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 5/7/17 Fallout Results

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Jacob Steele

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PostSubject: 5/7/17 Fallout Results   Mon May 08, 2017 2:40 pm

A recap of last week's episode of Fallout begins to play. Highlights from Angelicas open challenge start, showing Kaz Bonham accepting the challenge and Angelica kicking her off the turnbuckle and resulting in a double countout. Sapphires win against Trixie and Kotaro Gin play, showing Trixie making some good spots, but Sapphire walking out with the win. The next one shows Ashley Williams picking up the victory over Kaden Kessler and Dillion Kruger. Then the hellacious ladder match between Cosmo and Wulf. Spots show where Wulf took Cosmo off the ladder and where Cosmo took Wulf off the ladder. The dirty antics of Cosmo show which gave him the victory and sole possession of the XHW Medal of Honor.

The scene fades in with “Indestructible” by Disturbed playing and the cameras circle around the arena showing the sold out crowd. The camera then cuts to ringside where Chris Walker and Vincent Price seem absolutely ecstatic to be here.

Vincent Price: WELCOME TO FALLOUT!! HERE WE ARE IN OUR THIRD WEEK SINCE OPENING AND BUSINESS IS BOOMING! I'm Vincent Price alongside my partner Chris Walker and what a loaded show we have for you tonight!

Chris Walker: You couldn't be more right, Vince. Tonight is one step closer to Hell From Above and one step closer to crowning our first World Champion and Legacy Champion!

Vincent Price: It’s now time for the opening match, and after only two weeks of Fallout, these fans can’t wait. Xtreme Honor Wrestling seems to be really taking off.

Chris Walker: Jacob Steele has to be happy about that.

Vincent Price: Oh, no question! These fans are ready for Fallout and that means Hell, ladies and gentlemen, is near!

The camera pans to the ring where ring announcer, A.J. Richards is ready and waiting as the fans cheer loud only quieting enough to hear.


A.J. Richards: The opening match is scheduled for one fall and it is a triple threat match!

“Cradle to the Grave” by FFDP hits the speakers as Kristian Bane walks out onto the entrance stage and the lights flicker.

A.J. Richards: Introducing first , standing six feet, six inches tall and weighing two hundred and eighty-five pounds. From Los Angeles, California, he is the ’Creator of Chaos’! Kristian  Bane!

Kristian Bane makes his way down the ramp towards the ring. As he reaches ringside he reaches up to grab the middle rope, climbing up onto the apron and enters the ring. He gives the referee a glare before facing the fans and raising his arms. Cradle to the Grave by FFDP stops playing as A.J. Richards begins to announce the next competitor.

A.J. Richards: And his opponent!

“I Will Show You” by From Ashes To New blasts from the PA system, Matt Angel walks out and with his arms raised.

A.J. Richards: Standing six-feet, two inches tall and weighing in at one hundred and eighty pounds!  From Venice Beach, California! Matt Angel!

Matt Angel walks down the ramp way high-fiving the fans. He jumps onto the apron and climbs the turnbuckle and also celebrates cheering to the fans. I Will Show You stops playing as Bane and Angel eye each other as they wait for their opponent, the third wheel of the triple threat opening match up.

A.J. Richards: And their opponent, standing five feet, eleven inches tall and weighing in at two hundred, and sixteen pounds! Billed from New Orleans, Louisiana! He is ‘The Bearded Badass’ and Bearded Army General! Douglas Armatage!

As "The Vengeful One" by Disturbed plays Douglas walks out from the back strangely calm compared to the music the is playing. A smile crosses his face as he stands atop the entrance and straightens his beard and Mustache then waves at the crowd as he walks down to the ring. Walking up the ring steps he steps between the ropes and stands in the middle of the ring turning to each side and waving at the crowd before removing his towel and hanging it in the corner.

Chris Walker: You gotta think that the big man, Kristian Bane definitely has an advantage in this match, Vincent.

Vincent Price: He’s got the size and strength, but we’ll see. Triple threat matches are all about capitalizing at the right time and being in the wrong place at the wrong time could cost him just as easily as it could cost Matt Angel or Douglas Armatage.

A.J. Richards gets out of the ring as the referee is ready to call for the bell.


Vincent Price: Here we go! The first bell of the night as the action inside the ring is ready to start here in this triple threat!

Chris Walker: Douglas Armatage and Matt Angel don’t look to be intimidated by Kristian Bane’s size.

Vincent Price: Either these men are very brave or very foolish, Chris.

Kristian Bane looks ready as both Armatage and Angel continue to get closer and closer to him, ready for their attack. Instead Armatage blindsides Angel with a kick to the midsection and begins to hammer away at him, driving the smallest man in this match towards the corner. Armatage attempts an Irish Whip to the opposite corner, but Angel reverses it and sends Armatage half way across the ring where Kristian Bane is standing in the center of the ring. Armatae runs right into him and goes down.

Chris Walker: Ooh!

The momentum that Armatage collided with Bane made Bane take a step back after impact, but seeing what was going to happen Bane set his feet just in time so he wouldn’t stagger backward and lose footing.

Vincent Price: I guess we can call that a shoulder tackle of sortsas Armatage was sent right into Kristian Bane by Matt Angel and the collision sent Armatage down to the mat.

Chris Walker: I don’t think Matt Angel meant for that to happen, but it did. And Kristian Bane now has his eyes set on Matt Angel.

Kristian Bane approaches only to be caught with kick to the gut. Matt Angel leaps into the air and hits a dropkick to Bane’s chest. Bane goes down, but doesn’t take long for the big man to get to his feet. Matt Angel already on the move, runs toward the ropes and uses that momentum to catch Bane with a leaping forearm to the face. Bane goes down. Matt Angel goes for a quick pin attempt.

Vincent Price: Matt Angel with a cover!

Before the referee has time to get in position, Bane pushes Angel off him, Angel goes rolling. As the referee had been trying to get in position, Armatage was already coming in for a save. Armatage inadvertently catches Bane with a double axe-handle across the chest. Matt Angel rolls to his feet. He comes up behind Armatage and grabs him by the left shoulder. Armatage is pulled away from Ban, but turns to clobber Matt Angel with a hard right hand.

Chris Walker: I think I saw a tooth fly out of Matt Angel’s mouth there!

Vincent Price: That was a vicious right-hand from ‘The Bearded Badass’!

Chris Walker: Angel and Armatage should focus on the bigger Kristian Bane. He’s getting up to his feet.

