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 #WhereIsAngie - Part 2

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Angelica Vaughn


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PostSubject: #WhereIsAngie - Part 2   Sat May 06, 2017 7:04 pm

Angelica hit the ground hard, falling from the cabin all the way down, stomach-first. She was dazed for a second, until the gravity of the situation hit her. She was being assaulted by a man who was easily a head taller, and easily had twice her body mass and weight. His short little sausage fingers had great grip strength, probably from years and years of jerking, erm, the steering wheel, and Angelica’s ankle was firmly locked inside, as he started dragging her into a nearby bush.

Angelica screamed, kicked and clawed, but there was nobody around to help her, and she realized that she was well and truly alone. The only one who could save her, was herself. She tried to calm down, not easy when you’re having a slight panic attack, and as she was dragged into the woods near the abandoned parking lot, her fingers managed to grab hold of a piece of dead wood in the form of a broken branch. She flung it at her assailant’s head, and managed to hit him right in the forehead. He bellowed, and released Angelica’s foot, temporarily grasping his forehead. Angelica tried to get to a vertical base and bolt, but he tackled her to the ground. Well, he sort of ran into her, and his sheer mass took her down. He landed straight on top of her, and Angelica was effectively pinned, unable to get out from underneath him.

“You’re gonna pay for that, you little whore,” he growled, referring to the gash in his forehead. “After I’m done with you I’m gonna tie you up and leave you for the wolves. Not that there’s a lot of meat on you, but they’ll still gladly rip you apart!” As he was making his threats, one hand pulled his trousers down. The stench that emerged from underneath his track pants was unfathomable, and Angelica gagged. She started seeing stars, as her oxygen was being cut off due to the sheer body mass on top of her, and she realized that he was being serious.

She didn’t understand it. She genuinely thought he was being super nice to her, until they finally pulled over and he attacked her for seemingly no reason whatsoever. What had she done that could’ve caused him to be so upset with her? She wanted to reason with him, talk to him, convince him to stop; but as his free hand started groping underneath her dress, she finally gave in to violence. The whole reason she had set out on this journey was to become as strong as the woman she idolized and revered. And she knew fully well that if someone attacked Lucilla like this, they’d be turned into a toothless, hairy, bloody heap of grease and meat.

Angelica lashed out at him, punching him right on the mouth. Her strikes were too soft however, and he seemed undeterred. At that point, Angelica wished she’d spent more time practicing her strikes like Ashley Williams had shown her. Unfortunately, now it was too late. She stuck her fingers in his mouth, and wrapped them around his lower teeth, slowly sneaking her entire hand into his mouth to cut off the flow of oxygen. A ‘mandible claw’, as the saying went, but his mouth was so big and massive that even when Angelica had her entire hand firmly in his mouth she still hadn’t entirely cut off his airflow. He seemed taken aback by her sudden resistance however, and rather than continuing his assault, he now grabbed Angelica’s arm in self-defence. Angelica pushed her hand deeper into his mouth, until her fingers were nearly in his throat, and she was almost halfway uo her elbow. He started gagging and choking, and Angelica finally managed to force him off of her, as he rolled to the side, now in panic himself as Angelica was choking the life out of him. He tried to bite her, but his jaws were spread open so wide that he could no longer apply sufficient pressure to hurt her with his nasty, yellow chompers.

The roles started to reverse. The man’s body was weakening and starting to become limp as he could no longer breathe. His eyes rolled into the back of his head as he slumped to the grass like a big, blubbery sack of fat, and Angelica mounted him instead, until she was certain he was unconscious. She pulled her arm and hand out of his maw, which was completely covered in stringy, sticky spit and food remains that had been stuck between his teeth and underneath his tongue. The smell was unbearable, and Angelica gagged, before finally puking. She averted her head, and hit him right in the shoulder, as what little of her protein shake that had remained undigested splashed down on his shoulder, along with quite some bile.

Angelica rolled off of him, her throat hurting from the exertion of puking, her eyes watery, and her arm still covered in slime. She slowly crawled to her feet, and looked at the disgusting blob of wannabe-rapist that she’d just choked out. SH rit her teeth in disgust, and starting hitting him with her foot, stomping down on his face.

“EW! EW! EW! EW! EW! EW! EW! EW! EW! EW! EW!” With every shout, she kicked him, until he stopped moving altogether, save for a slight heaving of his chest, indicating that he was still breathing, at least. She stopped kicking, and spat on him, before making her way back to the truck. She ran as fast as her legs could carry her, still in shock, and in disbelief over what had just happened. She never would’ve expected this to happen to her. It was some kind of horror story you’d read about in the paper, hidden in between a story about how a local school had sold a record amount of cookies, or how a man had managed to keep his garden completely free of caterpillars. She was glad she didn’t end up like one of those stories. But she wasn’t out of the woods just yet!

