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 4/29/17 Fallout Results

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Jacob Steele

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PostSubject: 4/29/17 Fallout Results   Mon May 01, 2017 8:11 pm

“Medal of Honor”

A recap of last week’s episode of Fallout is played. Highlights from Kotaro Gin vs. Sapphire vs. Angelica Vaughn are shown where Sapphire walked out victorious and Angelica Vaughn realized she isn’t ready to fight. Highlights from Cosmo Cooper vs. Buffy Roxxon vs. Kaden Kessler are shown where Cosmo was able to walk away as one of the two holders of the XHW Medal of Honor. Highlights from Dillion Kruger vs. Ashley Williams vs. Wulf Erikson are shown where all 3 picked up a pinfall but Wulf walked away as the second of the two holders of the Medal of Honor.

A camera turns on in Jacob Steele’s office as he is sitting with Fallout General Manager, Tyler Chambers. They seem to be happy with smiles on both their faces. Audio can start to be heard.

Jacob Steele: This is a lot better feel than last week. I would much rather have a sold out smaller arena than to have so many empty seats in a bigger arena. I wish we had just started out like this, but it’s all a learning process. We’re headed in a damn good direction and I think the fans see that.

Tyler Chambers: I completely agree. Last week was unfortunate on our part, but we still had reviews and we can see that people really enjoyed it since we’re sold out here. I think it’s time to really kick things into gear and give these people a show.

Jacob Steele: Last week was a good start. This week will be a good one for sure. Next week… Next week is where the fun begins. We’re closing in on Hell From Above, more are joining our roster, and everyone is starting to realize who they do and do not like.

Tyler Chambers: I think we’re in a good spot even now. I really enjoyed how last week turned out and then tonight’s matches are just going to wow everyone. I do believe that next week, everything is going to change.

Jacob Steele: Things are already getting heated after Cosmo and Wulf were named co-holders of the XHW Medal of Honor, let alone all that want to be the sole holder and then the ones that are just focused on the Series.

Tyler Chambers: I can’t wait to see who our first World Champion is going to be, Jacob. I have a couple ideas just based off of last week, but anything is possible here. We have a damn good roster as our foundation and it’s just getting better.

Jacob Steele: I have a few ideas to spice things up, but I think I’ll hold out for next week and so on. Gonna just let things run their course this week, not make any changes, but boy next week is going to be something different.

Tyler Chambers: You’re doing great. It was a long and rough start, but look at where we are now. Look at the people out there. Look at the roster behind your back. You made this possible. Now let’s grow from this and change the way people look at wrestling.

Jacob Steele: Things are going to change, friendships will be affected, lives will be either created or destroyed. I will say now, whatever happens between us, no hard feelings, it’s all strictly business this point forward.

Tyler Chambers: I couldn’t agree more. Let’s get to work, Jacob. We have a sold out crowd out there waiting for the show to start.

Jacob Steele: Time to make some money.

Jacob and Tyler shake hands as Tyler stands up from his seat and walks out of Jacob’s office.

The camera switches to the locker room where Angelica Vaughn is getting ready for her match. She begins to mutter to herself.

Angelica Vaughn: Will anyone even accept this? Everyone probably thinks I’m a joke…

???: Stop saying that.

After the random voice was heard, Angelica lifts up her head and sees Ashley Williams, who’s been giving her some advice about competing and not running away.

Angelica Vaughn: Ashley, what are you doing here?

Ashley Williams: I came to say a couple things before you go out there today. Last week was a reality check for you and I’m sure you don’t want a repeat of that.

Angelica Vaughn: I don’t…

Ashley Williams: Just remember everything that I’ve told you. Keep your feet down, take a deep breath. If you run away, how will you ever win anything? Fight. Fight like your life is on the line each and every time. Sometimes you come up short, sometimes you’re victorious. It’s all apart of the game. For example, last week I came up short. That is why things will be different this week. This week, I make a statement. This week, I will be victorious.

Angelica Vaughn: Are we talking about you or me now?...

Ashley Williams: Oh, sorry. You can do it. Go get em.

Ashley immediately exits the scene while Angelica just looks out with a puzzled look on her face.

Angelica Vaughn: Was that supposed to help me?

Angelica finishes getting ready and then stands up. She walks towards a mirror and looks at herself, then takes a deep breath.

Angelica Vaughn: Well… here goes nothing…

She walks out of the locker room and the camera immediately cuts back to the arena.

After circling around the SOLD OUT Edwards Hall in Miami, Florida, the camera cuts to ringside with Vincent Price and Chris Walker standing by at the announcers table.

Vincent Price: WOW! THIS CROWD IS ELECTRIC TONIGHT! Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the second episode of FALLOUT! I’m Vincent Price alongside my partner in crime, Chris Walker, and what a show we have for you tonight!

Chris Walker: That’s right! Not only will we see everyone in action, but a Ladder Match to determine the sole holder of the XHW Medal of Honor!

Vincent Price: Last week, Sapphire made a bold statement that she’s here and the whole entire roster should be ready. This week, she faces one of two opponents from last week in Kotaro Gin, and also a new face in the locker room, Trixie!

Chris Walker: Kotaro should be quaking in fear after last week. Some Emperor he’s turned out to be… Before the Main Event of the evening, Dillion Kruger, Ashley Williams, and Kaden Kessler will go at it in what looks to be a main event caliber match!

Vincent Price: Absolutely! Last week these three had the chance to become co-holders of the Medal of Honor, but came up just short. This week, they look to make a statement while the Gold Bound Series is still in effect!

Chris Walker: And up next, Angelica Vaughn will be addressing the entire XHW Universe and issuing an open challenge for anyone to come face her in the ring! Do you think she’s actually going to face whoever accepts her challenge? Or if anyone does?

Vincent Price: Instead of asking questions… LET’S GET TO IT! A.J. RICHARDS… TAKE IT AWAY!!!