Vincent Price: Armatage is in control of Matt Angel here. Irish Whip into the ropes!

From out of nowhere, Kristian Bane comes from behind Douglas Armatage and hits Matt Angel with a clothesline that turns Angel inside out. Bane turns around, facing Armatage and wastes no time giving Armatage a face lift with a big boot to the face.

Chris Walker: Bane with the cover on Armatage!

Ref: ONE!

Vincent Price: Armatage gets the shoulder up at two!

Chris Walker: Man that was a nasty boot to the beard!

Vincent Price: That beard may have cushioned the blow, Chris. Kristian Bane almost won this one.

Matt Angel is on the other side of the ropes, but still on the apron. He’s pulling himself up to his feet by the ropes. He sees that Kristian Bane has his attention on Armatage. Bane reaches down around the back of Armatage’s neck and pulls him to his feet. He lifts Armatage into his arms, holding him like he’s about to do a fall away slam. Bane screams out to the fans.

Chris Walker: This doesn’t  look good for Armatage!

Still holding Armatage, Bane turns until he’s facing Matt Angel. Armatage gives Bane a rake to the eyes and Bane loses his hold on Armatage. Armatage rolls away as soon as he hits the mat. Angel springs up, uses the top rope to springboard himself toward Bane.

Vincent Price: Matt Angel with a Springboard blockbuster!

Chris Walker:Matt Angel to his feet quick!

Matt Angel runs to the ropes, but just as he hits the ropes, Armatage catches Matt Angel with a bicycle kick to the face.

Vincent Price: Huge move from ‘The Bearded Army General’!

Chris Walker: Armatage goes for the cover!

Ref: ONE!

Vincent Price: No! Kristian Bane with the save just in the nick of time there!

Chris Walker: Douglas Armatage almost had this match won!

Armatage rolls off Matt Angel as Bane is about to get up.

Chris Walker: That save by Kristian Bane could turn out to be a critical twist in this match, fans! Even to this point it seems to be back and forth! Who will come out of this triple threat with a huge win in their Xtreme Honor Wrestling

Vincent Price: This match has been fast paced! Kristian Bane has hit both Matt Angel and Douglas Armatage with high impact and power. The Bearded Army General has caught Matt Angel and Kristian Bane off guard, almost winning this match. Matt Angel has flown through the air with a blockbuster, and using his speed to his advantage.

All three men get up at the same time and begin trading blows back and forth. After a few seconds of that, Matt Angel runs against the ropes and charges right to Kristian Bane. Bane throws him right over the top ropes and he lands at ringside. When he turns around, Armatage lifts him up in a fireman’s carry position. He then throws him over his head and connects a double knee backbreaker which he calls the Bane Effect.



Ref: ONEE!!




“The Vengeful One” by Disturbed blasts through the speakers as Armatage stands in the middle of the ring with his hand raised in victory.

A.J. Richards: Here is your winner… DOUGLASSS ARMAATAGGGEEE!!!!

Vincent Price: In all three of their debuts, Matt Angel, Douglas Armatage and Kristian Bane put on quite a show, with Douglas Armatage coming out with the victory!

Chris Walker: I wish I was a part of the Bearded Army now! I’m definitely a fan!

Vincent Price: You have to be able to grow a beard for that…

Chris Walker: I’ll figure out a way! No matter, Armatage walks away in his debut with seven points towards the Gold Bound Series with just one week of Fallout remaining before Hell From Above!

Chris Walker: We’ll see how things play out!

A video package somewhat rudely interrupts the broadcast! Some close up footage of masked female wrestler, obviously smiling under her mask and throwing up a couple of her trademark gestures shows as 'Bangarang' by Skrillex ft. Sirah plays. Tiffany Sinclair's logo comes up on the screen in tune with the music, and this is preceded by video footage of Tiffany hitting her picturesque flying cross body in slow motion, and then a dictionary definition flashes up on the screen as Tiffany's voice over begins to speak..

Tiffany Sinclair: The name is Tiffany. Tiffany Sinclair..you're looking at a new, well, masked face! I'm Xtreme Honor Wrestling's resident cosplayer extraordinaire. And you just may be looking at the next major player!

The video package switches up to show several slow motion instances of Tiffany's 'Guess Who?' finishing move on various opponents, before returning to Tiffany in an entirely different outfit..

Tiffany Sinclair: I live on the edge, I live the exciting life, and that's a fact. I train and work hard and I try to live my life in a positive way, and to above all, show the world how much fun this whole wrestling business can be. The strange looks? Bring those small-minded strange looks on..the strange looks fuel me. They don't understand who I am, what I do or what I hope to achieve. They're not along for the ride, and that's fine – because I can always count on you, right?

The footage switches to Tiffany Sinclair standing in front of a large Japanese Anime backdrop in yet another one of her various outfits..

Tiffany Sinclair – grinning enthusiastically under the mask: “RIGHT?!?”

The video closes out on a glimmer in Tiffany's left eye as she winks, with the video package fading out on another blast of her Skrillex entrance theme..

http://i.imgur.com/rDHHDlM.png shows on the screen. XHW presents… HELL FROM ABOVE! May 21st LIVE at the Asheville Civic Center!

The camera cuts back to the ring where A.J. Richards is standing by with Stephen Sword III right next to him.


A.J. Richards: This match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first and already in the ring… From Liverpool, EN, UK… He is The Submission Specialist.. STEPPHEENN SWOOORDDD III!!!

Stephen climbs on top of a turnbuckle and raises his fist in the air as the crowd begins to let out a roar of boos directed straight at him. Suddenly, “The Black Ones” by Abdullah begins to play. Adrien Pierce rides out from the side on a motorcycle and stops when he gets to the top of the ramp.

A.J. Richards: And his opponent…

He slowly rides down the ramp on his motorcycle. When he reaches ringside, he circles around the ring. Adrien parks the motorcycle at ringside and then makes his way up the ramp and into the ring.

A.J. Richards: Weighing in at two hundred and forty two pounds… From Portland, Oregon… The Prodigy... ADRIEEENN PIERRCEEE!!!

Vincent Price: Last week, this man took out Dillion Kruger who will not be with us until further notice, due to injuries I’m sure. We haven’t heard much since the accident, but we do hope for a speedy recovery.

Chris Walker: We sure do and we can only hope that he doesn’t just go around the locker room putting our roster in the hospital!

