peers just what type of fan and friend he was. Cosmo loved professional graps, so much so while everyone else was slamming catering or had already left Jackson, he was still watching the main event and cheering on his friend Leela.

“C’mon…C’mon Leela…” Cosmo muttered as he bit into his final fingernail on his ring finger as he tore the nail off and then spit it over to the side as he finally stood up from his hunches and leaned on the frame that held up the curtain leading out into the arena. If anyone saw Cosmo like this, nobody would have expected him to be ready for Wulf Erikson, but trust me. If you asked Cosmo, that still weighed heavily on him even as he stood here and cheered for his friend.


Leela had just taken a hard slam and winced in pain as she held on to the small of her back. Just behind him, Trevor Miller walked into the scene. You may remember Trevor from being Cosmo’s former partner and also travel buddy, but a number one contenders match had found Cosmo through a table at the hands of Trevor, and Cosmo and Trev had been at odds ever since.

“Not on the road yet?” Miller asked as he approached slowly, standing on the other side of the curtain. Cosmo glanced over to him as the crowd popped causing Cosmo to look back towards the ring as Burton gave Leela a big chop on the other side of the ring causing her to stumble out and fall in the middle of the ring. “Figured you’d be wanting to get ready for the Wulf man.”

Cosmo looked over to Trevor with a smirk as he shook his head and gave him a ‘bro, are you serious’ look as he glanced back towards the ring. Trevor was wearing a long sleeved top with his championship belt over top of it and a pair of black athletic shorts. The championship suited him so well, Cosmo looked at his anxiously.

“Yeah, well…Maybe I should be,” Cosmo said as he crossed his arms over top of his t-shirt which had the XHW logo on it, he had a pair of cargo shorts on with his flat bill as usual turned backwards. “Hopefully he’s preparing for me a little more than he prepared for his match this week, he has a little bit of a bigger challenge this week…That’s a promise.”

While usually Cosmo was one to let shit roll off his back, he kept glancing over to Trevor’s championship. In a lot of ways, Cosmo thought it belonged to him, thought he should have that belt around his waist. Instead, in his case he had a couple of poorly made championship titles from promotions that nobody had ever heard of.

It was time to change that it XHW.

“Think she has a chance?” Trevor said, nodding towards the ring as Leela took another power slam and Cosmo winced and walked away nervously from the curtain before walking back and looking.

“Of course I do. Leela is a badass. She deserves this.” Cosmo responded, although his voice didn’t sound too hopeful for her as she was going against someone that Cosmo constantly called sasquatch, and Cosmo wasn’t even able to beat him. Burton had left him laying.

Wulf being a champion bothered Cosmo, because no matter what Cosmo said, Wulf would always have that dangle over him, and that’s why it was so important to Cosmo that he pulled that medal off the ladder before Wulf had a chance to. It would give him bragging rights, it would give him something to wear around proudly and it would give him a chance at a championship opportunity somewhere down the road.

Cosmo’s heart fluttered as he saw Leela begin pumping the forearms into Burton’s chin which rocked him backwards. Leela wouldn’t quit.

Neither would Cosmo.

“Damn, she may pull this off yet…” Trevor muttered from his spot on the railing next to Cosmo as he looked over to his former partner and nodded.

Leela was the only friend Cosmo had that hadn’t won a major championship. Bryan Williams had won the 4CW Pride Championship just days earlier, Ana Hayden had won and retained the High Roller Championship when it closed and then won an AWE title when it closed as well. Trevor was a champion in GCW…Wherever Cosmo went…Someone had a championship to throw into his face.

Being selfish wouldn’t get you anywhere though. While Cosmo was born an only child, he had always been happy—not jealous of his friends success but part of that was because of how successful he was himself. A state championship in football, a state title in wrestling in his weight class, a state championship in basketball. Cosmo was homecoming king, he was prom king, and nobody in the town ever said anything about sports without mentioning that kid everyone called Cosmo who also competed for a national championship at his weight class in wrestling.

It was easy to be happy for success when you had a lot of it yourself. Wrestling at this level had been different. Challenges Cosmo thought he would never have to face had popped up, and it wasn’t as easy as just being better. It mattered who you were facing, where you were facing them and in what match.