The crowd begins to cheer as the camera switches from ringside to the middle of the ring.

A.J. Richards stands in the ring with a mic in hand as the lights in the arena begin to dim a little bit.

https://youtu.be/tvpaDUYmn8Q begins to play. Angelica Vaughn steps out onto the stage. What looks to be blood is dripping down from her neck all the way to her finger tips. Sequins are placed on both sides of her eyes. She slowly makes her way to the ring, keeping her focus straight ahead, rather than on the fans reaching out to her.

A.J. Richards: Weighing in at one hundred and thirty five pounds… From Vancouver, Canada… ANGELICCAAAA VAUGGHNNN!!!!

Angelica steps into the ring and A.J Richards hands the mic over to her. She looks out at the crowd, down at the mat, and then out to the stage.

Angelica Vaughn: Before I officially announce this open challenge and face whoever intends to put me to rest, I have a few things to say. If anyone happened to catch my interview with Christi Byrd, you learned a lot about me and who I am after my debut. I have found my style, I have found my motivation, and I have found what I intend to build off of in order to become one of the best this business has to offer. I’ve heard there has been a lot of speculation about me after my debut and how I’m going to continue to be here, but I have all of your answers tonight. Whoever intends to accept this challenge, I am ready. Win or lose, life or death, I know that I’ll continue to get better and no longer run from anyone or anything. With that being said…

Angelica looks around at the crowd, gets down down to one knee, and puts the mic closer to her mouth.

Angelica Vaughn: Who will be accepting my open challenge to face me right now in this very ring?!

Immediately, she hands the mic to A.J. Richards, shows off her new kicking style with a spinning roundhouse kick, then has her eyes locked on the stage. A few moments go by and Angelica gets a concerned look on her face. Until....

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swPt9HBRXuE begins to play throughout the arena. The crowd gets on their feet and Angelica’s concerned look turns into a smile. Newest XHW Superstar, Kaz Bonham steps out onto the stage dressed like it’s still the 80’s. She runs down to the ring and slides in.

A.J. Richards: And her opponent… Weighing in at one hundred and twenty one pounds… From Watertown, Tennessee… Making her debut to XHW… Graps Goddess... KAZZZ BONNHAMMMM!!!

Vincent Price: Look at this woman! She really thinks it’s still the 80’s?!

Chris Walker: Are you judging her based on the way she dresses? It’s 2017… what are you doing?

Vincent Price: I mean come on man… You’re gonna pull that card?

Chris Walker: I did. The question at hand, though, is will this newly signed Superstar be able to put down a highly focused Angelica Vaughn?

Vincent Price: We’re about to find out… RING THE BELL!


Vincent Price: Here we go! We have a debuting Kaz Bonham and a redemption seeking Angelica facing off after Kaz came out to accept Angelica’s open challenge! Both ladies are in the ring and look ready as they lock up in the middle of the ring! Kaz gets Angelica in a headlock, only to be pushed away. Kaz turns around and meets a kick to her gut from Angelica! That’s going to be key for Angelica as she said in her interview, so if Kaz did her homework she might be able to work that to her advantage! Kaz is now bent over and Angelica runs against the ropes. She comes back with a kick straight to Kaz’s face! Angelica goes right for the cover!

Ref: ONEE!!!

Chris Walker: Kaz kicks out! Angelica looked excited there for a second as she’s showing her first signs of an actual move-set! She’s got a big smile on her face now looking at Kaz who’s holding her face. Angelica gets to her feet and looks at Kaz who gets to a seated position. SOCCER KICK! ANGELICA GOES TO KICK KAZ’S FACE OFF! NO! KAZ DUCKS… AND SHE ROLLS HER UP FOR THE COVER!

Ref: ONEE!!!!


Vincent Price: KICKOUT! That was a close one and Angelica looks surprised she was even able to kick out! I’m starting to like this new side of her! We’re definitely seeing a competitive side rather than a cowardly one. Kaz gets to her feet right before Angelica and puts her in a DDT position! IT CONNECTS! Looks like the momentum has switched in Kaz’s favor now as she runs against the ropes. Eyes locked on Angelica and running right to her, she connects a running leg drop! Kaz points to the ceiling as she climbs the top rope now! What could she be looking for? She launches herself into the air… DIVING ELBOW DROP RIGHT TO THE HEART… WAIT NO! ANGELICA ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY!

Chris Walker: SHE JUST DROVE HER ELBOW STRAIGHT INTO THE MAT! This could be Angelica’s chance to capitalize, but she’s moving slowly! Looks like she’s still getting used to enduring any type of pain! She gets to one knee and then on both feet! Angelica lifts up Kaz and whips her into the ropes. She charges right behind her but Kaz jumps onto the ropes and backflips behind Angelica! WHAT ATHLETICISM! KAZ ROLLS HER UP FOR THE COVER!

Ref: ONEE!!!



Vincent Price: ANOTHER CLOSE ONE! Angelica needs to work on her durability in the ring, because this isn’t looking like it’s going to last long. Wait.. what’s wrong with Kaz?

Chris Walker: Why does she look so depressed?

Vincent Price: You’re joking right… Now Angelica is up and asking her what’s wrong, I think?

Chris Walker: And now Angelica is asking for a mic.. You gotta be kidding me.. In the middle of the match?

An XHW Official gets up and hands Angelica a mic. She walks back up to Kaz who is sitting on top of the turnbuckle.

Angelica Vaughn: Hey, hey, what’s wrong?

Kaz Bonham(barely audible): It’s just so sad…

Angelica Vaughn: What is?

Angelica signals for another mic as the same Official hands another mic to her, who then gives it to Kaz.

Kaz Bonham: Have you noticed how less and less people are going to malls anymore?

The crowd begins to cheer and laughs can be heard all throughout.

Vincent Price: No way…

Chris Walker: This isn’t happening…

Angelica Vaughn: That’s it? So you’re not hurt or anything?