Vincent Price: It seems he made the statement he wanted to because he’s all smiles tonight as we look to see what this man has in store for us in his first official match in XHW! Ring the bell!


When the bell rings, Sword and Pierce go for the lock up in the middle, yet Pierce skilfully ducks under and the crowd show their approval for his athleticism..

Vincent Price: WOW! An inverted take on the ol' DDT! That rocked Sword! Here's the cover!

Ref: ONE!!!


Vincent Price: Nope Sword gets the shoulder up! What a great start for Adrien Pierce!

Chris Walker: Pierce is looking a lot like the kind of guy you don't want to discount for anything! That was almost effortless. And look at this..

The crowd engage in a nice long BOOOO as Pierce grins, grabbing a handful of Sword's hair and delivering a mighty forearm to the back of his head, leaving him prone and open to Pierce hooking his arms and sitting down low on his back, wrenching the pressure..

Vincent Price: There's a classic move right there, Walker! The camel clutch! And boy does Pierce have that thing locked on tight!

The referee gets down on the mat, asking Sword and Sword signifies that no, he is still very much in this match..in fact..

Chris Walker: WOW hey, look at the strength on display here on the part of Stephan Sword III!

The fans respond with awe as Sword manages to get to his feet with a worried looking Pierce still attached, and they cheer as Sword drops back, crushing Pierce between his weight and the mat..

Vincent Price: Amazing work by Sword! And here's the cover! Nope, wait, not even a one count!

Pierce gets his shoulder up with force, and the crowd recommences their BOOOing as Sword simply slumps, as Pierce delivered a HARD yet dirty forearm smash to the side of the head in the process..

Chris Walker: WOAH-hahaha! That's going to leave a mark!

Pierce toys with Sword's prone form, grabbing a handful of his hair and gesturing to the unconscious face of Stephen Sword III, before receiving another BOOO for yet another dirty forearm smash and another BOOO for a demoralizing and loud slap to the jaw which echoes through the arena..

Vincent Price: Utter disrespect on display here by the guy who likes to think he's perfect!

Pierce grunts as he gets Sword to two feet. Sword is pretty much limp..

Chris Walker: Stephan Sword the third is pretty much reanimated jello right now, Price!

The loudest BOOOOOOO of the evening thus far arrives and a few empty beer cans are thrown from the crowd as Adrien Pierce takes a deep bow with a handful of Sword's hair, and subsequently, the semi-conscious Sword takes a deep bow too, before there is a ROAR from the audience when Pierce lets out a yell, kicking Sword in the gut and grabbing Sword in a ¾ turn face lock..


Pierce lazily lounges against the once again unconscious body of Sword with his arms crossed behind his head and a bored expression on his face..

Ref: ONE!!!




Chris Walker: That’s all she wrote for Stephen!

“The Black Ones” by Abdullah hits the speakers and plays throughout the arena as Adrien stands tall above Stephen Sword III.

A.J. Richards: Here is your winner… ADRRIIEENNN PIERRCCEEE!!

Vincent Price: There you have it. Adrien Pierce is cementing his spot here in XHW and after a victory like that, it gets you thinking how long will he continue this dominance?

Chris Walker: It’s only his first official match, relax.

Vincent Price: I’m just saying…

The camera fades out to the outside of the Oman Arena in Jackson, Tennessee, showing traffic driving by, then zooming in on the arena.

The camera cuts to the arena and circles around the crowd while Vincent and Chris begin talking.

Vincent Price: Fans, we’ve had a great night so far and we still have a number of matches left in store tonight.

Chris Walker: It’s definitely been a great night. I can’t wait for more!

Vincent Price: We’re about to do just that, but first our next match has a little bit of history to it. Angelica Vaughn.

Chris Walker: Has she shown up tonight?

Vincent Price: I have yet to receive word whether or not Angelica has arrived here tonight. But we can all remember the first Xtreme Honor Wrestling in which Angelica was left in the ring alone by her trainer.

Chris Walker: I couldn’t imagine what that must’ve been like.

Vincent Price: Later that night we saw Angelica run away from her match.

Chris Walker: Then last week, Vincent. Angelica came out to the ring with an open challenge.

Vincent Price: Yes, she did. Ashley Williams seems to have taken Angelica Vaughn under her wing a bit and given her some courage. Let’s explain the details.

Still shots of Angelica in the ring at the last show begin to start on the big screen.

Vincent Price: Angelica first explained that through her interview with Christi Byrd that anyone who heard it learned a lot about her. This woman who is new to the wrestling business claims to have found her style, her motivation, and that she has found what she will build from in order to one day become one of the best this business has to offer.

Chris Walker: I still won’t count her out.

Vincent Price: Angelica then made an open challenge to anyone to come out and face her. It would be Kaz making her Xtreme Honor Wrestling debut last week as she answered Angelica Vaughn’s challenge.

Chris Walker: Kaz however got depressed during the match and mid-match Angelica stops to ask Kaz what was wrong. The strangest thing I have ever seen in the ring during a match, Vincent.

Vincent Price: Angelica became enraged, Chris. It appeared as though she was going to walk away from the match, but instead caught Kaz by surprise. Kaz came down, having been sitting on the turnbuckle, and landed right there…practically at our feet.

Chris Walker: Then Angelica did leave. Not out of fear but frustration. Both Angelica Vaughn and Kaz Bonham were counted out.

Vincent Price: Here tonight we’re going to have round two of Angelica Vaughn facing Kaz Bonham.

The camera then cuts to A.J. Richards who is standing by in the ring currently.


“Still Of The Night” by Whitesnake hits the speakers.

A.J. Richards: The following match is scheduled for one fall…introducing first from Watertown, Tennessee! Standing at five-feet even and weighing in at one hundred and twenty-one pounds! She is the Graps Goddess! She is Kaz Bonham!

Kaz comes out onto the stage and makes her way down the ramp.

Vincent Price: Kaz Bonham doesn’t look depressed right now, Chris.

Chris Walker: No, she looks pissed. I can’t blame her. She’s got to be looking for a little pay back from what Angelica Vaughn did to her last week.

Kaz enters the ring and her music stops. Creedence Clearwater Revival’s Sinister Purpose begins to play.

A.J. Richards: Weighing in at one hundred and thirty five pounds… From Vancouver, Canada…

Chris Walker: Wait…

Sinister Purpose continues to play, but Angelica is nowhere to be found.

Chris Walker: Where is Angelica?!

Everyone pauses while the music continues to play, waiting for Angelica to walk out.

