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 #WhereIsAngie - Part 1

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Angelica Vaughn


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PostSubject: #WhereIsAngie - Part 1   Fri May 05, 2017 8:34 pm

May 2nd, around 8 AM.
Miami, Florida
Near the I-95 Express

It was a nice day. So far, so good. The sun was out, and Angelica slung what little possessions she had in her bag over her shoulder.
The second episode of Fallout hadn’t been a great success, for her personally, but at least she was still alive and, quite literally, kicking. She had finally found a training regimen and wrestling style that suited her strengths, and she could feel herself improving day by day. But still, the road ahead was long and arduous.

And not just metaphorically. XHW liked to travel around the nation, so it seemed; after the show in Miami, they were going to Jackson, Tennessee, where Angelica hoped to get some sweet revenge on the idiot who had impeded her progress to the top last week. But Jackson was well over a thousand miles away, and Angelica was terminally short on cash. She didn’t want to take the bus, let alone the airplane, because the small amount of money she made at XHW barely covered the cost of her shelter, food, gym, etc. She had no means of getting there on her own, and none of her fellow wrestlers had offered her a ride this time, so she was completely on her own.

Walking all the way to Jackson seemed unwise, if not impossible. Therefore, hitchhiking looked like the best solution. It wasn’t ideal, but Angelica was in good spirits today, and began walking along the driveway to the I-95 with a vigor that surprised even herself. Most cars that she signed for whizzed past without even slowing down. This continued for a couple of minutes, until a pouting Angelica finally remembered that she’d gotten a ‘trick’ from one of her social media friends.

“All right then,” Angelica sighed, “show a little bit of leg, it is!” Her thin, flowery dress wasn’t very long to begin with, just barely reaching her knees. Her legs were longer than those of the average woman, after all. So the moment she lifted it up even slightly, it almost reached the upper half of her thighs. Angelica failed to see how this would benefit her, but had to immediately amend that thought, as the very next truck that drove by came to a hissing stop, its tires almost screeching due to abrupt braking. It was an old black Volvo, with an enormous semi-trailer hitched on at the back. It was obvious he’d stopped to let her in, as the passenger seat window was rolled down. Angelica got on the steps, and peeked in through the window to see the driver.

The best and most polite way to describe him would be ‘obese’. His massive belly enveloped almost half the steering wheel, and his black shirt seemed so tight it could easily burst. A black cap disguised his greasy brown shoulder-length brown hair, and as he spoke, his many double chins waggled along merrily on the rhythm of his flabby jawline.
“Erm, hi,” Angelica began, “so… I kind of need a ride.”

“I figured,” he replied, before licking his lips, eying Angelica with his little grey beady eyes. “Shit, I’d like to take you right here, right now. My truck’s got plenty of space.”

“Oh wow, that’s awesome!” Angelica smiled, and stepped down, before opening the door and getting into the cabin. There was plenty of leg space for her to place her bag and still be quite comfortable. There were candy wrappers and empty burger boxes strewn throughout the cabin [well, as someone who lives on the road, it’s only normal to eat in your truck, Angelica figured; besides, she wasn’t the picture of tidiness herself, or so her mother always told her], and  dubious, rigid Kleenex tissues all over the dashboard [he… probably has a cold, or so Angelica figured,… yes, after all this weather was crazy!], hiding a pile of obscure and wrinkled magazines underneath. The stains all over the seat were a bit weird, but Angelica wasn’t about to judge him for spilling mayonnaise (or whatever had caused it), that stuff was slippery after all!
As the truck took off, the driver rarely looked at the road anymore, instead opting to look at his lovely passenger, who was quite obliviously tweeting on her phone.

“Where exactly are you heading?” the driver asked. His breathing was loud and heaving, as if the very weight of his body mass pressed on his lungs and limited his airflow. The cabin reeked of the sweat that was leaking from between his chins and underneath the flaps of his armpits, causing massive stains on his shirt. Luckily for him, Angelica blamed the smell on the pasture of cows they were passing, and gave it no further thought.
“Oh, Jackson.” Angelica looked up from her phone. “All the way to Jackson, Tennessee. Wait… That is in your direction, isn’t it? I wouldn’t want you to go out of your way for me.”

“Well, I’m stopping in Atlanta, but…” The driver moaned softly, and looked at Angelica’s long, pale legs that stuck out from under her dress. “God damn, I’d love to eat you out,” the driver muttered.

“Oh, that’s so nice of you!” Angelica answered enthusiastically, completely mishearing AND misunderstanding the meaning of the phrase. “No one has ever taken me out to eat before! But it’s okay for now, I only just ate. A protein shake, if you know what I mean.”

“Oh, I’m sure I do,” the driver replied, in turn also completely misunderstanding Angelica. Because she had literally just had a protein shake before starting her trip. Not what he ‘understood’, however. Angelica might’ve been piss poor at metaphors, but the man behind the wheel understood them all too well… a bit too well. His breathing got even heavier, and the odd wheeze came through every now and then.
“So, how much?”

