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 Hell says 'Oh $h!t'

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PostSubject: Hell says 'Oh $h!t'   Wed May 03, 2017 2:50 am

[May 3, 2017]

The screen is black as you hear the sigh of an old ma followed by the voice of an over eager Adrien Pierce.

::Adrien Pierce::
Hey Mr. E, do you know what happens in two days?

::Mr. E::
I get my new teeth?

::Adrien Pierce::
No. Try again.

::Mr. E::
You’re XHW debut?

::Adrien Pierce::
No, but you’re close. That’s four days away. Want to try one more time?

::Mr. E::

As the scene comes into view you find Mr. E wearing an old grey suit with a matching fedora. His arms are crossed and he’s pouting. Mr. E has turned away from looking at Adrien at this point.

::Adrien Pierce::
Come on. I’ll give you a hint. Two days from now is May 5th, and you know what that means?

Adrien opens a closet door and takes out a black sombrero with white trim. Mr. E turns to looks at him again.

::Mr. E::
Your hat is a little big for my taste. A fedora would look much better on you. Are we going to eat soon?

Adrien shakes his head in disbelief. He growls at Mr. E and disappears around the corner. Mr. E laughs and looks at the camera. He whispers.

::Mr. E::
Being old has its perks.

You can hear Adrien muttering something in the background, but you can’t really make it out as the scene fades.

{Later that day}

The sun is beginning to set as the camera shows a close up of Adrien Pierce’s face as he lays down in the grass at his Malibu mansion he likes to call the Perfect Estate. He’s got a flower in hand and begins to pluck the petals from a daisy. He’s only got five more petals left to pluck. He plucks one.

::Adrien Pierce::
He really hates me…

He plucks another.

::Adrien Pierce::
He’s really mad…

He plucks the third.

::Adrien Pierce::
He’s gonna hurt me…

He plucks the second to last petal.

::Adrien Pierce::
He’s really sore…

Just then Mr. E comes into the picture plucking the last petal. Adrien looks up at the old man who has a big grin on his face.

::Adrien Pierce::
Hey! I wasn’t finished!

::Mr. E::
Everyone already knows what you were going to say.

::Adrien Pierce::
No they don’t!

Mr. E nods and grins even bigger this time.

::Mr. E::
They do young Mister Pierce. They already know. You’re not as mysterious as you might think.

::Adrien Pierce::
Then what was I going to say next?

::Mr. E::
He wants to cuddle.

Adrien is speechless for a moment until a big smile comes over his face.

::Adrien Pierce::
Yeah, you’re right. He probably doesn’t want to cuddle. Not after what I did to him.

Mr. E shakes his head as Adrien thinks about what he did to Dillion Kruger at the Fallout: Medal of Honor show. He starts chuckling.

::Mr. E::
If I may say, young Mister Pierce, you have a few screws loose.

Adrien suddenly stops chuckling and looks at Mr. E. He sits up.

::Adrien Pierce::
Mr. E, you have no idea…

Adrien looks at the camera with a sly smirk on his face. You can see Mr. E beginning to head back inside Adrien’s house.

::Adrien Pierce::
And that’s something the rest of the roster in Xtreme Honor Wrestling ought to think about. I meant what I said at the last show. Not one of you has the slightest chance of beating me. It wouldn’t matter if it were in the ring, backstage, parking lot, at a bar, or in your mothers’ bedrooms. I’m better than each and every single one of you.

Adrien sits there on the grass allowing the statement to set in to all those listening. He lets out a sigh.

::Adrien Pierce::
I hope that’s clear enough, because it doesn’t matter what you have earned before I arrived here in XHW. Oh, it might matter to you. It might matter to the fans. I’m sure that Tyler Jacobs and Jacob Steele have noticed.

He shrugs and rolls his eyes. He looks at the camera and shakes his head.

::Adrien Pierce::
But it doesn’t matter to me. You can have your little toys. You can exclaim your achievements from the mountain tops. The problem you all have is that I’ve arrived. So go ahead and be proud of yourselves. Be happy, those of you who are headlining the next show. Treasure what you have earned thus far…

He lowers his head as he continues to speak and looking at the camera.