Vincent Price: Excuse me fans, we have word that Angelica Vaughn has just arrived. She is just now showing up to the arena.

The cameras go backstage…

Angelica Vaughn looks completely exhausted as the camera is on her. Her clothes are filthy and it looks as though Angelica could really use a good shower. She slowly makes her way down the hall, but then collapses. She tries crawling, but eventually stops.

Vincent Price: What is going on here?

Angelica begins begging people to help her to the ring. Over the speakers you hear A.J. Richards’ voice.

A.J. Richards: Ladies and gentlemen, the referee has just informed me that Angelica Vaughn has two minutes to come to get to the ring. Upon that deadline, if Angelica Vaughn is unable to make it to the ring, he will award Kaz Bonham with a win.

Vincent Price: That doesn’t sound good for Angelica, Chris.

Chris Walker: Poor woman, she can barely move.

Vincent Price: This isn’t right. But the referee’s decision could end up being overturned later.

Angelica: Someone please help!

At that moment it’s Adrien Pierce who comes into the picture. She reaches her hand out begging.

Angelica: Help me. Carry me to the ring if you have to.

Adrien Pierce looks down at her and points to his ankle. He squats down beside her.

Adrien Pierce: If you got yourself here, then you can get yourself out to the ring. Not my problem, little girl.

Pierce then stands back up and limps away.

Angelica: Please!

Just then Ashley Williams comes up and squats beside her.

Angelica: Oh, Ashley thank god you’re here. Please bring me to the ring.

Ashley Williams: What the hell happened to you? Everyone’s been looking for you this entire week!

Angelica: There’s no time to explain right now, just please take me to the ring. I’ll explain later.

Ashley sighs heavily and helps Angelica to her feet. She tries to brace Angelica against her to help her walk, but Angelica nearly collapses. Ashley is forced to help Angelica to the ring by carrying her.

Vincent Price: Angelica is running short on time. But it looks like her mentor here in XHW has come to her aid.

Chris Walker: Can Ashley Williams carry her out here in time, though?

Vincent Price: I don’t know, we’ll see. But this is quite an entrance if I do say so myself. Being carried to the ring. When was the last time this happened for a wrestling match?

Chris Walker: Maybe Angelica Vaughn should be checked out by medical first.

After thirty seconds since Ashley picked Angelica up, A.J. Richards warns everyone that Angelica Vaughn has 30 seconds.

Ashley appears out on the stage just then with Angelica Vaughn in her arms. She’s still carrying her, but a little tired herself as she walks as quickly as possible to the ring. Half way down the ramp, Ashley nearly drops Angelica. She has to readjust and lift her over one shoulder as she continues forward.

Vincent Price: Looking at my watch, Angelica Vaughn has about fifteen seconds to get into that ring before she loses by forfeit, Chris.

Chris Walker: Ashley Williams better hurry. Still, I can’t believe this is actually happening. Makes me feel like I’m watching Mr. Miagi helping Danny get ready for the final round.

Vincent Price: Call it how you want, Ashley Williams has Angelica Vaughn close.

The ref starts counting down the final ten seconds.

Ref: TEN!

Ashley sets Angelica down for a second grabbing her by the back waistband of her jeans.


Ashley hoists Angelica up onto the apron.


Ashley rolls Angelica Vaughn under the bottom rope just as the ref gets to two.

Vincent Price: And thanks to Ashley Williams, we’re about to see Angelica Vaughn and Kaz Bonham face off once again.

Chris Walker: But will Angelica Vaughn even have a chance?

The referee waits for Angelica to get to her feet before he rings the bell. She crawls to the corner and uses the turnbuckle pads to pull herself up.

Chris Walker: Angelica may have just had enough rest while Ashley Williams carried her to get to her feet.

Vincent Price: Regardless, this doesn’t look very promising for Angelica. Kaz doesn’t seem to have much of a look of sympathy on her face either.


Vincent Price: And there’s the bell to start this one off. Here comes Kaz, collar-elbow tie-up. Not even a challenge here as she pushes Angelica back into the corner.

Chris Walker: She didn’t push her, she basically had to keep Angelica standing as she was getting her into the corner.

Kaz unloads with a couple knife edge chops as the fans react.

Crowd: WOO!

Kaz unloads a third time as the referee gives her a warning to back away. Angelica uses what grip she’s able to muster to keep herself up. Kaz backs up for a moment, but then charges in. Angelica Vaughn turns with her elbow up as she catches Kaz right in the face.

Vincent Price: Was that an act of survival?

Chris Walker: I think that’s exactly it. Look at the surprised look on Angelica’s face.

Vincent Price: That elbow caught Kaz good, but looks like there was no force behind it from Angelica.

Kaz holds her jaw as Angelica leans back against the corner. Kaz doesn’t charge this time, but walks in. She hammers Angelica on the side of her head. Angelica drops to a knee and Kaz grabs her under the arms and lifts her back to her feet. Kaz attempts to irish whip Angelica across the ring to the other corner, but Angelica doesn’t quite make it there and collapses just feet away from the opposite corner.

Vincent Price: Oh boy. Angelica may be too tired to continue or she could already have been injured.

Chris Walker: This match just shouldn’t be happening. Why is the referee even allowing this to continue?

The referee does just that and allows the match to go on after asking Angelica if she wants to stop. Angelica shakes her head and starts pushing to her hands and knees. Kaz comes up and grabs her by the head, lifting her to her feet. She hooks Angelica’s head under her arm, lifts Angelica’s arm up over her own shoulder and hits Angelica Vaughn with a snap suplex. Kaz sits up and turns to look at Angelica Vaughn, and then goes for the cover.

Ref: ONE!

Vincent Price: No way! Angelica Vaughn kicks out just in time!

A look of surprise appears on Kaz Bonham’s face and Angelica Vaughn can’t believe she was even able to kick out herself. Kaz gets up to her feet and looks down at Angelica. She reaches down, pulling Angelica to her feet as best as she can. She pushes Angelica back against the ropes and takes a step back. Angelica instinctively kicks out, catching Kaz in the midsection. She kicks out again, catching Kaz in the shoulder with just enough force to make Kaz stagger backward. Angelica falls forward, and hooks her arm around Kaz’s leg and her weight and momentum causes Kaz to fall backward.

Vincent Price: Angelica with a school boy!

Ref: ONE!

Vincent Price: Kaz kicks out easily.