“Oh, you don’t have to pay me for it, silly! I could hardly charge you for it, could I? In a couple of hours, when you see a decent place, just pull over, I guess.”
She meant a diner. A DINER!

“Oh, I will. I most certainly will.”

They kept driving along the I-95, slowly but surely making their way towards Atlanta. Hours passed, mile markers whizzed by, and Angelica kept most of her attention focused on her phone, which provided her entertainment. Draining her battery, Angelica tweeted, played some Jetpack Joyride, and played some QuizUp, guessing Pokémon names as fast as possible. She’d already gotten used to the smell in the cabin, but in the corner of her eyes, she saw the driver grabbing his crotch more and more frequently, until eventually she could no longer ignore it. She put her phone away, and turned her attention back to her compatriot, whose name she had never even bothered asking.

“Are you okay? Do you need to go to the toilet, or something?” she asked, entirely unaware of what was going underneath the man’s stained track pants.

“Not really,” he answered. “Just gotta shoot my load as soon as possible, if you know what I mean.”

“Yeah, I think so.” She didn’t. At all. Sweet, naïve Angelica thought he just wanted to deliver his cargo to its intended destination, thinking ‘shooting a load’ a trucker’s term for doing just that. “So what load are you carrying?” she inquired, referring to the contents of the semi-trailer.

“Only the finest seed in all of the land, darling!”

“Oh, nice!” Angelica thought he meant like rhye, grain, wheat, that sort of thing. Obviously, he did not, as the actual content of the semi-trailer is best left to the reader’s imagination. Just know that it could best be opened while wearing protective mouth- and nosegear.

“So what’s a girl like you going to Jackson for, anyway?”

“Oh, I have to participate in a show. I have someone’s ass to kick. This…girl, I guess… who I owe a beating for making a fool out of me. I mean, she’s so in love with the ‘80’s. The ‘80’s suck! I mean, Rick Astley was pretty cool I guess, and Duran Duran… But that’s about it, really. So now I have to fight her. It’s just a shame I’m not very good at fighting.”

“I bet you’re real good at other things, though.”

“Aww, that’s nice of you to say. YOU are nice!” Angelica said this, unaware of the fact that he was referring to one particular thing; yep, you guessed it: banging. Honestly, how do you not pick up on this??

“Oh, I look forward to showing you exactly how nice I can be. Besides, if we don’t find a decent motel, or if it’s too expensive, we can always sleep together in my truck here.”

“See? Nice! I don’t actually have a lot of money for a motel until I get to Jackson. So yeah, we can do the sleeping thing right here in this cabin! I’ve never done that before, can you believe it? It’s actually my first time in a truck.” She wasn’t speaking in metaphors.

“I’m not THAT surprised. I assume you want to use protection?”

“Oh, for sure!” She grabbed hold of her seatbelt, and showed it to him. “See? Always wear your seatbelt, that’s what my parents used to say. Protection is the most important thing there is!”

“Eh… right,” the driver said, not understanding what a seatbelt had to do with condoms, but he didn’t pay much more attention to her remark, instead letting his hand slip under his scrunchy track pants, while keeping his other chubby paw wrapped around the steering wheel.

Angelica failed to see it, instead focusing back on Twitter, unfortunately also failing to see the red warning light indicating her phone battery was nearly completely drained. She ‘awoke’ from her social media trance when the truck finally pulled over near an abandoned parking lot. They were easily halfway to Atlanta already, and Angelica wondered why he had chosen this particular spot to finally take a rest, rather than at a gas station or near a diner (as he had promised, right? At least, according to her).  

“Right, I can’t take it anymore! Come here, you!” His sweaty sausage fingers reached for her arm, and yanked it so hard that Angelica flew halfway across the cabin in his direction. Her phone slipped from her grasp, and Angelica was taken aback by this sudden outburst of aggression. He held on to her arm firmly, as he tried to drag her over onto his lap.

“Erm, what are you doing?” Angelica asked, doubt starting to finally creep in, and a slight panic starting to develop.

“Oh shut up you little cocktease, you’ve been chatting me up since Miami!” He tried to pull even harder, and eventually managed to get Angelica on top of him, but she resisted, now flailing wildly as he tried to restrain her. Unfortunately, his sheer mass made him a lot stronger than her, and even as she tried to apply a mandible claw, and even an arm triangle choke, he was simply too big to be overpowered or choked out! So Angelica did the only thing she could. She grabbed him by the hair, and slammed his head against the door window as hard as she could. The locked popped open, and they fell out, tumbling all the way to the floor.

Angelica scrambled to her feet, now in full panic mode, and climbed back in the cabin, trying to go for her phone, in order to send an SOS. But her battery was as good as dead, and all she could type before hitting send, was…

At that point, the driver grabbed her foot, and dragged her back to the outside, roaring and wheezing and heaving. For Angelica, the fight for survival had only just begun.



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#WhereIsAngie - Part 1
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