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 Tales From Monmouth County II: Bound For Gold?

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Ashley Williams


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PostSubject: Tales From Monmouth County II: Bound For Gold?   Sat May 06, 2017 9:26 am

Tales From Monmouth County II: Bound For Gold?


To say it had been an eventful couple of weeks for the young Miss Williams was an understatement. From winning a title for another of her companies to getting her head caved in working for another. Yet, sitting in her locker room, the only thing that really mattered to her was that there was still no Medal of Honor sitting beside her. There was also the fact that she had only mustered 14 points in the Bound For Gold series when she could have had 21. For anyone else, that would have still been a good result, but for Ashley Williams, that was failure.

SCENE ONE: How Much Do YOU Want This?
LOCATION: Ashley’s Home Gymnasium

Stepping out of the shower, Ashley went about the business of drying herself off and changing into her gym gear before walking over to the bench and putting on her hand wraps followed by her MMA training style gloves. Completely barefooted, she strolled over to the heavy bag that her father had installed as part of the separate annex that now housed her home gym. With the fourteen points clear in her mind, she began to leather the bag with left and right punches as the dulcet tones of Shinedown’s Brent Smith played out of her sound system.

Ashley knew, in her mind and heart that she was one of the best female wrestlers on the planet at that moment in time, but so far she had yet to even begin to back up her words. Her claims of being The Future of Female Wrestling were just words and this angered her even further. Her punches began to get that little bit harder, her fingers beginning to protest a little. She went for her first kick, her long legs reaching heights that would make a gymnast regret her career. In her imagination, she is training for Ali VS Frasier, this is the most important match of her career because it pushes her to that cusp of title contention and that is exactly what she wants at the inaugural FPV, Hell From Above… She is known for breaking inaugural records and creating history; that is exactly what she wants but first, she has to score those points against a man who has already beaten her in competition, Wulf Erikson.

She knows this man. Not only his skills, but she knows him and more importantly, she respects him. She knows that he is cut from the same cloth as her and she knows that he is an old school wrestler who believes in the same things as she does and that is what makes this match so daunting. She knows that he is going through the same thought process she is and she knows that he has just lost half of the Medal of Honor and that eats at him. The same way it ate at her when he unlocked her Unprettier and beat her soundly for the 1,2,3. That is what makes him the most dangerous man in wrestling right now. It is also what makes her the most dangerous female in wrestling.

She shakes her head, throwing thoughts away to concentrate on the task in front of her and she continues kick, harder and more furious, her punches now becoming a blur as she gets angrier and frustrated at her failure. Perspiration showing on her body as the sweat began to run down her forehead and body, her chiseled abdomen beginning to glisten in the light, her hands beginning to feel the strain as she continues to hit that leather bastard with everything that she’s got. No matter what she does, that damn thing just keeps swing back with every strike, seemingly laughing at her each time it swung back. She knows that for her to win this match against Wulf Erikson, she needs to push herself further than she ever has before and if that meant knocking this damn bag off its moorings, then so be it.

She hears the first crunch as her first knuckle breaks and she screams inside, but she is unable to stop, she continues punching, a completely different breed of animal by this point, the feral rage built up inside as she feels the second knuckle go.  Screaming in pain, she stops for the briefest of seconds before punching again. This time the snap was louder and Ashley collapsed to the floor, clutching at her hand.

SCENE TWO: The PipeBomb

Ashley Williams is waiting backstage with a microphone in hand and a hard camera focused on her. Her wrist is bandaged in a soft plaster covering, over which her glove rests. Raising the microphone to her ruby tinged lips, she begins to speak.

Ashley Williams
”Well, just let’s say my last training session did not go entirely to plan, it’s only a couple of broken knuckles though so I’m good to go. As long as I wear this silly plaster, that is”

She reached into her bag and pulled out a bottle of water and a couple of painkillers. The taste of the pills was a bit sour but she paid this no mind as she swallowed both pills. Taking the microphone again, she carried on.

Ashley Williams
”Now I want to talk about something. I wanna address the match between myself and Wulf Erikson and exactly what this match means. And then I want to address something a little closer to my heart.