Kaz doesn’t look happy and is shocked to see that Angelica still has some fight in her. She puts an STF on Angelica as the referee checks to see if Angelica Vaughn taps out or not.

Chris Walker: This could be the end of this match. I don’t think Angelica has enough left to do much. She should tap right now.

Vincent Price: Angelica may have run away from a fight, she may have walked away in frustration, but the determination to go on in this match tells me that Angelica Vaughn will not tap out.

Kaz releases the hold and drags Angelica up to her feet. Angelica can barely stand as Kaz whips her against the ropes.



Ref: ONEEE!!




Chris Walker: KAZ DID IT!

“Still of the Night” by Whitesnake begins to play as Kaz gets her hand raised in victory by the referee.

A.J. Richards: And your winner is… KAAZZZZ BONHAAAMMM!!!

Vincent Price: One week after Kaz made her debut and lost via a double countout, she has gotten her redemption.

Chris Walker: You gotta remember… Angelica had to be CARRIED to the ring in order for this match to take place. For her to have lasted this long and did what she did, that not only takes physical conditioning, by heart.

Vincent Price: I agree. Angelica is definitely proving herself to be a solid competitor now. Now three matches into her wrestling career, she’s showing signs of a definite contender for a Championship in the near future.

Chris Walker: Even though she’s yet to win a match, you can without a doubt see the improvement she’s made since the beginning. I think a good part of it has to do with Ashley Williams being like her mentor now.

Vincent Price: Oh, without a doubt. With Ashley helping her out now and some talks from Wulf Erikson, Angelica is starting to see what it takes to be in the wrestling industry. It’s only a matter of time before she secures that first victory.

Chris Walker: All props to Kaz tonight as she got the win and the 7 points towards the Gold Bound Series! Time for a commercial break! We’ll be right back!

The camera cuts to a commercial break.

A video package begins to play, showing the entire roster outside of the ring doing some community outreach. You see Wulf Erikson doing a flip in front of some kids who then ask for his autograph, boys are running up to Angelica and Ashley asking for pictures with them, Kaz Bonham is talking about malls with teenage girls, Kristian Bane is with some other bodybuilders flexing on everyone, Douglas Armatage is stroking his beard with a couple other people wanting to join the Bearded Army, while everyone else continues to do their own thing and interacting with everyone.

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PostSubject: Re: 5/7/17 Fallout Results   Mon May 08, 2017 2:40 pm

The cameras cut back to the ring where A.J. Richards looks ready to announce the next match.


A.J. Richards: This next match is scheduled for one fall!

Three gunshots are rapidly heard throughout the arena. A black fog would then engulf the atmosphere before the sounds of “Immortal” by Adam to Eve would hit the PA System and out from the fog comes Jacob Cass with a new leather jacket, shades and attire. The crowd would immediately boo him as he walks down the aisle, no nonsense and also ignoring the people in attendance. Cass would stop at the end of the ramp and hear his announcement.

A.J. Richards: Introducing first, from Detroit, Michigan, weighing in at 240 pounds, the Devil of Dark Arts...Jacob Cass!

Cass would now continue towards the ring in complete focus and cut off his music with the motion of his gun taunt as he awaited his opponent for the evening.

A.J. Richards: And his opponent...

“Take it Off” by The Donnas starts playing over the PA and Trixie steps out onto the stage, points out to the crowd who continue to both cheer and boo, and then makes her way to the ring.

A.J. Richards: From Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing in at 133 pounds, the Prime Girl...Trixie!

Trixie slides into the ring, then pops up to her feet and locks her eyes on Cass. The two stare at each other from opposite corners as the official comes over to give them the low down and start the match.

Vincent Price: These two have crossed paths before, Chris.

Chris Walker: Apparently. Neither of them really told us much about it, but both made it clear that this is not the first time they’ve faced off, so I’m expecting a real barnburner.

Vincent Price: I think you’re right, partner. Let’s just go ahead and get this one going.


Vincent Price: And here we go, and immediately Trixie went for one of her Spicy Superkicks, but Cass had it scouted and grabs the foot. He drops it and immediately winds up for a discus clothesline, but Trixie ducks that and runs against the ropes, and as Cass spins himself back to face her, she’s up and over with a headscissors takedown!

Chris Walker: That’s not going to keep Cass down long, and she knows it, already building momentum for her next move, and as he gets up, he’s already back down as he eats that charging dropkick right in the kisser! She goes for a cover this time.

Ref: One...

Vincent Price: Not even close. She doesn’t seem too surprised, but she’s still feeling the momentum on her side as she pops up, waiting for Cass to do the same. He’s almost up, but Trixie’s leaping--

Chris Walker: She was caught! She was going for the Beautiful Disaster, but Cass caught her around the waist and is just holding her there before finally dropping back with that German Suplex. Trixie’s defintely not moving quickly after that...

Vincent Price: But she is now! Cass immediately dropped down and tried to lock her in a Crossface, but she’s having none of that. She flipped through as soon as he grabbed the arm, rolling up to her feet. Cass goes for a clothesline, but she ducks under this one, too!

Chris Walker: She immediately twists herself around and nails Cass in the face with a spinning kick! Cass looked like he was setting himself for another charging move, but she caught him flat footed! He staggers back and she charges after him, but he nails her with a stiff uppercut! This sends Trixie staggering back into the ropes, so Cass follows her and whips her into the ropes. She comes bounding back and runs right into a shoulder block from the Devil.

Vincent Price: He’s not going for a cover there, that might cost him...instead he’s rolling her over. The crowd boos him as he shows off, grabbing her and deadlifting her right off the canvas for another German Suplex.

Chris Walker: But the showing off costs him! Trixie recovered enough to roll through that throw, landing on her feet. Cass is turning around and gets nailed with a Sexy Stunner! She goes for another cover...

Ref: One...


Vincent Price: That one was closer, but he’s still kicking out powerfully. Trixie thrown back a foot or so that time, getting up and setting herself for a kick of some description. Cass calls her bluff! She was going for the Tricky Kick, but he just charged forward, blasting her with a stiff clothesline, knocking her down to the mat. The crowd is booing, which seems to make Cass happy, as he’s showing off to the crowd again.

Chris Walker: Oh no...he’s heading out to the apron. I think he’s going for his springboard forearm...he calls it Descended from Hell but if he hits it, Trixie will probably descend TO Hell.

Vincent Price: He’s up, he’s leaping...


