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 Real vs Fake

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PostSubject: Real vs Fake    Sat May 06, 2017 12:51 am

It had been weeks since he had sat bedside with his grandmother. The only person in the world Cosmo cared about more than the profession of wrestling. Even water-side in wonderful New Orleans couldn’t bring him to feel whole. This is what most considered therapy, a cup of coffee from Cafe’ Du Monde rested in his right hand as a bag of beignets in the other. Cosmo Cooper did look a bit odd with the XHW Medal of Honor around his neck, even his friend Leela Watts had laughed at him when he had put it on to leave the house.

“You still think it looks silly, don’t you?”

His Space Jam flat bill was turned backwards as he dipped his hand into the bag and brought out a powdered monstrosity that was the beignet. Ripping a piece off he handed it over to his counter-part, Leela Watts. Recently crowned GCW Champion.

The commute was just going to be easier for Cosmo if he had stayed with Leela in her new place in New Orleans, so that’s what he did. While he was on the phone every day to his grandmother promising to come see her, he couldn’t find the time with his currently weekly schedule of making towns on the east coast

“No, I think it goes well with your outfit.”  Leela said with a small laugh as she popped the piece of fried dough Cosmo gave her into her mouth. The two turned and began walking down a small path that led to a longer sidewalk which led down the waterfront that New Orleans sat against. “Besides, you should be proud as heck you won that thing. Ladder matches aren’t easy.”

Cosmo had just lifted the cup of hot, black coffee to his lips as he weighed his options mentally for the moment before turning his head to the time and squinting his eyes, wrinkling his nose.

“Eh, just a little more impressive than winning the GCW title I think, ow!” Cosmo just dodged out of the way and Leela had grazed his shoulder with a punch, Cosmo spun out of the way just in time, keeping his coffee perfectly in the cup. “You know, seeing you win that thing motivated me even more.”

Leela narrowed her eyes, usually with Cosmo if he said something nice, something mean was soon to follow. Cosmo nodded as he took another drink of his coffee as the water came into view on the beautiful sunny day.

“Oh, really? I motivated you?” Leela said as she reached back into the bag and pulled apart another piece of the beignet. “Do tell.”

Cosmo looked down into the lid of his coffee for a moment as he thought back, just a week ago, standing behind the curtain and watching Leela win the title—he had been so proud.

“Just hearing the crowd…Roar for you like that. It was something I wanted to hear myself…Trust me, I’ll have something to put around my waist like you soon in XHW, for now…This will have to do,” he proudly reached down and tugged on the medal.

“Well, I think you should stop lifting that medal so much and hit the weight room judging by your opponent this week, looks like she’s…” Leela really didn’t know how to explain it, but she kind of made a cute little flexing motion as Cosmo just laughed at her.

“Yeah, she’s pretty ripped…You think I could beat her in a bench press?” Cosmo asked curiously as they walked along at a very deliberate pace as they chatted, just enjoying company and the day.

“Mmm, nope.” Leela answered, flashing a bright smile towards him.

“Okay, what about arm wrestling?”

“Not that either.”


“No way, she has man hands so she could out bowl you.”

“A foot race?”

“Ehh, she’s pretty skinny, plus I’ve seen you run, you kind of run like a duck.”

Cosmo took a piece of beignet out of the bag and ate a piece himself as he continued to rack his brain for something he COULD beat Sapphire at. Finally it hit him, as he licked the powered sugar from the beignet off of his finger-tips.

“What about…Beignet eating. I doubt she’s had a carb since 2001 with a body like hers, then again, Ana tells me all the time I need to eat some carbs.” Cosmo said with a laugh and finally Leela agreed.

“I think beignet eating would be a good one,” Leela said as she picked up the last bit and split it with Cosmo as they both ate their pieces at the same time before Cosmo crumpled up the bag and tossed it into a bin. “I think your selfies are a little better than hers too.”

Laughing, Cosmo pulled out his phone.

“Speaking of which, care if I get one to show grandma when I get back to see her? I think she’d enjoy it.”

Leela nodded with a smile as he turned his back toward the water front and bent down to where he was even with Leela and they snapped the picture before he slid it back into his pocket and they continued down the sidewalk.

“One step closer this week…One step closer…” Cosmo said as he wistfully looked out over the water. It was so…Motivating and peaceful as they walked.

Leela patted him on the back.

“Before you know it, you’re going to be the champion there. Trust me.”

And so he did.

There was a difference between real and fake. Cosmo thought Sapphire was as fake as they come. A fake badass, a fake appearance, and he had fake friends along the way in this journey he called professional wrestling.

Leela was a real friend, someone he could lean on, and while she may have been one of the few he had left in the industry. One good friend was better than a handful of fake ones.

