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PostSubject: Meeting    Sat May 06, 2017 11:59 pm

April 10th, 2011
Seattle, Washington
12:34 PM Local Time

Virginia Stone slept in a cell last night, but there were no charges pressed against her. There were a lot of witnesses for her fight against William and his goons in the streets, but those witnesses all vouched for the fact that she was the victim and not the instigator, so she spent the night in the holding cell “for her own protection.”

About eight in the morning, she was released from the station with instructions to stay out of trouble, instructions Virginia fully knew she was unable to comply with, and she’s pretty sure the cops never expected her to follow those instructions either. She wandered around the city for a few hours before finding herself in Green Lake Park, a park in downtown Seattle. She was just sitting on a bench staring out across the lake when she heard someone come up from behind her and sit down next to her on the bench, but she was feeling depressed and she hadn’t eaten in a while, so she didn’t even look up at her new companion.

“Virginia Stone, I presume?”

“What tipped you off?”

The person who sat next to her was a man, but she could tell nothing else from the voice. Whoever it was chuckled a bit before responding.

“I hear you can fight.”

Virginia sighed. She hasn’t seen any of them, but given how public the display was and where it happened, it was probably on a lot of police blotters and would have been in the paper and all over the internet. She was surprised she hadn’t heard from any reporters yet.

“What about it?” she responds, annoyed by the intrusion.

In lieu of a verbal response, the man’s arm moved into her line of sight, a business card tucked between two fingers to extend it to her. She raised an eyebrow, then reached out to take the card and finds that he’s also tucked paper money behind it. She takes both and finds a crisp, if recently folded up $100 bill in her hands. Her eyes went wide, but she stared down at the money as her benefactor responded.

“Come back here after midnight if you want more where that came from.”

She raised an eyebrow at this, then finally looked up at the man who handed her the money. Just as she looked up, he stood up from the bench she’s sitting on. All she could see was his back for a moment before turning around.

May 4th, 2017
Seattle, Washington
3:23 PM Local Time

Time has been kind to Sapphire, but less kind to Tommy Buckner. In 2011, he’d already had gray hairs starting to pop up around his temples. In 2017, he presumably dyes his hair to hide the rampant on-set of gray. He’s never said as much, but pretty much everybody in the gym suspects that is the case. He also has to wear glasses, though he typically has in contacts while in public.

Time had not been kind to Tommy, but he is unmistakeably the same man that had given Sapphire that card and money that day six years ago that had sent her on the path to the rest of her life. She finds him on this day sitting in the office of his gym, Waist Management. Not many people are allowed into his office, but Sapphire is one of his most loyal customers.

A third person that is allowed into this office is Kim. We saw her briefly in a scene a couple weeks ago, and she looks basically the same, dressed in a skirt suit and brightly colored dress blouse, her brown hair pulled up into a neat bun. She is standing in front of Tommy’s desk while Sapphire hangs out in the doorway of the office.

“I gotta say, Ginny, your success in XHW has been good for business. Memberships and day pass sales are both way up.”

Sapphire smiles slightly in the doorway. “I do what I can.”

“Well I think I’ve got some suggestions on how to do it even better.”

Sapphire raises an eyebrow. “You do remember that I don’t work for you, right?”

Tommy chuckles, then winks knowingly at Sapphire. “Not anymore, but it doesn’t have to be that way. What if I cut you a deal? Like a sponsorship deal. You fly the gym’s colors, you get a cut of the membership fees for that month. It’s a way to make money without even punching anybody.” Tommy pauses and looks up at Sapphire, whose eyes are glassy as she stares into space. Sensing her on the ropes, Tommy grins. “I mean, it’s way less work than I asked for for your first paycheck from me.”

April 11th, 2011
Seattle, Washington
12:27 AM Local Time

“This is stupid.”

Virginia Stone is sitting on that same bench looking out at Duck Island in Green Lake Park. Except it’s after midnight, there are no lights anywhere near here, so she can only see by the light of the prepaid phone she purchased earlier in the day after eating out on her own dime for the first time ever.

Looking at her phone again just as it switches over to 12:28 AM, she is just about to get up when she hears the same sound she heard earlier, the man sitting next to her on the bench.

“I’m glad you came.”

“What am I doing here? It’s past midnight, I don’t even know if the park stays open 24 hours.”

“It is. And you are waiting for your ride.”

“My ride?”

As soon as Virginia asked this, she heard the low hum of what soon became clear was a trolling motor attached to the back of a small fishing boat like her dad has. Except in this boat were several rough looking individuals, a couple of whom she figured were as big as she was, though it was hard to tell in the lack of light.