Vincent Price: The crowd roars as Trixie catches Cass with the Beautiful Disaster, ironically averting a disaster. But Cass, maybe on instinct, rolled outside the ropes after impact, so Trixie can’t capitalize. She shakes her head, then runs against the ropes, bounding back and dropkicking Cass in the ribs, knocking him down to the floor!

Chris Walker: Don’t forget, Vince, this first month is all about the Gold Bound series, so these two can get counted out here.

Vincent Price: Not very extreme if you ask me, but that’s how the boss wants to decide his champions, so that’s how this has to go.

Chris Walker: We’re up to three and Trixie is trying to throw Cass into the ring post, but Cass reverses the whip and Trixie is sailing towards the steps, but she jumps up and lands on them! Count of four, Trixie leaps back off of the steps into a waiting forearm from Cass!

Vincent Price: Probably not as devastating as the one he was going for, but it still looks like Trixie’s knocked out. But he can’t pin her out here, and she’s worth more points in the ring, so as the ref counts to seven, he’s got her into the ring, and he slides in after her, immediately going for a cover.

Ref: One...



Chris Walker: And Trixie gets her shoulder up just in time!

Vincent Price: Cass is arguing with the official, and I bet he’s wishing he’d taken the five points at this point.

Chris Walker: One thing we learned about Trixie last week is that she’s resilient as hell. Cass is going to have to do more than catch her with a forearm to put her away. Cass pulls her up and whips her against the ropes…


Ref: ONEEE!!!




“Take It Off” by The Donnas blasts through the PA system as Trixie gets her hand raised in victory by the ref.

A.J. Richards: And your winner is…. TRIXXIIEEEE!!!!

Vincent Price: Great match these two just put on for us. Cass impressed us in his debut, but Trixie was able to push and get that victory in the final seconds.

Chris Walker: Very impressive counter and finisher from Trixie. Just goes to show she can really use that move at any point of a match which could be deadly.

The camera fades out.

After the camera shows the outside of the Oman Arena, we go back inside of the arena to the ring where A.J. Richards is standing by with a mic in hand.


A.J. Richards: This match is scheduled for ONE FALL! Introducing first…

The audience gets louder as the house lights go dim and the stage flickers with neon green strobe lights. The opening bars of 'Surprise, you're dead!' by Revocation hit the PA and the fans ERUPT as Wulf Erikson rips through the curtains throwing his head back, howling like a wolf at the audience who howl along with him, and then they pop loudly as he runs from one side of the stage to the other, screaming at them to encourage them to get louder..

A.J. Richards: Weighing in at one hundred and eighty one pounds… From Roswell, New Mexico… He is “The Silver Bullet”... WULFFFF ERIKKSSONNNN!!!

Wulf Erikson leaps up onto the barricade wall and the fans reach out to touch him as he stealthily makes his way toward the ringside area, the fans in awe as he does a mid-air cartwheel from one barricade wall to the other and finally, he backflips down to the ringside mats where he 'skins the cat' to launch himself into the ring and he hits another backflip onto his feet and lets out another howl, while the audience ERUPT and they join in with the howl as Wulf paces around in circles, watching the entrance ramp as his theme fades out..

A.J. Richards: And his opponent…

“Miracle” by Shinedown blasts through the speakers as the fans split reactions between cheers and boos directed to the stage where Ashley Williams emerges from. She points out at the crowd and then makes her way to the ring.

A.J. Richards: Weighing in at one hundred and seventeen pounds… From Monmouth County, New Jersey… She is “The Future of Female Wrestling”... ASHLLEEYYYY WILLIAAMMSSSS!!!

Vincent Price: Both competitors are in the middle of the ring now and the referee looks ready to call for the ringing of the bell!


Vincent Price: Wulf and Ashley step closer to each other with Wulf extending his hand out in sportsmanship, waiting for Ashley to shake.his hand. And she does! The fans begin to clap and both step away from each other. They circle around the ring and then lock up in the middle. Wulf gets a headlock locked in. Ashley is pushing Wulf to the ropes. He lets go, rebounds against the ropes and runs to the opposite side. Ashley turns around and looks up… WULF WITH A SPRINGBOARD HURRICANRANA!! Ashley’s body flies across the ring and both get right back to their feet. Wulf stays on her as he clotheslines her! She gets right back to her feet and Wulf clotheslines her again. Back to her feet again, Wulf charges right to her and she dodges this clothesline! Wulf stops in his tracks and Ashley connects a pele kick to the back of Wulf’s head!

Chris Walker: Nice counter by Ashley and this is exactly what she needed to get back in this. As she collects herself, Wulf pulls himself up by the ropes. Ashley charges at him this time and Wulf moves out of the way, sending Ashley to ringside! Wulf looks out at her and runs against the ropes on the opposite side… HE CLEARS THE ROPES WITH A CORKSCREW MOONSAULT AND LANDS RIGHT ON TOP OF ASHLEY! HOLY SHIT!


Vincent Price: Wulf lives up to #FLIPPY after that move for sure! The referee begins the countout now as Wulf is getting to his feet!

Ref: ONEEE!!

Chris Walker: He picks Ashley up and whips her right into the barricade! She falls down to a seated position and Wulf climbs to the outside of the apron!

Ref: TWOOO!!!

Vincent Price: He’s looking down at her and she’s getting back to her feet now.. He points at the sky AND HE’S GOING FOR A LEG LARIAT! HE MISSES AND LANDS RIGHT ON TOP OF THE BARRICADE!

Ref: THREE!!!

Chris Walker: Ashley needs to take advantage now because Wulf looks hurt! She grabs a hold of him and gets him in a DDT position while propped on the top of the barricade… DDT STRAIGHT INTO THE MAT!

Ref: FOURRR!!!

Vincent Price: She climbs to the top of the barricade now...ASH-CENSION!! THE FROG SPLASH CONNECTS OFF OF THE BARRICADE!

Ref: FIVEEE!!!

Chris Walker: She can’t get a pin outside of the ring, so she’s gotta get him back in now! She’s grabbing him by the hair and rolls him right into the ring as the referee got to the six count! She slides in right behind him and goes for the cover!

Ref: ONEE!!



Vincent Price: NO WULF KICKS OUT! She took too long to get him in the ring and cover him and that gave Wulf some time to recover a bit! Ashley is dragging Wulf back up now, but Wulf rolls her up in a school boy!

Ref: ONEEE!!




Ref: ONEE!!!



Vincent Price: ANOTHER CLOSE ONE! Both Ashley and Wulf get back to their feet at the same time and stand in the middle of the ring as the crowd is starting to go crazy!