Wulf, with all due respect, I am going to blow smoke up your ass. See, people are eagerly awaiting this match, I’ve seen it all over social media but I don’t think they even realise the importance of this match and how this affects the two people in it. This match is the BE ALL AND END ALL for both of us. I know that if I win , I become eligible for the Legacy Championship and I know that if Wulf wins he becomes eligible for the World Title. I know that there are two others, Sapphire and Cosmo Cooper that can also become eligible for these championships but I will speak about them later.”

She paused to take another sip of her water before speaking again.

Ashley Williams
”See, Wulf deserves every ounce of respect that I am about to give him because he, like me, goes out there and makes sure that every fan in this arena is entertained. We speak ever so little about the match and what we’re going to do to each other because it is simple. WE ARE WRESTLERS! I don’t need to tell you what I’m going to do to Wulf because I will just show you! Neither does he need to tell you what he’s going to do to me because you all saw him unlock my Erase/Rewind and you all saw what happened. That night, he proved himself to be the superior wrestler and I am not bitter about it. If anything, I applaud him, he went for the points. He did no differently than any other person would have done, regardless of whether I was male or female. I applaud that in a wrestler. I’m not scared to get hit by a man and I’m certain that he ain’t scared to get hit by me. Will the result be different this time around? You damn right it will. I know Wulf Erikson now and I know what type of guy he is.

This match is the match to watch, people because it is about two hungrier people. You are talking about a guy that is a rookie in this business and already does moves that would make Evel Knievel stop and say “Shit, not even I’d try THAT flip” and then you have a lady who has been in this business three years and has already been INAUGURAL champion for two companies as well as being touted as one of the greatest young female wrestlers to ever lace up boots. We both have it in our minds that a win can push us beyond the moon and I know that if Wulf does not bring his A Game then I am in contendership for the Legacy Championship and I know that even as much of a gentleman as he is, if it comes down to winning this match and cementing his place in this very company then he will possibly hit me with a sledgehammer!. ”

She chuckled a bit as she said this but her face showed something else, a seriousness. A ferocity.

Ashley Williams
”Now, let’s get really serious…. Cosmo Cooper and Sapphire…..The MAIN EVENT! Seriously? You have a female bodybuilder who looks like She-Hulk and a guy that can’t even decide what he’d beat her at without the help of his female friend. You seriously have someone so indecisive that they’re not even sure they can even beat Sapphire. As for Sapphire? Well, where is she? I haven’t heard anything from her since last week. What is she doing? Getting some more steroids? Maybe visiting a body paint studio so she REALLY can look like She-Hulk?

The point I’m trying to make is, Jacob Steele, you’re backing the wrong horses. People like myself, Wulf Erikson and Angelica Vaughn. We're the ones you should be backing!”

She looks toward the screen and gives a wave.

Ashley Williams
”Wherever you are, Angie.”

She glares at the camera this time, just as concerned about Angelica’s whereabouts as everyone else.

Ashley Williams
”You take one look at this match, Jacob. Both myself and Wulf will put everything on the line for this match, heck I’ve even broken my hand for this match and that was just in training, what do you even think we’ll be capable of in the match when those bright lights are shining on us? When the crowd are cheering on every move? Seriously, Jacob….Think about the next move you make because WE, Wulf Erikson and Ashley Williams are THE MAIN EVENT! We are the best wrestlers in this company right now and we are both going to show you that at Fallout!

Now, back onto Wulf. I think I have just shown you that I have the fullest amount of respect for you but please do not get any illusions of grandeur. I know how important this match is and I know what it means for both of us going forwards so I want you to know that it is nothing personal. Seven points is a big amount and if I can beat you by submission, my chances of a World title shot are even higher. I’m gonna go for it and I hope you do to. Bring your best…..I’m not entirely sure it’ll be enough.”

With this, she put the mic down on the chair behind her before walking off and muttering something about how on Earth anyone could even say that blonde from High School Musical even remotely looked like her.


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Tales From Monmouth County II: Bound For Gold?
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