Cosmo Cooper would be in his first ever ladder match, against a man the match was made for…If we were being honest. Cosmo had never even flown from the top rope, let alone jump off the top of a ladder or be tossed off the top of a ladder. Hell, he was scared of heights as well.

Now, it didn’t stop him from leaping into the air as Burton fell like a tall tree onto the ground. It was all a blur as the crowd rose to their feet. Like something out a movie, Cosmo’s thoughts of Wulf and the ladder match went away as he watched Leela dive on top of Burton.





Then a roar.

Cosmo was apart of that roar as he leapt up and down, and even he and Trevor had tossed their rivalry aside for the moment as they slapped hands as Leela was in tears as she was given the championship. He wanted to run out and maul her with a hug. But he knew this was her moment.

“HELL yes!” Cosmo yelled as he pumped his fist in the curtain as he let out a yell.

While this was Leelas moment. It was something Cosmo wanted to chase. The last friend he had without a championship, now had one of the biggest in the game. With misty eyes, Cosmo didn’t hear anything that was going on. The roar of the crowd was something he wanted to hear when he kicked Wulf off of the top of the ladder as he was yelling “This is Sparta”.

Finally when Leela split the curtain, it was Cosmo who scooped her up in a hug as she leapt in his arms and they embraced as she held the title up. Cosmo planted a kiss on her cheek as he let her down and they shared a smile.

“I’m so damn proud of you, girl.” Cosmo said as he put his forehead to hers with a smile as he hugged Cosmo back. “So damn proud! I knew you could do it!”

Leela nodded, she was exhausted, and when you were the champion everyone wanted to shake your hand and be your friend, but she said something that just Cosmo could hear as they stood there around the crowd of people.

“You’re time is coming…Promise. You’re too good. Go kick Wulf’s ass.” And once more they hugged tightly before Leela went on into the masses, shaking hands and holding up the title as Leela walked away, Cosmo shook his head with a smile.

One day he wanted that to be him, he was hooked on the feeling.

It was a long road to Miami. 13 hours to be exact. A long time to think about the ways he was going to beat Wulf Erikson.


“People like me…We don’t play underdog. People like me, we were born better, we were bred better. Wulf? Born a loser…Born someone that nobody ever wanted, born a burden on his mother and his family. Now? Wulf is a burden on the entire wrestling world. Everywhere you look, he is universally hated. Now, I know what people like Wulf will say, and it’s the same thing the little nerd in 6th grade who got picked on would say. Oh, they hate me because I’m better than them. Oh, because they hate me I’m doing something right.”

“You can spin it to your narrative, Wulfie but nobody is really going to believe you. Keep telling yourself that so you can feel better but deep down you know that everyone hates you because you’re annoying, you aren’t a very good wrestler and you claim to be a lot of things that you aren’t. Sure, you can point to wins and championships—hell you can do a lot more of those than I can, but I can point to a lot of losses too. A lot of companies you go decimated in, or destroyed in, but we don’t hear about those. Out of your wins, I bet you have five embarrassing losses to every win…But you don’t talk about those.”

“Wulf, you crave attention. You have to be the coolest guy in the room. That’s why you do all of the flippy shit you do, because you need to stand out. You won’t be able to jump around and flip and all of that when I have you grounded in a knee bar and you’re unable to walk afterward. I don’t need that to stand out. I don’t need the fancy gear, I don’t need the fancy boots. All I need are my legs and arms. All I need is to walk out, drop down to one knee and open these arms and I have the wrestling WORLD in the palm of my hands.”

“Sure, you can say that you’re doing something right, but you’re not. Hell, it’s only recently you’ve adopted this high flying style, because once again you don’t even know your own personality. You latch on to whatever is popular, you cling to the current. Meanwhile, I’m out here blazing my own trail. I’m not afraid to admit weakness. I’m not afraid to tell you that I’m trying to make a name for myself. I’m not afraid to admit that I may lose a match, and I’m not afraid to admit I’ve never won a major championship.”

“Because I know this is a win/win for me. No matter what happens after this match, no matter how many titles Wulf has. I’ll still come out looking better. I’ll still come out as someone who has more potential, who has more skill and someone who can actually cut a damn promo without just copying everything my opponent has already said about me and using it for my own shit. Especially when it’s the first thing I’ve ever said about my opponent. It’s weak, it’s cowardly, and it’s not how Cosmo Cooper plays.”