Kaz Bonham: No… I just can’t believe malls are in such a decline. I mean, they have SO many stores and there’s just SO many deals. How can’t people like that? Why do malls have to be going downhill…

Angelica’s concerned feelings turned into an absolute rage in a matter of seconds and she begins to walk away, dropping the mic also.

Vincent Price: Where is Angelica going? Don’t tell me she’s leaving again…


Vincent Price: I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS! ANGELICA WASN’T HAVING IT! It looks like she’s walking away now while Kaz is still laid out beside us. She walks out of the ring and doesn’t seem to care that the ref is counting them both out now!

Ref: ONEEE!!!











The camera immediately cuts to Vincent and Chris at ringside.

Vincent Price: Well, that was… interesting? I think that’s the word I’m looking for.

Chris Walker: It was definitely different. I guess this doesn’t count as a win or loss for either of them?

Vincent Price: Guess so. Would also guess neither gained or lost any points in the Gold Bound Series?

Chris Walker: I’m not sure, but here’s A.J. Richards with the official announcement.

The camera switches back to the ring where A.J. Richards is standing by.

A.J. Richards: This match is over due to a double countout! Neither competitor will suffer a loss or won the match. This match will also have no effect on the Gold Bound Series and their points will stay as they are!

A.J. exits the ring as the camera switches right back to Chris and Vincent.

Vincent Price: Well, at least we saw a new competitive side to Angelica Vaughn tonight who looks to be working really hard to better herself. We got to see the debut of Kaz Bonham also.

Chris Walker: I was all into her, her attire, and what she was showing us from the beginning until she just got all depressed because malls were in a decline… How does that thought come to mind while you’re in the ring in front of a crowd?

Vincent Price: I’m sure there’s a story to it that will unfold over the next week or so as she begins to introduce herself and spend more time around here. Anyways, let’s continue on with the show!

The camera shows Angelica exiting backstage, Kaz holding her head, then fades out.

The scene cuts back to the backstage area, where an interview station has been set up in front of an XHW banner. Standing there is one of XHW’s interviewers, Max King. He’s standing by with Sapphire, who looks like a monster standing next to him. Aside from being so muscular, a fact clearly revealed through her simple ring gear, she’s much taller than your average woman, and also towers over Max.

Max King: Hello XHW fans, I’m here with Sapphire as she is prepping for her match against Kotaro Gin and Trixie. Thanks for joining me.

Sapphire: No problem, as long as it’s quick. I’ve got seven more points to win.

Max King: Right. You had a dominant showing on the debut edition of Fallout. But Kotaro is facing you again, and he’s had time to prepare for you. Do you think that will change the result?

Sapphire: I don’t. I’m still the same woman I was last week and he’s still the same man he was last week. He might get a few more shots in this week, but between me and him, I think the end result is the same.

Max King: You say between the two of you. What do you think about Trixie?

Sapphire shrugs a bit.

Sapphire: I don’t know much about her, but she’s apparently an experienced wrestler. But I have no advance warning about what I’m getting into except what I could find on her XHW.com page. But based on what I’ve seen, I’m not concerned.

Max King: Even though you alluded to the possibility of foul play, something Trixie proudly declared to be her strategy going in?

Sapphire: Right. Someone who is confident enough to call himself an emperor failed to do any real damage to me last week, so someone calling herself The Prime Girl is not going to have me shaking in my boots. Whatever she’s got coming for me, I can handle it. Promise.

Max nods.

Max King: As you say. One last question before I let you get back to the prep for your match. You have alluded to the fact that last week was your first pro wrestling match, but not your first fight. Would you like to elaborate on that?

Sapphire stares at the camera for a moment before turning to Max.

Sapphire: No.

Sapphire then walks off, stretching her arms out as she goes, leaving Max to stare after her, gaze centered on the camera until the scene cuts.

The camera cuts to the ring where A.J. Richards is standing by with a mic in hand. Kotaro Gin is standing in the corner of the ring.


A.J. Richards: This match is scheduled for one fall and is a TRIPLE THREAT MATCH! Already in the ring…

“DOOM” by Black Gene for the Next Scene begins to play as a reaction of boos form from throughout the crowd.

A.J. Richards: Weighing in at two hundred and thirty five pounds… From Osaka Japan… He is “The Emperor”... KOTAROOOO GINNN!!

“DOOM” fades out.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCvRT2sy5FE begins to play and the crowd begins a mixed reaction of cheers and boos.

A.J. Richards: And his opponent…

Trixie steps out onto the stage, points out to the crowd who continue to both cheer and boo, and then makes her way to the ring.

A.J. Richards: Weighing in at one hundred and thirty three pounds… From Las Vegas, Nevada… “The Prime Girl”... TRIXXIIEEEEE!!!!

Vincent Price: Trixie is looking to make an impressive debut here in XHW, as should anyone in their debut.

Chris Walker: We did hear from Trixie in a video she made in regards to her match this week. She doesn’t seem to be intimidated by Sapphire at all!

Vincent Price: Not only that, but she just disregarded Kotaro as if he wasn’t even part of the match!

Chris Walker: No matter, she seems pretty focused on this match and we will see what Trixie is made of shortly!

“Take It Off” fades out.

"2010" starts playing at the 1:05 mark in the song, giving about ten seconds of build-up with the drums building to a crescendo. When 1:15 comes and the guitar slams through, Sapphire walks out onto the ramp.

A.J. Richards: And their opponent… Weighing in at two hundred and thirty two pounds… From Seattle, Washington… SAPPPHIIREEEEEE!!!

Sapphire is smiling as she walks down to the ring, but she doesn't spend any time posing or playing to the crowd until she slides into the ring. She does stop and do a side chest pose, flexing to the hard camera for a few seconds before retreating to her corner, awaiting the start of the match.

Vincent Price: After an impressive debut and the statement she made, Sapphire looks to continue her dominance in XHW with a victory here tonight!

