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 Here I Go Again

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Kaz Bonham


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PostSubject: Here I Go Again   Sat May 06, 2017 7:32 pm

Sunday, April 30th - 11:16 AM

“Y’all wait here, I’ll fetch the truck.”

“Alright, pa.” Kaz Bonham said as she watched her father make his way out toward the church’s parking lot. She covered her eyes from the sun and turned toward her mother, both women dressed in typical modest church dresses.

Of course, Kaz wasn’t a very typical church goer with her arms covered in tattoos, her ears stretched out from her plugs, and her bright blue hair back in a French braid. In the small town of Watertown, she stood out from just about everyone, just about the only thing tying her back to home was the accent she spoke with.

“I don’t know about all this wrestlin’ stuff, Kaz.” Her mother spoke with concern, “You know you scared us with all that stuff the first time ya did it.”

Kaz rubbed the back of her neck before speaking, feeling some kind of shame as she did, “I know, ma, but...it’s what I wanna do. Besides, pa already said I could…”

“He did not!”

“He did!” She perked up a bit, putting on a weak smile toward her mother who simply sighed in return.

“We’ll talk about it when we get home, alright?” A non-answer from Kaz’s mother didn’t instill much faith in her, but the conversation was cut short as soon as her father pulled up in the family pick-up truck.

Being 27 and living at home wasn’t exactly an ideal situation for Kaz, but in her community, it wasn’t much to be ashamed of. Most people there would just inherit the family home unless they had some ambitions of getting out of Watertown. Nearly all of Kaz’s life involved Watertown or at least some part of Tennessee, but once she got into the world of professional wrestling, it all opened up for her. Granted, that meant just sticking around the Southern territories and only being a few hours away from home.

There was a lull in her career where she just stepped back, came home, and worked as a banker. A soul-sucking job to her, but it paid for everything she could want. As she got out of the truck and headed into the house, she went straight to her basement-turned-bedroom to put her piercings and plugs back in. The things she wanted in life were simple: Posters of 80s hair metal bands, posters of movies like The Breakfast Club and The Goonies, and a nice collection of wrestling DVDs.

As soon as Kaz went back to being “Kaz”, she walked back up to the dining room where her parents were already sitting, looking right at her.

“Y’all want a Coke or somethin’?” Kaz softly said, nerves instantly eating at her after looking at the glares from her mom and dad. Neither one said a thing, just looking at one another as Kaz opened the refrigerator and pulled out a can of Pepsi, “So...what’s goin’ on?”

“Well, Kaz,” Her father said, sighing, “You had to tell ma?”


“What, Dee? Ain’t nothin’ wrong with Katherine wantin’ to do this. She’s old enough to do what she wants.”

“Don’t matter none how old she is...she’s our little girl and she’s doin’ somethin’ so dangerous!” Her mother spoke with such conviction, having to fight to defend her stance against wrestling, “We just got her back from that mess and now you want her goin’ back out there?”

“Ma, pa’s right.” As soon as the words left her mouth, Kaz regretted it. No matter what age she was, the striking glare from her mother still put fear into her, “I just wanna give it one more try is all, ma. I’m already headin’ to Pennsylvania this week...”

Kaz pulled back a chair from the table and sat in it; knowing this match with her parents was probably the hardest one she’d have. But she was right, she was booked for VORTEX in Pennsylvania and then she’d be heading to Jackson for XHW.

“I thought this was just gonna be a one-time thing...we watched you get knocked silly by that blonde gal.” Her mother said, referring to Kaz’s debut match that resulted in a draw.

It was definitely not the kind of showing to help her argument to get back into wrestling and Kaz knew it’d be an uphill battle the moment she started flying back home. But she was determined to make up for that, she had another opportunity to get even with Angelica Vaughn. At the very least, Kaz wanted to show her parents she could take care of herself.

“Ma, pa...I can do this. No foolin’, honest. You just gotta let me do it...and if it don’t work, I can just get my old job back.”

“...You sure you wanna do this again?” A vague hint of defeat was in her mother’s voice as she asked the question.

“Yeah, ma, I wanna do it and make y’all proud!” Kaz spoke with such pride and a huge smile on her face.

“Well, shoot, that’s all the convincin’ I need.”

“Well, I ain't as convinced as your father, but...if you wanna do it...alright, but call me the moment you land...and be safe up there. I don’t know much about Philadelphia, but please, please, be safe, Katherine.”

