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 "The Silver bullet" Wulf Erikson Contract (Currently Not Available)

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PostSubject: "The Silver bullet" Wulf Erikson Contract (Currently Not Available)   Wed Apr 05, 2017 12:54 pm

Ring Name: Wulf Erikson
Nickname(s): The silver bullet, Neon Knight, Mr. Hangtime
Height: 6ft1
Weight: 181 lbs
Hometown: Roswell, NM.

Pic Base: Facade

The audience POPS loudly as the house lights go dim and the ramp and stage flicker with neon green strobe. The opening bars of 'Invincible' hits the PA and the fans get even louder still as Wulf Erikson rips through the curtains throwing his head back, howling like a wolf at the audience who howl along with him, and the crowd POPS once more as he runs from one side of the stage to the other, screaming at them to encourage them to get louder..

Wulf Erikson leaps up onto the barricade wall and the fans reach out to touch him as he stealthily makes his way toward the ringside area, the fans in awe as he does a mid-air cartwheel from one barricade wall to the other and finally, he backflips down to the ringside mats where he 'skins the cat' to launch himself into the ring and he hits another backflip onto his feet and lets out another howl, while the audience ERUPT and they join in with the howl as Wulf paces around in circles, watching the entrance ramp as his theme fades out..

Theme Song: 'Invincible' by No Use For A Name

Disposition (Face, Tweener, or Heel): Face
Gimmick: Luchadore/parkour type of thing going on
Favorite Match Type: Anything that allows Wulf to use his environment as a weapon
Least Favorite Match Type: Casket, buried alive, anything involving tight spaces
Weapon of Choice: His own well-dented steel chair

Common Moves (10 Max):

Hip toss (sometimes a sitout version)
Headscissors take-down
Hurricanrana (Wulf loves his 'ranas! He uses standing, top rope, and over the top to the outside)
Snapmare and stiff spine kick
Arm-trap neckbreaker
Rolling german suplexes (x3)
Double underhook backbreaker
Leg lariat
Pele kick
Inverted manhattan drop and hurricanrana pin

Signature Moves (5 Max):
(Wulf is known to leap, handspring, backflip, Matrix-arch and mid-air cartwheel to avoid offensive moves and also lead into a chain wrestling spot - signature characteristic)
Carousel de Cruauté (dragon sleeper into a big swing, followed by a mid-air rolling cutter) - innovated
The cookie crumbles.. (Liontamer)
The DTF (running double bounce springboard 450)
Corkscrew split-legged moonsault

Finishing Moves (3 Max):
Wit's End (Lightning spiral)
The silver bullet special (shooting star press while clutching a chair)
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"The Silver bullet" Wulf Erikson Contract (Currently Not Available)
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