Chris Walker: She went against Kotaro last week and almost seems to know his number completely, but with the addition of Trixie, some will wonder if she can pull of the victory

Vincent Price: Look at her… She’s huge... I definitely wouldn’t want to be in the ring with her…

Chris Walker: Vince, you’re scared to be in the ring with a rabbit...

Vincent Price: Let’s just start the match...


Vincent Price: When the bell rings, Kotaro immediately goes to rush Sapphire from behind, but the crowd roars with approval as she LEVELS him with a brutal spinning back fist! Kotaro wasting little ti..WOAH! Kotaro Gin hits the deck like a sack of bricks!

Chris Walker: He's going to feel that in the morning! Great presence of mind on display here by Sapphire! Trixie takes advantage of Sapphire's temporary distraction with a stiff toe kick to the gut before hooking Sapphire's arm over her shoulder..

Vincent Price: Trixie going for a suplex..no..Sapphire's not falling for that one! Sapphire hooks her leg around Trixie's, effectively blocking it before nailing Trixie with a shoulder charge and using her own momentum against her to dump her in a back body drop, the crowd in awe cheering loudly as Trixie lands awkwardly..

Chris Walker: Such power on display by Sapphire! I love it!

Vincent Price: I can't believe that Kotaro Gin still hasn't moved a muscle..

Chris Walker: Sapphire picks up Kotaro who is wobbly on his feet and she whips him into the corner, where he hits hard and slumps. Sapphire goes to give Trixie the same treatment.. Trixie nails Sapphire with a series of HARD right forearms to the stomach, doubling Sapphire over! Trixie lets out a roar as she stuns Sapphire with another forearm to the jowls, the crowd showing their approval as she spins Sapphire almost completely around..

Vincent Price: Beautiful arm trap neckbreaker by Trixie! Trixie goes for the cover..

Ref: ONE!!!


Vincent Price: The count is broken up with a hard basement dropkick to the back from Kotaro..  NO! Kotaro is finally alive and in this match! The crowd starts to boo as Kotaro grabs a handful of Trixie's hair and drags her to her feet, sending her to the ropes with a hard irish whip. As Trixie bounces back, Kotaro ducks down, only for Trixie to kick him HARD in the face! Trixie with a HUGE snap DDT!

Chris Walker: The crowd LOVES it as Trixie once again goes for the cover, but Sapphire immediately grabs the back of Trixie's ring gear and yanks her to her feet..and promptly knocks her back down with a heavy punch to the back of the head.. The strength and the ferocity of this woman is unbelievable! Trixie hits the deck, but she manages to roll free of Sapphire's 'Conundrum' attempt and lock her in a mat-based armbar instead!

Vincent Price: Excellent work on the part of Trixie, but wait a minute! Sapphire is getting to her feet..with Trixie attached! The crowd ERUPTS and Trixie utters a nervous groan as Sapphire gets to her feet and she lets out a roar as she manages to bring Trixie down with a HUGE fall away slam from the armbar position! I'm calling it right now, Sapphire is a dominant force here in XHW! Here's the cover!

Ref: ONE!!!


Chris Walker: Sapphire slaps the mat with both hands in frustration and the crowd cheers as Trixie gets a shoulder up at two. Trixie's legs kick wildly and she tries to cover her face up as Sapphire clutches her neck to the mat with her left and starts to lay into her with HARD right hands..


Vincent Price: Sapphire grins and stops what she's doing, holding her hands up innocently as Trixie tries to recover.. The referee giving Sapphire a good talking to here, reminding her that what she was doing is illegal. Sapphire gets Trixie to her feet and attempts to whip her into the corner..

Chris Walker: Nope! Trixie reverses the irish whip, sending Sapphire into the corner instead! And Trixie follows up with a beautiful shotgun dropkick to the chin in the corner! The crowd ERUPTS as they see the dropkick connect, as Sapphire bounces out of the corner into a small package by Trixie..

Ref: ONE!!!


Vincent Price: NO! KICK OUT! Trixie wastes no time, taking one of Sapphire's arms and also grabbing a handful of hair, bringing her to her feet where she doubles her over with a knee to the gut.. WOW! There is a loud SLAP! sound as Trixie leaps up and nails Sapphire right in the side of the head. SHINING APPRENTICE! This has gotta be it! Here's a cover!

Ref: ONE!!!



Chris Walker: NO! SHE KICKS OUT! The crowd are on their feet and Trixie looks around, exasperated.. Trixie is absolutely flabbergasted that Sapphire kicked out of one of her most devastating moves! Trixie stands and looks to the ref, where she throws her arms out wide in confusion and then counts one, two, three in his face but he corrects her by holding up his index and middle finger to signify a two count..

Vincent Price: Sapphire's up now! Never take your eyes off of Sapphire! Trixie shrieks as she feels Sapphire's shoulders behind her knees, but it's too late as she is quickly scooped up and lifted up high.. WOW! Electric chair drop! That's why you never take your eyes off Sapphire! And another cover!

Ref: ONE!!


Chris Walker: IT’S BROKEN UP! Kotaro Gin suddenly came out of nowhere, and the crowd boos as he breaks up the pin with a double axe handle. I don't know where this guy keeps coming from! He has been outclassed this entire match and he has been down and out, but he keeps making a nuisance of himself!

Vincent Price: No time to worry about that now, as Kotaro grabs a hold of Trixie's wrist, bringing her to her feet.. Kotaro roars as he goes to whip Trixie, yet holds onto her wrist and yanks her back in his direction.. Kotaro calling for the Kami Ki...NO! BEAUTIFUL DISASTER! BEAUTIFUL DISASTER!! Trixie goes for the immediate cover!

Ref: ONEE!!



Chris Walker: NO! Sapphire yanks the referee's legs, causing him to break his pin count, and there is a HUGE pop from the crowd! Trixie almost certainly would have had it! There is no way Kotaro is getting up now! This crowd is going INSANE! Trixie snarls as Sapphire grabs a handful of her hair to bring her to her feet, but it's a short lived attempt as Trixie issues a barrage of hard forearms, forcing Sapphire to let go, and she gets to her feet..