::Adrien Pierce::
Because I’m the guy that can take that Medal of Honor from Cosmo Cooper the pooper scooper. I’m the guy that can take the joys of being in the Main Event from anyone on this roster. Just as I said over Twitter, don’t get used to it. Soon there will come a time when you won’t be in the main event unless you’re facing me. And you can consider that your fifteen seconds of fame.

Adrien chuckles and gets up to a knee. He waits a moment before he stands up.

::Adrien Pierce::
I can bet that those of you listening are thinking I’m all talk. I dare you to test that theory. I welcome the dare because I’ll take you up on it.

He gives a wink before he continues on.

::Adrien Pierce::
Take for example Angelica Vaughn. Be happy that Kaz was the first to answer your challenge. I don’t care that you ran away. I’d chase you down and make sure you learned your lesson the hard way. I’d take joy in it. I’d beat you until you begged. Then, I would drag you out to that ring, in front of all the fans and let them watch as I made an example out of you again. Why?

He gives a smirk.

::Adrien Pierce::
I’d do it because I can. I’d do it because I felt like it. And I wouldn’t care what the consequences would have been.

He pauses for a moment and puts his hands in pockets. He kicks at a pebble on his drive way before continuing on.

::Adrien Pierce::
In four days, I debut in an XHW ring. For those of you who don’t know, this won’t be my first time inside the square circle. And Stephan Sword the third wheel is probably just as arrogant as I am. He’s this submission specialist. He can probably twist me into a pretzel and do some Zohan stuff. That’s fine. I don’t tap. If the guy from Liverpool wants to win this by submission, it won’t happen.

He shakes his head.

::Adrien Pierce::
Now, looking at my match with the self-proclaimed ‘Submission Specialist’ from a hypothetical viewpoint, the only way this guy will beat me is if I pass out or he pins me. Again, won’t happen. And hey, Stephan, I will admire your every attempt to beat me, but allow me to elaborate on why it won’t happen.

Adrien turns his back on the camera and takes something out of his pocket. He looks at it for a moment and then points it at the garage. He presses a button. The garage door begins to open.

::Adrien Pierce::
It isn’t because I have more money than you. It isn’t because I drive a nicer car than you could ever afford. It isn’t because my house is something that many dream of having, but never will.

He turns back to face the camera.

::Adrien Pierce::
It’s because I don’t have a conscience and I’ve actually been training for the ring for a while. So bring on your little technical tactics, Stephan Sword. Bring the submission expert into play. You’ll have to do much better than that. And let me ask you a question…

He smiles.

::Adrien Pierce::
Why do you think not having a conscience plays into anything? Well. Let me tell you. Because a conscience slows you down. It makes you think about risk. I take the risk without questioning it. I enjoy the thrill of it. When I hear the screams of agony that I cause, I don’t think about how much pain they’re in. I don’t worry about causing some serious injury to my opponents. In fact, I wonder how much damage I can do to a knee or shoulder before I get bored playing around.

He just looks at the camera with a blank look in his eyes for a moment. A few seconds go by until another smile comes over his face.

::Adrien Pierce::
Sorry about that. I was just thinking about what I have in store for you.

He turns around and heads for his light blue 2016 Rolls Royce Wraith. He pushes a few buttons near the door and it opens. He gets in and presses the button to start the engine as he says nothing else. He pulls forward and stops. He rolls the window down and the camera zooms in on his face. He doesn’t look at the camera as he speaks.

::Adrien Pierce::
The worst thing is being Stephan Sword the third and standing across the ring from me in Jackson, Tennessee. The second worst thing is me catching anyone outside their locker room. Hell might be four days away, and when it sees me…it’ll say…’Oh, shit.’

Adrien pushes the button to roll his window up and drives down the driveway towards the gate as the scene fades out.

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Hell says 'Oh $h!t'
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