“Wulf can drag out all of his championships…Which I mentioned by the way…He can talk about being a locker room leader and he can talk about how he is so successful. It doesn’t add up, a lot of what Wulf says never adds up, but for him to be such the experienced wrestler…Why did he have to follow a rookies lead? Hmm? Is that the example that a company like XHW is trying to set? That some lazy, prick can just sit around and wait for someone to say something…Without saying anything first I might add, and then just rebuttal everything they say? Why am I the one continuing to set the bar? Why am I the one who had to get things out first? Why did I have to draw back and strike first?”


“It’s exactly why I threw the challenge out there about wanting to be the sole medal holder. It was the reason I made the challenge and Wulf didn’t. I prefer grabbing the bull…Or in this case with Wulf, the calf by the horns. Wulf is your typical follower. The tact that Wulf shown is of course a method that is very popular in professional wrestling. Essentially I gave Wulf the material for his little promo, or little video blog because all the dumb fuck can come up with. I’m a leader, Wulf is a follower. That’s not the direction that XHW is going to go in. A direction where it’s a bunch of followers without a leader.”

“I don’t care about his championships, the fact still remains Wulf and all of his television glory couldn’t sell out the Amway Center. One day, XHW is going to get back to the Amway Center. One day, that place will be full and one day it won’t be because of Wulf Erikson. It will be because of Cosmo Cooper. It will be because I am out to prove that I’m one of the best wrestlers in the world. I can’t claim that yet, Wulf. I can’t claim the major championships. I’ve won a bunch of belts you’ve never heard of, nor anyone else has heard of, but I want to win THE belt…I want to the THE XHW title…I don’t just want that medal. I WANT IT ALL!”

“It doesn’t matter how many companies that will book you. Only one is taking a chance on me right now…And that is XHW. Only one company, I belong to Wulf. Because quality, over quantity. You can travel all over the world, but you’re watered down, it was proven last week. I’m not going to wait around in XHW and try and get an opportunity. I’m taking matters into my own hands…And you’re going to have to pry that medal from these cold, dead hands if you want to be the lone recipient, but you don’t have the balls…Last week you barely skated by…This week, you know as well as I do, you’re going to have to give me everything you’ve got…And it’s just something you don’t have.”

“A company like XHW doesn’t need wrestlers like you, Wulf. You see it all the time on the independent level. A small promotion tries to bring in a big name to draw money, but it’s the undercard that makes that money for them. It’s wrestlers like me who steal the show on the third match of the evening while wrestlers like Wulf get shot straight to the main event…But they always lay an egg. I’m a work horse. I don’t go for what is easy…I want what is hard and that’s why I challenged Wulf to this match. That’s why I want to take that medal away from him because people like him doesn’t deserve an easy road.”

“I’ll take the easy road as long as I work for it first, Wulf was going to be content, he was going to be complacent and he was just going to skate right by and use that medal for a title shot down the road by beating two wrestlers who were barely able to find the ring on their own. You know what my opponents are doing right now? Buffy would have beaten anyone else on the roster last week, and Kaden Kessler is in the middle of trying for an ECWF title shot. I beat both of them, and now…Now I’m going to put my body…Life and limb on the line to try and take something away from you that you don’t deserve.”

“XHW deserves better. I deserve better. The board of directors and the people who put MONEY into this company deserve better than a future champion by the name Wulf. Wulf doesn’t draw. The name Cosmo Cooper creates buzz, it gets eyes on this product. When they see your name, Wulf. Everyone rolls their eyes. I doubt even the companies you are in really want you there, besides WWH that is because that seems to be the land of misfit toys over there…Everyone hates those folks…Fittingly you are right in the mix over there and a champion…”

Cosmo rolled his eyes.

“In the debut show last week, Wulf…You couldn’t even bother to get more than one promotional out. You couldn’t post about it on your social media…You don’t care. You’re here to cash a check and hopefully get lucky to get another championship to add to your resume without really earning it. This week…You get exposed. This week I beat you at your own game…The flippy shit from a ladder. This week I pull down that medal of honor…I’ll climb back down that ladder and I’ll shove it into your face…I’ll tell you to take that message with you across the country…And everyone will know…That I’m Cosmo Cooper.”

“And I’m just better than you.”
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Hooked on a Feeling
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