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 Declaration: No Revival Needed for Trixie Brand

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PostSubject: Declaration: No Revival Needed for Trixie Brand   Sat May 06, 2017 4:44 pm


We open to Trixie standing before her bed with the camera on the other side of it filming the blonde double champion busy sorting out her bedroom as she catches the flyer for Fallout featuring her and Cass.

"Jacob Cass? That's an interesting opponent."

Trixie savvy web browsing is shown as she gets her phone up to google up her opponent she knew well from EOW.

"Jacob Cass comes from Detroit, Michigan, where I trained to be a pro wrestler. Long way to go for training but it made me what I am today. So I'm very aware of what quality opponents come from that state. They aren't always churned out from Vegas or California, Michigan is where I trained and became a double champion. So I'm not going into this match thinking Cass is anything but of a quality breed of opponent, taught how to do things the people in Cali or Vegas generally don't get to learn. And that's what you'll totally see on the 7th of May.

If you've paid attention to either of our careers, you know there is two crossovers. EOW where Cass lost and now has undergone a revival. Since that first crossover, I've become the wrestling addict you see before you, still pretty, hot, drawing your attention, but now I impress in the ring and I just keep winning titles.

The EWC Indy Title is dropped on her bed, followed by her So-Cal TV Title, the original Redemption Wrestling Genesis Title before it's design got changed, and three pictures of belts. ECWF's US Title, DARC Junior Pro title, DARC Duos title.

"Because this is totally too important, it's my upswing back into things. Cass can be revived, I like to the thrive in this business, to that status."

Trixie points back down to the titles with a raised eyebrow gesture.

"That's why I'm officially declaring myself void of any further losses now in this new company."

She says with utmost passion in her voice, declaring it loud so whoever was in the next room over could hear her declaration.

"And my declaration has no value unless I prove it, by winning this contest. I didn't get a debut victory so I'll just take a page out of Sapphire's book and ruin someone else's. Cass, sorry but you can revive some other time. This event is Trixie's Brand's official debut and "bounce back" I shall. Right over your head onto greater things. Toodles."

We open to Trixie sitting with her legs crossed in a flowing checkered medi-skirt and a cross wrap cream blouse enjoying the warmth of her vanilla latte.

"All that Glitters is over now, I’m actually trying to see if Kenzi Grey has anything new coming up for Circle TV, to get on it more, since I did All that Glitters as Sapphire, she was a fun character."

"You’ll get them next time Trix Trix. Against that Sapphire “woman”."

Trixie’s mother says with quotation marks, highly suspecting her daughter’s opponent wasn’t all woman in her semi-old fashioned views on women’s body types.

"I will. I’m sure of it. But new day, new match, new agenda. Just keep raising my Trixie Brand, the fans on my fansite all seem to believe in me and after I said I’m not going to lose again, I’m out to prove that to them, to Cass, XHW and lastly myself, mom."

"You know you’ll always have my support. But enough of that ghastly wrestling talk. How are things with you and Mr. Scott?"

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Declaration: No Revival Needed for Trixie Brand
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