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 Chapter 01: Reborn. (Cass vs Trixie.)

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PostSubject: Chapter 01: Reborn. (Cass vs Trixie.)   Fri May 05, 2017 11:56 pm


A new environment can bring out a new fire into an old soul, a reinvigorated passion if you will and one man has found that spark to keep the career alive.. However he must go to battle with an old foe who he once got acquainted with for employment?

Could this man defeat his friend and now current rival in what seems to be his career re-enhancement? Only time will tell...

End of Prologue

Our scene opened on top of a corporate building, The big wigs or "suits" under him would be heard conversing in some sort of round table style meeting to which he was intrigued to partake in ... But he didn't want to delay the cameraman of any more suspense.

Standing there in the winds of change upon coming to said facility was Jacob Cass, a former champion who in his own merit and belief was overwhelmed with joy upon seeing such enlightened competition.

The camera would now pan up to see his dirty blonde curls, White T-shirt and a pair of jeans followed up with a crisp and clean set of Calvin Klein sneakers tailored for this apparel. This new XHW superstar would smirk at the camera, ultimately prepared for battle.

Jacob Ω Cass
The Devil of Dark Arts Hello XHW. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jacob Cass and I am here not to be your savior or your "hero" but your salvation into a brand new world... A world of opportunity, expectations and limitations far beyond your wildest dreams.

For my opponent however, she wont be getting that very grandeur and wonder that is expected no matter where her sex appeal leads her. Now Trixie, at one point in my career I saw you as just a temptress.. An agent to boost the people of low self esteem and morale into a higher platform but with me... I'm far more different than that kid from Detroit who couldn't make it.

In my travels all over the globe, glory is my much needed ticket to the top, glory is that simple five letter word that will make a woman like yourself fall victim to the gods of the almighty forces and bow at their mercy... I don't knock your talent, I don't discredit your merit or valor for wanting to face me but in due time you will see the errors of your gambling misfortune.

So alas, I must leave this poor defenseless cameraman in a fit of mystery and utter majestry as I say to you good luck in this week's contest. Goodbye... And Good Night!

The camera gets sent to static as Cass points his gun at the young man, leaving him in utter disbelief as the scene fades to black.
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Chapter 01: Reborn. (Cass vs Trixie.)
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