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 First interview

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Angelica Vaughn


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PostSubject: First interview   Fri Apr 28, 2017 11:48 pm

[right]Fallout in Miami
April 29th

Her very first ‘interview’. How cute. Angelica was nervous beyond belief. The sight of the camera lens in her face was almost as intimidating as the sight of Sapphire gunning for her; but somehow, she had survived the She-Hulk too.  This was going to be a breeze. She hoped.

Christi Byrd, Fallout’s official backstage interviewer, seemed ready, willing and able to get going. She was standing next to Angelica who, at 5’9, was at least a couple of inches taller than her. The XHW rookie had applied the same makeup and put on the same wardrobe as last week. Pink lipstick, glitter peppered across her face, braided hair, a lovely (while ring-ready) white dress, and most notably the fake blood that seemed like it was streaming from a gash in her throat all the way down to her forearms. It was a lot of work, but it was worth it. If anything, Angelica looked the part. Now for the rest…

Christi: Angelica, thanks for joining me. Regarding tonight, you have issued an open challenge. This means that pretty much anyone who is legally allowed to do so, may challenge you for a one-on-one match. What was your reasoning behind that?

Angelica didn’t answer straight away. She kept her eyes trained to a point just beneath the camera lens but definitely above the cameraman’s crotch.  It seemed to take a lot of effort to tear her gaze away, when she finally answered.

Angelica: The open challenge? I had no reason quite frankly. I think that, in some misguided belief of invincibility after having barely survived my match last week, I felt ready to take on the world. I now see that’s not the case. Still, I laid my own bed, now I gotta lie it.

Christi: There’s been quite some speculation as to who your opponent will be. Do you have any ideas?

Angelica: Absolutely none whatsoever. The pool of talent at XHW runs deep; from Kaden Kessler, to Ashley Williams… from Sapphire to Wülf Erikson… All of them great competitors! I believe most of our roster is preoccupied, but you never know what the boss has in store for me. However, I will say this…

Angelica looked deep into the camera’s lens. Her pretty face the sole focus of the image, her message was most likely to come across twice as powerful as it normally would’ve.

Angelica: Last week, I made a fool of myself. My promo never even aired, and I acted like a coward in my match. Granted, that was because Sapphire was, and still is, the tallest, strongest, and toughest female on this roster. But this week, I had a bit of an aha-moment.
You see, I found out what I am good at.  Really, REALLY good at. And while I am not fully trained, I now have a game plan. And I intend to execute it to perfection.

Christi raised the microphone to her mouth.

Christi: Yes, your inexperience has been a major talking point. Some tongues even suggest that you’re nowhere near ready for this level.  Your thoughts on that?

Angelica sighed. She’d seen this coming. Also, Christi was wrong.

Angelica: Look, my relative inexperience might be a problem; but it’s MY problem, and I will worry about It when necessary. For now, all I can do is try my hardest, and reap the rewards of that particular style. Will it be easy? Absolutely not. But if you’re  going to work your way to the top for sure!

Christi: And now, the question we’ve all been waiting for… what exactly will your style be?

Angelica smiled.

Angelica: My style? In all of my life I’ve only ever known one true sport: soccer. And yeah, I’m not the tallest or strongest, maybe not even the most charismatic or the one with the hardest strikes. But there is ONE thing I am good at, and that is kicking! I’ve kicked a ball around for so much of my life that I started taking it for granted.  
Anyway, my style? Kick’em till they stop moving. Then choke them out. I’ve no doubt it’ll do wonders. And lo and behold, so many years later, I am here! At XHW! Might be that this is all coincidence, but I’m not going  anywhere soon. I need those titles. No matter who, why or what. They will be the ultimate validation, and I can’t wait! They will set me on the path to true Superstardom.  Fallout may be the show, but one day, I’m gonna be the nuke! Just you watch!

And with those words, Angelica walked off, having left quite the impression; and ready to face whoever decided to confront her in the open challenge that night.

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First interview
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