“I will, ma, I’m only gonna be there for a day and then I’m comin’ right back home.” Kaz said, still beaming with a bright smile. She practically jumped up from the table to hug her mother and then her father, who hugged her tight and told her,

“Give those Yanks hell, Kaz.”

"Guys, like, last week was totally gnarly. I mean, not so much the part where I got dropkicked out of the ring, but everythin’ else? Pretty rad. I didn’t even think I’d be able to wrestle in time, but then it was like, BAM! I was there, dudes, and I went toe-to-toe with little miss Angelica Vaughn. Now, I don’t know nothin’ ‘bout Angelica, but I know she’s got a bit of a ‘tude and I’m over here, like, ‘What’s your damage?’ Then everyone else was like, “Kaz, you, like, totes ate that landing.’ Like, no duh.”

“I won’t lie, when I step into a ring, it’s an emotional experience for this chick. I get to hear all my dudes supportin’ me and I get to keep livin’ this dream of mine. And sure...I get a little bummed out, man. I mean...what else are you gonna do when you have to accept malls are startin’ to decline in America? The mall is, like, my life. Second to wrestlin’. But still. And I know I gotta learn to control my emotions, but it’s just a heavy reality to live with.”

“But as long as I wear this fanny pack, I’m not lettin’ the 80s die! And if Miss Vaughn wants to try and push me off the turnbuckle again, she’s more than welcome to do that, but let it be known to her that’s all she’s gonna do...try. Don’t get me wrong, the little bit I seent of her when we wrestled, she’s good...real good. But I’m just as good, y’all. And I don’t like endin’s with a sad endin’, I want that inspirational Major League ending, y’all. I wanna be the underdog and when the odds are stacked against me, man, that’s when it’s gnarly.”

“When XHW gave me the chance to return to wrestlin’, I wasn’t about to let anyone stop me from achievin’ my dream. I’ve trained so hard to get to this point, my dudes, I’m not goin’ to just give up now because I had one bad week. You know how many bad weeks people have had huntin’ Bigfoot? But they never give up...ya know why, Miss Vaughn? Because they believe. They believe in somethin’ they know exists. And I ain’t all that different from them. I mean, besides the fact that I’m always lookin’ for Bigfoot too...but I ain’t givin’ up just ‘cause you tried knockin’ me out at the last Fallout.”

“I’m just gonna work harder to get better. I’m gonna hit up as many aerobics classes as I can. I’ve got my headbands to train in, I’ve got my leggin’s, and don’t you worry...I’ve got my Best of Poison album playin’ every time I step into the gym. What happened last week wasn’t much of a wrestlin’ match, but this week is gonna be a different story. I’m gonna do whatever it takes, Angelica, to make sure I win this week. And I know you’re gonna try just as hard and I respect that. It’s, like, what I want. Nothin’ easy in life is worth havin’.”

“And if our first match is anythin’ to go by, I know this ain’t gonna be easy. I hope you know that too. I ain’t makin’ excuses, but know that the malls won’t bother me this week. Probably. But even if they do, I’m ready for it, Angelica! Are you? Cause when you look past the malls, the Sasquatch huntin’, and the hair metal...I’m a professional wrestler. I’m not some valley girl you wanna take lightly, Angelica. I’m all about hittin’ up the mall and havin’ some fun, but if you think I’m goin’ to give anythin’ less than a hundred percent in the ring? You’re out of your mind, man.”

“I might have been out of wrestlin’ for a while, but you know just as well as I do, Angelica, I haven’t lost a step. Gettin’ distracted is one thing, but I know I still got what it takes. I’ve got a chance to totally beat you and I look forward to our graps. Hey, maybe even afterwards, we can do a movie marathon or somethin’, that’d be, like, totally rad. But if not, I totes understand too. You know, cause of the whole, like, me beatin’ you thing. But other than that, I think we could be best friends.”

“When Fallout comes rollin’ around, I’ll be ready. My bod is lookin’ sick. My gear is lookin’ bad. And my wrestlin’ is radical. So Angelica, if you’re ready to tangle with the Southern Cinderella, the Graps Goddess, and more importantly, Little Bigfoot, then let’s go! I can promise you that I won’t get distracted this time...probably...and I’m gonna make all my Bonham Care Bears happy when I lock in that Sasquatch Lock! I can’t wait for round two and win number one. Let’s make this match to remember and I’ll see you soon enough, Angelica.”
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Here I Go Again
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