Vincent Price: Trixie's doing this on her own terms! Here's a jump spinning back kick, staggering Sapphire! Sapphire stumbles, but it's not enough to put her down.. Sapphire ducks Trixie's attempt at a roundhouse kick now, but that's right where she wants her! TRICKY KICK! Right in the face! Sapphire goes down to her knees, in a daze..

Chris Walker: Trixie smells blood in the water now! Here it is! She's locking in the STANGLE STRETCH! But is she strong enough..? SAPPHIRE LOOKS LIKE SHE’S ABOUT TO TAP!! WILL TRIXIE MAKE THE POWERFUL SAPPHIRE TAP?!


Chris Walker: It looks like that took everything she had as she’s trying to crawl towards Trixie now! She’s almost there, but still in a lot of pain and you can tell that’s taking a toll on her! She’s got an arm on top of her and the ref begins the count!

Ref: ONEEE!!!




“2010” by Apocalyptica ft. Dave Lombardo begins to play. Sapphire crawls to the ropes to help herself up and the crowd is ecstatic. The ref lifts Sapphire’s arm as and she looks down at Trixie.

A.J. Richards: Here is your winner… SAPPHIIREEEE!!!!

Vincent Price: What a match! Trixie almost made Sapphire tap to her signature move, but Sapphire’s power was a little too much this time.

Chris Walker: I was so sure that Trixie had Sapphire done for, but again, Sapphire surprised us and she has gained another seven points towards the Gold Bound Series.

Vincent Price: We definitely haven’t seen the last of Trixie who made a damn impressive debut here and I personally look forward for what’s to come for her.

Chris Walker: Agreed! Let’s go to a commercial break now. We’ll be right back! DON’T TOUCH THOSE REMOTES!

The camera fades out to a commercial break.
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PostSubject: Re: 4/29/17 Fallout Results   Mon May 01, 2017 8:19 pm

An ad for Hell From Above plays, promoting the XHW FPV on May 21st, 2017!

The scene fades back in from commercial break to Vincent Price and Chris Walker sitting at the announcers table.


Chris Walker: If you’re just joining us, you’ve missed some good stuff. Angelica Vaughn issued an open challenge and a new face of the roster, Kaz Bonham, accepted!

Vincent Price: Yeah, only for Kaz to get depressed because malls are on a decline…

Chris Walker: It did introduce us to who she is and she did impress us before that happened.

Vincent Price: Not to mention the improvement of talent from Angelica! She’s looking to be sure contender here in XHW!

Chris Walker: Right after that, we got to see another new face, Trixie, almost pull off a submission victory on Sapphire!

Vincent Price: That’s right, Trixie was so close to making Sapphire tap until she broke out and finished it. Now here we are!

Chris Walker: Got a good match coming up next for you, so let’s not waste any more time!

Vincent Price: Take it away, A.J.!

Chris Walker: Wait, one second… We’re getting something from the back. Let’s switch cameras and see what’s going on!

The camera fades out and on to a backstage camera.

The scene shows Dillion Kruger laid out through a table, bleeding from his head. Vincent Price and Chris Walker can still be heard.



Standing above him is a man we’ve never seen before. He forms a smile and looks back down at Dillion. The mystery man grabs Dillion’s legs and locks in a sharpshooter submission hold and then reaches down to grab him by the neck.


After several seconds of having the hold locked in, the man releases. He stands up and looks right into the camera.

Man: You don’t need a reason for what I just did. You don’t need to worry if you’re going to be next. You WILL be next. ALL of you will be next. I am here and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop me. I am better than every damn person that will EVER step foot into this business.

He forms a smirk at the camera and speaks again.

Adrien Pierce: My name is Adrien Pierce. This is your warning.

Adrien looks at Dillion and lets out a slight chuckle.

Adrien Pierce: That’s nothing. It’s time for someone to show you all what true talent is like.

He looks at Dillion who is unconscious one last time then exits the scene. The camera cuts back to ringside with Vincent and Chris.

Once the camera is back to ringside, a worried Vincent and Chris begin speaking on the subject.

Vincent Price: I can’t believe this guy. Why would he choose Dillion? What did he do to him?

Chris Walker: He did say he doesn’t have to explain why, so I’m guessing we should just keep everyone updated if Dillion is going to be okay. I can imagine he will not be participating in the upcoming match, though.

Vincent Price: I am getting now that they are on the way to the hospital with Dillion right now, so he will not be in our next match. Our thoughts to him and his family and a speedy recovery.

Chris Walker: Hopefully it’s nothing too serious, but you can never be sure. Alright, A.J., take us to our next match!

The cameras switch from ringside to the ring to begin the next match.

A.J. Richards is in the ring standing by with a mic in hand.


A.J. Richards: This match is scheduled for one fall and is now a SINGLES MATCH! Introducing first…

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6oIbcr4IgM begins to play and the crowd forms a mixed reaction of boos and cheers. Ashley Williams steps out onto the stage and makes her way to the ring.

A.J. Richards: Weighing in at one hundred and seventeen pounds… From Monmouth County, New Jersey… She is “The Future of Female Wrestling”... ASHHLLEYYYY WILLIAAMMMSSSS!!!

Vincent Price: Last week, Ashley had a fall secured in a best 2 of 3 falls match, but was unable to capitalize on a last fall. Earlier we saw her backstage with Angelica Vaughn before her open challenge and Ashley looked focus and maybe even a little angry.

Chris Walker: I wouldn’t say angry, just had a look in her eyes like she wasn’t going to stop at anything until she redeemed herself. She looks to do that right here against her opponent.

Vincent Price: With Dillion Kruger out of action now, this match will be a one on one match between her and Kaden Kessler, who also lost his match last week.