Though, now that she was thinking about light, it looked as though she saw a bit of light coming through the trees that seemed to cover Duck Island.

“That’s where you’re headed,” Tommy said, presumably following Virginia’s gaze. “You’ll get a lot more than a hundred if you win the fight.”

Virginia raises an eyebrow. “What?”

Without even looking at her, Tommy chuckles derisively. “You haven’t figured it out yet, silly girl? I run a streetfighting ring out there, and you’re going to fight for my amusement and for the amusement of a selection of Seattle’s finest. I have a girl that thinks she’s hot shit and can’t be touched. You are going to prove her wrong.”

Virginia stands up off the bench, but instead of going towards the boat, she turns to where she knows Tommy is. “And if I don’t?”

“You know the cop that discharged you this morning?”

“What about him?”

“I think he’d feel a little less charitable about your case if you robbed him of a fight out there.”

If there was enough light to tell, Tommy would have seen Virginia’s face blanch as she stared at him. After a moment, she swallowed her pride as well as some saliva, stood up to her full height, and turned and walked towards the boat.

May 4th, 2017
Seattle, Washington
3:33 PM Local Time

We return to the present to find Sapphire nodding in response to Tommy’s point about pay.

“That’s true. Are you going to make me wear branded clothes or some shit?”

Tommy laughs. “Maybe at some point, but really all I want is for you to keep showing off the results you get at my gym. That’s working so far, and there’s no need for me to fix something that isn’t broken.”

Sapphire nods. “Alright. We can talk terms and figures later. But I’ve got to get ready for my match this week.”

Kimberly takes this moment to speak up, wrinkling her nose. “Try to take him down for me.”

“Oh, that’s the plan.”

“If we come to terms, maybe that can be a thing,” Tommy says, cutting in. “Post something about how hard you’re training and do that thing where you flex into the mirror or whatever. You can strike fear into his heart while also upping my sign-up rate.”

Sapphire narrows her eyes at Tommy, but Kimberly speaks up, distracting her and making her look away. “Look, what you’ve been doing has obviously worked, so keep doing what you’re doing. And don’t forget about your monthly payment.”

Tommy raises an eyebrow. “Monthly payment?”

Kimberly nods. “I own the apartment upstairs and Ginny needed a place to call home, so I’m renting it to her. I was going to give her a buffer, but XHW seems to be going so well for her that she can start paying me immediately.”

Tommy laughs. “Now I know this sponsorship is meant to be. We should discuss it tonight, over dinner or something.”

“Only if I get to pick where we go,” Sapphire says with a scowl. “I’ve eaten at enough holes in walls for several lifetimes.”

Tommy chuckles. “Alright. But if you’re picking, you’re paying.”

Sapphire raises an eyebrow, then shrugs. “Fine, but it’ll have to wait until after Fallout. If you want to strike while the iron’s hot, you can always fly out to Jackson and we can talk after the show.”

There is silence for a moment before Tommy nods in Kimberly’s direction. “You know, I might just do that. You in, Kim?”

Kim straightens up and looks away from him, straightening her jacket and looking a bit uncomfortable. Tommy groans, then says “Alright, fine. Does that sound good, Miss Fulton?”

Kim nods. “Yes.”

“Excellent,” Tommy says. He stands up from behind his desk, stretching his arms over his head. While he’s gone to seed, he is still powerfully built and could do damage if he wanted. “Reschedule my meetings and shuffle the staffing of the gym accordingly.”

He walks toward the door out of his office, the one Sapphire is leaning in, and smiles as he looks up a bit to meet her eyes. “And I’ll be seeing you in Tennessee, my dear.”

Sapphire responds to being called ‘my dear’ by rolling her eyes, then getting out of the doorway. Tommy walks through, a bounce in his step and a gleam in his eyes. Sapphire walks back into the room and looks to Kim as she is recomposing herself.

“He does know he doesn’t DO anything here, right?”

Kimberly laughs a bit, but the laugh is empty. She meets Sapphire’s gaze after a moment with an equally empty smile. “Sometimes it seems like he does, but sometimes it doesn’t. It’s hard to tell with him.”

“Well I’ll get you the rent money tonight and you can go treat yourself before you leave, how about that?”

The smile gets a bit more real as Kim nods at this. “Sounds good. I’ll swing by later to pick it up.”

“Okay. For me, I’m heading out to the weight room. Cosmo Cooper ain’t gonna’ throw himself into the air, ya’ know.”
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