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 5/7/17 Fallout Card: "Hell Is Near"

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Jacob Steele

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PostSubject: 5/7/17 Fallout Card: "Hell Is Near"   Mon May 01, 2017 9:37 pm

"Hell Is Near"

Location: Oman Arena (Jackson, Tennessee)
Date: 5/7/17 (Fallout extended to SUNDAY)

The Gold Bound Series continues to shake up with four members of the XHW Roster! Cosmo and Wulf are currently tied with 19 points, while Sapphire and Ashley Williams are tied with 14 points. Both Wulf and Cosmo are just ONE point away from being able to contend for the XHW Legacy Championship. With 2 weeks left before Hell From Above and the end of the Gold Bound Series, things are getting cut close and the pressure is getting put on for the entire roster. The Oman Arena in Jackson, Tennessee is the next stop on our road to Hell From Above!

The Gold Bound Series continues! Here are the guidelines and the standings thus far:

Winner via Submission - +10 Points
Winner via Pinfall - +7 Points
Winner via Countout - +5 points
Winner via DQ - +3 points
Loser via DQ - lose 10 points


Wulf Erikson - 19 points
Cosmo Cooper - 19 points
Sapphire - 14 points
Ashley Williams - 14 points

Sapphire vs. Cosmo Cooper - Non-Title

2 RP/2k word limit!

Both competitors are coming off victories last week. Sapphire was able to escape with a victory from Trixie while Cosmo Cooper became the sole holder of the XHW Medal of Honor. In our Non-Title Main Event Match, who will rise to the occasion and secure a few more points towards the Gold Bound Series? The beast of a woman, or the XHW Medal of Honor Holder?

Ashley Williams vs. Wulf Erikson

2 RP/2k word limit!

The former co-holder of the XHW Medal of Honor looks to redeem himself this week after letting go of the Medal to Cosmo Cooper. He may still be pretty banged up after the ladder match, but that's not going to stop The Silver Bullet. Ashley is coming off an impressive victory over Kaden Kessler and wants to continue winning all the points she can to contend for one of the two Titles at Hell From Above. Which one is going to walk away victorious?

Jacob Cass vs. Trixie

2 RP/2k word limit!

Trixie fell just short last week against Sapphire in a very well fought match. This week, she takes on a newcomer in Jacob Cass. Rumor is, Jacob Cass is pretty impressive. Does Trixie have it in her to bounce back from her loss last week and put down Cass in his debut?

Kaz Bonham vs. Angelica Vaughn

2 RP/2k word limit!

After last weeks Open Challenge issued by Angelica, Kaz accepted and both were putting on an impressive showing until Kaz got depressed over the fact that malls are going under. Angelica lost her temper, kicked Kaz off the top turnbuckle, and left the ring in a result of a double countout. Tonight, she wants to start earning her place and knows what she has to do. The question is, will Kaz get over her mall depression long enough to secure her first victory?

Adrien Pierce vs. Stephan Sword III

2 RP/2k word limit!

Two brand new roster members are going to go head-to-head! Will the submission specialist be able to withstand the cocky, destructive Cuddle Pie? Or will Adrien take out another XHW Superstar?

Kristian Bane vs. Matt Angel vs. Douglas Armatage

2 RP/2k word limit!

Another new wave of members joined us in XHW and are getting the chance to prove themselves in this open match concept. Monday 11:59 PM EST is the deadline for people to join. Want in? Want to compete in the Gold Bound Series? Join before that deadline. DEADLINE OVER. MATCH IS FINAL.
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5/7/17 Fallout Card: "Hell Is Near"
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