She was right, it was only a matter of time.


“The Medal of Honor…Only given to those who have battled and shown a tremendous amount of valor. It’s only the highest award given by the military. So it makes sense that XHW would give this to their best warrior, to their best solider…But they didn’t exactly give it to me. I earned it. I earned it by proving Wulf a fraud, and this week…I get to expose someone else for who they really are, and it’s another chance to prove to them who I really am.”

“Insults after insults about me, but none of them can stick, but no matter what Sapphire has to say about me this week, all I know is that I have the Medal of Honor around my neck, and what does she have? A couple of likes on social media?”

“This message isn’t to Wulf, it isn’t to my opponent this week in Sapphire. This message is to XHW. It doesn’t matter who you throw at me. It doesn’t matter who you put in my way. There will be only one man who will be a champion when it’s all said and done. It will be COSMO COOPER, and there’s only one man who will have the only medal that can bring him down, and that will be COSMO COOPER. This company started out spinning wheels. This company put stock into wrestlers they shouldn’t have put stock in, but now everything seems to be coming up the correct street now.”

“You don’t trust people like Wulf Erikson with the ball, you don’t trust people like Buffy Raccoon or whatever the hell her name was. You don’t trust people like Virginia. You trust me. You put the ball in my hands, and I’m going to make moves with it. I’ve not accomplished my goal just because I have a medal around my neck now and I don’t have to share it against some Dollar General parking lot wrestler like Wulf Erikson. But now? Now we have some equal trash stepping into a wrestling ring. Just like Wulf’s flippy shit didn’t work for him? If Virginia…Sapphire…Whatever she wants to go by…She tries that street fighter shit? I’ll pull the plug like it’s a video game and beat her head into the ground if I have to.”

“I mean, I have all sorts of questions. I don’t know how much of this I buy that Sapphire was a street fighter, or that she has any sort of rough upbringing. Sure, she has muscles, but anyone can get those. Sure, her body is honestly in better condition than mine, at least her biceps. That doesn’t make her stronger than me. Her face is…Well…Perfect. I mean, she’s hot. Not going to sit here and beat around the bush. I’m sure she turns heads every time she steps out of the locker room, but I’m not buying that she’s some sort of this badass street fighter.”

“Looking at things, she just looks like more of a model to me. Since I’ve been in competition, basically since I can remember. I’ve always noticed people like Sapphire. I’ve noticed them in football, baseball, in wrestling as well and now in professional wrestling. Wrestlers like Sapphire are “look good off the bus” players. When you see them walk off the bus, or in this case down the ramp. You’re like, oh no. I’m screwed.”

“Yeah, from the pictures Sapphire posts, from the way she talks. Acting like I’m about to want to die when I step into the ring with her. Really? She really thinks that I will want to die after being in the ring with her for a singles match? Was she even paying attention last week? Last week, I walked through Wulf Erikson. A man who, while I dislike tremendously and think he is an overrated piece of trash…I walked through him in his own type of match. I hate ladders, I hate heights, but I put my body on the line and I took what is mine.”

Cosmo pulled the medal off of his chest and held it up with a satisfied smirk on his face as he let it drop back down to his chest.

“I wasn’t featured in the main event the first match here, but quickly I’ve risen to the top…Why? I’ve shown management I can be next level. I’ve shown management I’m more than just a couple of Instagram filters and selfies. I’ve shown management that I am more than the right right lighting. I’ve looked impressive where it matters. In the wrestling ring, behind the scenes, representing XHW in other companies like the CWC where I am challenging for the Legacy Championship in GCW.”

“Sapphire, you look like a star through the lens of a camera. That. Is. It. You were an after thought last week on the card, and if you weren’t facing me you’d be in another match nobody cares about this week as well. There’s no champions in XHW, YET. Soon, I’ll claim that crown as well. For the time being?”

Once again, the medal of honor was pulled up from his chest and he placed a gentle kiss on it before letting it fall back down.

“Wulf Erikson isn’t the bar, Trixie isn’t the bar, Kaz isn’t the bar, I am the bar. I’m the measuring stick. I’m the main event. I’m the guy XHW can promote. I’m the guy who is trying to tote the load to bring in the fans to these shows…And I’m making a name for myself. Not because i’m Cosmo Cooper, but because of what I’m doing under the XHW umbrella. They’ve given me a platform to do what I do best. Sapphire, it’s up to you to see if you can live up to that, because I know what I can bring. I know what I can do. Can you do something besides looking good in a picture on Twitter? Can you do something besides flex?”

“I know I can, and I know that because…I’m…Just…Better.”
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Real vs Fake
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