Actually… she was, as she ran back onto the parking lot, and opened the door to the truck. She got into the driver’s seat, and looked for her phone which still ought to be in the cabin somewhere. But as she found it, she remembered that the battery had gone completely dry, and she was unable to turn it back on. Frustrated, she started smashing the phone on her steering wheel.

“Stupid fucking piece of shit iPhones with your stupid fucking piece of shit batteries!” She flung the phone out of the window, before it landed on the concrete, shattering into a dozen pieces. She immediately regretted doing that, but no sense dwelling on it. She looked around, and was surprised to see the keys still jingling in the keyhole. This gave her some hope. She could drive this beast all the way to Jackson herself. She’d never driven a truck before, but how hard could it be, right?

Either through sheer luck or willpower, we’ll leave that up to the reader, Angelica managed to disconnect the semi-trailer, and got the wheels of the truck turning. She had no idea what way Jackson was, but she was gonna get there. After all, she still had Kaz Bonham’s ass to kick.


Many, many hours later
On the Western outskirts of Atlanta

The truck came to a sputtering, hissing stop along the highway.

“Shit, shit, shit!” Angelica slammed the wheel in frustration. The ride had been a bumpy one, but manageable, all in all. Nevertheless, she was now stuck in the middle of nowhere, no gas, no phone, little to no food left, and nothing but the clothes on her back and the ones in her bag to keep her warm. She had no money for a cab or a bus, and even if she did, there wasn’t a living soul in sight for miles and miles around… Despite averting what had nearly happened, Angelica felt well and truly fucked.

She grabbed her bag from the passenger’s seat and got out of the cabin, landing on the highway. She wasn’t about to go hitchhiking again, not even Angelica was that stupid, but at least she knew that Jackson was to the East. All she had to do was follow the road. I mean, how far could it be, right?

Oh, only about 330 miles, Angelica. Easy peasy. But she didn’t know that, of course. Still, with fierce determination, she slung her bag over her shoulder and started walking…


Friday, March 5th
Singing River Bridge, Alabama

Angelica felt like a wreck. No, a wreck wasn’t nearly strong enough a word to describe how she felt. She had blisters the size of tennis balls on her feet. Her skin was dry and chafed from the wind and the salt of her sweat. Her throat felt like a sheet of sandpaper, and she didn’t remember the last time she had eaten. Her knees felt like they’d taken a shotgun blast, and her lips felt like two rubber flaps. Her hair was dirty and stringy, and her once pretty dress was reduced to a stained, smelly piece of fabric that clung to her irritated skin.

Angelica had broken down many times along the way, even tried hitchhiking again, but nobody would take her. She looked like a bum, and even her pretty face and figure couldn’t make up for the rest of her appearance. Every time she tried to ask someone for help, they’d told her to get lost, and even a police officer had told her to go to ‘a local shelter’, refusing to help her. Nobody believed her.

But she was still going. She was going to get to Jackson, even if it killed her. The pain was unbearable, the fatigue unfathomable, but she owed Kaz Bonham an asskicking. And she would never forgive herself if she gave up now. She was going to prove to the world that she was strong! So she kept walking. She didn’t need anybody else.


Sunday, May 7th
7:30 PM
Jackson, Tennessee
A couple hundred yards from the Oman Arena

Every step was torture. Every muscle movement lasted as long as the lifetime of the Earth. Her body was screaming at her to stop, to collapse, to flatline, to give in to fatigue and agony, but Angelica flat out refused. Her goal was near.

She had been walking for days, crossed a distance that human weren’t physical meant to cross in such a short period of time without mechanical aid. But through sheer power of will, she was here. She was near. And she was going to show the world exactly how powerful she was.

The Oman Arena came into view, and Angelica’s blurry vision became even blurrier. She hardly felt the pain anymore. She’d gotten used to it. And somehow, someway, her blistered, destroyed feet carried her to a backstage entrance, where a vaguely familiar woman came into view.

Ashley Williams: Oh my god, is that… Angie? People have been worried sick, where’ve you been?

As soon as Angelica heard those words, she collapsed to the ground, only to be caught by the arms of her mentor.

Angelica: Please… take me to the ring. I have to face her.

Her voice was hoarse and silent, but Angelica saw conflict in Ash’s eyes, and heard her mutter some words she could no longer understand. She felt her feet being lifted from the ground, and being carried through the hallways of the Oman Arena, as the cheers of the crowd grew louder and louder. It was time for her match. And Angelica wasn’t sure if she would even be able to stand. But she was here. And she was going to try her goddamn hardest.


OOC: The end. Ashley Williams used with permission.

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#WhereIsAngie - Part 2
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