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 Finding Footing

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PostSubject: Finding Footing   Fri Apr 28, 2017 11:59 pm

April 26th, 2017
Seattle, Washington
8:03 AM Local Time

Sapphire is in an environment in which she is supremely comfortable.

A gym.

She has spent a lot of time in gyms, a fact that is easily observed by anyone with functioning eyeballs. Most of her wardrobe is made up of gym clothes, a fact less easily observed, but today she is wearing a black sports bra, a black, almost non-existent tank top over top of it, and pink yoga pants that cling to her legs.

There is a camera crew in the gym with her, which is weird, but nowhere near as weird as the fact that Charlie and Sharon, two of the XHW marketers, are with them in the gym. They have seen the response that Sapphire gets when she’s in the gym, including the fact that people will take pictures of her whether she likes it or not, so they may as well get some professional level images of her while working out.

After all, how best to promote their female powerhouse than to show off how she got that way and how she stays that way?

“So what is it you’ll be working out today?” Sharon asks. If she weren’t in the center of a film crew, she looks like she’d be running out of the gym as fast as she could. A well-tailored skirt suit reveals that she is slender but not particularly toned, and her face has an expression that screams that she is out of place her. But not as out of place as Charlie is, who is young and slightly overweight and dressed in jeans and a polo shirt that clearly advertise as such.

“You could probably tell I like my arms. I do at least a little bit of work on them every day that isn’t rest day. But most of the day will be leg day.”

“Are you sure that’s not every day...?” Charlie asks, and Sharon immediately elbows him in the ribs when she sees his line of sight. Sapphire notices as well and chuckles.

“Yeah, I’m sure. Now I’m going to go get set up, you let me know when the cameras are rolling.”

April 28th, 2017
11:55 PM Eastern Time

The results of that filming session are seen as Sapphire’s promo opens, as it is a montage of her training that day. The first images we see are of her warming up on small weight amounts and getting limber by stretching and doing some cardio on the treadmill, but before she starts talking in the voice over, the image changes to her properly busting out some high-weight reps on a squat rack.

“I’m a little disappointed. Here I am, prepping for my second ever professional wrestling match, and the man I embarrassed in my debut, the so-called Emperor of Gin, is nowhere to be seen, nowhere to be heard. Now I don’t know much about him, where he’s been before, or what he’s done in other places, but from what he’s shown in XHW, I think someone needs to strip him of his title. He’s not fit to be the emperor of anything, and I’ll make that doubly clear tomorrow night in Miami.”

The Sapphire in the film finishes up what looks to be her last set of squats, as she lifts the bar very slowly into the rack to let it sit. The video cuts to a shot of her on a leg press, powerful quads plainly visible through her pink yoga pants as she works them even more.

“Of course, I’ve already dealt with Kotaro once. The real interesting bit about this match isn’t him, it’s the addition of Trixie to the mix. I haven’t taken the time to look up where you’ve been before either, but since management has made it clear that they’re only interested in what you bring to their table, I guess that’s appropriate. I have looked at your bio and it’s clear you’re more suited to a place with ‘Xtreme’ in the name of it, and I welcome the challenge. It will be interesting what you can do to me, what you think to do to me in a triple threat match that, while not technically an extreme match, is one with no disqualifications, and thus is one where anything can go.”

The scene cuts from the leg press to one of Sapphire smiling into the camera as she is seated at a curling machine. The voice is still a voiceover though.

“My only qualm is that you are so much smaller. A little more solid than Angelica, but even shorter, and so you’ll have the same problems she did I feel like. You can probably outrun me, and you’ll have more luck doing damage to me than she did, but if I get one good shot in, I'm afraid you'll crumble just as Angelica did. I'm no expert wrestler, but I know my strength. Just look at how Kotaro looked after I hauled him into the air and blasted him with the Pugilist Sound. Just imagine how much higher I could throw you, how much harder you'd hit my fist, how much harder you'd fall.

I don't say this because I get any particular joy out of destroying opposition. I enjoy the thrill of a good fight, but I'm just afraid I'm going to get another disappointing showing from a so-called emperor and a woman who has plenty of fight in her, but not enough power to take me down.

But like I said last week, I'll take the points if management is willing to give them to me, as I cruise closer and closer to becoming XHW's first world champion. I am open to being proven wrong..."

The film fades to black, but the video doesn't end yet.

"But I don't expect it."

Last edited by Sapphire on Sat Apr 29, 2017 12:03 am; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Last narration line was black on black lol)
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Finding Footing
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