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 The Debut

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PostSubject: The Debut    Sat May 06, 2017 7:47 am

(The scene opens up in an abandoned parking lot with several Hollywood style trailers left from a previous wrestling company known as Karnage Championship Wrestling who was investigated by the Federal government and property all seized. The building known as The Compound right next to the parking lot and all abandoned too, with broken doors, and broken windows can be seen. We Matt Angel dressed in black baggy jeans, a black hoody with the hood over his snapback hat and his long hair can be seen under it.)

"Here we are a place where it all started for me a place that gave me a chance and a place that helped me get my foot into the wrestling business. I had to travel from Venice Beach, California to Dallas, Texas to start my career. And only living in Dallas, Texas for a few months was great. The people were friendly and the fan s was awesome. However the owner of KCW dropped the ball and was  found out by the Federal Government. Due to that Federal Government business I missed my tour of Guerrero's of Lucha. I missed a show because off them. And now I have to earn their trust again. But I still needed a place to compete week in and week out and I've found it. I have found Xtreme Honor Wrestling. I am grateful that XHW has decided to sign me and put their faith in me and now I get to prove myself all over again."

(Matt Angel ponders his thought looking around the parking lot)

"And now this weekend I get to make my debut for XHW at Fallout in a triple threat match against Douglas Armatage and Kristian Bane. A match where you have to have eyes in the back of your head and on a swivel. A triple threat means anyone could win. But you see my opponents will not win. My opponents will suffer their first loss in their XHW debuts . While I pick up the first victory. Why am I so confident you ask? Because I know the minute I signed with XHW I become the hardest working wrestler here. I will put my heart and passion in front of the world and that will drive me to getting the W."

(Matt smirks with confidence)

"But first I have to direct  my attention to my opponents first we have is Kristian Bane who is by far the tallest and heaviest of us all three. The so called powerhouse and the freak of nature steroid using no-neck monster. I'm assuming like most he intends to use that power to show off his importance and push himself to the main event scene. But that doesn't work like that. It's all about earning what you get and I'm going to earn every success I get. By chopping you down Kristian Bane. I'm going to cut you off at the knees Kristian Bane. Even in my short career I have beaten bigger opponents, I have beaten muscle bound freaks like you before. And I'm not afraid."

(Matt continues to stand in the middle of the parking lot)

"Next we have is the bearded man himself Douglas Armatage. Dougie my friend I'm glad that you've already forgotten my name because it will be engraved into your brain once I win the match and my arm is raised as winner. I am a guy that you can rarely catch when I get going inside the ring, once I get going it's almost damn near impossible to stop. Because I can fly in the air with the best of them. And Dougie I'm going to show you what I can do with m y feet, I can kick with the best of them and I'm going to send you packing back to the hobbit hole of jolly old England. And Dougie you'll realise that I'm not just some adrenaline junkie kid who thrives on the fast pace style you'll realise that I'm a fighter. I am a fighter and a champion."

(Matt pauses)

"So boys don't start dreaming of that big win on your debuts because it's not going to happen. That big win is going to be mine and it will set the tone of my career. It will show the XHW universe who I am and what I stand for. Believe me on that."

(Scene ends)
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The Debut
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