Chris Walker: The fans are right, this IS awesome! Why weren’t these two in the Main Event?

Vincent Price: You gotta ask Jacob Steele that. Good luck.

Chris Walker: I’m good… Ashley and Wulf lock up again, Ashley gets the headlock advantage this time. Wulf elbows her in the gut and then delivers a back suplex! He’s running at the ropes now… AND THE COOKIE CRUMBLES!! THE LION TAMER CONN- NO! Ashley rolls out of the way and Wulf is sent straight into the mat! Ashley lifts him up.. She’s setting him up for the Unprettier… HE’S IN POSITION… WAIT OH MY GOD! WULF JUST LIFTED HER UP AND DID A BACKFLIP, DRIVING HER STRAIGHT INTO THE MAT! WHAT THE HELL WOULD YOU CALL THAT??

Vincent Price: I DON’T KNOW! SOME FORM OF A UNDERHOOK PILEDRIVER? BOTH WULF AND ASHLEY ARE LAID OUT! Wulf is holding his stomach and Ashley is laid out lifeless! The ref starts the double countout!

Ref: ONEEE!!!




Chris Walker: Wulf is starting to get back to his feet by way of the corner turnbuckle. Ashley is showing signs of life now! Back to his feet, Wulf pulls Ashley up and she kicks him in the gut! She’s got him in a suplex position...IT CAME FROM MONMOUTH COUNTY II!!! THE BRAINBUSTER! NO WULF FLIPS OUT OF IT! NO WAY! HE’S GOING FOR THE WIT’S END!! AND… NO SHE SPINS OUT OF IT!! ERASE/REWIND!! ASHLEY GOT IT! SHE FALLS RIGHT ON TOP OF HIM!

Ref: ONEEE!!!




“Miracle” by Shinedown hits the speakers as Ashley gets her hand held in victory.

A.J. Richards: Here is your winner… ASHHLEEYY WILLIAMMMSS!!!

Vincent Price: I have no words for this match.

Chris Walker: I DO! IT WAS INSANE!

Vincent Price: Ashley walked away with the victory today, but both of them put on one hell of a match. Ashley has no secured a spot in the Legacy Championship match at Hell From Above! One more win by pinfall will put her in the World Championship Match!

Chris Walker: Things are shaking up in this Gold Bound Series and we still have a whole week left!

The scene cuts to the backstage area. It seems to be somewhere in the locker room area, especially since a door that’s been put in the center of the shot opens up and reveals Sapphire, dressed in her normal ring attire--as opposed to the camo-inspired outfit she posted on Twitter earlier in the day--as she starts heading out for her match. The crowd cheers when they see her, but she doesn’t seem to notice, as she’s got her game face on. Her jaw is set and she’s stretching and keeping herself limber as she heads for the ring.

She makes it about a dozen paces from her locker room before she encounters Max King with a microphone in hand.

Sapphire: You really have terrible timing, you know that?

Max King: Apologies, but I just wanted to get your thoughts going into tonight’s main event.

Sapphire looks at Max for a moment before shrugging.

Sapphire: I’m just going to treat it like I’ve treated any other fight in my life. I wasn’t holding back in my first two matches, and I’m not going to hold back on Cosmo. If anything, Cosmo will get more fight than I’ve given to anyone in XHW because he’s the only thing between me and a three-count.

Max King: But does knowing that you are within striking distance of being in title contention at Hell From Above change your mindset at all?

Sapphire shakes her head, look of annoyance starting to appear on her face.

Sapphire: No. I go out to the ring, I make Cosmo stop moving, I pin him, I get seven points. That’s all there is. I can think about math after I’ve knocked out some of Cooper’s teeth. Now I’d get out of my way and let me get to it unless you want some of yours out.

Max takes the heavy-handed hint and backs up, letting Sapphire continue on her journey towards the ring.

The camera then cuts to the ring where A.J. Richards is standing by with a mic in hand.


A.J. Richards: This match is scheduled for ONE FALL! It is a Non-Title Match and is the MAIN EVENT OF THE NIGHT! Introducing first…

The opening beat to "Lifted" begins playing as Cosmo Cooper cockily smirks as he walks out onto the stage.

A.J. Richards: Weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds… From Santa Rosa, California… He is the holder of the XHW Medal of Honor… COSMOOOOO COOOPEEERRR!!!!

Cosmo drops to one knee with both arms out at the top of the stage as he looks up at the sky before standing back up and walks down the ramp before rolling into the ring. From rolling he pops up to one knee again and holds out his arms once more before the music fades as he goes to the corner.

A.J. Richards: And his opponent…

"2010" by Apocalyptica ft. Dave Lombardo starts playing at the 1:05 mark in the song, giving about ten seconds of build-up with the drums building to a crescendo. When 1:15 comes and the guitar slams through, Sapphire walks out onto the ramp.

A.J. Richards: Weighing in at two hundred and thirty two pounds… From Seattle, Washington… SAPPPHIIREEEEEEE!!!!

Sapphire is smiling as she walks down to the ring, but she doesn't spend any time posing or playing to the crowd until she slides into the ring. She does stop and do a side chest pose, flexing to the hard camera for a few seconds before retreating to her corner, awaiting the start of the match.


As the bell rings, Sapphire and Cosmo circle one another, their eye contact never wavering for a second, and the fans begin their rhythmic clapping..

Vincent Price: Look at this, Walker. The cream of the crop of Xtreme Honor Wrestling going at it RIGHT here, RIGHT now..and listen to this crowd!

Cosmo and Sapphire move in for a collar and elbow tie-up to a loud, positive reaction. Cosmo is quick to hook up Sapphire and get the standing arm bar cinched in, and the crowd responds with a chorus of BOOing when Cosmo grunts and wrenches the arm bar, gives the ringside fans as well as the camera his trademark cocky smirk..

Chris Walker: HAHA! This guy has the charisma!

Sapphire cries out as Cosmo lands a sneaky HARD shoot kick to the back of her legs, bringing her down onto one knee, where he immediately hits the ropes, rebounding and coming steaming back in..

Vincent Price: Could this be Cosmo's patented forearm sma..NO!

Cosmo hits a big pile of nothing as Sapphire spun out the way just in time, also catching Cosmo in a slick roll up pin!

Vincent Price: ONE, TW..no, you have to do more than that!