“Miracle” fades out.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCRXobvs9_I begins to play as the crowd erupts into a roar of boos. Kaden Kessler makes his way to the ring with a determined look on his face.

A.J. Richards: And her opponent… Weighing in at two hundred and eighteen pounds… From Southampton, New York… KADEEEENNN KESSSLLEERRRRR!!!!!

Vincent Price: Wow, Kaden looks ready to get through tonight with a victory.

Chris Walker: We do know that Kaden is going through a lot currently, which we are unable to talk about, but that could take a toll on him during this match.

Vincent Price: I don’t know, man. He looks pretty focused and ready to me. I guess we’ll see. Let’s get it going!


Vincent Price: Kaden and Ashley begin to circle around the ring after the bell sounded. Ashley holds a hand up, looking to do a test of strength and Kaden just laughs at her, but puts a hand up also. They lock hands and then Kaden kicks her in the gut. He throws a couple strikes at her head, backing up her to the ropes. He whips her across the ring and she springboards off the ropes… SPRINGBOARD HURRICANRANA! What a move from Ashley! Kaden is immediately back to his feet and Ashley doesn’t waste any time as she kicks him in the leg a couple times, which then backs him to a corner. She backs up a little bit and then runs at him. KADEN THROWS ASHLEY UP BUT SHE LANDS ON THE TOP TURNBUCKLE AND HE HAS NO IDEA! HE TURNS BACK AROUND AND SHE JUMPS OFF… DIVING MOONSAULT ONTO KADEN WHO IS STANDING!

Chris Walker: Ashley is starting off showing that she’s here to win and nothing less than that! She goes right back to the top rope. She looks to be measuring Kaden to make sure he’s not moving and then jumps off for a diving leg drop! SHE CONNECTS IT! She’s going for the early cover here, can she get it?

Ref: ONEEE!!!


Vincent Price: A KICKOUT! Ashley steps back for a second, watching Kaden as he’s starting to get up. Being impatient, Ashley walks back to him, lifts him up, and whips him into the ropes.. He’s coming back now… OH SHIT! KADEN JUST TRUCKED THE HELL OUT OF ASHLEY, TURNING HER INSIDE OUT! He seems to be taking a second now to regain some strength and then walks over to her, grabbing her by the hair. He picks her up and sets her on the top turnbuckle. Kaden goes to punch Ashley, but she blocks it and then slaps the absolute shit out of him! MISSLE DROPKICK! SHE CONNECTS IT!

Chris Walker: Both Ashley and Kaden are out at the moment and that’s forcing the ref to begin the double countout!

Ref: ONEE!!





Ref: ONEEE!!


Chris Walker: Kaden kicks out! Ashley grabs Kaden and goes to pull him up, but Kaden pushes her off! Ashley comes back AND KADEN JUST LAID HER OUT WITH A CLOTHESLINE! This gives Kaden a chance to gain some momentum and get back in this. He stands above her, but she rolls him up for the cover!

Ref: ONEE!!!

Vincent Price: He reverses the pin and rolls Ashley up for the cover!

Ref: ONEE!!!


Chris Walker: Ashley kicks out! Kaden doesn’t waste any time and he picks lifts her up and puts her in a powerbomb position. He lifts her up and starts walking towards the corner… POWERBOMB INTO THE CORNER!! ASHLEY IS ABSOLUTELY LAID OUT RIGHT NOW! KADEN GOES FOR THE COVER AGAIN!

Ref: ONEE!!!



Vincent Price: ASHLEY KICKS OUT! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! Neither can Kaden as she grabs her by the hair and starts slamming her head into the mat numerous times! The ref gets involved telling him to back off and he pushes the ref away! He goes right back to Ashley and she punches him right in the gut! And again! She gets to her feet and charges at Kaden! SHE GOES FOR THE SUNSET FLIP AND COVER! WAIT NO KADEN ROLLS THROUGH! SOCCER KICK RIGHT TO ASHLEY’S FACE! THAT’S GOTTA HURT AND HE GOES FOR THE COVER!

Ref: ONEE!!!



Chris Walker: SHE KICKS OUT AGAIN! ASHLEY WILL NOT FALL TONIGHT! Kaden absolutely cannot believe that she kicked out. He is getting furious. You do not want to fight with anger! He slams down on the mat and then picks Ashley up by the hair. He kicks her in the gut and he’s calling for something… It could be the finish! THE DEATH RATTLE! WAIT NO! SHE FALLS TO THE FRONT OF KADEN… ERASE/REWIND!! THE UNPRETTIER! IT CONNECTS! SHE GOES FOR THE COVER!

Ref: ONEEE!!




“Miracle” by Shinedown hits the speakers and Ashley stands in the middle of the ring with her hand raised in victory.

A.J. Richards: Here is your winner… ASHLLEEYYY WILLIAMMMSSS!!!

Vincent Price: What a reversal by Ashley to secure the victory! Kaden is having a rough start to his run here in XHW, but you can tell throughout the match things are changing for him.

Chris Walker: He has been going through some things, and it definitely took its toll tonight! One can only wonder how things will play out with him in the later weeks!

Vincent Price: Alright, let’s head to a commercial break and come back with our Main Event Ladder Match! STAY TUNED!

The camera pans out and slowly fades to black to a commercial break.

A promo vid for XHW and Fallout airs to the world.

The camera cuts back to the gorilla position. Standing behind the curtain is Wulf Erikson, and he's psyching himself up for the ladder match that's going to start in a moment. He peeks through the curtain for a second, and the camera follows behind him. We see the Medal being hoisted above the ring on the cable, and the camera starts to look to one side of the ring.

Then the scene cuts to a sweep of the crowd from another camera. We're not seeing literally what Erik sees now, but what we do see is a lot of people holding up signs, trying to get on TV, and a lot of those signs have Wulf's name or #Flippy on them. What we don't see is any empty seats, as the Hall has been jam-packed with wrestling fans who are enjoying the show.

