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 Kaden Kesler RP

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PostSubject: Kaden Kesler RP   Fri Apr 28, 2017 11:47 pm

My head had been destroyed since I had lost my son Damien last week. How was I able to keep moving along like normally? Was I just immune to the pain that I should be facing? I didn’t know for sure what would happen since we buried him on Monday April 24th. That was the night I had decided to end everything. I didn’t want to live on after having to bury him. For those that didn’t know, I put a gun into my mouth and pulled the trigger however nothing happened. Was I lucky? Or was I unlucky? You decide..

“I didn't live up to what I said which is my fault. Lately, I have been distracted but I believe that the distraction will slowly subside and allow me to live up to my potential. For this I apologize to the management of XHW, the boys and girls in the back and whatever fans I do have left. I never meant to let anyone down and from this point forward, my actions will not speak louder than my words. I keep losing things in my life and this will have to stop and I believe the stopping begins with my second match up inside a XHW ring. A matchup against Dillion Kruger and Ashley Williams. All three of us lost in our Medal Of Honor matches and now each of us have the chance, the opportunity to not only earn some points in the Gold Bound Series but get a decisive win in our careers here in XHW. I will be honest though, my head isn’t here. It’s back home and with a man of my caliber not thinking straight, not giving a shit less I do believe it would make me the most dangerous man or woman for that matter in this match up.

Please understand that I do not intend on hurting anyone in this match up but if it has to come down to the fact of me versus you I will do everything in my power to ensure that I will be the one walking away as the winner of the match. My first match here in this company yeah I may have underestimated the competition but now that we have all seen one another in action one way or another I think things are going to be very interesting in our match up. Out of Ashley or Dillion I would have to say and I’m being honest here so sorry in advance but I think the small firecracker Ashley Williams is a very strong candidate to knock me around the ring. She has that fire in her eyes where she knows what she wants and she will do anything to get to it. I can respect that. She’s a lion. You Dillion..you on the other hand seem nothing more than a lamb inside the Lion’s den. Between myself and little Ash there is not a single chance in hell that you’re going to amount to anything inside this match. You may get a few licks in sure but when everything's said and done it’s going to be myself or Ash picking pieces from your dead corpse. Personally If I was a betting man I would pick the former of the two.

The three of us go to battle against one another very shortly though and all games and jokes aside I believe I am more prepared now that when I was last week. This week is different, my head is more clear and my sense are more sharp. Granted I am sure your’s will be as well but only one of us three will be able to get our hand raised at the end of the match and I am going to make damn sure it’s going to be me that has their arm hand. When you commit to something you need to give it your all or what is the point, correct? I plan on giving everyone one hundred and ten percent which includes both Dillion and Ashley. I am expecting a lot from the both of you honestly but deep down I know that it’s not going to be enough.

Miami Florida will be the restart, the rebirth of Kaden Kessler. I’m bringing my ‘A’ game and I will not stop until my hand is raised in the air and declared the winner..”

A smirk begins to form over my face as I think about the match and about me winning to prove everyone wrong. To prove to everyone that I still can wrestle, fight even. I’m sure them and a few others would assume that I didn’t I mean I did lose my first match but that’s ok because losing your first match doesn’t mean shit. It’s about how you bounce back afterwards.

“The thought of me losing is actually quite amusing. Yes, I understand it could very well happen but is it really going too? Let’s move ourselves back to reality..and look at the three people in the match. Look at the history of each, look at the current state of each and you tell me just who is more dangerous, who is more unpredictable going into this match other than myself. I’m not here to make friends or kiss the ass of the management. I’m hear to kick the ass of every person the back and that’s including any management that wants to give me any fuckin lip.

Look into my eyes, look deep into them. What you see before you is what you will get. I’m not some snot nosed kid starting out. I’m not some old bastard looking for one last run. I’m Kaden FUCKING Kessler..I’m in my fucking prime and I am looking to make sure you Ashley and Dillion will feel my pain. The pain within. When I lock in The Death Lock and one of you are laying under me screaming and begging for me to stop I am going to pull back even further just enough to make sure you feel the pain I want you too..

Neither of you are going to match up and neither of you are going to stop me. You two are what we call stepping stones in this business..at the end of Fallout it will be Kaden Kessler the man before you right now that will be picking up the victory…

Just wait and see…”
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Kaden Kesler RP
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