The two competitors both seem to shake it off as they get to their feet, and with another cocky smirk, Cosmo calls Sapphire in for another lock-up in the centre..however, Cosmo tricks her, dodges behind and hooks Sapphire up for a bridging german suplex..

Chris Walker: Oh I dunno, man. Cosmo is going for some big moves, but this guy might be out of his depth! Sapphire is HUGE!

Cosmo can't quite get the momentum to nail Sapphire with the bridging german attempt, and Sapphire lands safely onto her feet, capitalizing with a fast spinning backfist, throwing Cosmo off balance before she turns around with a ROAR, throwing a HARD lariat which Cosmo just manages to avoid..

Vincent Price: Lucky break as Cosmo avoids the lariat. Hitting the ropes now, Cosmo comes steaming back in!

The crowd voices their appreciation as Cosmo bounces, springboards and nails Sapphire with a high knee, bringing her crashing down to the mat for a cover..

Ref: ONEE!!



Chris Walker: Sapphire got the shoulder up!

The crowd BOOS as Cosmo angrily thumps the mat three times with two open palms, gets to his feet and then grabs the front of the referee's shirt, screaming in his face..

Vincent Price: Cosmo that's not necessary! The man's just doing his job!

As Sapphire stirs and slowly ekes her way over, Cosmo is oblivious as he continues giving the referee a talking to, and the crowd reaction swings from BOOing to CHEERing when Sapphire creeps up. The look on Cosmo's face is one of a man who is 'out to lunch' as Sapphire scoops him up in yet another schoolgirl pin!

Ref: ONEE!!


Vincent Price: NO! Cosmo broke out of it! That was TOO CLOSE!

Red-hot angry, Cosmo grimaces as he smacks the mat again and both competitors get to their feet..

Chris Walker: Cosmo is done toying around now. He means business!

Vincent Price: Both Cosmo and Sapphire lunge at each other, Sapphire rocking Cosmo's world with a heavy punch!

Cosmo staggers back with the force, shaking it off and coming back at Sapphire with a HARD shoot kick to the side, only to be met with another heavy punch which staggers Cosmo back against the ropes..

Vincent Price: Sapphire with a hard irish whip now, Cosmo comes back and Sapphire unwisely bends down to drop him over her head! OUCH! What a kick in the face by Cosmo! I felt that!

Sapphire is doubled over as the crowd greets Cosmo with a BOOOOO when he yells out and gives the signal for the Crater Maker..

Chris Walker: HERE IT IS NOW! COSMO GOING FOR THE CRATER M...OH, CLASSIC high back body drop there! I never thought Cosmo was going to come down!

Cosmo lands hard, in a dazed state right in the middle..the fans ERUPT as Sapphire signals for the Conundrum!

Vincent Price: They love this move! Here it is! Can Sapphire lock it in? YES! Cosmo's in trouble!!

As Sapphire grimaces while cinching the hold, Cosmo grimaces in an effort to break free, his face starting to change color.. He’s able to roll over and looks like he’s starting to get to his feet with Sapphire latched onto his back. He’s up completely and runs backwards, driving Sapphire into the corner turnbuckle. Cosmo takes a second to regain himself and Sapphire charges right at him. He lifts her up and puts her in the piledriver position. He spins around…






“Lifted” by CL begins to play as Cosmo exits the ring and grabs his XHW Medal of Honor. He holds it up and forms a smile on his face.

A.J. Richards: Here is your winner… The XHW Medal of Honor holder… COSMOOOO COOOPPPEERRRR!!!

Vincent Price: Great match by two of XHW’s top competitors. Sapphire had Cosmo just inches away from tapping out for the first time, but Cosmo was able to push through and finish the job.

Chris Walker: That would be Sapphire’s first loss in XHW now as Cosmo continues to keep winning. Even when it seems like he’s about to lose, he somehow pulls something from somewhere and picks up the victory.

Vincent Price: Only the toughest warriors hold the Medal of Honor and Cosmo is just that. He’s proved that to us for the third week straight now.

Chris Walker: I guess the ‘toughest warriors’ also cheat the most…

Suddenly, “Indestructible” by Disturbed blasts through the speakers interrupting Chris and Vincent and the crowd all rises to their feet and creates a standing ovation of cheers directed towards the stage. Fallout General Manager, Tyler Chambers steps out wearing a black and green suit and has a mic in hand. He’s got a huge smile on his face.

Tyler Chambers: Wow, listen to you all. This is amazing. Give yourself a round of applause.

The crowd begins to clap and nod at the same time.

Tyler Chambers: Everyone seems to be enjoying XHW so far, yeah?

Crowd: XHW! XHW! XHW! XHW!

Tyler Chambers: That’s what I like to hear. Well, I just have a quick announcement regarding next week’s Fallout and the card. Since next week is the LAST WEEK BEFORE HELL FROM ABOVE…


Tyler Chambers: That’s right, Hell is near… But with us being just a week away from Hell From Above and the good lot of people that recently joined us, I figured we could make things a little fair and give EVERYONE a chance to make it to those two Championship matches. But how you might ask?... EVERY SHOW WILL BE AN ELIMINATION TAG TEAM MATCH!


Tyler Chambers: The way it’ll work is just like this; whether it be 3-on-3 or 2-on-2, with each elimination, however the elimination, you gain the points just like normal for it. You get a pinfall elimination, you get 7 points. You get a submission elimination, you get 10 points. Here’s the catch… ONLY the person that secures that elimination gets those points.


Tyler Chambers: You like that? Gotta play along with your team, but when it comes down to it, you gotta look out for yourself. Get ready for a night full of tag teams and backstabbing, it’s gonna get real! We’ll see you all next week in Birmingham, Alabama for our last stop before HELL FROM ABOVE! Everyone have a great night and drive home or wherever the hell you’re going safely!

“Indestructible” by Disturbed begins playing in the background softly as the camera switches back to ringside with Vincent Price and Chris Walker.

Vincent Price: HOLY SHIT! A night full of tag teams where EVERY elimination you get points for and ONLY the person that gets that elimination earns the points. Great way to keep things interesting!

Chris Walker: That’s just what we need going into Hell From Above. You can bet there’s going to be Hell next week, let alone what’s in store for the FPV!

Vincent Price: What a night we’ve had here in Tennessee, we’re signing off. Until next week, I’m Vincent Price alongside my partner Chris Walker. We out of here!

The camera pans out to show the arena and all the fans in attendance. The XHW Logo flashes on the screen and then fades to black.

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5/7/17 Fallout Results
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