The camera cuts back to Wulf as he peeks at a monitor behind the curtain that's showing that sweeping shot of the crowd. His lips curl up a little bit, then he goes back to stretching and prepping for the main event. We then go to the ring.

The cameras switch to show the ring where A.J. Richards is standing by with a mic in hand. Ladders are set up around the ring and the crowd is ecstatic.


A.J. Richards: It is time for our Main Event of the evening AND IS A LADDER MATCH!! The winner of this match will become the sole holder of the XHW Medal of Honor! Introducing first…

The audience gets louder as the house lights go dim and the stage flickers with neon green strobe lights. The opening bars of 'Surprise, you're dead!' by Revocation hit the PA and the fans ERUPT as Wulf Erikson rips through the curtains throwing his head back, howling like a wolf at the audience who howl along with him, and then they pop loudly as he runs from one side of the stage to the other, screaming at them to encourage them to get louder..

A.J. Richards: Weighing in at one hundred and eighty five pounds… From Roswell, New Mexico… He is a co-holder of the XHW Medal of Honor… “The Silver Bullet”... WULFFFF ERIKSSSONNN!!!

Wulf Erikson leaps up onto the barricade wall and the fans reach out to touch him as he stealthily makes his way toward the ringside area, the fans in awe as he does a mid-air cartwheel from one barricade wall to the other and finally, he backflips down to the ringside mats where he 'skins the cat' to launch himself into the ring and he hits another backflip onto his feet and lets out another howl, while the audience ERUPT and they join in with the howl as Wulf paces around in circles, watching the entrance ramp as his theme fades out..

A.J. Richards: And his opponent…

The opening beat to "Lifted" by CL begins playing as Cosmo Cooper cockily smirks as he walks out onto the stage.

A.J. Richards: Weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds… From Santa Rosa, California… He is the other co-holder of the XHW Medal of Honor… COSMOOOOO COOOPPPERRRRR!!

Cosmo drops to one knee with both arms out at the top of the stage as he looks up at the sky before standing back up and walks down the ramp before rolling into the ring. From rolling he pops up to one knee again and holds out his arms once more before the music fades as he goes to the corner.

Both Cosmo and Wulf look around at ringside, admiring the ladders that surround them. “LET’S GO WULF” chants begin echoing throughout the crowd and Cosmo doesn’t seem phased by it. The camera zooms in on the Medal hanging above the ladder.


Vincent Price: There it is! The bell has sounded and the winner of this match will be the ONLY holder of the XHW Medal of Honor! IMMEDIATELY WULF SLIDES OUT OF THE RING AND GOES FOR A LADDER! COSMO IS LOOKING OUT LIKE HE’S ABOUT TO DO SOMETHING… SPRINGBOARD DROPKICK TO THE LADDER ONTO WULF! NO WULF GETS OUT OF THE WAY! WULF GETS THE LADDER AND SLIDES IT INTO THE RING AND COSMO IS GETTING BACK TO HIS FEET NOW! Wulf is setting up the ladder in the ring… He starts to climb it… He’s halfway up… You can’t tell me this is the end already....

Chris Walker: NO COSMO STARTS THROWING PUNCHES TO WULFS BACK! He grabs a hold of Wulf and climbs a step… GERMAN SUPLEX OFF THE LADDER! HE CONNECTS IT! Cosmo looks down at Wulf and then up at the Medal. He turns to face Wulf instead of just going for the Medal. This could be because of the bad blood that’s been forming from these guys over the past couple weeks! HE JUMPS OFF WITH A LEG DROP! NO WULF ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY! Cosmo’s ass and legs collide with the mat and Wulf is looking to get back to his feet! He does and grabs a hold of Cosmo! Wulf places him in the corner and connects a couple elbows to his face!



Chris Walker: THE CROWD IS DEFINITELY GETTING BEHIND THIS MATCH AFTER THAT SEQUENCE OF EVENTS! Both men are now outside the ring and Cosmo drags Wulf to the steel steps, sitting him against them. A sadistic smile forms on Cosmo’s face as he turns away to taunt to the crowd. Turns back around and charges right at Wulf, driving his knee right against his --- NO!!! WULF ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY AND COSMO DRIVES HIS KNEE RIGHT INTO THE STEEL STEPS! This could be a difference maker for Wulf as he can take out Cosmo’s knee so he can’t climb the ladder! Wulf is getting back to a vertical base now and grabs another ladder. He slides it into the ring and positions it in the middle, right under where the Medal hangs. He grabs the other ladder and positions it right against the ladder in the middle, has it leaning against it. This can’t be good for Cosmo who is getting back to his feet, still holding onto his knee. WULF RUNS UP THE LADDER AND… HE’S NOT GOING FOR THE MEDAL. OH MY GOD HE DIVES OUTSIDE OF THE RING WITH A CORKSCREW MOONSAULT! WHAT THE HELL WULF!


Vincent Price: That corkscrew moonsault landed right on top of Cosmo and most of the damage went to him, but also affected Wulf, who is holding his stomach outside of the ring. Both men are trying to get to their feet, Wulf looking like the closest one there. He gets up! AND SO DOES COSMO! Wulf throws a punch! Cosmo throws a punch! Wulf throws an elbow! Cosmo throws an elbow! BACK AND FORTH! BACK AND FORTH! COSMO WITH A HUGE KICK TO WULF’S GUT! AND THEN THE LEG LARIAT! Both men are down again, this time momentum going back in Cosmo’s favor! Cosmo gets back up and slides in the ring. He begins to climb the ladder, but is slow in doing so because of his knee. Wulf slides back in. HE RUNS UP THE OTHER LADDER AGAIN AND OH MY GOD AN ENZIGURI TO COSMO, TAKING BOTH MEN STRAIGHT DOWN TO THE MAT AGAIN! THESE TWO ARE PUTTING EVERYTHING ON THE LINE HERE AND ONE COULD ONLY WONDER WHO WILL BE VICTORIOUS!!

Chris Walker: That’s right, partner. These two men have went flying so far in this match and both are starting to slow down now. Pinfalls and submissions have no effect on this match. The only way to win is to climb the ladder and retrieve the Medal of Honor that is hanging from above. Wulf gets back to his feet and sets up a ladder right next to the ropes, facing towards us. He positions the other ladder against this one, just like before. Now he’s climbing the opposite side. This could go one of two ways as he reaches the top now! COSMO IS ON HIS FEET AND SEES EXACTLY WHERE WULF IS… HE’S RUNNING UP THE LADDER AND HOLY SHIT! SPEAR! SPEAR! VINCE MOVE OUT OF THE WAY SHIT!!!

Cosmo speared Wulf from the top of the ladder through the announcers table and Vince and Chris are trying to get their headsets back on. The referee looks on at Wulf and Cosmo to see if they can both still compete and doesn’t seem to be calling the match. Both Vincent and Chris get their headsets back on now.

Vincent Price: Sorry about that everyone, we’re back on now.

Chris Walker: That was absolutely insane. Both men are just barely able to move right now and I’m not sure how much longer they’ll be able to go.

Vincent Price: Looks like Cosmo is the first to show some real life here as he’s pulling himself up by the barricade. He grabs a hold of Wulf and drags him to the ring, but stumbles while doing so. You can tell this match is really putting a hurting on both of these competitors. Cosmo picks himself back up and lifts Wulf up onto the apron. He has Wulf’s head hanging off of the ring and his body inside. He’s backing up now.. LEG DROP RIGHT TO WULF’S HEAD! NO! WULF SLIDES INSIDE AND COSMO GOES COLLIDING WITH THE MAT, THIS TIME OUTSIDE OF THE RING! This gives Wulf some time to recuperate and get back in this! Cosmo is holding his lower back, but gets back to both feet and slides in the ring. Wulf is in a corner getting back to his feet while Cosmo is getting back to his. Wulf goes on the attack and goes for a boot right to Cosmo’s head! BUT COSMO DODGES AND WULF’S LEG GETS STUCK IN BETWEEN THE LADDER!

Chris Walker: COSMO NOTICES AND TAKES ADVANTAGE BY DRILLING HIM WITH ELBOWS! HE PUSHES WULF DOWN AND HE’S NOW HANGING FROM THE LADDER! THIS ISN’T GOOD FOR WULF AT ALL! Cosmo runs at the ropes and back at Wulf… OH MY GOD HE JUST DROPKICKED WULF’S BODY RIGHT INTO THAT LADDER! YOU CAN TELL HE IS IN PAIN AS HE JUST HANGS THERE! Cosmo is climbing up the opposite side of the ladder and looks like he’s going straight for the Medal! He’s out of reach! There’s no way for him to get it! He jumps down from the ladder and grabs another one near him and sets it up in the middle of the ring. He’s getting to the top… HE’S THERE AND HE’S REACHING BUT HE’S GOT HIS BACK TO WULF HE LIFTED HIMSELF UP AND IS ON THE TOP OF HIS LADDER! OH NO OH NO! WULF JUMPED FROM ONE LADDER TO THE OTHER AND… PELE KICK! PELE KICK TO THE BACK OF COSMO’S HEAD! BOTH MEN ARE OUT ONCE AGAIN!

Vincent Price: THIS IS CRAZY! HOW ARE THEY STILL ABLE TO MOVE? They are both trying to find a way to get to their feet right now, but I don’t even think they know where they are at this point. Wulf is holding onto the ropes, Cosmo pulling himself up on the ladder. Both men get to their feet and begin climbing the ladder at the same time… Someone has to end this soon… They both get to the top and the Medal hangs just above the both of them! They begin trading fists with one another! Wulf! Cosmo! Wulf! Cosmo! Wulf throws an elbow! Cosmo grabs a hold of Wulf’s head, rakes his eyes, and slams his head on the ladder!! Wulf can’t see and Cosmo reaches for the Medal.. He’s struggling to unhook it… WULF LOOKS BACK UP AND THROWS ANOTHER FIST BUT IT’S TOO LATE! COSMO UNHOOKS THE MEDAL! IT’S ALL OVER AND HE JUMPS DOWN IMMEDIATELY TO AVOID GETTING HIT AGAIN!


“Lifted” by CL begins to play and Wulf continues to sit on top of the ladder while Cosmo slides out of the ring, holding his body, and the referee walks up to him to hold his hand up, but he jerks away and starts stumbling up the ramp.


Vincent Price: What a match put on by these two and you can see the disappointment in the eyes of Wulf Erikson right now. Even after getting his eyes raked.

Chris Walker: A dirty tactic, but legal and I don’t think he realizes that he still gained a few points out of that match. I believe he’s almost able to contend for the Legacy Championship if he doesn’t lose any points from this point forward.

Vincent Price: Although I agree, he still lost to what looks to be a newly formed rival of his. Came up just short, but a loss is a loss. He’s gotta build from this to continue in this Series.

Chris Walker: That’s right! The Series continues on next week in what Jacob Steele said is going to be better than these past two shows and looks like he has some things up his sleeve.

Vincent Price: We’ve seen the nice and professional side of Jacob so far, I’m curious as to how things are going to “change” like he said.

Chris Walker: We’ll find out next week! Our time is up tonight, but thank you for joining us on Spike TV for Fallout!

Vincent Price: I’m Vincent Price alongside my partner Chris Walker. We’re out! See you next week!

The camera focuses on Cosmo Cooper who is standing at the top of the stage with the XHW Medal of Honor hanging around his neck. You can still hear the fans chanting Wulf’s name as he’s just standing in the middle of the ring now. The camera starts to fade out.

The camera fades to black with the XHW Logo appearing and fading to black again.

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4/29/17 Fallout Results
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